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How To AT&T Phone Number To Pay Bill – Step By Step Guide

Despite offering both fixed and mobile networks in the US, AT&T offers telecoms services in other places. Some of these services include internet connectivity, DirecTV services, and high-speed fiber. People and businesses across the nation have equal opportunities to access these AT&T services. All these parties need to pay bill by phone number for the AT&T internet services. Therefore, there must be a smooth procedure to ensure these services run well.

There are various channels you can use to pay your AT&T phone bill like using the phone, through the app, online using any other method. In this article, you will get a deeper understanding of these AT&T methods of paying AT&T phone number bill together with how to pay them.

How to Make a Payment With Your Phone

There are two options you can pay AT&T phone bill using your phone. The first is by use of any phone and the other one is when you are using your AT&T wireless phone. If you want to pay your AT&T bill using any phone, you will have to call the AT&T billing phone number (800) 288-2020 to pay. However, you will need to provide your bill for reference to the AT&T customer service. Also, you will provide your payment information to the customer care representative. This will enable the customer service representative to process your payment.

The other option is by use of your AT&T wireless phone. The requirements you need is your AT&T wireless phone. It is a simple process where you dial *799 to make a call to the AT&T Express Invoice Process system. When you execute the code, your account information is now visible. The system will prompt you to select your mode of payment. The process is very procedural. Like when using any phone, you will provide your billing information. You will then receive payment confirmation. That way you will have made your AT&T payment.

Pay Your Bill by Phone or Mail

Paying the AT&T phone bill by mail is where you will take your personal check, put it in an envelope and stamp it. You will then address your check with your bill details. After that, you will take it to the nearest AT&T location that receives payments. You will just relax and AT&T will finish the process.

How to AT&T Phone Number to Pay Bill – Step By Step Guide

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1. AT&T Bill Pay Number

There are two options you can use if you want to pay your AT&T phone bill using a phone. As earlier discussed, you can either use any phone and the second option is to use the AT&T wireless phone. When you want to pay using any other phone, you simply call AT&T customer service. You will be prompted to say “pay my bill” to start the payment process. Before starting this process, you should make sure that you have your invoice and payment information.

2. How to Pay AT&T Bill Personally

The other method which is optional to everyone is the Personal Payment method. AT&T has authorized paying agents who are in most regions to accept payments from the customers. This is only when you want to pay in person. If you prefer using this method, you can walk into these agents with your cash, check, or money order.

The payment appears in your account the next working day when you use this method. This is only on the condition that the payment must be received by 19.00 local time. The maximum number of days that the payment should appear in your account is 2 days. The agent will need a presentation of your payment slip included in the invoice when you are paying. It is good that you keep your sleep for reference incase needed.

Kindly note that they charge 1 USD consumer comfort fee by the paying agent. Besides, this option is available only to the AT&T customers who are paper billed. We advise you to call the AT&T customer support in case you want to know where your In-Person Payment agent is.

3. What is the Phone Number for AT&T Bill Pay

There is an automated system that you can use to check your AT&T phone bill. You can access this system by dialing *790 on the AT&T wireless phone users or call a toll free number 1-800-288-2020. When you know the bill which you need to pay, you can either pay using your credit card or a check. Paying AT&T phone bills using a phone is easy because you do not incur any costs making the call.

AT&T has provided a toll-free number which you call and then follow instructions. For the option of paying your AT&T phone bill, you will select “Billing” then follow the instructions. To execute the payment using either of the two methods, you will click on “Sound”. This option is also available to the AT&T Paper Billed customers who can also call the toll-free at no extra fee.

4. How Do I Pay AT&T Bill by Phone

There are various methods you can use to pay your AT&T phone bill using a phone. You can subscribe to text messages which will text you six days before your bill is due. This method is TXT-2-PAY. In this method, you should respond to the message within the remaining six days. This allows you to pay the bill using the mode of payment that you set up when you were signing up. The other method is by dialing PAY on the AT&T wireless phone. You will choose the option you like to pay for your bill.

5. Automatic AT&T Bill Payment

Are you tired of writing checks now and then? Then Automatic Bill Payment method enrolment may be the best option for you. Automatic Bill Payment is a simple and secure way to pay your AT&T phone bill. It is a convenient method that any client can use. This method will automatically transfer your funds from your account and pay the AT&T bill. You can transfer the money from your check or credit card without initiating the process. You can use this method if you do not want to write checks, buying stamps, or even forgetting your payment dates.

If you would like to sign up for a checking account, you will only need an internet browser. The browser should support encryption security standard. Note that AT&T does not add any extra charges when you subscribe to this payment option. Visit AT&T’s online billing portal and register automatic invoice payment.

6. How Do I Pay My AT&T Phone Bill Online

Unlike some years back, you can now consolidate your billing needs into one. You may be using many options to make your payment online like personal banks, credit unions, or financial management software. Now you can fix everything and pay your bills at a central place. This may be your DirecTV, internet payments, and many more. Although AT&T does not charge for these services, it is good that you look at services providers you want to pay your bill in collaboration with AT&T phone bill.

7. How to One-Time Payment AT&T Bill

Another best method that you can use to pay your AT&T phone bills is a One-time payment. This will disassociate you with writing checks, the stress of not receiving AT&T service or attracting fines because of late payments. The advantage of this is you can pay your bill online at the AT&T customer center. You can use your check or credit card account while you are still receiving a paper bill. Like other options, you are not entitled to extra charges when you choose this method to pay your AT&T phone bills.

In terms of security, your credit card details remain confidential and secure. There are no security breaches to the customers’ information despite the online security threats. This option of payment is only available to the AT&T paper billed customers.

You may be willing to pay now and start enjoying AT&T phone services without inconveniences, the process is simple. Login into your online account and provide the correct details. If you do not have an account simply create one by selecting register now. After the successful registration, you will log in to your account dashboard. On your dashboard, select the Pay Bill tab which is on the top of your online bill. The process is procedural so you will follow the instructions to make your payment. You will now be free to enjoy AT&T phone services.

8. Checking AT&T Bill Online Account

Another method you can use to pay your AT&T phone bill online at the AT&T customer service center. Besides, you can also use your phone to access the AT&T automated system. The only requirement which is mandatory for such to be successful is to specify your bank code and bank account.

If you look at the end of your check, you will find that information there. The transaction process is done and then displayed on your bank statement as an electronic transfer. You do not need to be worried because the bank account details remain confidential. Every transaction that happens is secure.

Like the other payment option, there is no fee added to this service. The only difference is that this service is available to both AT&T Online Billed and AT&T Paper Billed customers. To pay for the online service you simply need to log in to your account and be cautious to use 128-bit encryption security standard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I pay my AT&T wireless bill?

The payment process is simple and easy. Using your AT&T wireless phone you simply dial *790. To the Spanish customers, you will dial *PAGAR(*72427). This code will access your account information using the Express Invoice Process system. You will then see prompts to select the mode of payment. Option 1 is for banks and option 2 is for debit or credit cards. You will enter the payment information according to the voice prompts. You will receive a confirmation number when you are through. You can also call the customer service through the dedicated toll-free number. The number is 800.331.0500 available to all customers.

Can I text AT&T to pay my bill?

Yes. It is possible to make pay your AT&T bill using text. The only condition is that you will have to enroll in the texting services, which is TXT-2-PAY. With this option, you will receive your bill through a free message. AT&T sends the message six days before your bill is due. You will have to respond to the message within those six days. The only flaw with TXT-2-PAY is that you cannot use it together with AutoPay. Additionally, you cannot use it with an unstable wireless connection. You should put more effort to respond to the text once send because AT&T assumes that the bill was not cleared if the message is not replied to.

How can I check my phone bill?

There are various ways you can look for your bill. One, you call the customer service through 800.331.0500 to check for your bill. The other one you can dial *BAL#(*255#) this is for English users or *SAL#(*725#) for Spanish speakers. The other option is by use of the My AT&T app where you will go to my Bill and you will be able to know your bill.

What number do I call to pay my AT&T bill?

AT&T phone bill payment is through a credit account or checks account by phone. This is possible by the AT&T automated system. If you want to pay your bills, you simply need to call 1-800-222-0300. You will then follow the instructions given on the touch menu to pay your bill using either a check or credit card.


AT&T has those methods which you can use to pay for its services. Apart from providing the services for the customers to execute on themselves, AT&T has a strong customer service which you can call for help. All these methods you can use to pay for all the services including AT&T internet service, DirecTV services.

Some of the processes are conducted online and AT&T has assured its customers’ security to their transactions. Besides, the account details remain confidential and cannot be exposed to someone else. Be free to exploit all these methods before you choose the one which suits you. We are in 2021 and people will need to conduct their businesses without direct contacts due to the status of the world.