How Do You Fix Boost Mobile Activation Not Working

Boost Mobile is a wireless telecommunication company that provides its users with impressive data inclusions, unlimited national texts and calls via the complete Telstra 4G Mobile, and many more. They are the ideal brand for numerous individuals as they come with prepaid plans that are void of lock-in contracts and you can bring your own number.

Naturally, replacing a SIM card at this telecommunication company requires you to complete a short and straightforward activation process. Performing this process will require your IMEL number, SIM card, a fully paid account, and many more.

However, some individuals might encounter errors during the activation process, resulting in the Boost Mobile Activation not working. If your Boost Mobile activation isn’t working, this article will provide the necessary information to understand and rectify this problem.

Ensure to read through the entire article as it will explain crucial facts about Boost Mobile alongside tips on how to repair the activation error.

Let’s begin!

What is Boost Mobile

As previously mentioned, Boost Mobile is a wireless telecommunication company that provides unlimited text and talk, mobile hotspot allowance, unlimited music streaming, affordable plans, coupled with a high-speed data connection.

This establishment is an Australian and American brand and is currently one of the most famous Mobile Virtual networks (MVNOs) in these two countries. Some factors that make them exceptional are that they offer prepaid services with zero annual service contracts, extra fees, and credit checks.

It’s worth noting that Boost Mobile SIM cards use T-Mobile’s network, which provides 99% national coverage, while their add-on packs also present roaming and international service.

If you desire the benefits of Boost Mobile, you can select from their wide range of top-notch mobile devices or bring your own GSM-compatible smartphone.

Also, irrespective of your issue, their dedicated customer service is available to rectify or answer questions whenever you have one, making them a valuable brand.

Why do you Need Boost Mobile Activation

In mobile phones, Activation refers to the transfer of your existing cellular network (the SIM card) from an old one to a new one or the signing up for a new service plan to acquire another SIM card.

This definition applies when you’re replacing a SIM card at Boost Mobile; you need to go through an activation process to begin using your new service. Failure to satisfy or complete this critical phase denies you access to Boost Mobile’s exceptional services.

However, before switching to this service, you need to satisfy a few requirements you need to fulfil. The most significant one is asking your current provider to unlock your SIM, allowing it to be activated and used on the Boost Mobile network.

Ultimately, without activation, you cannot get access to the benefits associated with using Boost Mobile.

Why is Your Boost Mobile Activation Not Working

After activating your SIM card and inserting it into your phone, it’s not uncommon for users to experience problems. Below are three primary causes of this issue:

1. Slow Device

Sometimes, your Boost Mobile activation may be successful, but your phone reveals the opposite. On some occasions, this error is due to your phone needing time to process the new SIM.

If this is the case, the best option is to turn off your device, eject the SIM card, wait for a few minutes, then turn on the phone after inserting the SIM card. If the activation was successful, everything should return to normal.

2. Incompatible Phone

Another reason is that your current Mobile phone isn’t compatible with the Boost Mobile network, requiring you to purchase a better device.

You can choose between acquiring a regular smartphone that supports the SIM card or buying a Boost Mobile phone directly from the brand.

3. Disconnection

The last common reason for deactivation is if you fail to renew your service after 60 days. Essentially, Boost Mobile operates a no-contract plan, meaning you pay a low service charge monthly.

Failure to pay for that plan after it expires for 60 days will cause Boost Mobile to deactivate your account. This factor will produce an activation error, requiring you to reactivate the SIM.

How Do You Fix Boost Mobile Activation Not Working

Now that you understand the possible reasons your Boost Mobile activation isn’t working, as well as other important information, it’s time to troubleshoot the problem.

Below are some steps and options to rectify the inconvenience:

1. Activate Properly

If you tried activating your Boost Mobile SIM card yourself, it’s not unlikely that you made errors that ruined the activation process. Therefore, the best option is to reactivate the SIM card and wait for it to work.

Fortunately, you don’t need to leave your house to perform this action since Boost Mobile has given its users the liberty to activate their new SIM cards online. All you’l need is a computer and a steady connection to the web.

NOTE: Ensure to have your SIM card and phone by your side before initiating the activation process.

Follow the steps below to activate your new Boost Mobile SIM card:

  • Step 1: Visit the official Boost Mobile activation website.
  • Step 2: Locate the 15-digit SIM identification number on the back of the SIM card and insert these numbers into the box labeled “SIM ID” on the website.
  • Step 3: Locate your device’s IMEL number. These digits are under your phone’s battery (for detachable cells) or your smartphone’s settings (for built-in batteries).
  • Step 4: Once you have identified your device’s IMEL number, proceed to insert it in the “IMEL ID” box on the activation website. Afterward, press “Start activation process.”
  • Step 5: Next, insert the activation PIN that appears on the plastic SIM cardholder.
  • Step 6: once inserted, the website will offer you a list of phone numbers, alowing you to pick what you consider to be the best.

Note that you only can choose the first three digits; The carrier decides the remaining four digits. Once all necessary boxes are filed, click “Submit Request,” then wait to receive a confirmation number. Ensure to write this number down as it is essential whenever you have activation issues in the future.

2. Check The SIM Port

As previously mentioned, your device might not recognise your new SIM card and may need a restart. However, another issue that may propel your device’s inability to read your Boost Mobile SIM card is partial contact.

Specificaly, partial contact happens when two connectors fail to interact due to a blockade or broken receptors. Therefore, it’s best to switch off your device, eject the SIM tray, and inspect the port. Ensure no dust particles, paper, hair stands, or anything exists that can block the receptors.

You can also sweep the port with a soft brush to remove invisible particles and wipe the SIM card with a clean cloth. While inserting the SIM card, ensure the dimensions are correct to avoid connection errors, then turn the phone back on.

3. Reactivate

Your activation may no longer works because Boost Mobile disconnected from their service due to your inability to renew your service plan after 60 days. In this scenario, call customer service and explain to the representative that they canceled your line because of 60 days of inactivity.

The representative will take your details then determine whether your Boost Mobile number is stil active, and if it isn’t, you need to register a new one and get another phone number.

Alternatively, if your number is stil available, proceed to pay the $10 reactivation fee along with the first month’s service fee. Afterward, wait for an hour as the brand reconnects your line within that time.

NOTE: You can pay for your first month of service with a re-boost card if you have one.

4. Contact Customer Service

If you experience no improvement after trying the methods and suggestions above, it’s best to save yourself time and contact customer support. As previously mentioned, this service is constantly active (4 a.m to 8 p.m) from Monday to Friday, receiving calls.

You can reach them via 888-266-7848 and present your case. The agent will either provide a solution you can apply in your current location or refer you to an office for rectification.

Nevertheless, contacting Boost Mobile customer support is recommended as they spend time and resources to keep all users satisfied. Keep in mind that besides phone calls, you can reach Boost Mobile customer service via their Facebook page, Twitter handle, and a help-desk.

What Phones are Compatible with Boost Mobile SIM Cards

As previously mentioned, you will experience technical difficulties if your device isn’t compatible with Boost Mobile SIM Cards. This lack of compatibility is due to the telecommunication service supporting mostly T-Mobile and Sprint networks after the merger of these two giants.

Therefore, if you wish to use the Boost Mobile network, your device needs to support T-mobile or Sprint; however, some users experience complications while using Sprint with Boost Mobile.

Nevertheless, you should check your device’s compatibility, but if you remain uncertain about its status, you can confirm it online.

Can I Use My Boost Mobile SIM Card on Another Smartphone

Yes! You can switch your Boost Mobile SIM Card to another smartphone; however, the process isn’t as easy as ejecting and inserting, there are steps you need to follow.

These Steps Include:

  • Power off your old phone.
  • Open your computer and visit:
  • Pick “I am a current customer, and I want to swap Boost Mobile devices.”
  • Follow each instruction the website provides.

This process will ensure the swap is successful; however, you will need to pay a reactivation fee to complete the transfer.

NOTE: Activation fees do not apply if you’re activating a new Boost Mobile phone.


While the possibility of you encountering activation problems on your Boost Mobile is low, it is never impossible. Fortunately, the tips presented in this article are sufficient to help you rectify this issue and get your sim working as expected. To reiterate a crucial point, ensure to contact customer service and present any error you encounter as they are more than capable of helping you.

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