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16 Best Parental Control App for iPhone

Children are more in electronic gadgets and internet possibilities in this digital era than just outdoor sports as in the past. Children spend the bulk of their free time with gadgets. Nevertheless, parents are worried about the secret disruptions that come when their habits are left unmonitored. This is when the advanced parental control software will play its part. The best parental control app for the iPhone will take some of the hassles to let your kids use the internet when you can’t track them directly.

If you’re doing research for a school assignment, keeping in contact with friends, or just enjoying what the web has to offer, you don’t want to think about inappropriate content stumbling across them. You’d actually spend the time online with them in an ideal world, but that won’t always be practical-so this is where the free best parental control app for iPhone will help.

You will limit your children’s exposure to websites by using such applications – either by restricting access to other pages that annoy you or simply by allowing access to websites that you believe are sufficient. It doesn’t matter at what age or whether you’re on a mobile device, iOS, iPad, or macOS, you’ll find the best parental control software to care for them when you can’t.

The days are long gone when there was ample parental control over the family Computer to keep your children healthy and successful. Modern children use all sorts of internet apps, and parental control systems must be preserved. There are now several popular applications for iOS, Android, and cross platforms for parents to relieve their headaches. These parental control apps feature many interesting features and options, such as tracking their activities, restricting their showtime, and even finding their device.

Let’s look at some of the year’s best parental control applications. Today there are too many options for parental control devices on the market, making it impossible for adult carers to choose the best one. Any of these features perform better when they’re part of a systematic approach to teaching your children how to act online responsibly.

That means talking to your kids about what their mobile devices should and shouldn’t do, clearly communicating how you want them to behave, and making it clear that you’ll be watching what they’re doing with their phones.

And if you’re very serious about keeping track of what your kids are doing, where they’re going, and what they’re talking to online, you need to get the best Parental Control apps to adopt.

16 Best Parental Control App for iPhone

1. Bark

The bark is a parental control space unicorn which is a robust surveillance device that tracks more than 24 social networks including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Bark offers system-based machine-learning to learn the actions of your child.

While Bark has no cap or blockage settings, it’s an invaluable ability to have the unique feature of detecting offensive language through social media and text messages. You can never be too safe when dealing with teens but it is also necessary to keep a respectable distance. Language identification, therefore, is the ideal middle ground between adolescents and parents. It works on both iOS and iOS.

Key Features:

  • Receive alerts when their child sends or receives inappropriate texts, emails, or posts on social media.
  • Monitor for signs of cyberbullying, suicidal thoughts, or explicit content.
  • Track their child’s online activities, such as the apps they are using, and how often they are using them.
  • Set up custom filters to block explicit websites, and keep their child away from potentially harmful content.
  • Restrict the amount of time their child is spending on their phone or online.
  • Set up safe search zones to limit their child’s access to inappropriate content.
  • View a timeline of their child’s online activities.
  • Receive detailed reports of their child’s online activities.
  • Have access to 24/7 customer support.
  • Tracking mental health.
  • Tracking of > 25 famous applications on social media.
  • Monitoring of the YouTube channels.
  • Detects inappropriate language that could be related to cyberbullying, sexting, and other inappropriate issues
  • Connect various devices
  • Absolutely free
  • Exceptional customer service (chat, phone, and email).
  • Strong coverage for use by children on computers (Chrome books, Kindle, Ios, iPhone).
  • Uses pretty much data
  • Cannot set blocks or limits
  • Often their service can be weird on iOS because their iOS is complicated and they seek to track iPhones. Nevertheless, since they have excellent customer service, they will do their best to try to fix any problems that you have.

2. NetNanny

NetNanny has a lot of features and a strong reputation, and parents can use this fantastic app to protect children from cyber hazards with enough exposure to tracking the web and computer behaviour of the children in real-time. Parents are able to secure 5 to 20 devices including tablets and smartphones.

NetNanny was the hardest parental control program to set up — it took nearly an hour to get it up and running on just one computer. When NetNanny had been mounted, we were amazed by how easy it was to block access to different websites and applications and a major hit was the remote time-out feature.

Key Features:

  • Monitor & manage online activity – Parents can view the websites their children visit, set limits for their online activity, and block access to inappropriate websites.
  • Set time limits – With the app, parents can set a daily time limit for internet usage, ensuring their children don’t spend too much time online.
  • Block unsafe websites – NetNanny’s powerful filters can block access to inappropriate websites, ensuring children’s safety while they’re online.
  • Monitor social media activity – NetNanny’s tracking tools can help parents monitor their children’s social media activity and ensure they’re not exposed to cyberbullies or other threats.
  • Alerts & notifications – NetNanny can send parents notifications
  • Remote Timeout
  • Position tracker
  • Detailed reports and logs
  • Verified pornography blocker
  • Robust parental dashboard
  • Device blockage
  • The advanced content filtering algorithm
  • Improve the protection of children with family locator
  • No social media monitoring
  • High price
  • Complex setup.

3. KidsGuardPro

It is an excellent application that allows parents to track and limit the use of any other mobile phone applications by their child, and also monitor certain activities. You will prevent your kid from accessing harmful content on the Internet by using this awesome parental control software and also protect them from unwanted experiences. With this program, you can track almost any kind of detail about your kid’s smartphone.

You can also get to know where your child is at a given point in time by using KidsGuard Pro. It proves to be very useful because if your child gets into trouble you can quickly contact them as long as you know their exact location. Activities or details include keylogger, Viber, WhatsApp, calendar and notes, images, texts, audio clips, user history, FaceBook, background messaging and LINE, etc.

Key Features:

  • Web Filter: KidsGuardPro offers parents the ability to block inappropriate websites and content from their children’s devices. Parents can also set up custom filters to block specific websites and categories of content.
  • App Management: KidsGuardPro allows parents to view the apps installed on their children’s devices and block or limit access to certain apps. The app also provides parents with the ability to set daily usage limits for apps, as well as block specific app categories.
  • Location Tracking: With KidsGuardPro, parents can track their children’s location in real time. The app also provides parents with the ability to set up Geo-fences and receive notifications when their child enters or leaves a certain area.
  • Screen Time Limits: KidsGuardPro allows parents to set daily screen time limits for their children’s devices. The app also provides parents with the ability to limit access to certain
  • Many devices and details can be easily monitored on the phone of your kid.
  • A screenshot can be taken to know the operation on the target computer.
  • Compatible with most smartphones running Android.
  • The user interface is very basic.
  • With just one move you can export all the data from the target computer to your phone, such as call logs, messages, browser history, etc.
  • A free trial is valid only for 3 days.

4. Qustodio

It is one of the best parental control applications with configuration options, and a status board to track every connected device’s activities. This app is perfect and the simplest way to supervise, monitor, and secure your child for parents like you. Through viewing this application’s online dashboard, you can see how your kid uses different apps on the computer. You can also set the time limit for using the target app so your child won’t get addicted to the machine.

You can also protect your child from the harmful material available online as there is an excellent filtering technology in this application. Qustodio has advanced monitoring of Facebook and gives you complete exposure to the messages, updates, and images of your kids. And if your child is equipped with an Android app, you can monitor calls and texts and block any contacts you find improper.

So, it has all of the characteristics a parent wants. Things like Screen time limit, page filtering, control of games, control of software, blocking inappropriate pages, and much more. It is compatible with virtually any computer such as iPhones, Cell phones, Mac and Windows PC, etc.

Key Features:

  • Web Filtering: Qustodio offers customizable web filtering profiles that allow you to choose which websites your family can access. You can also set up custom filters to block certain types of websites, such as social media, gambling, or adult content.
  • App Blocking: With Qustodio, you can easily block apps from being downloaded or used on your family’s iPhones. You can even set time limits for specific apps, such as messaging apps or gaming apps.
  • Time Scheduling: You can set up schedules to ensure that your family is only using their devices during safe hours. You can also set up notifications that remind you when someone is using their device outside of the set schedule.
  • Location Tracking: Qustodio’s geolocation feature allows you to track your family’s location at all times. This feature also allows you to set up safe zones.
  • Panic button
  • Location tracking
  • Site filtering and blocking
  • Screen time monitoring
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Limited premium trial period
  • Not well-suited with antivirus software

5. Kaspersky

It’s the best Android / iPhone 2023 parenting control app and can block access to adult content and monitor the use of devices for your kids. Kaspersky safe Kids is really cheap has real-time alerts and warnings about the venue. Good dashboard for monitoring and comes with 14 different categories with a simple installation process for filtering content. This will block questionable browser search results and also configure a list of blocked or approved sites & apps, and set screen time limits for devices.

This app has managed rules easily, and it also checks a summary report on your computer through My Kaspersky and in an app. It will only require request access to blocked websites or applications. Low battery warnings are among Kaspersky’s most groundbreaking apps. When a charge is made on your child’s phone, you get a notification. This means no more excuses for “my phone died,” when you ask why your kiddo has missed your call or text message.

Key Features:

  • The app includes a range of tools to help parents protect their children, such as setting Internet access times, blocking inappropriate websites, and restricting access to certain apps. Parents can also set up alerts for when their children access certain websites or try to bypass parental control settings.
  • The app also provides parents with detailed reports about their child’s online activities. This gives parents the ability to identify any potential online risks their child may be exposed to.
  • The app also has a simple user interface that makes it easy to set up and use. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • The Kaspersky Parental Control App is an essential tool for any parent who wants to keep their children safe online. It provides a comprehensive range of features that enable parents to monitor and control their child’s online activities.
  • Expert advice and tips
  • Low battery warnings
  • Mature content detection (Premium)
  • GPS Monitoring and Geo-fencing (Premium)
  • Skilled parenting advice
  • No uninstall security.
  • Update required for most features

6. Boomerang

This excellent framework for parental control is a comprehensive solution for parents to monitor the screen time and related boundaries smoothly for mobile use by children. The app also encourages discussions with kids about the optimal use of the computer, bad apps, nice apps, web surfing, and more.

Boomerang provides an impressive range of parental control features, but its use for iOS devices is minimal. Its uninstalling security is one interesting aspect of Boomerang. If your child is attempting to uninstall the apps on either Android or iOS, they will inform you.

Key Features:

Boomerang Parental Control App is an app designed to help parents control their children’s access to the Boomerang streaming service. This app allows parents to:

  1. Set up parental controls for each individual family member
  2. Create a “safe list” of approved shows and movies
  3. Monitor their children’s viewing activity
  4. Block inappropriate content from appearing
  5. Set a daily viewing limit
  6. Receive notifications when their children watch a restricted show or movie
  7. Adjust the settings for individual family members
  8. Create custom settings for specific shows or movies
  9. Block certain categories of content
  10. Set a password for the app
  • Screen time control
  • Monitoring call and text messages
  • Comprehensive video content reports
  • 24/7 location tracking
  • Simple to configure
  • Secure Browsing included for Free
  • Allows access to social media sites such as Twitter
  • Can’t block secret applications that require access to other web browsers

7. McAfee Safe Family

This is an effective app to protect your child from harm and allows you to restrict their screen time too much. This app enables parents to have complete control over the activities of their children’s devices, including the ability to filter online content that might be considered harmful to children.

This app will also help to restrict your screen time while helping parents to locate their children on a map using GPS and live tracking apps as well. Parents will automatically block apps that are deemed unacceptable on their children’s phones. At the end of the day, parents will also receive detailed information on the specifics of the child’s phone use. Geofencing apps include the opportunity to obtain instant updates when your child has arrived or left a designated place like home or school.

It is also possible to limit the use of data for your children with this app, thereby providing full control over your children’s phones and their online environment. It gives you 30 days of free trial to try and check it out. You can feel satisfied with its features during this time. And then you will enjoy it and wish to move on.

Key Features:

McAfee Parental Control App for iPhone provides parents with an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing their children’s online activities. The app provides parents with the ability to:

  • Monitor and manage web browsing, app usage, and location
  • Set limits on phone and app usage
  • Set time limits for app usage
  • Block inappropriate websites and apps
  • Get activity reports and notifications
  • Monitor and manage calls and SMS messages
  • Filter out adult content
  • Enable or disable Wi-Fi and cellular data access
  • Set restrictions for in-app purchases
  • Block malicious websites and apps
  • Lock apps and games
  • Set safe search for Google and Bing
  • Set up a safe zone for your child
  • Enable geofencing to keep your child safe
  • Set up a kid-friendly web browser
  • Monitor and manage device settings and applications
  • Real-time security
  • Data safety
  • Geo-fencing notifications alerts
  • Website and device activity log
  • Blocking and filtering
  • Quick scanning
  • Facility of use
  • Lacks features such as VPN
  • Too many apps need to be downloaded separately, which may annoy some users.

8. Kidslox –Parental Control App

Through Kidslox Screentime Parental Control, you can easily monitor the screen time and block apps from your family, the phone, calls, and web content filtering. Kidslox Parental Control Software has multi-platform access, which means you can monitor the screen time for your kids on as many iOS devices as you want.

The best part of the app is that with a click of a button, you can switch between unregulated ‘Parent Mode,’ a personalized ‘Kid Mode’, and completely controlled ‘Lockdown Mode. Kidslox timer can be used to switch between the Child or Lockout mode. Additionally, a special PIN stops your children from changing the restriction settings.

As for the parents, the Kidslox can be run from any desktop or mobile web browser via the mobile device or web app. The app allows you to set regular time limits for the screen and plan the time for homework, bedtime, etc. Besides blocking pornography, other pornographic material, and unsafe web content, you can individually block intrusive apps or block the internet entirely. The app also helps you to live track your kid’s devices’ location and alert when his / her leaves or arrives at preset zones.

Key Features:

  1. App Management: Kidslox allows parents to set up usage limits for each app on their child’s device. Parents can also set up block lists and whitelists for different types of apps and content, so that their children are only able to access what is appropriate for them.
  2. Location Tracking: Parents can keep track of their child’s location in real-time with Kidslox. They can also set up custom geo-fences, so that if their child leaves a designated area, parents will be notified.
  3. Content Blocking: Kidslox allows parents to block inappropriate websites, images, and videos from their child’s device. Parents can also set up custom filters so that only appropriate content is available.
  4. Activity Reports: Kidslox provides parents with detailed reports of their children’s activity on their device. Parents can easily see which apps they are using, how long they have
  • One of the cheapest software
  • Very easy to use as a parental control device
  • Block access to any web content
  • Does not need any technical skills to handle
  • Does not guarantee cybersecurity
  • Can’t track apps
  • Only allow Youtube restricted mod
  • Lack of suspicious content or images detection function

9. Unglue

Unglue service comes with robust parental control tools including the ability to limit content on social media, videos, and games. You can also ask your kids to help out with more household tasks that will give them extra screen time.

Instead of locking the kids off their computers, the app blocker will disable all applications until their plan for screen time is over. This can also be alternated with physical activities such as swimming, running, or playing a sport, helping your child stay healthy and not just hooked up with their phones.

The fact that it can operate across a variety of devices, including smart TVs or laptops, is noteworthy about unGlue. The app comes with a special feature called Tim-e-Bank. By doing similar assigned tasks or chores around the house, the kids could gain more screen time. UnGlue also helps you to turn off Internet connectivity to a specific computer or device at once.

  • Excellent time management
  • Communities of social media networks
  • Enable children to switch for more screen time
  • Children can even pass unused screen time to the next day
  • Only eligible for iPhone
  • No refund for parents fooled into purchasing it

10. FamiSafe

This app gives all that to the parents concerned. It involves tracking the live location as well as a detailed look at the online activities of your child including information such as web history and social media usage. You can easily block access to that specific app if you notice that your kid is addicted to one particular app on their computer. The app also helps you to connect to YouTube accounts of your children and find out whether they have subscribed to or searched for anything objectionable.

FamiSafe allows location and geofencing in real-time, so you can be alerted when your child enters or leaves a designated region. Additionally, you can monitor your child’s device’s location history to spot if any odd or suspicious locations prop up. Any time your child downloads a suspicious picture on the phone, the app will automatically alert the parent of this incident, thus helping them take the required steps before they are exposed to more inappropriate content. For iPhone and iPad, FamiSafe is free to download.

Key Features:

  • Set screen time limits – Parents can set a daily or weekly limit on the amount of time their children can use their iPhone.
  • Block inappropriate content – Parents can block websites and apps that contain inappropriate content for their children.
  • Monitor location – Parents can monitor their children’s location in real-time and set geofences to be alerted when their children enter or leave specific areas.
  • Track app usage – Parents can track which apps their children are using and how much time they are spending on them.
  • View browser and search history – Parents can view the websites their children have visited and the terms they have searched for online.
  • Receive alerts – Parents can receive notifications when their children try to access blocked content or leave a designated area.
  • Have many great features such as geo-fencing, arranging time of use, etc.
  • It can be quickly installed and set up.
  • Screen Time Schedule
  • Not appropriate for tracking messages.
  • Unable to track social media activity through this program.
  • Much limited trial time for the trial version.

11. Mobicip

This parental control software compatible with a range of devices including Android, Kindle, Mac, iOS, and Chromebooks. Mobicip is a leader in the room for parental control applications, having spent over a decade working to make the Internet secure for our kids. Millions of families over a decade depending on this fascinating application to monitor, supervise, and secure the mobile use of the child.

The app uses an Age-based filter that can be set at level Strict, Moderate, or Mature. The app also lets you monitor your child’s phone, set time limits, and display their browsing history around the home on all phones. Stepping up, not only does the Mobicip allow you to block pornographic websites and objectionable web material, but it also filters and blocks material by category.

So, you can block a whole category instead of blocking the individual pages. If your child attempts to access either of the pages, you will receive a warning and may accept or deny the request immediately. Mobicip noticeably disables all websites and applications, such as youtube, and allows the kid to use the browser. In addition, the browser combines secure web browsing and youtube images.

Key Features:

  • Website filtering: Mobicip filters out inappropriate websites and blocks access to them. Parents can set up a custom list of blocked sites, or they can use Mobicip’s pre-defined categories of websites to block.
  • Time Management: Parents can set a daily screen time limit to ensure their children are not spending too much time on their devices.
  • App Management: Parents can block certain apps and manage which apps their children can access.
  • Location Tracking: Mobicip’s GPS tracking feature allows parents to know where their children are at all times.
  • Activity Monitoring: Mobicip records all the activities of the child’s device and sends email alerts to the parent when an inappropriate activity is detected.
  • Remote Management: Mobicip gives parents the ability to remotely manage their children’s devices from any web browser.
  • Multi-Device Support: Mobicip can be used to monitor and manage multiple devices from a
  • Page blocking and filtering and phrasing.
  • Immediately lock all family devices
  • Control applications and games
  • Runs smoothly on mobile platform
  • Tracking apps lack ample configuration offers

12. mSpy

mSpy is one of the industry veterans with a focus on tracking numerous social devices. The standout function is the tracking of images, which is quite interesting. mSpy Lite Phone Tracker Device & Phone Locator is your best bet if you’re not interested in surveillance and want to keep your child secure by tracking and surveillance their whereabouts. Notably, it can track up to 10 devices at a time, so this app can keep track of your whole family, not just your children.

The app features a real-time GPS tracker for your cell phone which keeps you updated every 20 minutes and keeps you informed about your loved ones. The software specifically helps parents to track their children’s contact list to safeguard the child. Additionally, mSpy installs a panic button on all devices and sends you a warning and a GPS position when a single-click button is on.

  • The network offers excellent logging features
  • Technical supporters are available
  • Wi-Fi network monitoring
  • Extremely costly
  • Only surveillance features exist
  • You have to pay for a short guide

13. ScreenTime

The purpose of this app, as the name implies, is to monitor and/or dramatically reduce screen time from your children’s phones. With a growing number of children constantly glued to their mobile devices, such an app will help put some balance back into the lives of parents.

As well as helping you to track how much time your kids spend on their phones; this program also helps parents to set up something known as the “Family Screen Time Contract.” Considering the supervision of your children and also adhering to a policy that limits the use of telephones is of great benefit.

The app is free to download for the iPad and iPhone but comes with in-app purchases that activate additional bonus features like the ability to quickly pause the devices of your children using a button on the app, as well as setting up activities for your children so they can gain extra screen time on their phones. It is an ideal way to reward children with telephone benefits after they have completed a job.

  • Obtainable in 8 different languages
  • Efficiently block web content
  • Children’s app offers bonus time to fulfill tasks
  • Stifle innovative thinking.
  • It can interfere with the growth of social skills.

14. FamilyTime

FamilyTime is the family’s modern way of handling content and time across all platforms. This software helps you to restrict screen time, track mobile phone activities such as calls and locations for children.

FamilyTime is one of those apps for parental control that only help parents track the behaviour of the child on their mobile phones. Using this program you can also get updates of your children’s behaviour in real-time. It also features page filtering.

  • Instant SOS.
  • User Interface is simple.
  • This application’s design is very out of date.
  • Not all of the functions operate as expected.

15. OurPact

OurPact is an iOS parental control device and family locator that helps parents to monitor the screen time for their children with a quick finger-tap. It’s also useful in case of missing or stolen items to find all of their individual devices connected to their parent account.

The software boasts features like Geofencing. Although the app has a built-in X-rating content blocker that removes all adult content from the iOS devices of your kid, it also allows you to block and unblock the internet, different websites, text messages, games, and applications with just one click. App has some of the most fascinating features like Find My Family and Find My iPhone & iPad to locate every member of the family and their iOS phones using geolocation.

  • Small in size,
  • Has several features
  • Works exactly as expected for the iOS
  • Works for Apple devices only.

16. VerizonSmartFamily

Control of your kid’s activities on the iPhone is a common feature for Parents. You will control your child’s use of software with this. The Verizon Smart Family app allows you to have a host of powers over the smartphone of your child, from tracking their location to monitoring their texts and calling history.

In addition, Smart Family lets you block or unblock those applications and websites on your child’s devices. Or better still, you do have the right to interrupt your internet instantly and limit their access to calls, texts, and data. As for tracking their phone use, whether they are on Wi-Fi or the internet, you can keep an eye on their online activity.

  • Position monitoring and check-in
  • Internet pause at any time
  • The free version is not available
  • Pay monthly


So these are a number of Best Parenting Control App for iPhone 2023 that will help you keep track of your child’s devices. The number of features for iPhone in these parental control apps is fascinating, soothing, and at the same time borderline intrusive. Although as parents, protecting your child from the ill effects of technology is your right and obligation, maintaining a balance between surveillance and privacy is also important. I hope those apps will help you find a balance between the two sides.

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