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The Best AT&T Early Termination Fee (July 2021 Provides)

AT&T Early Termination Fee is the cost of an early termination of an AT&T cell phone contract. How much does it cost you to stay with AT&T. Many folks talked about solavei or somewhere in the middle of two year contract with AT&T and while many times you are afraid to break the contract.

Here you will learn the true cost of staying with AT&T. You needed to consult your recent AT&T bill to get your true monthly cost so the early termination of AT&T can be estimated. AT&T is currently charging with unlimited talk text and 5 gigabytes of data. Unlimited minutes with AT&T is currently 60 $9.99 providing a month of unlimited messages with an extra of $20 a month and 5 gigabytes of data its $50 a month.

This makes up a grand total of hundred and thirty $9.99 per month or $140 a month now. Early termination fee with AT&T is $325-$10 for each full month of completed service commitment. That means if you 14 months left on your service contract then you pay for ten months’ time $10, credit for each month is a $100 off of that three hundred and twenty five dollars.

AT&T Early Termination Fee

The conditions when AT&T Early Termination fee is applied are:

  • You’re agreeing for a particular contact for taking any service that involves wireless devices. So now you will need up gradation of that or merely the activation of that service, term called as service commitment. At this time AT&T Early Termination fee is applied.
  • Another reason for application of AT&T Early Termination Fee is cancellation of any service before it completes its dedicated time period.

AT&T Early Termination Fee is generally an alternative route to fulfil any service you have given commitment to and now you want to cancel that service before completion of its duration, in that case you apply for AT&T Early Termination Fee also called as ETF. Other than that if you don’t have any service commitment that you do not owe any AT&T Early Termination Fee. The ETF or AT&T Early Termination Fee is inversely proportional to time, as the time increases AT&T Early Termination Fee decreases with it and the amount you need to pay for AT&T Early Termination Fee depends on the type of device or the service you purchased along with your service commitment.

AT&T Early Termination Fee can be estimated easily using your device without taking any service charges. For estimation, first log in to your account and go to account overview. In the account overview section, click on my wireless connection option. Now check on all my devices and all the add-ons and finally as you find your device, click on it. Now click on manage my device and select it. Another screen opens, now here look for Service commitment or my wireless contract. Generally if your service is over, you will see in this option either written closed previous contact or you’re on a next contract than in that case, you don’t have to pay an AT&T Early Termination Fee.

AT&T Early termination can also be avoided, you just need to follow the steps- Once you get your ETF covered, you can talk to service providers of AT&T Early Termination Fee or you can cancel your AT&T Early Termination Fee before 30 days, this will lead you to avoiding AT&T Early Termination Fee. At last go for prepaid plans instead for paying for AT&T Early Termination Fee.

In order to avoid Early Termination Fee, one should be having ample amount of knowledge related to AT&T Early Termination Fee, one should be knowing that AT&T Early Termination Fee is not a service fee but a penalty paid by the customer for cancelling any contract service before its time period. Every time you go for buying a device, they make you sign a contract that says this contract has a specific time limit and if you try to cancel it down before the time limit, you will be charged an AT&T Early Termination Fee.

AT&T Early Termination Fee is a service commitment contract that allows the customer by buy a device at a reasonable discount price and in return they make you sign a contract which leads to charging of an AT&T Early Termination Fee if not followed properly. Always read the terms and conditions before trying to cancel or avoid any AT&T Early Termination Fee as it may charge you with early charge. There are a numerous amount of ways you can skip or avoid an AT&T early Termination Fee.

Depending on the number of days of post contract like thirty days post contract, you have the right to cancel that contract and being eligible or liable to pay any fees for that particular time period i.e. you don’t have to pay any AT&T Early Termination Fee. You just need to pay for your devices services or exchange/return of any equipment that comes along with your device not the AT&T Early Termination Fee.

Another way that will be best for you is to wait till the contract ends as you already paid $10 per month for signing that contract for a time period and in case you are unable to avoid that AT&T Early Termination Fee and tried to end that service commitment, you will be charged a $325 that a quite a wholesome amount to be paid as an AT&T ETF. So, if possible wait for some days in order to end up that contract in place of finding ways to avoid it.

AT&T has a role of increasing rates any time depending on the demand and market value. So, if you are under a contract and suddenly you see an increase in rates of AT&T during that contract period, it can give you an option to be free from any AT&T Early Termination Fees as AT&T itself allows a customer to terminate the contract before a time period if rates of AT&T goes any increase or decrease. So, if you lucky during your contract month, you can be free from AT&T Early Termination Fee anytime as per their terms and conditions.

AT&T charges an Early Termination fees in case you go out of network coverage area, you when you are under a contract with AT&T, if possible avoid travelling to distant places with low or no network coverage as in this case you will left with no option to avoid the Early Termination Fee or avoid your contract without paying a wholesome amount of Early Termination Fee to AT&T. You also have an option of selling your contract to someone who need it. It can work with both average and advanced cell phones of AT&T and this way you can avoid your AT&T ETF before termination of your contract.

In case you left with no option to avoid your AT&T Early Termination Fee and at the same time you go out of money, in that case you can sell the hardware that came along with your AT&T device, they are quite worthy and can provide you with an amount that will cover up your AT&T ETF expenses, and you will left a lot of money after that as mentioned earlier these hardware’s. By selling you can get over $430-$530 of cash and get yourself a new device as well like an iPhone. This will prevent you from paying extra and twice for AT&T services.

All AT&T tries to do is simply provide the customer with delightful offers maintaining its relationship with the customer and at the same time playing behind bars using tricks to fool them and put wholesome amount of different charges from time to time. So, if you even try to avoid AT&T Early Termination Fees, AT&T will find another ways in order to ensure your relationship is maintained with them and take benefits from you. In that case you also have a few options in order to avoid being tricked by AT&T and their services.

You can cancel your existing account with AT&T after avoiding or if already paid the AT&T Early Termination fees. AT&T gives you every right to break your bond with their services. Best time to end the relationship with AT&T is the last or ending time of your bill with AT&T. In order to end up your services, you need to contact the customer care services of AT&T. When you will be connected to the customer care executives, inform them that you need to cancel any further services or contract with AT&T and you want them to close your account.

Everything comes with some charges, so here you will no longer be able to keep that mobile number provided by AT&T after termination of your account. By this you will cancel your account with AT&T permanently but still you may need to pay the early termination fees to AT&T. Confirm this with the customer support of AT&T once before termination of your account. You can switch to other carriers easily after cancelling the contract and termination of services.

You can transfer your existing number to your another phone number and try to keep your every bills with you for future reference. Because whenever shifting your services from old to new, the new service provider issues a request to the old provider while transferring your number. For this, your phone number should be active then only it can be transferred. Transfer of number generally takes three to four hours from AT&T to other service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there any new changes in the contract of AT&T?

No, there are not any specific changed in the AT&T contract. But with time they keep on decreasing or increasing the AT&T Early Termination Fee. Rest terms and conditions remains the same. Rest transitions and plans keep on varying with new plans announced.

Are we eligible to make any changes in the contract or payment of ETF at my own will?

AT&T makes sure that they profited by you at any ways. So, they won’t give any such choices that would affect their policies at any cost. So, you to stay and agree to their contract terms and conditions, from taking hardware’s with the device to paying Early Termination fee amount of $350 and above, you have to follow the terms otherwise they can terminate your services without giving and any refund.

Are Unicel and AT&T still different service providers and I can switch to Unicel whenever I want?

No, you can switch to unicel from AT&T anymore, as unicel is currently had got linked to AT&T only. There is no separate service provider like unicel left anymore.

Can I switch to a different service provider without paying a Early Termination fee to AT&T o without termination of their account?

No, you cannot switch to other services without termination of your account as the new service provider needs to connect the old service providers for change in your phone number. Make sure you have terminated your AT&T account then only you can witch your service provider.

Can we use our unicel phone with new AT&T services?

Unicel have been in a merger with AT&T but that doesn’t mean its old phone will support AT&T number as both were completely different technologies before. So, you cannot use unicel device with AT&T number.

Final Word

AT&T Early Termination Fee is not a service, it’s actually a penalty people pay due to their eagerness and hurried behaviour towards early termination of any contract. Yes, it’s hard to stay bound to any contract and at the same time you won’t be charged heavily if you show patience for a small period of time. Rest if still you want to avoid paying your ETF and terminate the contract, you can follow this guide, but ensure your safety as if caught you may be charged extra which includes a number of extra dollars. I hope this article will be helpful for anyone facing problems with their AT&T services.