10 Best Carpets on the Market

Have you ever tried to purchase a carpet? If yes, then you probably know how hard it is to select the right type of shag. People tend to look towards the best carpets on the market, but they don’t pay attention to their requirements and features of the item. Ultimately, they end up making the wrong decision. You certainly don’t want to be among the ones who regret buying a carpet. So, as we have reviewed the best carpet cleaner for old pet urine, we are going to review some carpets for you.

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So, as you prepare to buy a carpet, you should identify the requirements and gather knowledge about different types available in the market. There is an immense variation to suit the style and budget of different people. Thus, we have come up with a guide on how to buy a carpet. Also, to address your question of what is the best carpet to buy, we will take a look at the 10 best carpets.

Features of Carpets on the Market

Whenever you think of buying a carpet, start by assessing the durability. It is one of the key aspects, and one can judge it by considering the thickness and resilience. Moreover, the material and weight also point towards the durability For those that look up to best carpets for high traffic family room, the density is an important consideration.

A denser carpet is better for the hallway and stairs. It refers to how closely the fiber is knitted to each other within the rug. To know about the space between the tufts, take a look at the back of the material. The larger the gaps, the less resilient your carpet will be. The other key elements to consider are as follows.

1. Pile Fiber

There is an array of materials available to you as you look towards the best carpets on the market. There is wool, which primarily refers to high-quality carpets that provide a lavish feel. But it certainly has a higher price tag with it. The wool-mix, however, is a lesser costly option and an all-purpose beast. It is partly wool and partly man-made fabric.

You’ll also find polypropylene shags in many common rooms. They are durable and resistant to stains which make it a favorite for those who want low maintenance carpets. The other two materials that you generally find around are polyamide, known to many as nylon, and polyester.

2. Pile Type

Many people overlook the pile type, but we recommend you to have a thought about it as you purchase the rug. People like to go with woven or tufted styles. Woven choices come from the traditional looms where intense labor is used in the production. It provides a lavish finishing and becomes a top-end choice. However, the high price tag is a drawback that you must consider.

Tufted is certainly the most popular type of carpet pile in the modern era. The row of needles punches the yarn into the material at the base, making it an easy to manufacture option. Thus, you get greater variety and different sorts of finishing.

3. Underlay

Underlay is one of the things that people neglect the most when purchasing a carpet. Individuals pay the most attention to the upper side where they’ll be walking, neglecting the underside of the carpet. The two types of underlays include rubber and foam. People looking up to the best carpet for a high traffic family room should go for rubber underlays.

These are sturdy and solid, providing you a strong base and high durability. However, don’t go for waffle or crumb when choosing rubber underlay for a busy space. On the other hand, you have foam which is a more budget inclined option. Polyurethane, PU, is a common choice for carpet underlays that makes a decent choice. A recommended option is the felt and rubber, which provides you a combination of foam and rubber where one provides comfort beneath your feet while others give durability and grip.

4. Maintenance

Maintenance is a decisive factor for many individuals that look up to buying the best carpets on the market. So, you need to be very careful about it. Some people want stain-free rugs so they would be compromising on a few materials. Others, however, look towards comfort and sleekness but it comes at a cost and usually requires high maintenance.

Our Choices for the 10 Best Carpets on the Market

So, coming towards your question of what is the best carpet to buy, we have made a list of 10 carpets. Do note that some of these will make a great option for you. Others, however, won’t suit your needs. Therefore, evaluate the given options in accordance with your requirements to get to know if the item is perfect for you.

1. Safavieh California Premium Shag SG151-1212

The Safavieh California Premium Shag SG151-1212 makes a great choice for your living room and dining room. It is a non-shedding rug which makes it a low maintenance option. If you are a fan of plush textures, you’ll be loving this shag.

The carpet has a 2-inch pile which gives you the feeling of ‘sinking in’ that many individuals seek. Moreover, it makes the carpet soft and sleek to walk on and put your feet. The product comes from Turkey which is one of the well-known destinations for carpet manufacturing. There is high-density construction for you which refers to a long lifespan.

2. Unique Loom Trellis Collection Moroccans Lattice

Let’s just jump into the Moroccan style and take a look at this rug from Unique Loom. It is an ideal option for people who have children and pets, and the design is astonishing. Individuals who look forward to soft and substantial rugs, that are made with great care and won’t shed any time soon, can always consider this product.

The color combination of the rug makes it even more interesting. This product has three shades, navy blue, dark blue, and ivory were navy blue acts as the dominant one. This 4 by 6 feet rug is an ideal option for your dining and guest rooms.

3. Safavieh Milan Shag Collection SG180-1212

Another soft and plush pile awaits your feet as Safavieh Milan Shag SG180-1212 is up for grab. One of the best carpets on the market, this rug is a delicate choice. Take a look at the impeccable Turkish craftsmanship, which is display at its best with this product.

You have a ton of different colors to match up the rug with the interior of the room. Just like the California SG151-1212, this one also comes with a 2-inch pile height. The best thing about this rug is perhaps the fact that it suits all the interior styles.

4. Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection

Unique Loom looks up to creating some of the most useful shags in the market. They aim at providing easy to clean rugs that one can use easily in a home where you have pets and kids around. This solo solid collection by the company is no exception as it has all the listed features.

5. ACTCUT Super Soft Indoor Modern Shag

Looking onto the best carpets on the market, this ACTCUT rug is a simple yet very useful rug. It makes a good pick for your living room use and has a 4.5cm thick pile. The soft feel and comfortable walking make the shag a heart favorite of many people.

6. Safavieh Athens Shag Collection SGA119G

Safavieh has made a good name for itself in drug manufacturing, and this product shows exactly why so many people look forward to the company. At first glance, you will feel that the pile material is blending together very nicely. It is great for complimenting the surroundings, and if you are looking towards comfortable rugs, this is probably what you seek

7. Safavieh Polar Shag Collection PSG800A

The Polar Shag Collection is a silky option by Safavieh for its customers. The collection appears to be more luxurious than Athens and Milan. You’ll find a thicker pile with better comfort which makes it sleek and silky. Moreover, the colors of this collection are pretty soothing on the eyes.

8. Safavieh MNC222F-5 Monaco

Monaco style is a preference of many people, and you are likely to fall in love with the artistic pattern of this rug. It is based on the modern Bohemian style and comes with polypropylene fibers. The shedding is minimal, and the rug is great for high traffic room.

9. Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection Hand Woven Jute Rug

The Safavieh natural fiber collection, as the name suggests, is made up of natural material. This one is a jute rug that gives your home a classical appearance. If you have a wooden interior that you would like to compliment, you should consider this shag. It is aesthetically pleasing and the manufacturing material, jute, is surely a durable option as the fiber is thick.

10. NuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug

Don’t like those big, thick, heavyweight rugs? No problem. This nuLoom Moroccan Blythe Area Rug comes with some delicate tones and a combination of patterns. The design of this rug is child and pet-friendly, making it a great option for busy places. It is very resistant to wear and tear, and one can purchase it in a number of different patterns


So, these are some of the best carpets on the market that you can buy today. Click on ‘check price’ to acquire more details about the product. Don’t forget to read our buying guide, provided above the products, to know which rug suits your needs.

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