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The 18 Best Senior Cell Phone Plans in 2021 Guideline

Are you looking for a smartphone for yourself? Are you planning to gift someone a cell phone? If yes, here we have added the best senior cell phone plans you can choose from. After reviewing some of the best cell phone plans and understanding the users’ demands, we have collected the best senior cell phone plans. The above post will ease your search for cell phones.

We know how difficult it is to choose the best no contract cell phone plans when you have hundreds of plans to choose from. Unlike traditional time, now cell phones are not only used for calling. They are also used to browse the internet, enjoy music, click pictures, connect with others, and check emails.

Things to Check While Choosing Any Cell Phone Plans

We believe that before understanding the best senior cell phone plans, you must have an idea about those things to check while selecting a cell phone plan.

  1. Check about the coverage of a particular area.
  2. Learn about the price.
  3. Choose the one, which is more compatible.
  4. Compare the number of minutes and text offered by the cell phone.

The 18 Best Senior Cell Phone Plans in 2021

Best Senior Cell Phone Plans

1. Jitterbug Smart2 Plans for Senior

When you seek the best senior cell phone plans, which are easy to use, then Jitterbug Smart2 is the best choice for you. Its plans let the old in talks along with each other. The cost of the cell phone plans starts from $14.99 only. Its call packages offer 200 minutes monthly. To have an unlimited plan, you have to spend $49.99 monthly.

Key Features:

  • Its lowest price data package starts from $2.49, which includes 40MB of data.
  • At the same time, its expensive data package is around $49.99 monthly.
  • While talking about the extras, then you will get one-touch access to the emergency call center.

2. Republic Wireless Plans for Senior

Though republic wireless is not made for the senior, seniors can benefit from its excellent packages. It offers high speed and reliable internet connection all across the major and minor areas of the United States of America. Even though, if you are choosing its plans, then you will not need to spend more amount of money.

Key Features:

  • While talking about its plans, then it offers unlimited plans for calls, text, and data.
  • You can cancel its contract anytime.
  • It offers month to month plan, which means you will not need to get its long-term plan. Its data plans start from $5 per GB.
  • It is the best choice for those looking for cheap unlimited talk and text plans.

3. T-Mobile Plans for Senior

Unlike the other best senior cell phone plans, it offers the best talk, data, and text plans. It provides 50GB data every month, which means that you will get around 2500 hours of browsing from this. It is more as compared to the other cell phone plans.

Key Features:

  • Its plans are the best for you, while you love traveling.
  • When you love talking over the phone, then you should choose T-Mobile.
  • You can quickly grab its advantage on your existing phone number and cell.

4. Jitterbug Flip Plans for Senior

It is the most user-friendly cell phone plan, which is specially made for senior citizens. Being the best choice and the user-friendly made this cell phone plan among our trending and best senior cell phone plans. It comes with simple navigation and a big button, making seniors ease accessing the phones.

Key Features:

  • Its monthly plans start from $14.99, which offers around 200 minutes. In $3, you will get 300 texts monthly.
  • Its data package starts from $2.49 monthly, which includes 40MB of internet data.
  • While talking about the extras, then it offers easy to press the emergency call button.

5. FreedomPop Plans for Senior

Freedompop is entirely different from the above-discussed cell phone plans. It is designed based on the Voice Over Internet Protocol, which is the same as that of skype. It is a secure, reliable, and budget-friendly cell phone plan.

While talking about its customer services, it is 5-star rated, and it is the best choice of cell phone plan for those customers whose data usage is less.

Key Features:

  • It offers no-long contracts to its customers.
  • You can grab the benefit of its free plan for up to 200 minutes.
  • In the case, if you require more data usage, then you can purchase from its unlimited choices of plans.

6. AT&T Plans for Senior

AT&T is also known as senior-specific phones, which made it on the list of our best senior cell phone plans. Its plans are specially designed for those people who are more than 65 years of age. Grab the benefit from its unlimited plan, including unlimited internet usage, unlimited text, and unlimited calling.

Key Features:

  • If you are an AARP member, then you are eligible for its multiple discounts.
  • It is based on the latest technology, which makes you customize its settings.
  • Depending upon your needs, you can choose a variety of its plans or packages.

7. Verizon Plans for Senior

Choose Verizon to grab benefits from its exclusive features, including sharing data, free international cell phone calls, and much more. While you will choose Verizon, then you can select your smartphone from a variety of smartphones. Seniors always look for cost-effective smartphones, then for them, Verizon is the best choice.

Key Features:

  • Its smartphones are based on the latest technology.
  • Get special discounts when you belong to military families or veterans.
  • Choose unlimited features for sharing your plans.
  • Numerous choices of cell phones, tablets, hotspots are available.

8. Consumer Cellular Plans for Senior

While talking about the flexible and best senior cell phone plans, consumer cellular gains the top-most position. If you choose this, then changing their monthly plans is very much accessible, and you will not need to pay anything extra. A wide range of smartphones and flips are available for you if you will choose consumer cellular.

Key Features:

  • Special discounts for AARP members.
  • Samsung, Motorola, iOS, and other well-known cell phone brands are available.
  • Two flip phone choices are also available.

9. TracFone Wireless Plans for Senior

When you are looking for prepaid plans, then you should choose TracFone Wireless. Besides this, its data package cost is less as compared to the others one. Choose its unlimited Talktime and text package and save your money. But while you are choosing the TracFone Wireless, you must be aware of the phone, on which it is not compatible.

Key Features:

  • When your internet usage is less, then you can easily choose its unique low-data plans.
  • It offers unlimited text and talk plans.

10. GreatCall Plans for Senior

Most of our readers are not aware of the Great call, but while talking about the senior-friendly plans, GreatCall is always on the top of our list. It comes up with the large keys, which make seniors navigate their phone easily.

Key Features:

  • It is compatible with the Jitterbug phones.
  • The best option for those who are looking for health-friendly phones.

11. US Mobile Plans for Senior

US mobile is the best choice for all wireless phone users across the United States of America. It comes up with the most flexible plans, making it gain the 11th position among our best senior cell phone plans. The primary thing that makes it different from the others is that it offers a 30-days risk-free trial to its customers.

Key Features:

  • Its budget-friendly plan starts from $2, where you will get Talktime of 75 minutes.
  • Its text plan starts from $1.50, which includes 50 texts.
  • Its data plan starts from $2, which includes 100MB of internet data.

12. Boost Mobile Plans for Senior

Boost Mobile is the most-optimum choice for data or internet users. The major thing to know about Boost mobile is that it is tax-free and there are no fees added to its plan.

Key Features:

  • Its unlimited plan costs around $50, which includes unlimited calling, texting, and 4G LTE connection.
  • Boost mobile is also the best choice for all those seeking the family plan, which costs around $80 per month.

13. Visible Plans for Senior

For all those families, who want to save money, while talking with each other, the visible plan is the best choice. It uses the Verizon network, which includes all the prepaid plans. Its unlimited plans start from $40. While talking about compatibility, then it is compatible along with a number of phones.

Key Features:

  • Its monthly plan starts at $100.
  • It offers an exclusive feature of hotspot data.

14. Google Fi Unlimited Plans for Senior

While you will choose Google Fi unlimited plan, then you will not get worried about when you are out of your data. Its unlimited plan starts from $70, which includes text, data, and talk. If you will choose its multiline feature, then you will get better discounts.

Key Features:

  • When you need to travel abroad, then you should choose Google Fi Unlimited Plan.
  • It is compatible with a number of phones.

15. Verizon 5GB Plans for Senior

If you spend a lot of your time watching videos, then you should opt for the Verizon 5GB data plan. While you will choose its unlimited plan, then you should not get worried about your data usage. After the end of the month, you will get more and more data, which decreases your monthly bill.

Key Features:

  • It is affordable for you when you do not require an unlimited data plan.
  • In the case, if you have remaining data left, then it will be added into the next month.

16. T-Mobile Family Plans for Senior

When you have multiple family members who are using the same plan, then you should choose the T-Mobile family plan. In the T-Mobile family plan, you will get exclusive offers on multiple tiers. Even though they all keep on adding occasional plans to their list, more and more people can have its benefits.

Key Features:

  • Attractive plans.
  • Affordable.
  • 5G internet coverage included.

17. AT&T Unlimited Prepaid Plans for Senior

AT&T plans are the best option for all those who are having prepaid mobiles. Even though, when you are looking for unlimited plans, then you should choose AT&T. Its monthly plans start from $50, and it is the best for you when you face network related issues in your area.

Key Features:

  • Attractive price.
  • Offers 10GB of LTE hotspot data.
  • Offers HD video streaming.

18. Sprint Plans for Senior

When you are seeking for the best senior cell phone plans, which is compatible along with your existing T-Mobile, then you should choose sprint. While you will choose a sprint, then you will get a 17% discount on 1 line, whereas when you will choose it on two lines, then you will get a 30% discount.

Key Features:

  • You must be 55 or older than to choose sprint as your cell phone plan.
  • Offers unlimited talk, data, and text.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can i get a particular plan?

A: If you want to get any of these discussed best senior cell phone plans, you can research from the internet about their official website or visit their nearest store to catch all the information.

Q: Whether my selected cell phone is compatible with my existing plan?

A: Not all of the cell phones are compatible with the existing plan. For this, you have to research or talk to an expert who will give you the right answer for their compatibility.


We hope you have understood all the features of our best senior cell phone plans. So, choose any of these discussed as per your need and budget. But one thing you should keep in mind is whether your selected cell phone plan works in your area or not. Secondly, you should check whether your cell phone chosen plan is compatible with your existing cell phone or not.