Top 10 Best Casper Mattress Store – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a new Casper mattress store, getting an insight regarding the best mattresses is a great way to ensure that you end up with a suitable one. The Casper Mattress Store guarantees you a comfortable sleep number bed that you’ve always desired. With a variety of mattresses to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice if you shop from the Casper Mattress Store.

New models of mattresses come out annually and if you are not conversant with the materials and terminologies, acquiring a new mattress may be difficult. The Casper Mattress Store has many different mattresses and it might be challenging to locate the best mattress for your money.

This guide, therefore, seeks to enlighten you on how you can go about purchasing the best Casper mattress. It also explores the conclusive suggestions on the options to take into account before buying, and the measures to be taken when handling the mattresses.

Top 10 Best Casper Mattress Store – Reviews & Buying Guide


The mattresses below are the best Casper Mattress we suggest you check out when looking for a suitable mattress:

1. Tuft & Needle King Mattress

The tuff and needle king mattress is developed with freshly gushed adaptive foam. With this mattress, you can be assured of a springy feel that is purely supportive for any sleeping position. The foam enables the Casper Mattress Store to compress the mattress so as to fit perfectly into small storage for timely shipping.

  • The more advanced high-grade foam which prevents you from “sinking in” and “sleeping hot”
  • Has T&N adaptive foam which offers excellent pressure relief.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty from the purchase date.
  • Easy to position.
  • Guaranteed sleep comfort
  • Has a distinct chemical smell that does not go away even after 72 hours.

2. Casper Sleep Foam Mattress

If you are looking for the best foam mattress for daily use, then the Casper Sleep Foam Mattress is for you. This mattress is 12 inches and has 4 tiers of premium foam, as well as defined support for alignment and personal comfort.

  • The mattress offers a “cool feeling” as its foams contain tiny holes that enable hot air to escape.
  • Easily expands after unboxing the mattress.
  • Has a night trial of 100 days, and within 100 days since the purchase date, the Casper Mattress Store offers free returns if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • High-quality material that is also durable.
  • Has a free return policy if purchased within 100 days.
  • Has a strong chemical smell.

3. Nectar King Mattress

The Nectar King Mattress is a mattress made for any kind of sleeper. This mattress is from the fastest growing brand and is one of the Resident House of Brands. In addition, when you purchase this mattress, you get two free pillows that will be packaged with the product.

  • Comes with two free high-quality Nectar Pillows.
  • You can try the mattress for 180 days risk-free and it can be returned if you are not 100% satisfied with it.
  • It also comes with a Nectar Forever warranty for as long as you have the mattress in your possession.
  • Has an excellent level of breathability, firmness, coolness, and comfort.
  • Regulates heat for a suitable temperature throughout the night.
  • Firm and of great quality.
  • Ideal for every sleep position.
  • Sometimes causes lower back pain since occasionally, it does not fully inflate, leaving uneven ends and corners.

4. Caster Sleep Essential Mattress

The Caster Sleep Essential Mattress is a great product if you are looking for a mattress that has a bouncy feel. This is because the product has premium foam that is 3-layered, which offers support, is breathable, and bounces.

  • Have tiny pores that allow hot air to escape, maintaining a cool temperature throughout the night.
  • The shoulder region has softer foam while the hip and core area has a firm foam that is supportive.
  • Guaranteed comfort and quality sleep
  • Has 100-night trial and can be returned within 100 days since the purchase date.
  • Awful chemical smell.

5. Nod by Tuft & Needle King Mattress

The Nod by Tuft & Needle King Mattress is a high-quality mattress that has a soft and firm balance, and can also bounce. It’s finished with a grey knit cover that has a soft and cozy feel. The price is also quite affordable for everyone.

  • Is a high-quality mattress with a fair price.
  • Has a 10-year warranty.
  • Quite affordable
  • Has a risk free night sleep trial of 100 days, enabling you to take time in deciding if the mattress is suitable for you.
  • Awful chemical smell.
  • Is too firm hence causes shoulder and back pains.

6. Amazon Basics Memory Foam Mattress

The Amazon Basics Memory Foam mattress is a twin-size mattress that has 3 layers for ultimate support and softness. It has a plush feel as the top layer is developed to give you a soft texture, while supporting you in any sleep position adequately.

  • Is an averagely firm.
  • The 2nd layer has breathable holes that allow constant air circulation.
  • It contains CertiPUR_US and Oeko-Tex foam and fabric respectively, that are both strong and soft.
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
  • Guarantees comfortable sleep.
  • Soft and of high quality.
  • Has a foul chemical smell.

7. Amazon Basics Mattress Foundation

The Amazon Basics Mattress Foundation provides the functionality and looks of a conventional box spring. However, it is made of steel in order to provide longer-lasting durability. It is stable enough to support all hybrid mattresses. It also offers storage space under the bed just as the Amazon Basics Black framed bed.

  • Has a steel frame that provides you with reliable support for any mattress.
  • Has a 2-piece fabric for full coverage.
  • The steel frame can be folded in order to allow it to be packaged in one box for swift delivery.
  • Can be easily assembled.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Has a light weight
  • Weak joints that can easily be bent.

8. Revel Custom Cool Mattress (Twin XL)

The Revel Custom Cool mattress is a mattress that provides you with support for any sleeping position on all body types. The cover is also luxuriously quilted for additional comfort.

  • Is triple-layered, 12 inches and has a climate cooling gel at the top layer.
  • It has 4 inches support layer that contains channels allowing airflow, and 6 inches of durable foam.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Has a cooling gel that provides ultimate cooling, preventing your mattress from being affected by the external temperatures.
  • Offers supreme sleep comfort and is of high quality.
  • Has a soft fabric, therefore, can be easily torn.

9. Zinus Shawn 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation

The Zinus Shawn 14 inch SmartBase mattress foundation is 14 inches high and allows storage space under the bed.

  • Have caps on all legs in order to protect the floor.
  • Comes with a clearance of 13 inches below the frame.
  • Very easy to assemble
  • No need for a bed frame.
  • Has room for storage under the bed.
  • Has thin, tiny bars thus can easily break if you put too much weight on it.

10. Zinus Michelle Compack 6-Leg Support Bed Frame

The Zinus Michelle Compack 6-leg support bed frame is very easy to the station and has a unique design for ultimate durability and support. The distinct design makes sure that the foundation is stable.

  • Have 9 support legs that are intelligently indented so as to help you avoid hurting your toes when moving around the bed.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Made of steel.
  • Does not need any tools to assemble the bed.
  • Easy to the station.
  • The frame is not wide enough for a queen size mattress and it cannot be expanded.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Casper Mattress Store

Before you can choose the next mattress to buy confidently, there are a number of factors that you should take into account. One of the most important things should be your personal preferences, such as how you sleep, as well as how soft or firm you want your bed.  Below is a list of the most important aspects to consider when buying a bed at The Casper Mattress Store:

1. Sleeping positions:

your position of sleeping should not be overlooked, because it is a crucial factor to consider when buying a mattress that will be compatible with the way you sleep. If you are a side sleeper, you should go for a soft or medium mattress, because it is crucial for your bed to be soft enough so as to allow your shoulders and hips to squeeze into the mattress. Back sleepers should go for mattresses that are either medium or firm so that the natural alignment of the spine is nurtured. A soft mattress can create pains for back sleepers.

2. Type of mattress

there are various kinds of mattresses that you can choose from, ranging from memory foam, hybrid, spring beds, and latex. You can, therefore, select the type of mattress that will be suitable for your needs.

3. Budget

before browsing online to buy your mattress, you should consider your budget. We all know that mattresses are not that cheap, so it’s important that you determine the much that you can spend on a new mattress. Fortunately, the Casper Mattress Store has a wide array of mattresses to choose from with equally various prices. So you will definitely find something that you can spend on within your means.

The Casper Mattress Safety Tips

Below are some of the safety precautions that will aid you when using mattresses from the Casper Mattress Store:

  1. Rotate the mattress every six months, especially is there is a significant difference in weight between you and your partner. This will prevent the creation of back pains in the future.
  2. Protect your mattress by using a waterproof protector, so as to prevent any spillage or dirt on your mattress.
  3. Clean any dirt spot with mild soap and a damp cloth, and leave it to dry naturally.
  4. Do not wash the cover using a machine as it may void the warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Casper Mattress Firm?

There are many types of Casper mattresses that come with different levels of firmness. Therefore, you can easily choose the mattress that will be suitable for you, plus its firmness. The levels range from soft, medium to highly firm. All in all, the diverse material composition will be able to give you a comfortable satisfying sleep.

Does Casper Mattress Store Have Good Mattresses?

The Casper mattresses have a distinct memory foam design, latex, and hybrid mattresses. They give you a balanced feel that can work for various kinds of people, from side sleepers to combo sleepers. It is, therefore, safe to say that Casper has great mattresses.

Are Casper mattresses durable?

Having been built with materials that are of high quality, Casper mattresses are modeled to last for quite a long time. However, the lifespan may vary depending on the sleeper, but you can expect to sleep on your mattress for about 7-10 years.

With a Casper Mattress, do you necessarily require a box spring?

It is entirely up to you. Some people prefer to have a supportive box spring while it might be pretty fine to others with putting the mattress in a bed frame.

Final Verdict

The Casper Mattress Store has an ultimate balanced feel that compounds the most profound qualities of all its different forms to result in a very sweet position between support, pressure relief, and comfort. The various types of Casper mattresses are ideals for all kinds of sleepers, mainly back sleepers and side sleepers. There is also enough lift to make varying positions, thanks to the zoned support which creates some excellent relief of pressure to the hips, core, and shoulders. Using this information, you can now compare the 10 best Casper mattresses and determine the one that will be most suitable for you, depending on your needs and preferences.

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