Best $20 Unlimited Cell Phone Plan

Cell phone usage is excessively increasing these days. Stil, economic depression in the countries due to COVID-19 limited the buying of expensive $20 unlimited cell phone plan, but cell phone service consumption is stil highest with an economic cell phone plan less than $20.

While most Americans are engaged with one of the foremost carrier brands AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, or Verizon Wireless. Entirely the top carrier has low-cost brands, and their deals are worth checking first. AT&T runs Cricket Wireless, and Sprint has Boost and Virgin. T-Mobile owns Metro. Verizon possesses Visible.

If you’re looking for a wider range of stores and well-organised customer service, some brands have exceptional prices and should be your first shopping stops. We’l mention them below when under particular headings of the service provider. Certain brands typically don’t have stores, pay attention to their reputation for customer service, and their allowing networks. Few (MVNO) give you an option to choose between different enabling network, and some only connect to one.

What the customer wants is that he had all the services such as the speed of the network, customer service, unlimited talk time with the text, and data with the consistent and reasonable shape of mobile with minimum spending that could be less than $20 unlimited cell phone plan. Certain smaller carrier does not sell their phones or limit their selection to low-end phones that may be locked to their network.

This article deal with a comparative analysis of a $20 unlimited cell phone plan with reference to other plans.

Who has the Best Cell Phone Plan

Cell phone providers continuously jockey for position to propose is the highest-value prepaid plan, most reliable coverage, or most budget-friendly cell phone plans.

Here’s how it stands for best cell phone providers:

  • Verizon suggested the most reliable coverage out of all the wireless providers
  • Visible Wireless kils the prepaid wireless game with an unlimited plan that costs $40 a month
  • Sprint is the best budget provider for individual and family plans (at least until the merger with T-Mobile happens)

Top 16 Best $20 Unlimited Cell Phone Plan

1. Tello

Tello which shares the accomplishments of the Sprint network, proposals the most bang for your buck.

  • Most affordable packages starting from $10
  • Can create the most affordable plans for $10 that could attain an unlimited number of calls according to customer need
  • It provides a recommended deal for Sprint phone
  • Inexpensive device and plans
  • Certain MVNO have a limited selection of phones
  • No subsidy (pay ful price for a phone)
  • Certain MVNO’s have a limited selection of phones
  • Higher ping times on mobile data (higher latency means less priority through the data network)

2. Red Pockets

A prepaid MVNO offers nine plans with unlimited talk and text and varying amounts of data. RedPocket runs on all four main networks, i.e., Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. this is BYOP only.

  • Choose any major network in the U.S.
  • Basics Plan comes in at $10 and gives you 500 minutes of talk and texts and 500MB of data
  • 4G LTE is available on all networks
  • MMS
  • Free international calls to 70+ countries
  • Those mentioned above have only MVNO in this price range that has associations with all the major carriers so that you can choose the option with the best service in your area
  • Keep your existing number (or get a new one)
  • No setup or activation fees
  • Best for lower data users, up to 12GB
  • Does not sel phones
  • No Mexico and Canada roaming Option

3. US Mobile

US Mobile is a flexible and powerful wireless provider that proposes highly customisable plans, fast data speeds, and affordable pricing.

  • Plans are very customisable
  • Free perks like Disney+ and Spotify Premium
  • Reliable coverage and blasing-fast data speeds
  • Bring your own device
  • The carrier offers a custom plan for $9 a month that includes 500 minutes of talk, 300 text messages, and 100MB of data
  • The phone plan can be created for $20 on its network with 300 minutes of talk, unlimited texts, and 1.5GB of data on T-Mobile or Verizon
  • The phone selection is pathetic.
  • No discount for family plans.

4. Consumer Mobile

Consumer Cellular offers a simple, senior-focused plan with excellent customer service. With AT&T as its backbone, you can expect solid coverage around the country.

  • Its lowest-cost, the sweet-spot plan, has 250 minutes, unlimited texts, and 250MB of data for $20 per month
  • Affordable data plans
  • Mix Match options
  • No unlimited data plans

5. Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile, previously known as Mint SIM, is a cell phone carrier that proposes plans opening at $15 a month! The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) depends on T-Mobile towers to offer customers with the same coverage at a lower price.

  • Provides unlimited caling and text along with 3GB on the T-Mobile network for just $15 a month ($180/year)
  • If you want to give a try before puling the trigger, Mint has an introductory proposal for the same plan that charges $45 for three months
  • Inexpensive data plans on the T-Mobile network
  • Phone and email customer support.
  • A mobile hotspot is alowed
  • No unlimited high-speed data plan
  • Some phones sold through Mint are overpriced
  • No monthly payment options

6. Republic Wireless

Republic wireless plans have become much more competitive in recent months. Its best deal is its $20 unlimited cell phone plan, which has unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of data on the Sprint or T-Mobile networks.

  • The cost. You realy can’t do better than $10 a month ($12.93 with tax)
  • Friendly customer service
  • WIFI caling
  • Cal handover and data refunds
  • No contracts, hidden fees, and overage fees
  • You can’t use an iPhone.
  • Occasional dropped calls.
  • Switching plans can be done from the phone itself.
  • Activation can be tricky.

7. Boom Mobile

A Boom Mobile is a provider of a contract-free $20 unlimited cell phone plan that runs on the folowing networks: AT&T and Verizon. Boom flung service in 2015 and the wireless provider.

  • Customer service available by phone or chat from 8 am – 8 pm CST Monday through Friday and 10 am -6 pm Saturday
  • Provides Bloom Purple package with unlimited text, calling, and IGB data
  • Most of the individual phone plan is less than $20
  • Undercut by Total Wireless
  • Limited amount of data is provided in $20 in the unlimited plan
  • Irrespective individual, family, or unlimited data increment cause more pricing

8. Eco Mobile

The company phone plans emphasis on offering international calling. Cell phone plans valued $30 and up offer international calling to up to more than 80 countries dependent on which network you signup for service. It provides service on the T-Mobile, Verizon network, and Sprint.

  • Unlimited plans start from $20
  • Unlimited caling international caling begins from $30 or higher
  • No Contracts and monthly bils
  • Customers appreciate the freedom to pay for what they want and when they want.
  • Access to multiple networks
  • The limitation with sprint service all the devices are not eligible for that.
  • Undercut by various services
  • Comparative to Boom Mobile it is restricted by certain cellular services
  • Relative to Boom Mobile, it only provides 100 MB data in $20 dollars.

9. FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a new player in the cell phone space and depends on towers from giant players like Sprint to ensure reliable countrywide coverage. Through Sprint service, people are paying $60 per month for the unlimited package. With the same countrywide coverage as Sprint, people are convertible big when switching over to FreedomPop’s $19.99 per month, unlimited text, talk, and 1GB data plan.

Unsettling the mobile phone space means more than reducing the cost of the facility. It does not involve lengthy contracts, substantial 90-day warranties, and a completely free monthly benefit for people who prefer smaller plans.

  • WiFi texting and caling from everywhere
  • FreedomPop phones have Free Unlimited texting & caling
  • Free international caling from over sixty different countries
  • Access over eight Milion hotspots with countrywide roaming
  • Can Get a virtual number from anywhere in the world
  • By completing partner offers could earn unlimited free data
  • Many sales and service complaints to recommend
  • Expensive Cell Phones

10. Google Project Fi

One company, Google Project Fi, combines Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Google Project Fi is an exclusive, easy-to-use, and wel-loved wireless carrier that’s had extended legs than which gave it credit for when it was first tested back in 2015.

  • Combines multiple networks and Wi-Fi to improve coverage
  • Easy-to-use management app
  • Great support community
  • Great service, just not very cheap
  • No unlimited data option
  • Minimal phone selection

11. GreatCall/Jitterbug

The Jitterbug Smart2 phone for GreatCall with lots of useful features and a simple interface for seniors.

  • 5Star Urgent Response-Highly trained agents are here to help you anytime
  • Urgent Care-24/7 access to registered nurses and board-certified doctors
  • No long-term contracts and a Simplified interface
  • No cancelation fees
  • Works on Verizon’s network
  • 100% U.S.-based customer service
  • Powerful package of health and safety services for the elderly
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data for $59.99
  • Slow.
  • The quiet earpiece and speaker.
  • It does not possess an unlimited plan that contains unlimited text, talk, and data with a $20 range. They do have higher rates.
  • Plans are quite expensive.

12. Net10

Net10 Wireless offers wireless phone plans without a contract, which starts around twenty dollars per month for unlimited text and talk with data. Pay as you go plans let you select your minutes and service days. Customers can also opt into appropriate auto-refill through the company website.

  • Cheap-can be afforded less than $20
  • Cell phone coverage has improved over the years
  • Undercut by various services
  • Problems in customer service
  • Poor quality communication

13. PagePlus

PagePlus bargains five no contract prepaid monthly plans, extending from a bargain-basement $12 up to $69.95. Only the first two are worth seeing, as you can get prepaid plans directly from Verizon for $40 or more with unlimited texts, calling, and data limits.

  • Cheapest plans start from $12 but have very limitation
  • Connects with one of the best cellular services
  • Offers a wide range of cellular phones
  • Very similar to Total Wireless but cheaper in cost
  • Does not offer unlimited phone plan with $20 range
  • Reviews are overwhelming negative

14. PureTalk

The most costly PureTalk USA plan ends up being inexpensive than any AT&T and Verizon plans. PureTalk USA is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), and those mentioned above theoreticaly to be inexpensive than big wireless providers, it’s only fair to compare PureTalk USA with fellow MVNO.

PureTalk USA doesn’t be prominent nearly as much when corresponding with other MVNO. To be fair, the variance between PureTalk USA and most other MVNO wireless providers is only a few cash, but a few cash every month can make a transformation over the course of a year.

  • No data overages
  • Affordable plans
  • PureTalk USA offers affordable wireless plans
  • Deprioritization-you get really cheap wireless, but your data speeds can be deprioritized at any time
  • Undercut by AirVoice
  • They’re not quite as cheap certain other MVNO providers on different networks

15. Selectel

Selectel may not offer the cheapest $20 unlimited cell phone plan out there, but when you consider they operate on the top-rated wireless network in America, it’s a pretty good value for the money. They offer a range of data buckets, complete with features many wireless customers look for, like H.D. streaming.

  • Plans for light to heavy users
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Mobile hotspot capability
  • Unlimited 2G data
  • No family plans
  • Confusing plans between the carrier and independent dealers
  • Higher pricing than other MVNOs
  • Undercut by Total Wireless

16. TracFone

TracFone stands out amongst entirely prepaid and budget carriers out there because it essentially has coverage contracts with the four main wireless carriers in the country. This means that TracFone customers get the coverage and reliability of major carriers without the high monthly rates or ironclad contracts.

There’s a portion of variety when it comes to TracFone plans and coverage tiers. The lowest plan possible costs $9.99. Prices are then offered in tiers that can go as high as $199. The customer would have to choose from:

  • Smartphone–only plans
  • Pay-as-you-go plans
  • Service add–ons
  • Contract with all major network carriers than its reliability.
  • Inexpensive and affordable
  • Prepaid service with no contract
  • Many plans to choose from
  • International caling included
  • May be able to keep your old phone
  • Network speeds up to 4G LTE where available
  • Incompatible with Sprint phones
  • Some complaints regarding customer service
  • Undercut by Mint Mobile, Red Pocket, and U.S. Mobile


Although a drawback of the internet and cell phones is the nonexistence of head-on conversation, they have enhanced the way we can stay in connection with loved ones and exchange thoughts with new people. Completely, this is a positive development for society.

But in the situation where economic depression is deepening day by day with the growing impact of COVID-19 cellular plans should be the least expensive that everyone can offer to afford it which should be less than 20 bucks. And certain unlimited cell phone plan cost less than $20 but they offer a minimal amount of data. So every phone plan has a unique set of qualities and facilities to offer.

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