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Best free reverse phone lookup, Our mobile and telephone numbers are probably the most vulnerable piece of information that you have. It’s prone to be leaked, which is one of the many reasons why you may be receiving spam calls, scams, voice phishing, and other unauthorized purposes. However, your number can also be used by the employer who’s waiting to give you a job opportunity or a school wanting to announce your acceptance.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just know who’s calling on your phone, so there will be no need to waste time on unnecessary calls? This is what a reverse phone lookup can help you with. This will let you access the caller’s name and other information just by typing in their phone number on the tool.

There are both free and paid reverse phone lookups, but in this article, we’re going to walk you through the best free reverse phone lookup sites in 2023.

What is a Reverse Phone Lookup?

A reverse phone lookup is a kind of tool that will let you access all the available information about a specific phone number. It’s usually used to either track or verify the identity of your caller. It also becomes very handy to know beforehand if the person calling you is a telemarketer, voice phisher, or anything fraud-related.

Is it Safe to Use a Reverse Phone Lookup?

If you’re using a legitimate reverse phone lookup site, you can rest assured that it’s safe to lookup phone numbers. However, there are still platforms disguised as a reverse phone number lookup but are actually used to scam and take away personal information. Make sure to look out for red flags to avoid this.

10 Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites (2023) Update

1. InstantCheckmate

To start the best reverse phone lookup list, we have Instant Checkmate. This is probably the easiest one to use because of its simple interface. It also has a vast range of data, which ensures a high chance of getting information on a certain phone number. Use this platform if your goal is to identify if your caller is a scammer or you’re looking for the social media accounts of long-lost friends and family members.

This is generally free to use, but you still have the option to pay for the Premium Plan. It’s worth considering if you want to receive a detailed report containing the social media profiles, background checks, and other relevant information about the phone number holder.

2. Spytox

Spytox is another good reverse phone lookup site when it comes to getting access to the basic information connected to the phone number you looked up. It will display the name, sex, age, and address, if available. You can use all the features for free, but like the previous software, you can also pay extra fees for a full background check. It will be handy since it provides a thorough set of data, including court records, available photos, family information, and so much more.

3. TruthFinder

TruthFinder offers extensive features when it comes to looking up phone numbers. It has a basic version, which is the free one. It does its job by providing the name and other relevant information from the number. You may find this a little limited, though. If you want a more extensive result, you should check out the paid plan. It will let you access details like your educational background, job history, photos, police records, and so much more.

Another con about this software is its limited availability. Right now, it can only be accessed if you’re in the US. Similarly, this means that its directory also only covers those in the said country. The good news is if you’re in the US, you can enjoy a chronological, by-state search.

4. Spokeo

Moving on, we have Spokeo. This doesn’t differ a lot from the other platforms. It provides instant results about the phone number’s owner, including their name, address, and even their birthday. It also comes in a paid plan, which is what you should consider if you’re using the software to find friends and family members. This platform digs deep into the information that you can get from one phone number. These include their marital status, the anniversary of their marriage, age, sex, address, email, and so much more. Again, this is only available to use in the US.

5. WhitePages

WhitePages is popular for having a wide database. This enables the user to access even the hardest-to-obtain information, such as the phone number owner’s scam rating, age, criminal records, business records, maiden name, property records, and a lot more. This software is just like the classic Yellow Pages from the old times because this acts like an extensive online directory for mobile numbers. What makes WhitePages unique is it also offers a reverse address feature. Here, instead of sticking to simply searching for information through a phone number, you can also lookup the address and go from there.

6. Intelius

Intelius is a reverse phone lookup site that is renowned for providing users with a high level of data security and privacy, which is something that is hard to achieve if we take the software’s purpose into account. Using this platform, you can expect all the available details about the phone number to come up in seconds. These include basic details, like the name, age, birthday, address, and likes. This is not all, though. You will also be able to know the type of phone that the phone number is using, family members and other possible relatives, etc.

7 CocoFinder

CocoFinder is probably one of the best reverse phone lookup sites that you can turn to. Not only does this provide in-depth information about the phone number’s owner, but it also offers a feature that can help you block spam calls on your end. This can save you from the trouble of having to identify each and every phone number that calls you. Moreover, this tool will also let you in on other types of information like the licenses that the phone number’s owner has, employment history, criminal records, acquaintances, and a lot more things that can help you identify the handler.

8. Truecaller

Truecaller offers global access to its wide range of phone number directories. While other platforms don’t function without an internet connection, this software can instantly display the caller ID even if you don’t have a signal. It can also filter and block spam messages from authentic ones to provide you with the best level of security and privacy possible. If you want to keep things safe, Truecaller is the best choice around. Not only does it provide helpful information about the phone number at hand, but it has also built a positive reputation in the field of reverse phone lookups.

9. CellRevealer

CellRevealer is a basic, free, but very handy reverse phone lookup tool. It’s not that notable in a way that it doesn’t offer premium features, but it will give you access to all the basic information you’ll need to identify the phone number handler. This is very simple, but that’s what makes this effective and beginner-friendly.

10. SpyDialer

SpyDialer contains information about phone numbers, landline numbers, and VOIPs. Just like the former, this is a straightforward reverse phone lookup site that will let you access basic information in just a few clicks. Despite being free, you can still expect to see the name, address, pictures, social media accounts, and other publicly available info online.


So, let’s take a quick look back at the best free phone number lookup that we discussed in the earlier sections. As of 2023, here are the sites you should check out:

  • InstantCheckmate
  • Spytox
  • TruthFinder
  • Spokeo
  • WhitePages
  • Intelius
  • CocoFinder
  • Truecaller
  • CellRevealer
  • SpyDialer

All of these are free, but you can expect them to offer very helpful features. They are still a little limited compared to the premium and paid ones but rest assured that they’ll do the job of identifying your caller. There is also nothing to worry about scams or data theft since these are already accredited by other reverse phone lookup users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Reverse Phone Lookup Site Work?

Basically, a reverse phone lookup site acts like a search engine but for phone numbers. You enter the phone number, and the results page will show the basic information tied to it.

How do I Use a Reverse Phone Lookup Site?

The steps on how to use a reverse phone lookup site will vary depending on what software you’re using. It’s usually just like Google Search, though. First, you type in the phone number and then wait for the results.

Are Reverse Phone Lookups Really Effective?

Reverse phone lookups can be effective. It will depend on factors like the certain platform you’re using and the actual number that you’re looking up.