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Top 8 Best GPS To Track A Car in 2020 | Complete Guides

The global positioning system(unit) is a device or gadget carried by a moving vehicle, bicycle, animal, or person used to determine their position, location, and best GPS to track a car their movement. There are basically two types of tracking systems which are Active and passive GPS trackers. Active trackers show where a vehicle is exactly located and they are also called real-time trackers.

The movement of the vehicle can be seen displayed on a computer or device and use for business-related purposes as it is used to monitor deliveries. passive trackers are trackers that store information and it can only be assessed after it is removed from the car.

Most tracking systems have an intricate feature that can detect when an unapproved driver is driving the vehicle. At the point when it is triggered an alarm system is set off that transmits data to either the police or the observing organization. Once alarmed they telephone you to watch that you recognize what’s going on with the vehicle.

Some tracking systems additionally have further developed highlights, for example, verbal correspondence with the checking station in case of a vehicle tacking; others likewise have remote motor control, which is intended to keep the’s motor from running once the vehicle has dipped under a specific speed.

A car tracker app can be used to track an automobile’s location by downloading and installing it on a device or mobile phone. It is a very inexpensive way to track a vehicle. The mobile device needs to have good cellular network coverage and GPS most also have good cellular connectivity to ensure good tracking coverage. Apps such as Accutracking, Google maps for mobile, Instamapper, and soyspat can also be used. The mobile device can also be placed in the car or hidden in some locations in the car. A very imperative thing to do when using a mobile device is to provide the mobile phone number to track GPS.

Top 8 Best GPS To Track A Car in 2020 | Complete Guides

Best GPS To Track A Car

1. Vyncs GPS Tracker

  • No Monthly Fee! 1 year service included from delivery date. 30 day free trial. OBD2 real time car GPS tracker. Includes SIM card, 1 year data plan. Uses AT&T network in US. Supports 3G and also 2G. USD 29.99 one-time activation fee (full refund if returned within 30 days). Renewal (USD 84.99) required in the 2nd year (no activation fee). Works in 177+ countries (check list). Web/Android/iOS/Alexa Apps. GPS + OBD + Nano Accelerometer Chip for unsafe driving detection.
  • REAL TIME LOCATION TRACKING AND TRIPS. Highly accurate real time GPS car tracker device. Collects data every second, analyzes, and sends update to the server every 3 minutes. 60/30/15 seconds update upgrades available. Unlimited trip history on map. No battery needed! Draws power from OBD-II port. Goes to sleep while ignition-off but wakes up once in every hour (when car-ignition is off) to update location and then the car tracker goes back to sleep. Shared accounts for car tracking device.
  • ALL THE DRIVER AND VEHICLE ALERTS YOU NEED. Geofence zones, street address for start/stop points on the map. Driver speeding/braking/rapid acceleration alerts by Push Notification/Email and SMS (upon request), trip history on map. Vehicle OBD diagnostics, fault codes, maintenance, battery voltage, emission test result, vehicle recall, fuel economy and fuel level (if available). Tamper alert once device is plugged back into the OBD port. Optional 24/7 roadside assistance. Renewal notification.
  • WHY VYNCS? HIGHLY RATED: 900+ great reviews and near 100% 5 star seller feedback. BEST PRICE: Compare 1st year price and price after 1st year. BEST FEATURES. Check Vyncs video on the slider. Has all the features you want plus a lot more. Get VYNCS FLEET for advanced fleet monitoring features with 5+ vehicles. GLOBAL SUPPORT: Supported in 177+ countries. Check Legal Disclaimer section in this page for the list of supported countries and getting the Vyncs global model.
  • TRACK BEYOND THE CAR: Don’t be limited to the car! Track beyond the car with our optional and unique phone tracking feature, Vyncs Groups. Keep track of your loved ones when they’re walking, biking, or on public transit. Create private groups and add anyone you want via a custom group code-- all they need is the Android/iOS app! You may turn off the feature at any time. Even use it to find your lost or stolen phone easily. And it’s FREE!

The Vyncs GPS tracks area, risky driving practices, motor diagnostics, battery life, support needs, review notification, and fuel levels. It assesses your heading to give you a Tip Performance Index (TPI) score that can assist you with getting a good deal on vehicle protection. Its free buddy application, VyncsMiles, is perfect with Amazon Alexa and can follow mileage and order it by close to home and business use.

Vyncs utilizes one-year designs rather than month-to-month bargains. This benevolent valuing can spare you money in case you’re focused on following your vehicle’s area for a spell.

You can likewise look at Vync’s Basic, Premium, and Pro plans that improve upon the arrangement with administrations like emergency aides. Vyncs additionally has a Fleet assistance for business clients who should screen their workers during conveyances or courses.

The OBD module GPS gadget costs around $75 and accompanies a one-year fundamental arrangement membership (and a one-time initiation charge of $30). Yearly recharging costs are about the equivalent, which works out to around $6 every month, making it the most affordable GPS on our rundown. We don’t care for that the default invigorate time is three minutes—the quickest revive time (15 seconds) is accessible just for an additional charge. The UI is additionally somewhat precarious to oversee.

  • Engine alerts.
  • No Monthly fee.
  • Driver scoring system.
  • Mileage tracker app.
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Long-term commitment.
  • Delayed location updates.
  • Activation and monthly fee.

2. MOTOsafety GPS Tracker

  • Usa, Canada, & Mexico compatible — our GPS vehicle tracker currently works in the United States, Canada and Mexico regions.
  • Reasonable monthly cost — $22.99/month for cellular network that transports your data wirelessly, no Activation or cancelation fees. Gps tracker operates off a cellular network and reports every 60 seconds.
  • Reasonable monthly cost — $22.99/month for cellular network that transports your data wirelessly, no Activation or cancelation fees. Activate within 30 days and receive one month of service!
  • Immediate alerts — Know where your children or family members are at all times with immediate alerts sent Straight to your mobile Device or computer.
  • Easy Installation — install Moto safety in a vehicle’s obd port and track your teen driver or loved one within seconds.
  • Geofences — quickly identify important locations, such as work, school, or home, by setting up geofences and getting notifications when those zones are entered or exited.
  • Accurate reports — monitor your teen’s driving activity, including speed, direction, and location, using Google maps Features.
  • Driving score — get comprehensive driving report cards that Score driving habits, including harsh braking, speeding, and rapid acceleration.
  • North America: United States, Canada, and Mexico

With driving instruction course for teenagers, Google Maps course replay, geofencing, and adjustable area cautions, the simple to-introduce MOTOsafety GPS Tracker earned our top spot for new high schooler drivers.

This GPS beacon costs around just $20 with a month to month expense of $19.99. You won’t need to sign an agreement or pay a crossing out charge, yet you should call the organization in the event that you need to drop.

We like the included driver preparing program, with access to instructive substance and practice tests to help your teenager prep for their driving test.

We additionally like every day driving report card on the versatile application, however, measurements can be befuddling. Speed limits aren’t constantly exact on Google Maps, so MOTOsafety may state you’re speeding in any event, when you’re most certainly not.

Similarly, ordinary fast increasing speed—like when you’re proceeding onto a bustling parkway—can likewise represent a mark against you. We suggest taking it out for a test drive and checking the affectability before removing your youngster’s vehicle keys for a terrible evaluation of their MOTOsafety driving report. Look at our full audit on MOTOsafety to study this vehicle GPS tracker.

  • Google Maps course replay.
  • Geofencing.
  • Check-in time.
  • High schooler driving course.
  • Affectability to speeding up.
  • Erroneous speed limits.

3. Bouncie GPS Tracker


In case you’re a parent of an adolescent driver, the Bouncie GPS tracker is made for you. This tracker doesn’t require any kind of battery, and it connects to any OBD2 outlet to accumulate data. It can likewise get to your vehicle’s PC to keep you refreshed on indicative data like check motor codes, oil level, and even fuel level.

The free portable application refreshes in as meager as 15 seconds to give you area, speed, and time limit data just as boundless access to trip history. The application additionally gives shading coded course data to graphing great and awful driving propensities.

Bouncie even gives emergency aides to U.S. clients if there should be an occurrence of vehicle breakdowns or other crisis travel circumstances for significantly more genuine feelings of serenity. The Bouncie GPS tracker requires a 3G cell association and an $8 month to month charge to utilize.

  • Emergency aides accessible
  • Month to month progress reports
  • No battery required
  • Reports of getting bogus notices
  • Slow warnings on occasion

4. Optimus GPS Tracker

  • Optimus GPS Tracker - Track People, Vehicles, Items - 4G LTE
  • $19.95 per month - Cancel Anytime - No Contract - No Hidden Fees - Free customizable position report frequency up to 10 second updates. 1 minute default.
  • IPhone and Android App for Easy and Fast Tracking - Special Routing Feature for Investigators
  • Email and Text Message Alerts for Movement, Speeding, Leaving or Entering Areas, Low Battery, SOS Button - Driving Reports
  • SIM Card and Data Plan Included - FCC, PTCRB Certified Unit - Coverage for USA and Canada

Regardless of whether you’re watching out for old guardians, new high schooler drivers, or an armada of organization vehicles, forestalling gadget altering and evacuation is significant. The Optimus Tracker quantifies only three inches in length and is ideal for stowing ceaselessly inside or on the casing of your vehicle to keep it covered up. There is additionally an accessible attractive case for a skeleton, wheel well, or guard position.

The committed application works with both Android and iOS gadgets to assist you with the following area, speed, and development. There is additionally an SOS work for crisis circumstances, low battery cautions, and the capacity to set up geofencing. The battery keeps going as long as about fourteen days between charges. The Optimus Tracker incorporates a SIM card, an information plan, and two distinctive help membership levels

The Fundamental bundle permits application refreshes like clockwork, tracks as long as one hour of vehicle inactive time, and expenses $19.95 every month. The Propelled bundle permits application refreshes at regular intervals, tracks as long as one hour of vehicle inert time, and expenses $25 every month. The Optimus is additionally supported by U.S. based client service

  • SIM card and information plan included
  • Two help membership levels
  • US-based client assistance
  • Reports of DOA units
  • Reports of bombing units
  • High month to month charge

5. Spy tec STI GL300MA GPS tracker

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking: Track vehicles, valuables, and loved ones in real time, 24/7. Our GPS system uses 4G satellite technology to give you an accurate location, whether you are tracking in dense urban areas or on remote country roads. Receive the location data of your tracker directly to a phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Discreet & Versatile: Compact and concealable, the GL300 is a mini tracker that is just one-inch thick, making it discreet and highly versatile. Its battery lasts up to two-and-a-half weeks, so you won’t have to worry about removing it each night to charge. Simply set and activate the tracker and slip it into a backpack or conceal it under a car seat to remotely track movements.
  • Precise Insights, Custom Alerts, & Boundaries: Using cutting-edge GPS technology, the Spytec GPS Browser Platform can be customized to send SMS and email alerts anytime the tracker enters or exits a defined zone. You can also receive data that monitors trips in their entirety with their starting and end points. Create summary data reports to capture movement over time and provide historical insights, like speed of travel, total distance, and more.
  • Safe & Secure Tracking & Reporting: Privacy is among our top priorities. The Spytec GPS Platform does not store your information. All account details and data tracking are securely encrypted.
  • Affordable Subscription & Free Customer Service: A data plan to access our Browser Platform is required for use, starting at only $24.95 a month with no hidden activation or cancellation fees. Designed to suit your individual needs, the Spytec GPS tracking service is month-to-month so you can easily cancel and reactivate at any time. Each tracker also has a lifetime guarantee, so if there is any damage we will happily replace the GL300 for free. If you have any issues, we are here to help 24/7.

Vehicle GPS trackers give you true serenity when thinking about old guardians or watching out for your children if there should arise an occurrence of a crisis. The Spytec STI GL300MA utilizes an application you can download to your cell phone, tablet, or PC that gives you constant GPS following the capacity to set up a geo-fence. In the event that the tracker leaves the assigned zone, you will be sent a content or email notice.

The inherent lithium-particle battery keeps going more than about fourteen days between charges so you can set it up and forget about it. Spy tec likewise offers additional battery packs to surrender you to a half year of utilization on a solitary charge. The tracker itself has a minimal structure that is extraordinary for setting in a comfort, glovebox, seat pocket, or under a seat to keep it off the beaten path.

There is likewise an attractive case accessible for the skeleton, guard, or wheel well arrangement. The tracker requires a month to month charge to utilize and is supported by both a genuine lifetime guarantee and day in and day out client care.

  • Long battery life
  • Compact
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The monthly fee to use
  • Reports of DOA units
  • Reports of both activation and cancellation issues

6. Prime Tracking PTGL300MA

  • ✅ NEVER WORRY OR WONDER AGAIN: Make sure people get where they’re going, or where they say they’re going. Get alerted if they go too far. Monitor drivers, speed, safety and logistics for businesses. Keep employees and spouses honest. And never lose your valuable possessions or assets again.
  • ✅ PUT IT ANYWHERE: The tiny, lightweight Prime Tracking GPS fits and conceals easily in strollers, vehicles, backpacks or pockets. So small, it’s virtually undetectable.
  • ✅ TRACK ANYWHERE IN NORTH AMERICA FROM ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Easily and privately track any location in the U.S., Mexico and Canada from your computer, tablet, or phone. Works on multiple devices and networks, wherever there is cellular service.
  • ✅ GET INFORMATION INSTANTLY: State-of-the-art 4G LTE technology means you get location, movement and direction information as it happens, updated every 10 seconds in our smartphone app or desktop interface.
  • ✅ MONITOR AFFORDABLY: Just $25 /month, or $20 / month for 6 months. Cancel anytime, no contracts or activation fees. SIM Card INCLUDED.

The PrimeTracking PTGL300MA GPS tracker is made for the individuals who need to think about older guardians, yet at the same time need to give them their freedom. This tracker includes a battery-powered lithium-particle battery that supports as long as about fourteen days of run time and arrives at a full charge in as meager as 2.5 hours. It utilizes a 4G LTE cell association and incorporates a SIM card so it’s all set practically directly out of the bundle.

The devoted application gives area refreshes like clockwork so you can watch a parent as they drive to the store, church, or specialist. You can set up a geofence to tell you when a vehicle has left an assigned region, and the unit has an SOS include for crisis circumstances like accidents or breakdowns.

The application lets you set up boundless client profiles so you can watch out for everybody in the family. The PrimeTracking GPS tracker can be utilized in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and it requires a month to month expense of $25 to utilize.

  • SIM card included
  • SOS work
  • Fourteen-day battery life
  • Metric separation units as it were
  • Reports of battery issues
  • Reports of units

7. Carlock Anti-Thefe Device-Car GPS Tracker

  • WORK & SLEEP WITHOUT WORRY - CarLock monitors and alerts you on your phone when your vehicle is moved, when the engine starts, if unusual vibration is detected & even if the device is disconnected!
  • MONITOR YOUR TEENAGER - We love our teens but they can be entirely different people behind the wheel. CarLock detects harsh acceleration (drag racing), hard breaking & sharp cornering (stunt driving).
  • VIRTUAL MECHANIC - CarLock actively monitors the health of your vehicle and alerts you in advance if your car battery is running dangerously low or is experiencing high battery drain.
  • LIKE GPS ON STEROIDS - Also included is detailed trip tracking which lets you monitor where your car has been. Whether your car is stolen or a "trusted" driver is going off course - you'll know!
  • EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE - CarLock uses cloud computing, internet storage, GPS tracking and a modern day app (Andoid & iOS). You get all this for only $9.60 per month and the first month is FREE!

The Carlock Against Burglary Gadget intrigued us with its wide range of employments past just following the area of your vehicle.

Just as refreshing you on the GPS area of your vehicle, the Carlock Hostile to Robbery Gadget will alarm you in the event that it presumes a break-in, by checking if your vehicle is begun without you, if there are abnormal vibrations from power devices and if the gadget is separated.

This is the best GPS tracker in case you’re worried about your adolescent youngster’s vehicle, as it can follow things like quick speeding up, abrupt and hard slowing down, and sharp turns — all for the sake of guaranteeing your child or girl is remaining safe out and about.

  • Very sensitive
  • Very functional
  • Consumes low battery
  • Oversensitivity

8. 104-PRO by (Rewire security) GPS TRACKER

  • Easy 10 second installation - Simply attach it to a flat magnetic metal surface on your vehicle
  • 2 Month Rechargeable Lithium Battery - Best In Class!
  • Low Cost Service Plan Starting at $19.99/month - No Contracts, No Fee's, Cancel Any Time Service Includes access to a Free GPS Tracking App, Cloud Hosted Web Application (accessible from any web browser), Data Plan, and up to 6 months of Data Storage.
  • Automated Alerts - Receive an e-mail whenever your driver leaves a designated area, speeds, when the vehicle tracking device starts to move, etc… Generate Reports so you can see trips taken, speed, stops, and more.
  • Our Magnetic GPS Trackers and Fleet Tracking Service work worldwide! Over 140 countries are included in our standard service!

On the off chance that the top finish of your spending plan is non-existent, you can’t beat the 104-Pro from Rewire Security. What we preferred most about it was its usability. When you unload it and attractively append it to your vehicle, it’s all set — no messing about! Quickly begin accepting updates on your vehicle’s area and speed, just as an assortment of different parameters.

This vehicle tracker will hold an energize for to 60 days in profound rest mode, or as long as 30 days in standard following/recording mode, one of the greatest life expectancies of any GPS tracker on this rundown.

Just as being battery controlled, it can likewise be wired to your vehicle’s capacity gracefully so it reports constantly!

The screen where your vehicle’s continuous area is, just as long as a year of course history, and enact warnings and alarms so you know whether your vehicle is ever moved

  • Multifunctional and reliable.
  • Easy to use with a manual guide.
  • Good battery.
  • It is expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How can I track my car with GPS?

A car with GPS can be tracked by using a tracking device that finds the exact location of the car with the aid of an operating software available for mobile phones and desktop. The navigation system conveys signals that can retrieve real-time location data when sensed by the GPS receivers.

what is the best GPS tracker?

The best GPS trackers are;

  • Vyncs GPS tracker.
  • MOTO safety GPS tracker: Best for new drivers
  • Bounce GPS tracker.
  • Optimus GPS tracker
  • Spy tec STI GL300MA GPS tracker

How can I track my car without GPS?

A car without GPS can be tracked by obtaining signals from vehicle transmitting or emitting device such as Radio receiver, Radio Frequency, signals from cellular, Installation of a non-GPS device in the vehicle

Are GPS trackers worth it?

Yes.GPS trackers can alert one in case of vehicle theft, can provide historical reports and summary, offers real-time tracking, can be easily accessible and user friendly.

How do you track someone using GPS?

The phone’s built-in GPS in association with locating my phone specifications (find my phone for IOS users) and (find your phone on Android)  to find a person on a map.Apple/google ID is needed to access this information and features.


One thing you should observe when searching for the correct GPS tracker is that not all trackers are made equivalent. A few trackers are more stuffed with highlights than others, and some are progressively costly. Yet, don’t believe that you can’t have both capacity and moderateness. It is conceivable to discover a tracker that can offer all the above basic highlights while not actually busting your financial plan.

It’s constantly a smart thought to do exhaustive research before buying an electronic gadget, so you don’t wind up lamenting your choice. The significant serenity of having a vehicle tracker makes it a need for both individual uses and for business use. What’s more, it will assist you in maintaining your business easily and give you fulfillment with regard to knowing the whereabouts of your vehicles and representatives. Generally, vehicle trackers work easily and don’t require any support. Ensure you buy a tracker that meets your requirements, accompanies programming and a portable application, offers global inclusion and ensure it doesn’t require a costly month to month membership.

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