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List Of The 10 Best Boost Mobile Bring Your Own Phone (Reviews)

Boost Mobile is an alternative carrier, or mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), that’s owned under the same corporate umbrella as sprint. So it’s no surprise that boost mobile bring your own phone offers to support what phones are compatible with sprint CDMA and LTE-based nationwide network. Boost Mobile isn’t the best esteem in case you’re searching for boundless plans, however, we like its $35 choice. If Sprint inclusion and execution are great in your general vicinity, boost mobile is a decent choice for a budget cell phone provider.

Boost Mobile offers no contract plans for individuals on 30-day refills that start at $35 as well as unlimited data plans and family plans. Service plans and phones are available at the boost mobile website, and it’s also possible to bring your own phone and device as long as that phones compatible with boost mobile. Boost focuses mainly on selling budget devices but you can still pick out the outstanding phones.

List Of The 10 Best Boost Mobile Bring Your Own Phone (Reviews)

1. Moto One

Moto One

The Motorola One (P30 Play) is a really fascinating gadget to the extent Motorola lineup is concerned. The look is unquestionably changed and re-vamped. Regardless of whether the new plan language is a redesign is, as we have effectively decided, completely up to your own taste. Notwithstanding, the deed is as of now done and the Motorola One isn’t a detached event, yet rather a standard of a trio of gadgets, all sharing said structure.

That being the situation, this could in all likelihood be the future look of Moto gadgets. In spite of the fact that, if history is any sign, there is still more “soul-looking” in the brand’s future.


  • 3G, 4G, Dual SIM – Compatible with GSM, But Will Not work with CDMA Carriers Like Verizon & Sprint.
  • Blazing-fast charging.
  • 5D Corning Gorilla Glass.
  • 64GB ROM + 4GB RAM.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor with.
  • 3000 mAh, Non-removable battery.
  • Main: 13 MP + Secondary: 2 MP.

  • The trendy new design looks very nice from a distance
  • Decent, if not spectacular LCD display
  • Great battery life, thanks in part to an efficient chipset and also bloat-free software

  • Some nifty Motorola added features and gestures were missing from the OS on our review unit

2. Clarity Alto 54005.001

Clarity Alto 54005.001

Some probably won’t want to go for cordless rendition since they probably won’t render generally excellent voice quality like corded ones. This Clarity Alto 54005.001 Digital Extra Loud Big Button Speakerphone is one such model that can enhance the approaching sound to its most extreme volume with the goal that meeting impeded can without much of a stretch hear.

On the off chance that you need to display a decent telephone to your granny who is having hearing issues, at that point this would be an ideal decision as it intensifies the approaching sound to as high as 53 DB. Extra noisy ringer volume and curiously large illuminated keys are included advantages that come appended with this telephone.


  • Easy To Dial Keypads.
  • Extra Loud Ringer.
  • Battery Backup.
  • Bright visuals.
  • Digital Clarity.
  • Attractive Design.

  • Clear call quality is 100 percent guaranteed in this phone because of its incorporated hearing aid technology.
  • You can control this volume with simple and easy to use the wheel and a large boost button.
  • Extra loud ringer volume is so convenient with this Clarity Alto 54005.001 Digital Extra Loud Big Button Speakerphone.

  • Not a cordless version and comes with a regular desk phone.
  • No caller ID display is available on this phone.

3. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

If you need a new iPhone, you needn’t look further; there may not be anything revolutionary in the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, but that doesn’t make it any less fantastic. Between its blistering processor and the longest battery life we’ve seen from this generation of smartphones, the iPhone 7 Plus is a joy to use.


  • 50-inch (1080×1920).
  • Apple A10 Fusion.
  • Front camera 7MP, Rear Camera 12 MP.
  • Battery Capacity2900mAh.
  • iOS 10.

  • Water resistance
  • Dual “zoom” cameras
  • Faster processor
  • Brighter screen
  • Dual speakers

  • Many of the “groundbreaking” features have been on Android phones for a while
  • Relatively low resolution for a 5.5-inch display

4. Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 best notable camera, battery & water resistance improvements are worthwhile upgrades to a Family phone design but ask yourself if you really need an upgrade. and if Plus might be the best choice.


  • For use with Verizon and is also Unlocked for GSM and CDMA carriers.
  • 12MP rear camera, 450 Mbps WiFi with MIMO iOS 10,& iCloud.
  • 7MP Best FaceTime HD camera with Retina Flash Splash, Water, and dust resistance.
  • Apple A10 Fusion chip with embedded M10 motion coprocessor.

  • Improved cameras, screen, and battery life
  • Water resistance
  • Taptic engine feedback is neat
  • Powerful dual speakers
  • Starts at 32GB, finally

  • No headphone jack
  • Iterative design
  • Many of the “groundbreaking” features have been on Android phones for a while

5. Jitterbug Flip by GreatCall

Jitterbug Flip by GreatCall

The Jitterbug Flip for GreatCall is a basic clamshell flip phone with a couple of helpful highlights that settle on it an incredible decision for seniors and individuals with unique wellbeing needs. For $99.99 (full retail value) you get an enormous, brilliant showcase with a basic menu; a major, illuminated keypad; and a devoted 5Star Urgent Response catch that can bring crisis help. The Flip additionally has great call quality and brilliant battery life.


  • Big buttons and a large screen make it easy to see.
  • Simple, organized menu with easy ‘yes’ and ‘no’ menu buttons.
  • A powerful speaker ensures every conversation is loud and clear.
  • M4/T4 hearing aid compatible.
  • No contracts and no cancellation fees.

  • Simple menu.
  • Big, bright display with large text.
  • Backlit keypad.
  • Dedicated 5Star Urgent Response button.
  • Good call quality.
  • Excellent battery life.

  • No internet or email access.
  • No microSD card slot.
  • Additional services cost extra.

6. Jitterbug Smart2 by GreatCall

Jitterbug Smart2 by GreatCall

The Jitterbug Smart2 is a splendid, essential cell phone with a broad arrangement of wellbeing administrations for the older. It costs $149.99 with no agreement, which is a low cost for a 5.5-inch cell phone with a custom interface, voice-over-LTE, and a 13-megapixel camera. Obviously, the organization is attempting to ensure its telephone is reasonable to low-salary seniors. It’s a decent purchase on the off chance that you additionally need Jitterbug’s wellbeing administrations, yet recall that, they come as a bundle.


  • Hearing aid compatible.
  • 13MP camera.
  • 1280×720 resolution.
  • 4G LTE.
  • Bluetooth 4.2.
  • 5 GHz processor.
  • 16 GB onboard memory with expandable 32GB SD slot.
  • Battery life: 12 hours talk, 17 days standby.

  • Simplified interface.
  • Powerful package of health and safety services for the elderly.
  • Works on Verizon’s network.

  • The quiet earpiece and speaker.

7. Samsung Galaxy S9 G960U

Samsung Galaxy S9 G960U

The Galaxy S isn’t the pioneer it used to be, yet the S9 is the main continuation that could be. Samsung is capable of refining enough in equipment and client experience every year, and when there is nothing weighty to show off, the amazements may originate from unforeseen spots. The Galaxy S9 might bomb wow with the structure, however, compensates for that with execution and new camera aptitudes. And keeping in mind that it may not be a bokeh ruler, the S9 exceeds expectations where it makes a difference – in still and picture quality.


  • SuperSpeed Dual Pixel Camera.
  • Infinity Display.
  • Battery: AOD off Up to 326 hours (13.6 days), AOD on Up to 82 hours (3.5 days).

  • The Premium watertight design
  • Best Class-leading AMOLED screen
  • The Among fastest Android phone
  • The Great audio skills & stereo speaker

  • Best Recycled design
  • Only 720p resolution for 960fps and really limited duration
  • It’s quite pricey

8. Huawei Honor 8X

Huawei Honor 8X

It’s very simple with the Honor 8X – on the off chance that you are on the financial limit, you should look at it. The phone does sensibly well in basically everything, and at times it can even go past your desires. A few corners were sliced to keep the value low. However, they were cut astutely, and no one would truly miss something. There may be some better ideas at certain business sectors, however, the Honor 8X is a serious alluring arrangement somewhere else. The shopping season has arrived, so you should put that Honor on your agenda.


  • 5″ Borderless full view display.
  • ROM 64GB + 4GB RAM.
  • Non-removable Li-Po 3750 mash battery.
  • Best Face Unlock.

  • Eye-catchy glass design
  • Large screen with very good contrast
  • Dependable battery life
  • Powerful processor and graphics for the class
  • The camera snaps good enough pictures during the day, and great at night
  • The selfies are quite nice, too

  • No fast charging
  • MicroUSB port
  • No 4K video capturing
  • The daylight pictures could have been better

9. NUU Mobile G3

NUU Mobile G3

The Nuu Mobile G3 is a gorgeous bit of unit. There’s no limited quantity of Samsung to its double glass surfaces, especially in the way that both the front and back bend away at the edges. Not that the showcase here really drops off the edge, as it does with the Samsung Galaxy S9. Truth be told, there’s a little however obvious dark outskirt around the whole screen. That is definitely not a gigantic killjoy in a sub-£200 handset however the manner in which it compromises at an unexpected point is a bit of unsettling. Truth be told, it looks out and out bizarre.


7-inch 1440 x 720 18:9 LCD.
Helio P25 octa-core 2.39GHz.
64GB of storage and microSD.
13MP + 5MP dual rear cameras, 13MP front camera.
3000mAh battery.
Fingerprint sensor + NFC.


  • A bright, bold display
  • Stock Android
  • Sharp design

  • Display only 720p
  • Mediocre performance
  • No headphone jack

10. NUU Mobile A5L

NUU Mobile A5L

Much the same as most other Android Go Edition phones available, the A5L equipment cons are coordinated by a watered-down variant of the Android 8.1 Oreo biological system. This implies this NUU model accompanies reconsidered Android applications intended to eat up less phone stockpiling, support its general execution, and augment the versatile information portion.


  • Android 8.1 Oreo (Go edition).
  • Processor MediaTek 1.3Ghz Quad-Core.
  • Display 5.5” IPS FWVGA+ 960×480 (18:9).
  • Camera Rear camera: 8 MP Front Camera: 2 MP.
  • Storage Built-in: 1GB RAM: 16GB Storage, can be expanded with a microSD Card (supports up to 64GB).
  • Battery 2,650 mAh.

  • Its wider-than-usual 18:9 aspect ratio
  • It comes with dual SIM card slots\
  • Expandable memory

  • 5-inch 480p IPS display
  • Coupled with only 1GB of RAM

How to BYO Phone to Boost

  • Make sure your device is unlocked.
  • Check phone eligibility with Boost Compatibility Checker.
  • Once you’ve confirmed with Boost (either on their website or in-store) then you are ready to switch.
  • Choose the right Boost Mobile plan – here is a link to all Boost BYO plans.
  • Choose a plan that best fits your cellular needs.
  • Activate your device onto the Boost network.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I know if my phone is compatible?

Please visit www.boostmobile.com/bring-your-phone/ and enter your Device ID to check if your phone is compatible or visit a Boost Mobile bring your phone store. Tablets are not eligible.

Can I buy an unlocked phone in one of the national retailers and activate it on Boost Mobile service?

Many unlocked devices offered in national retailers are compatible with Boost Mobile service.

The Boost Mobile SIM Kit comes with 3 different SIM Cards. How do I know which SIM Card to use?

Each SIM Card is compatible with specific phones. After entering your Device ID via boostmobile.com/bring-your-phone/, we’ll show you the correct SIM part number to use.

Bottom line

Switching to Boost Mobile and bring your phone is relatively easy as long as you have a phone that’s compatible with the Boost Mobile Network. Unfortunately, Boost Mobile services will only work on Boost Mobile devices and some certified Sprint devices. If you own a phone not branded from Sprint or Boost Mobile, there’s a good chance your device won’t work.