5 Best Carpet Cleaner for Old Pet Urine

Living with a pet provides many happy moments and memories. Sometimes, however, they’re a handful. On some occasions, you’ll come back home to find a mess. To help you cope with their trail of stains and urine, we have created our top 5 best carpet cleaners for old pet urine.

After all, knowing how to get old dog urine smell out of the carpet saves you a lot of trouble, time, and money. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better idea of why these products are lifesavers.

The 5 Best Carpet Cleaner for Old Pet Urine

During our search on how to get old dog urine smell out of the carpet, we have come up with 5 ultimate solutions that will help you achieve that goal. Let’s review them.

1. Rocco and Roxie Professional Strength Eliminator

Rocco and Roxie deliver a high-quality stain remover that will get even the toughest stains off the carpet. To do it, they add natural and safe enzymatic bacteria, which activates quickly after making contact with unwanted stains and unpleasant odors. This substance seeks to solve the issues from its root, reaching deep into the fabric to erase any remnants. It doesn’t take long before you can enjoy your carpet as if it was a freshly new item.

Rocco and Roxie’s popularity relies on how versatile it is to provide solutions, and because of their compatibility with different surfaces. For instance, this stain eliminator will get rid of multiple issues pet owners face regularly; pet urine, feces left around the house, vomit, and many more spills. This product is worth every cent thanks to its strength formula capable of eliminating messes left by your pets.

We also mention it is compatible with different surfaces. It is common for chemical substances to leave traces behind, but Rocco and Roxie will manage to get the job done without damaging the surfaces. You can use it over carpets, on furniture, litter boxes, many types of floors, and even clothing pieces.

Because safety is always first, it also ensures it doesn’t become a hazard for anyone in the house, be it pets or children. It is chlorine-free, as well as color-safe.

2. Amazing Solutions Pet Odor and Stain Remover

Choosing the perfect stain remover is more complicated than one might think. Sometimes, brands offer a substance capable of removing the stains, but the smell produced by it leaves the house stinkier than before removing the pet urine.

Other times, the product doesn’t leave a strong smell, but it doesn’t remove the stains completely. Coming up with a perfect balance between those two elements is essential. Fortunately, the market has products like this one offered by Amazing Solutions.

This remover uses previous methods to handle the stains. It implements natural enzymes to neutralize the awful odor, and the nasty marks your pet leaves over the surfaces. Use it to clean urine out of the carpet, draperies, the pet’s beds, clothing pieces, upholstery, and many more.

Like we mentioned above, one of the best advantages of using this remover is that it doesn’t ruin the harmony of the house by impregnating it with a bad smell.

It opens up many possibilities because you get to use it in those areas where the children or the pets play. All of which without creating a disrupting the atmosphere or becoming a hazard.

Now that we’re discussing safety, Amazing Solution counts with Carpet and Rug Institute’s approval, meaning pet owners won’t have to fear health damages for their loved ones.

3. Nature Miracle Cleaning Shampoo

Nature’s Miracle is a bit of a tricky one. It can only go two ways: you either love it or hate it. Many people that have used it share one of those two opinions. Part of the pet owner’s discomfort with this product is because it doesn’t seem to be effective.

However, upon trying ourselves, we can testify that it still does what you’d expect. Of course, people must know how to use it properly to get the best results and avoid frustrations.

It is not a simple process of putting the liquid over the surface and expects it to do wonders. Instead, you must prepare it beforehand. As with any other stain remover, shaking is always necessary to activate the enzymes and get them working.

In some instances, it might take more than that, though. You might have to use it a couple of times, let it sit for about an hour, and it will work as intended. That’s what did it for us.

Nature’s Miracle will provide the results we expect, as long as we take the time to understand what it requires for a successful cleanup. You can use it with different types of machines to clean carpet, just make sure they are water-based. Steam cleaners will work fine, too.

4. Bissell Professional Pet Urine Eliminator with Oxy Cleaning Formula

It is incredibly irritating when you finally decide to make an investment in a stain remover, only to find out later that it doesn’t do anything. There are plenty of urine eliminators that are just a facade. They simply cover up the problem. It doesn’t take long before the odor and stains return.

To get rid of those issues, you must attack directly at the source of the problem. That’s what Bissell does. Bissell’s Professional Eliminator is one of the best pet urine removers you will find on the market. It is an efficient solution to deal with old stains, and it will erase strong odor, as well. With this product, pet owners will have a reliable partner to clean up after their beloved pets.

An interesting feature this product has to offer is the Scotchgard protector. It ensures that the stains won’t come back again in the future, allowing you to have that peace of mind that pet owners desperately need sometimes.

Nonetheless, if you want it to perform at its best level, you must use it regularly to keep the stains and odor away. Use it with a handheld cleaner for the carpet, or Rug Doctor. Bissell will help you remove pet urine, stains, mud, dirt, and other unpleasant particles that require the use of strong chemicals.

5. Hoover PetPlus Pet Stain and Odor Remover

Hoover’s remover is one of those products that you’d regret not having bought before. It features a concentrated enzyme formula to create a highly optimized and powerful cleaner. Although its marketing focuses on removing stains and odor, there are many more applications for it.

Use it to clean all sorts of pet messes left over the carpet, on the rug, and more. Now, the manufacturer recommends using other Hoover products for better performance. One of those products is the Hoover PreTreat Spray.

It could be a disadvantage that you’d need extra items for good results, but you’ll find that it is not necessary. If you use it without other Hoover articles, it will work just fine. Upon using it, you’ll notice a fresh scent this product provides. More often than not, this scent manages to cover up the urine and odor that you want to remove, leaving a pleasant fragrance in an unpleasant area.

Regardless of what part of the house you’re cleaning Hoover’s urine remover ensures there’s not a stain after you use it. You can even clean the interior of the car. It is safe to use on large cleaning machines, too. Combine with Bissell or Rug Doctor artifacts, and you’ll have those stains removed out of almost everything.

What to Consider Before Buying Carpet Cleaner for Old Pet Urine

Before you make your final decision about which remover you want, there are a couple of considerations you must keep in mind.

1. Make Sure it Works for You

While most of the removers listed in this article are capable of working over different surfaces, there are certain areas of the house that require special treatment with the right products. Read everything you need to know about the product to choose one that will not damage the surface with the stain.

2. Proper Application Instructions

One of the issues we found with several pet urine removers is the fact that the instructions are not clear. Sure, there are experienced pet owners that know how to handle these products, but many more aren’t aware of the steps to follow, or what to do when we’re not sure about the proper amount to use. Fortunately, most of the removers have adequate instructions to follow and be successful at cleaning. If you’re unfamiliar with them, make sure it has all the information you might need in the future to do maintenance work.

3. A Good Smell

Powerful pet urine removers might have a strong and uncomfortable smell that could be frustrating. They might not be dangerous, but there’s a high chance that you won’t be able to stay in the house for a couple of days without resenting it. Look for a product capable of leaving a breathable fragrance, or one that produces no smells at all.

4. Cleaning Machines Compatibility

Another consideration you might want to keep in mind is whether or not you can use it with a washing machine at home. Many pet urine removers are capable of working well with full-sized machines and artifacts from different brands, like Bissell, Hoover, and Rug Doctor, too. A proper combination of high-quality removers with efficient cleaning machines will provide the results you want.

5. Remember: One Swipe Might not be Enough

Although brands take pride in delivering substances capable of quick cleaning, that is not always the case. There will come several occasions where you’ll have to use the remover more than once, or at least, regularly. Don’t lose patience and take as much time as needed. If you do, the results won’t disappoint you.

6. Safety Tips

Dealing with any maintenance product demands you to be very careful. To help you perform a secured cleaning, we have a few tips for you.

7. A Safe Product

Naturally, the first thing you’ll need would be a safe product. How to know if a pet urine remover is safe? Well, consider looking for chlorine-free products. It isn’t only about the pet owner’s safety. As the adults in the house, there’s a responsibility to keep the mascots secured. Even more so if there are children around. Other safety measures you might need to look for are certifications and the approval of a well-known health institute.

8. If You’re Unfamiliar with the Product, Run a Small Test First

Get to know the pet urine remover and confirm it isn’t hurtful for you. Also, keep track of its smell to see if it will sit well within the house. Once you’re sure of how to get old dog urine smell out of the carpet, get the kids and the pets to a proper location until you finish cleaning up.

Final Words

Nobody said having a pet is an easy task. They’re a ton of work! But, with the right tools, you can make their life at home more comfortable. In that regard, we hope our top 5 best carpet cleaner for old pet urine has shed some light on how to deal with a regular and unpleasant pet issue.

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