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The 10 Best Apps to Trace Phone Numbers

To receive calls at very odd timings sometimes at a different hour of the day and sometimes at night is very irritating. Those never finishing calls infuriate the person and in the end. There is no other choice than apps to trace phone numbers and tracking.

The phone number of the scammer to report them. To irritate the receiver more, callers don’t even tell about the location of their whereabouts and their names.

How to Locate the Caller

The very pre-eminent solution for solving this matter is to simply use mobile number trackers. These apps to trace phone numbers have made lives very easier and uncomplicated for the receivers in order to identify the true identity of the caller and report them. Tracing phone numbers not only helps us find the scammer but also helps parents to locate their children’s location and find them. Due to this call scamming, many companies have introduced.

The different types of phone number trackers Apps, in which the user simply has to input the number and can easily locate the target’s number. These Apps are mainly free for Android and IOS users but some are paid, so try searching for an authentic App to facilitate yourself.

Below are the Apps to trace phone numbers of the best phone number trackers which you should use or recommend others.

Top 10 Best Apps to Trace Phone Numbers

1. MobileNumberLocator

It is considered an Android-aligned free phone number tracker App that traces the mobile number’s exact location on the map and provides you unrivalled pliability when you are tracking a target’s number from this App.


  • This App occurs with a completely practical Google map in 3D.
  • Every code which is used around the world is present in this App.
  • This App is made in such a way that it tells you the identity of the person calling you before even attending the call.
  • This App traces the mobile number exact location on the map.
  • Without having an internet connection, you can easily use this App, and it’ll function properly
  • Calls and messages can even be sent through this App, so you don’t have to use pre-inducted messages and calling platform with the Android
  • With this App, you can even check your call logs where the calls will appear with the caller name and the area caller is calling from
  • This App service is only available in countries like USA, Canada, Pakistan, and India
  • This App cannot trace the number which is mobile ported

2. MobileNumberTracker

Users can easily locate the number which is from their locality through this mobile number tracker App.


  • Through this App, the target’s mobile number can easily be tracked by doing two simple steps.
  • It assists State, CDMA providers of mobile and GSM.
  • This mobile number tracker App comes with a pre-install GPS to track the target’s number.
  • You can track any number easily nevertheless whoever the network provider is
  • This App takes only two basic steps to recover the number
  • The usage of this App is free without and charges
  • This App to trace phone numbers only works in India
  • According to reviews of the people, complaints about their offering service has been recorded
  • User needs an internet connection to use this App

3. CallerID

If any of the users is checking for the most workable and reliable phone number tracking for free, you don’t have to look anywhere else as you have a caller ID and number locator. This is a Free Spy App for Android without the target phone. This App provides you with the conjunction of the caller’s location and identity of the caller.


  • This App of caller ID and number locator has added 12,982 cities database in their system.
  • This App allows checking the name and location of the caller calling you before answering.
  • It also has a call blocking feature installed in it.
  • This App doesn’t need any internet connection to be used
  • Caller ID and number locator allows you to locate the caller and his/her identity
  • This App allows searching for any number from the list of countries around 200
  • Any scammer can be blocked through this App
  • The pre-installed map which helps you in finding the exact location of the caller
  • User having an android version below than 4.0 cannot use the facility of this App

4. TrueCaller

It has been known to everyone that true caller has been the most popular App used all over the world for tracing phone numbers.


  • This App facilitates you with the blocking service of numbers that are not needed, annoying, and disturbing.
  • It allows you to see the photo and name of the caller that is calling you.
  • They have a strong database that can trace any unknown number around the globe.
  • This App to trace phone numbers doesn’t allow your personal contacts to appear online like any other Apps
  • If your number is searched by an unknown person, you will get to know with this App
  • Calls can directly be made via the App
  • Their locating and tracking services are the best as they have around 200 million users
  • You cannot register yourself without entering your phone number
  • An internet connection is needed to use this App

5. TraceMobileNumber

This App can only be used by Android users. These Apps can track my Childs Phone without Them Knowing and Trace the mobile number App can also track the very live location of the target. Many different service providers’ network is accessible inside this App. Only Android devices that have an Android version above 4.0 can avail of this App.


  • This App gives you the very exact and accurate location of the target.
  • Trace mobile number App can be used for tracing mobile numbers even without having an internet connection.
  • The Apps developer provides you with a very strong database and also adds new features and functions after some time.
  • In every outgoing and incoming call, you can also see the name of the network providing of which the target is using a network of
  • You don’t want to have computer skills or knowledge for using trace mobile number App
  • This App is only limited inside India and some other neighboring regions
  • Many Advertisements appear while using this App

6. NumberLocator

This App is an iPhone-based type of an App that was made by Elegant Recursion Inc. By just entering the number of the target and clicking on the search button, you can track the caller’s location.


  • This number locator App works perfectly fine whether it’s offline or online.
  • They have given attractive and stunning graphic design that looks soothing to the eyes.
  • This App has stored all the codes of the area.
  • Number locator has a tab of auto-updating.
  • This App to trace phone numbers allows you to use swiping signals
  • You can use this App on iPhone, iPod, and iPad or track an iPhone by number online free
  • This App has installed many soothing graphics which makes the experience of tracking more entertaining
  • This App search results from the target you are searching for in just seconds
  • Number locator doesn’t need an active internet connection for searching the number
  • If you want to avail extra features of this App, you will have to pay a small amount of $0.99
  • Frequently using this App can stall the use of this number locator App

7. MobileNumberTrackerPro

If you have ever used Apps like how to track an iPhone by phone number then this mobile App is the best which provides you with unrivalled options of tracking to ensure that you can easily locate the owner of the number.


  • This Mobile number tracker Pro has a very strong database which encloses around countries numbering to 200 all over the world.
  • They have a very wide range of user interface that the user can choose from easily.
  • They own a notification center that tells you if the number you are locating has been located or not.
  • This App allows you to track numbers from all over the world
  • Mobile number tracker pro has a very interactive user interface which makes it very easy for the user to use and choose from
  • This App allows you to make calls and send messages directly through the App instead of using mobile’s pre-installed features
  • This App also allows changing the theme of your choice by choosing from the variety of themes installed inside the App
  • It has been reported that sometimes this App makes an error while locating the exact location of the target
  • To use this App of Mobile number Tracker Pro, an active internet connection is needed

8. PhoneNumberTracker

As everybody knows about the popularity and fame of true callers which makes them the most perfect app for iPhone users to track an iPhone by number online free.


  • This App to trace phone numbers assists the actions of 3D touch
  • True caller phone number tracker has an updated list of scammers which gets automatically updated.
  • This App bug searching feature attached with a fixed clipboard.
  • Before even picking and answering the call, the name and location of the caller will be in front of you in order to know who is calling
  • The actions of 3D touch allow you to select different types of actions from the App
  • Call history of all the calls made can be removed with just one tap
  • iOS 8 or above is needed to use this App
  • An active internet connection is also needed in order to use this App and get yourself facilitated

9. Mobile Number Tracker Location

This App is authentic and reliable for the tracking phone numbers of the scammer but it can only be used by IOS devices to track an iPhone by number online free. It can easily be downloaded from the App Store, free of cost. And it tracks the live location of the calling number.


  • People living in these countries like Asia, Canada, Europe, and the USA can easily use this App and enters into the actual-time location of the mobile device of the target without anyone noticing.
  • This App provides fully clear and accurate information regarding the target’s location.
  • Mobile number tracker location has the databases which have details of the customer of +200 countries such as the United Kingdom, China, Pakistan and etc
  • Tracking of the device via this App can be done very easily by 3D Google maps
  • According to the people comments and reviews, this App sometimes shows the incorrect information about the location of the target

10. Mobile Number Tracker Pro-SIM

It is one of the most wanted by the user’s mobile tracking App, which traces the mobile number exact location on the map and was made by the person named Aditya Neelkanth. With this App, you can easily check the location of your kids, spouse, and family.


  • This App to trace phone numbers is available in different parts of the world ranging from Asian countries to the United States.
  • This App has the most unique features, as it can help to locate your kids and family.
  • IOS users can easily download this App from the Apple App Store for free and without any charge.
  • This App doesn’t require any extra services for using this App
  • Mobile number tracker pro-sim is very fast in accessing the details of the targeted devices
  • This App requires an internet connect, 3G or LTE connection to use its services

Why People Install These Apps

These apps to trace phone numbers are installed by people in order to get rid of the scammers and spammers who have an annoying habit of calling from different countries. They don’t even tell their location and name if asked for, there have been many frauds that have happened due to this calling process.

Why Trust These Apps

These Apps to trace phone numbers do take your personal information in order to get registered and start, but they are the good people of society who have gone through the same issue and want to finish it. They take your personal information in order to check fake and people that have doing fraud.

These above-mentioned apps to trace phone numbers are the best Apps you will ever come across, so if you are having a problem with the calls, then try these Apps, it will help you in picking out the culprit, and to have a check and balance on your family for their security purpose.