How To Apply Online Checking Account – Best Methods

Checking accounts in America are essentially accounts from various banks that get meant for spending. It’s unlike the saving accounts, which mostly aim at only saving purposes. Looking back, checking accounts were usually used to provide Americans with payment offers as a utilization account for purchasing purposes. Nowadays, it isn’t the case that’s used anymore, but there is still the use of paper checks that get used to found an apply online checking account.

You can use numerous ways to find a checking account primarily used for spending through debit cards or online bill payment services by the account holder. It would be helpful if you don’t have that much money in your account because you get insured by FDIC on amounts that range up to $250,000 for each depositor in a single institution. A person with more balances in their account, which might reach a million dollars, will have to divide it through several checking accounts to ensure full cash protection.

Checking accounts also offer protection against unauthorized usages and withdrawals of cash from a user’s debit card. These are just some of the benefits that you can enjoy when you apply online checking account. You need to read on to check some of the available checking accounts that you can get if you want to get one or if you want to get another that will suit your need.

Why Do Users Need a Checking Account?

There’s a good reason why most adults in America should get themselves checking accounts. It’s become popular among people because of the benefits that come with it when you want to keep the money as discussed below.

1. Liquidity:

When you are looking to utilize assets and have easy access to finance, liquidity is the way to go. Funds can get deployed through numerous ways via the checking accounts; hence spending relates to extreme liquid methods form ledger credit sides to direct depositing and receiving of your cash.

2. Flexibility:

Few or no restrictions get associated with checking accounts when you want to spend cash. A Savings account somewhat limits you on using your funds or withdrawing also every month.

If you take money in a CD account, you will get penalized. There are different ways that checking accounts allow the user to perform their transactions, such as online banking, mobile wallets, or debit cards.

3. Protection:

FDIC has gotten to ensure all the checking accounts that provide a deposit allowance of up to $250,000. It means that in case your bank undergoes a melt, your cash will still be safe, and you won’t lose any cent.

You also get protection from fraud from consumers with the standard available services. The charges are free in a vast way on the checking account on the local and national level.

Things to Consider in a Checking Account

1. High APY:

Interests get paid on many online checking accounts; hence, they can’t be compared to other banking options, including APY.

2. Low fees:

Options given by checking accounts are great to users, and it includes no payment of maintenance fee on the account. Some of the online banks never charge overdraft or insufficient fund fees.

3. ATM reimbursement:

ATM fees get reimbursed by most of the online checking accounts, unlike other banks.

4. Convenience:

Banks that involve large networks often get to edge out when compared to their online counterparts when you want something convenient, mostly when they prefer doing their banking. Some of the banks provide vast ATM networks that can get easily used when depositing or withdrawing cash.

Apply Online Checking Account – Complete Guideline

Apply Online Checking Account

1. Axos Bank Rewards Checking

Axos is a winner when looking to apply for an online checking account, which comes with no monthly fees on its maintenance or minimum requirement of your account balance.

A client can also earn high APY when they deposit $1000 or more in their account once each month. Their Visa Debit also needs to get linked to transactions of $3 each for 15 times in a month.


  • High APY
  • Unlimited ATMs on domestic reimbursement
  • Overdraft protection
  • Online bill pay
  • Checking rewards up to 1.25%

  • Doesn’t have any Physical Branches
  • CD Rates are average
  • Savings Rates are lower.

2. Aspiration Summit Checking Account

Another high yielder is Aspiration Summit checking account, which offers a high APY for qualifying balances. It is a rather set it and forget it accounts, with no minimum monthly deposit or balance, no monthly service fees, and a minimum opening deposit of only $10.

The biggest perk may be that there are no ATM fees, both domestic and abroad. That’s rare among our top picks.


  • Spend and save from 0.10% -1.00%
  • No ATM fees
  • High APY
  • Clients can set their cost as from $0
  • banking services are social conscious
  • 5 ATM withdrawals for free monthly worldwide
  • 3-5% cash backs on purchases that a user makes

  • Available to only residents in the US.
  • Process of opening account is lengthy
  • $10 deposit as a minimum requirement
  • Not user-friendly, it’s limited

3. Discover Cash Back Debit

Clients get to earn $1 via Discover Cash Back Debit on every transaction to make up for monthly spending of $3000. The account contains $0 fees charged to maintain it when replacing the debit card, doing a raft of other activities, when paying bills via the system, and on outbound AHC fees. Clients can also get to access throughout the U.S. cash out in ATMs of $60,000.

The transactions made via ATM, orders done through cash purchases, and other equivalents related to money aren’t eligible for the rewards on cash backs. It also applies to P2P (Peer-to-Peer) payments, POST (point of sale transactions) cash over portions, loan payments, cash equivalents, and loan funding.


  • No charge of monthly fee
  • Earn your cashback when using the debit card to make purchases
  • Mobile apps of Discover are available

  • Doesn’t have any physical locations
  • No payment of interest

4. Chime

Chime offers no fees when you apply an online checking account. It’s uniquely termed as a spending account. If you want a bank where you can build your savings, then Chime is your best option as it will allow you to round up all the purchases of your debit card to the nearest deposited dollar in your account for savings.

As a client, you can also enjoy its value of early deposits, which you can directly do and access the funds earlier within two days when you deposit a check.


  • Early direct deposit
  • Online check payments
  • Doesn’t have any hidden fees
  • Free fees on the overdrafts that range up to an amount of $100

  • Charges high fees on cash deposits
  • Doesn’t have any physical branches of the bank

5. Ally Interest Checking

Ally offers interests on its high APY on the online account for the users who maintain a minimum daily balance of $15,000. Some reprieve also gets provided to your wallet with no fees charged for the account maintenance or your checks.


  • Doesn’t charge any monthly fees on the available deposit accounts
  • Savings and CD accounts receive high rates
  • Doesn’t have any requirements on the balance
  • Full fee ATM network

  • Doesn’t have any physical locations
  • Doesn’t allow any cash deposits
  • Low rates on the accounts related to money market

6. Simple

Simple get considered one of the best apply online checking accounts with some unique offers that it provides to its clients. It offers high APY compared to the other funds used in savings, plus it doesn’t include any restrictions when it comes to transferring or withdrawing money.

This account’s uniqueness comes in its budgeting tools and the system used on saving goals that are styled as an envelope. These two options will help anyone quickly reach their financial dreams. Don’t expect to come across any fees required on maintenance in a month or a minimum balance needed like other accounts.


  • Leading checking rates of markets
  • Its mobile experience is great
  • Doesn’t include any minimum deposit when opening an account
  • Doesn’t charges any fee on monthly maintenance
  • Surcharge-free Allpoint access to the ATM network

  • Doesn’t require any paper checks
  • Lacks any physical locations
  • Surcharges made on ATM during Out-of-network is never refunded.

7. Alliant High Rate Checking

You can get all the possible descent rates from Alliant marque checking accounts, which offer very competitive APYs on the monthly dividend. Requirements are considered at this bank at really modest with options given to the customer where they can opt for the e-statements related to their accounts or when they have deposits made directly once in a month.

Clients don’t get charged with any fees of maintenance during the month. $20 gets also reimbursed every month on transactions done in a month. It’s for the ATM fees of the out-of-network by a user who transacts over $80,000 for free.


  • Doesn’t include any monthly fee
  • ATM refunds
  • Interest rates are great
  • Overdraft forgiveness yearly
  • Includes Mobile apps

  • Membership requirement for credit union

8. Charles Schwab High Yield Investor Checking

Expect no fees from the offered services by Schwab High Yield Investor Checking account plus no fees required for minimum balance. ATM fees get fully refunded when the customer uses their Visa Platinum debit card even when they are abroad.

There are no foreign fees on the purchase transactions made via Schwab High Yield Investor Checking debit card.


  • Fees get refunded for all ATM
  • Doesn’t include any monthly fee
  • Lacks fees for several services

  • Interest rate is lower than that of other online banks
  • A brokerage account needs to get linked to the Schwab One

9. Capital One 360 Checking

Literature gets emphasized on Capital One when it comes to Fee-free. Only a few activities get to incur a fee. Such exceptions include stop payments, bounced checks, overnight check, and credit overdrafts. $0 gets associated when opening and maintaining this account, and it competes for APY that’s low.


  • Doesn’t include any fees
  • Doesn’t include any International fees
  • Customer Service runs throughout all the days in a week
  • 40,000 ATM get accessed for free

  • Doesn’t include the best rates
  • App hasn’t gotten proved to work fully
  • Has very few local Branches

10. TIAA Bank Yield Pledge Checking

Generous introductory APY gets offered by TIAA for a year on the balances which qualify. Competitive accounts get associated with this bank, which promises 5% at the top of its terms when clients maintain it. Reimbursements are also given to an ATM fee when the customer’s account keeps $50,000 or more.


  • A limited number of physical branches
  • Higher interest rates from online-only banks found elsewhere

  • Has a limited count on its physical branches

11. Radius Rewards Checking

Table-stake perks get included I the Radius Reward Checking bank, which lacks solid contender arrays that have no fees charged for maintenance in a month. Users can get to earn cash backs of up to %1. They also enjoy worldwide free ATM fees with a two-day first payroll of direct deposits.


  • Rewards on cashback with great interest rates
  • Unlimited fee reimbursements on its ATM

  • Doesn’t have the best savings rates
  • Extended daily overdraft fees

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q: What does having a checking account mean?

A: It means that you have a primary account in your bank, which gets to allows the owner to have easier access to money that they have. They don’t get to create any withdrawal or transaction limits.

Q: Is a checking account considered free?

A: The checking accounts have varying costs. There are some which charge fees on maintenance, ATM, or overdraft, but some are entirely free of charge.

Q: Will you earn any interest from your checking account?

A: You can earn from some accounts which helps you get to make little interest on the deposits.

Q: Can one apply for their checking account via an online platform?

A: An application can be made online for the checking account, CD, IRA, or even savings account. You only need to enter your personal information and ensure you are verified with the funding options.


Checking accounts come with flexibility on spending, withdrawing, and accessing different perks that you might need when banking. You will get to spend the way you want as often as possible if you have funds in your checking account.

Clients also get to potentially earn several interest rates at their best, unlike for the other bank options like saving accounts. Because they are opened online, most of the banks offering checking account don’t physically get located because they aim at cutting many costs hence the banking option online.

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