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Top 10 Best No Contract Cell Phone Plans Complete Guide

A mobile or a cell phone which is bought or sold to the customers without the carrier endorsement is known as the no-contract cell phone. As per the market research, it is concluded that the phones that are no contract phone are way more expensive than the phone with the contract. Because contracted phones bear the agreement only for 2 years or less. That’s many mobile companies have introduced many cheapest phone plans for one person. There are many companies like metro by T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and etc are giving the cheapest phone plans for one person or Cheapest Unlimited Cell Phone Plans. In the contracted phones there is the advantage of having a free 30 days of the trial period in which the ownership of mobile is given to customer but a disadvantage is that the customer has to pay the penalties included in their package as per the usage of the customer. Many different types of countries as stated below are offering best no-contract cell phone plans that are affordable as well as cheap for the customers and those companies of mobile phones are


Top 10 Best No Contract Cell Phone Plans Complete Guide

1. Metro

As being at the top of the list Metro owned by T-Mobile provide the best no-contract cell phone for the prepaid or no-contract mobile phone users. They are the topmost considered the mobile companies in the market.


  • They provide a two lines plan for $80 and the plan of four lines unlimited for $120 per month.
  • Their plans include unlimited data, messages and text side by side with the videos and taxes.
  • They are considered a cheaper and less expensive than others on contract mobile phone companies.
  • 2 GB data included with unlimited texts and calls.
  • Many of the plans of a metro subsidiary of T-Mobile have 4G LTE hotspot for mobiles
  • Many users cannot even bear their plans as they are paid.
  • Rate per minute is higher than the postpaid mobile phones.
  • No contract mobile phones are expensive than contracted mobile phones.

2. Boost Mobile

If you are looking for an unlimited plan with additional features included than Boost Mobile provides you best no-contract cell phone plans.


  • Boost Mobile provides with a plan for family which has three people living for $110 per month.
  • Their plans of unlimited text, data and calls start from as little as $50.
  • They provide with a service of streaming videos via mobile optimization service.
  • Connectivity of Hotspot via mobile with 12 GBs.
  • Video quality can be upgraded to 1080p by paying $10 extra with monthly payment.
  • Providing their customers with Ads to watch in order to lessen their monthly bill.
  • Mobile phones are limited in usage or you can say very restricted.
  • Time limitations factor which makes the minutes that you had purchased wasted after the expiration of the monthly plan.
  • This no-contract have higher prices than a postpaid phone.

3. Republic Wireless

This mobile company provides you with a friendly budget no-contract option to avail for the person who doesn’t want additional features in their monthly plan.


  • Their monthly no-contract mobile plan starts at $20 which provides you with 5 GB of data.
  • Their clients can pay $5 for every additional GB which can go away to the maximum limit of 15 GB.
  • You don’t have to be tied with your monthly plan as you can change it anytime.
  • You have overall control over the features and for the services you have paid for.
  • Assurance of the coverage at any place.
  • Have to pay for every additional GB.
  • Expensive phones than phones which have a post-paid plan.

4. GoSmart Mobile

They don’t offer very high monthly plans for no-contract mobile phones as they run with the strategy of starting from the basics and initial which everybody can afford.


  • Unlimited text, calls with 250MB data of 4G can be done at $15 monthly.
  • $55 for the unlimited data service with the speed of 3G.
  • No limitations in using facebook in every monthly or yearly plan.
  • Sim and services are offered with a monthly plan that the customer has chosen.
  • There are no restrictions at checking of the credit.
  • GoSmart Mobile charges $10 for additional connectivity of mobile hotspot.
  • A device capable of running 4G is needed to use facebook from 4G LTE.
  • Paying extra for every additional feature.

5. Virgin Mobile USA

They are the subsidiary of the most popular Sprint Company that’s why people tend to use their service plans because of their parent Company. They are widely spread in the market bearing its parent name.


  • Monthly plan of $60 which offers unlimited data with no limit on calls and texts.
  • They also provide the facility of phone insurance for as low as $7 on a monthly basis.
  • You can make calls internationally with more than 70 countries with paying $5 every month.
  • They provide their customers with buy one and get one free offer.
  • 25% discount on the shoes of Reebok with a 20% discount on the airfares of Virgin America.
  • Sharing of hotspot data with 5 devices once at a time.
  • Money allotted on the purchase of every small feature.
  • Cannot avail of your minutes that had been purchased after the expiration of your monthly plan.
  • Restrictions on the phone which have been your favorite.

6. T-Mobile

Those of the customers who are only looking for a single line service plan, then T-Mobile provides you with the best no-contract cell phone plans.


  • 10 GB of 4G LTE data, with unlimited calls and text starting at $50 every month.
  • Calling internationally to more than 60 countries with only $15 monthly.
  • They have the best no-contract cell phone plans with an addition of many new features.
  • They provide with cell phones for sale without plans.
  • Auto paying facility which drops down to $35 reducing at $5 monthly from $50.
  • The auto-renewing facility of mobile hotspot drops your monthly $50 to $47 per month.
  • They charge a little higher than mobile companies.
  • Their rate for every minute is higher than a mobile phone with a post-paid facility.
  • For every new feature you want to avail, you have to pay for it.

7. AT&T Prepaid

They have a variety of different best no-contract cell phone plans to offer to their customers. They have a name and reputation in the market for their products and services rendered by them.


  • $50 monthly for the usage of 8GB data with high speed, unlimited calls, and text is the best plan they have.
  • $85 every month for 10 GB of hotspot data with unlimited calls and text is also available.
  • A very high-speed data they offer.
  • They provide you with control over the phone if you are buying a phone for someone else’s use.
  • AT&T prepaid doesn’t restrict you with their plan, you can charge your phone or carrier anytime by buying the cheapest Unlimited Cell Phone Plans.
  • They also offer a discount on the auto-pays.
  • Their data for hotspot usage is quite low than others.
  • They don’t provide any additional services for free.
  • They put a restriction on the usage of your monthly plan if it had been expired

8. Verizon Wireless

They don’t provide their customers with a very low rate for their service but as per their name in the business market, they cannot be doubted for their services rendered.


  • Their best no-contract cell phone plan starts at as low as $35 with data of 6GB, unlimited calls, and texts.
  • If you have press onto an auto paying service then Verizon wireless provides you with 4G LTE service of data with only $65.
  • They also have put used unlocked cell phones for sale which stands them out in the market.
  • Verizon wireless provides you with the cheapest Unlimited Cell Phone Plan.
  • Their every plan provides you with unlimited texts for texting around 200 countries.
  • They provide their customers with high downloading speed.
  • You have to pay them more for their mobile phones and plans as compared to the post-paid cell phones.
  • Their plan offered doesn’t even support e-mails and browsing of the web.

9. Consumer Cellular

They are best known for the offering of plans for the older customers who doesn’t want any features, just some unlimited calls, text, and some data usage.


  • They have designed their plans for mostly the older peoples.
  • Consumer Cellular provides its customers with two or one line plan, for $25 unlimited text, calls and 250 MB of data usage.
  • The plan made by them for only two people includes 5 GB of data usage and unlimited calls and text service.
  • You can easily change plans from one to another with consumer cellular.
  • They also provide their old customers with the cell phone plans comparison chart to compare their plans with others.
  • They provide customers who are AARP (American Association of retired persons) with a most effective discount offer.
  • Old clients can directly buy devices from the consumer cellular.
  • It is very hard for the young generation to use their plan as they don’t have those new features which everyone wants.
  • They also limit your phone and restrict their usage according to their plan.

10. Tello

Sprint as its parent company, Tello has been making real progress in the market maintaining Sprint’s reputation. They are also considered as the company with the best no-contract cell phone plans.


  • They have also put used unlocked cell phones for sale for their clients to easily switch their phones.
  • They provide their customers with unlimited talk time and text with 4GB of internet data usage for only $19.
  • They also provide the cheapest Unlimited Cell Phone Plans compared to the other companies.
  • They save your money by providing you with a prepaid plan for those people who don’t make calls frequently.
  • They give you a choice of choosing the plan for every regional or smaller carrier.
  • They provide you with very strong control and command by giving you their plans.
  • Tello phones are higher than many other phones with a post-paid plan of their own.
  • They charge their clients for every small extra feature their clients ought to use.

Why buy these plans?

These above-mentioned companies are listed as the top companies having the best no-contract cell phone plans which provide people with a choice of selling their phones easily and switching it. If you are using a post-paid service plan, you have to sign an agreement with the company in which you have to submit a credit check and a pass which is a long procedure. These best no-contract cell phone plans provide you with control so that you don’t have too heavy bills for international calls and text every month. Not just that these companies also provide you with a cell phone plans comparison chart to check the difference between the plans of different companies so that you can choose easily. That chart can be shown as below



According to the review and comments by the customers using no contract cell phone plans, above mentioned 10 companies provide the best no-contract cell phone plans for their users. These plans stop your extra vagrant expenses and sort them in order by giving a specific amount of data usage, unlimited calls, and text for only a month. These companies also offer the cheapest Unlimited Cell Phone Plans for the people or users who can’t afford to pay for the expensive plans. These best no-contract cell phone plans are very effective and efficient, hence I would personally recommend you to buy their plans and get a hold of your expenses and life. It would help you in the present as well as in the future. You can recommend your friends and relatives about the key features and plans of the best no-contract cell phones which have a reasonable price.

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