Best AT&T Fiber Modem With High Speed Internet

The technology of AT&T Fiber modem uses fiber optic network. Promising to give a high speed Wi-Fi and a reliable connection these are especially designed for those who need a lot from the Wi-Fi. AT&T Fiber modem are a great choice now a days for online gamers, web surfers and web enthusiasts.

Generally, it is a modem and router combo that provides the whole home with Wi-Fi. With one time cost of purchasing you can gift yourself with a wonderful speed.

This articles contains information about the best AT&T fiber modem which can be brought into use.

10 Best AT&T Fiber Modem and Router with High Speed Internet

1. NETGEAR Nighthawk R6700

With 1GHz dual core processor of 450Mbps for 2.4GHz frequency band and 1300Mbps for 5GHz bandwidth and high speed this works 100% fast on mobile devices as well.

NETGEAR Nighthawk R6700
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  • Price – 90$
  • Dimensions- 11.2×7.2×1.9 inches
  • Weight – 1.6 pounds

How to Instal a Nighthawk Router

Thought the different Nighthawk routers look still the process of instalation is identical:

  • Antennas need to be positioned to install the router.
  • Router needs to be disconnected from the modem.
  • Unplug the modem from the main power source and if the modem is connected to any battery backup , it needs to be removed.
  • Connect the modem with nighthawk router with the included Ethernet Cable.
  • The one end of the modem needs to be plugged into the modem and the other to the internet port on the back of the router.
  • The modem and the nighthawk router needs to be plugged into the power source.

The Lightened LED indicates that the Router is on:

  • Setup your nighthawk router wirelessly via., smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • On the bottom of the device the pre-configured network settings appear for the nighthawk router.

We need to find the unique network name in the list of available Wi-Fi network and select it. Then, we need to type the unique network key to connect to the network

  • Once the device is connected it should be start instaling voluntarily.

If it doesn’t happen, then on any on any preferred browser we need to navigate to . It is the address for us to launch the installation in system.

  • The assistant first detects an existing gateway or router on your network. you can choose ‘HELP ME CHOOSE’ option. Meanwhile we have to follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Once the internet connection has been detected then press next option on the congratulation screen.
  • You need to download two apps namely, ‘NETGEAR genie’ and ‘Ready share vault’ app to maximize your network.
  • The firmware update assistant detects the new firmware if available. we need to download if any new firmware is shown. Once updated your nighthawk router will reboot.
  • Register your network to router which will ensure you to timely updates.
  • Fast Wi-Fi performance
  • Compelling feature set
  • A good range covered
  • Reliable
  • We don’t get a good speed on 2GHz

2. Netgear R7000

Made you of a dual core processor of 1GHz for extended range this model came out in 2013. On the 5GHz band it provides with a speed of 1.3Gbps Wi-Fi speed and on 2.4GHz it provides with a speed of 600Mbps.

Netgear R7000
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  • Price – 127.56$
  • Speed – 1.96Gbps
  • Durability – 3-4 years
  • Devices – 32
  • Coverage – 1800 Sq. Ft

3) Linksys MR8300

With its tagline “Wi-Fi for life” it gives a fast speed of 2.2Gbps and offers a great coverage area. It is one of the best Tri-band and fibre optic writer. Appearing to be an entertainment powerhouse which can stream movies, games and music from any rooms simultaneously.

Linksys MR8300
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  • Price – 130$
  • Speed – 2.2Gbps
  • Antennas – 4
  • Best suited – 4k streaming and gaming
  • Coverage area – 20,000 Sq. Ft and 20+ devices
  • Use MU – MMC technology which makes each device capable of its own dedicated signals

It is easily expandable with velop Mesh Wi-Fi. To access points we can easily add below nodes as access point anywhere in your homes. It contains a single power indicator which is a multi-colored LED that shows the operational status. At the back of the modem you can find 12 VDC power input, 5 gigabit Ethernet ports, On/OFF switch and 4 LAN ports. It is supported by a triple band consisting of one 2.4GHz radio and two 5GHz radio.

How to Set Up

It consists of an easy set up which requires downloading of Linksys app.

  • Triple bands
  • Control on the fingertips
  • Large coverage area
  • Best for 4k streaming and gamers
  • Mesh Wi-Fi support
  • Amplify networks
  • Easy setup via., Linksys app
  • USB 3.0 doesn’t support USB devices

4. Netgear N300 DSL Modem router DGN2000

With unique style and shape Netgear N300 is best suited for gamers an multiple HD streamings. It allows unlimited secure sharing or storage via external USB. With an easy setup it give a good speed of 300Mbps. It supports an ADSL modem and not a VDSL modem. It has built-in ADSL2+ and hence is compatible to use with DSL, cable or fiber internet service.

Netgear N300 DSL Modem router DGN2000
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  • Price – 145$
  • Data transfer speed – 300Mbps
  • N300 Wi-Fi as 2.4 GHz single band transformation
  • Ready share enabled

5. D-Link AC2600

The latest technology packed in a simple outlook it is the best option for those who demand more from their Wi-Fi and where a large home needs total Wi-Fi coverage. It is capable of giving consistent signals and plenty of features. It is a smart connect bandwidth distribution which pr maximum performance from your connected devices It uses MU-MIMO technique to communicate with multiple devices at the same time .

The combination of high powered amplifier and high performance antenna for maximum Wi-Fi coverage make it a high power Wi-Fi. It claims to give a speed of 800Mbps and 1.7Gbps. It’s a good option for blazing fast wired connections. It has dual core processor. Consisting of a dual band of one 2.4GHz band and one 5GHz band. It consists of two USB ports of 3.0 and 2.0 connecting network storage

D-Link AC2600
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  • Price – 100$
  • Router- Thin and wide
  • Weight – 1.25 pounds
  • 6 small green and red LEDs on top which is not likely to be highlighted in a well lightened room

Quad screen technology denotes both the optimal signal strength and DLNA media to let you stream media between your devices. It is used for blazing fast wired connections.

  • Affordable
  • By default, smart connect enables to switch between 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands automatically for the best connection
  • 2 USB ports
  • Use of MU- MIMO technique
  • 4 spatial streams
  • Wonderful performance
  • Customising the settings is quite troublesome

6. Actiontec Verizon High Speed Internet DSL Wireless N Modem and Router

A packed box of a wireless networking, a DSL modem and a full routing capability it is the proper solution to the problem of customer’s connection and networking needs. It has been tested for a great performance on all major DSL providers and provides ADDL2+ with speeds up to 24Mbps downstream.

Aciontec GT78WN DSL modem
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How to manually setup?

  • Open your browser and type in 192.1 68.0.1
  • Press enter button
  • A modem configuration dialogue box appears
  • Select manual setup/quick setup.
  • Click Next
  • Select the connection type.
  • Input your ISP username and password.
  • Click apply
  • Select advanced setup
  • Click on broadband settings
  • Then you have to enter VPI/VCI values
  • Then click apply you should now have the internet access

7. Asus AC5300 ROG Gaming router

With quad core 1.8GHz 64 bit CPO and unstoppable processing power ROG gaming Centre monitors status and controls all the gaming features. It is intuitive and easy to use software having 5 gigabit Ethernet ports. To connect the existing modem one of the ports present in it is a WAN port.

There are multiple bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. You can have older devices on 2.4GHz and reserving the newer ones for 5GHz bands. There are 8 large antennas to amplify the network coverage. There are two core professors of 1.4GHz.

The GAME IPS feature protects your network from external threats. To increase the productivity links can be aggregated. It uses WPA- enterprise and WPA2- Enterprise encryption along with 3G and 4G data sharing

Asus AC5300 ROG Gaming router
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  • Price – 280$
  • Easy setup
  • Best suited for tech enthusiasts and gamers
  • Dual core processor
  • RAM – 512MB
  • Multiple bands
  • Antennas – 8
  • High speed
  • 2× Gaming ports
  • 8× Gigabit LAN ports
  • Wonderful software interface
  • Great Wi-Fi coverage
  • Design is not much adored

8. TP-Link Router Quick Setup Archer A7

Powered by dual core processor with clock speed of processor 750MHz and total data transfer speed can achieve up to 1.75Gbps it is three times faster than wireless N speeds. It comes with two USB ports that enables you to share printers movies and music in your home network or even across the internet it is dual band router with a maximum throughput of 450Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and 1.3Gbps bandwidth on the 5GHz radio frequency band

TP-Link Router Quick setup archer A7
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  • Price – 60$
  • Dimensions – 9.6×6.3×1.3 inches
  • Ram storage- 128MB
  • Flash storage – 16MB
  • Total bandwidth – 1.75Gbps
  • Maximum Wi-Fi speed – 1750Mbps
  • Affordable price
  • 4 LAN ports
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Speed – High
  • Connection – Reliable
  • Best suited – Web surfers, online gamers, for streaming 4k video content
  • Not same SSIDs for 2.4GHz and 5GHz band

9. NBS AT&T BGW-320 500 802.11a/n/ac/ax Wireless-ax

A modem router combination that support the fastest VDSL2 connection and it is a wireless voice gateway of 4×GB ports. It can provide the best interconnection to the clients.

AT&T Arris BGW 210-700
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  • Price – 179$
  • Bandwidth – 20MHz

How to login on the AT&T Arris BGW 210-700

  • On any preferred web browser type 192.168.151 in the address bar
  • In the two text field you have to write the username and password
  • In the username section you have to write Arris BGW210-700 AT&T
  • For the default password you have to look at the back of the router

 10. Net AC750 Wireless

A modem – router model and a wireless AC 750 router the built-in modem is made up of. Wi-Fi comes with pre encrypted unique password supporting the latest ADSL2+ and VDSL2 standards.

Net AC750 Wireless
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  • Price – 137.15$
  • Speed – 200Mbps
  • Two USB ports (2.0)
  • Four Ethernet ports


Though in some of the exceptional cases the speed is not precise to be 1000Mbps still in most of the cases the speed has been accurately confirmed. It provides a wonderful and reliable connection and can be used as a priority for establishing a Wi-Fi connection nowadays. This upgraded technology are especially suited for those who have a great internet expenditure and who are in the need of high speed Wi-Fi connections.

The type of AT&T fiber modem that needs to be purchased depends upon the connection available in your area and the download/ upload speed you need.

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