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The 13 Best Cell Phone Companies List in 2021

Companies list in the cell phone industry is currently working to do everything to be among the best as they provide service plans which are the best for their clients. They provide special offers among their options, as seen in different marketing commercials that they make. Clients can have a hard time choosing the correct providers since most of them offer very affordable services.

Currently, most of the companies serve consumer choices in a wide range according to their brand as established companies. There is so much competition among the companies ranging from their cell phone plans and no contract offers. Among the cell phone companies list that exists in the US, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are the first that comes to mind among many users. However, several other choices offer vast services and get also considered to be popular MVNO alternative carriers that have grown in the industry.

MVNO Offers good deals that fit most needs of the clients who use services among cell phone companies list. They provide plans of data which are unlimited and offer less for their phone. You can expect small perks just like those of the big four companies and phone plans of no-contract option. The following has made such brands to become more popular around the country to many people. Read on to check on the full information about the best carriers which are available in the US.

The 13 Best Cell Phone Companies List

Cell Phone Companies List

1. Verizon

Verizon, the largest wireless carrier in the nation, has grown to be a brand in the US, which has gotten to reach many clients because of its network performance. Its LTE speeds are on top of the RootMetrics chart, and it gets proven through several tests done. The network also offers a fast 5G network, and it got to launch the mmWave services across 35 cities.


  • $80 monthly unlimited Play More options
  • $55 monthly tiered fee for 5GB
  • $45 monthly prepaid option for 15GB
  • 5G Coverage
  • 35 cities (mmWave)

  • The extensive reach of Network
  • 5G speeds are breakneck
  • Excellent prepaid options on its plans

  • Pricey unlimited plans
  • Limited coverage on its 5G network

2. T-Mobile

T-Mobile offers a mix of the best plans of data, perks, and nationwide coverage. It’s always ahead in its competition in the cell phone companies list. The offers that come with T-Mobile include data plans which are unlimited and a Magenta plan of $70 that provides fees and bake taxes in its cost. Clients can also use their data overseas but at slower speeds. T-Mobile offers deep discounts through their lines and family plans on phones.


  • $70 monthly Magenta plan
  • $15 monthly 2GB plan
  • 5G Coverage
  • 5,000-plus cities (low-band)

  • Unlimited attractive plans
  • Low-cost tiered data options
  • Subscribers get Excellent perks

  • Its 5G speeds can’t get considered to be the fastest
  • A hard cap on the 2GB and 5GB plans

3. AT&T

AT&T got a big blow when Sprint got absorbed in T-Mobile, but it has continued to maintain its position in the industry by providing catchy monthly promotions and rates for every client to watch out. It’s one of the carriers giving Verizon a run in its services. With an extension of the 5G network, AT&T involves a nationwide coverage of its services.


  • $85 monthly Unlimited Elite plan
  • $60 monthly Mobile Share Plus of 9GB
  • $50 monthly 8GB option
  • 5G Coverage
  • 327 markets (low-band)

  • Growing coverage in its 5G network

  • Expensive unlimited plans
  • LTE 5G coverage

4. Visible

Visible doesn’t have the spiced variety of networks in the country with its options, but clients who use it benefit from the different discounted service plans. As compared to Verizon, it offers much better options on its $40 monthly data that’s unlimited. The carrier got to lift its data cap speeds that were previously restricted recently. Clients enjoy full terms the network coverage under Verizon, but as the network congests, its rates become slower.


  • $40 monthly unlimited plans
  • The parent network is Verizon

  • Affordable pricing on monthly data
  • Discounts given to multiple lines

  • Congestion of the net causes slow speeds
  • Lacks 5G coverage

5. Metro by T-Mobile

Formerly known as MetroPCS, Metro-by T-Mobile still retains its position as being among the best carriers in which users can invest in it with affordable pricing of the services that they offer. It competes to provide discounted options like other brands while providing a $15 monthly cellphone option in its prepaid packages.


  • $50 monthly Unlimited options
  • $40 monthly 10GB plan
  • 5G Coverage
  • 5,000-plus cities (low-band)

  • Good and variety of given plans
  • T-Mobile’s is its parent network
  • 5G coverage used for compatible phones

  • Few perks
  • Slow data speeds when the net gets congested

6. Google Fi

Any handset in the market can now get supported by the carrier Google Fi. Anyone who has Google Pixel will benefit the most from this option of the brand. It also provides third-party phones that are compatible with the network with the same options. You can seamlessly switch between carriers that use the coverage by Google Fi. Clients continue getting the best connections on their devices even if it’s different from Sprint, US. The US cellular, or T-Mobile.


  • $70 monthly unlimited options
  • $20 monthly talk, text with $10/GB data
  • 5G coverage
  • The parent network is T-Mobile

  • Allows clients to pay only pay for data
  • Can use the text plus data overseas
  • Optimized to use on Google Pixels and selected Moto phones

  • The price can’t get compared to other carriers which offer unlimited options in their plans

7. Mint Mobile

When you want a carrier service that offers the lowest rates on its options available, then you need to go for Mint Mobile. It provides the clients with the upfront price on its coverage. Clients can get 3GB LTE data that gets priced at only $15 each month.

Options of its price also run through the first three months of the services given. Clients get recommended to sign up for the yearly coverage to maintain their rates at a low rate. The limits are also flexible enough to satisfy a range of clients.


  • $20 monthly 8GB plan
  • $15 monthly 3GB
  • $25 monthly 12GB
  • Unlimited text/talk
  • The parent network is T-Mobile

  • Low monthly rates
  • Uses the fast T-Mobile network

  • Low rates can only get achieved through a year’s requirement of commitment
  • Minimal perks

8. Xfinity Mobile

Clients save their money when they decide to use the Xfinity monthly offers on phone bills. Network coverage gets provided nationwide through this Comcast-backed carrier through a combination that involves Xfinity hotspots and Verizon cellular towers. The brand offers individuals fantastic unlimited plans of $45. The services are cheaper than what other carriers offer. Verizon is the primary parent network of Xfinity, which offers 5G networks.


  • $45 monthly Unlimited options
  • $30 monthly 3GB plan
  • 5G Coverage
  • 35 cities (mmWave)

  • Low prices for unlimited rates
  • 5G coverage via the parent Verizon network

  • Lacks discounts for its multiple lines
  • Requires customers to subscribe to Xfinity internet

9. Boost Mobile

Boost Sprint previously owned mobile, but it was traded in a merger as now the Sprint-T-Mobile. It kept its name, but it’s under T-Mobile to provide its nationwide coverage. Boost continues to offer several plans which provide exciting offers from its two options that are unlimited.


  • $50 monthly offered Unlimited Gigs
  • $45 monthly 15GB options

  • Unlimited plans of data and gigs
  • The excellent selection offers that come with low-cost on its phones

  • Limited perks

10. Consumer Cellular

When you are a client of Consumer Cellular, you can expect it to provide cell phone services that are best in offering fewer data every month or fewer talk minutes. Tiers provided by the carrier are small and found at reasonable prices. Clients can also get the chance to switch their data allotments each month based on their need for data anticipation.


  • $60 monthly Unlimited Shared Data
  • $30 monthly 3GB plan
  • Parent Network is T-Mobile

  • Discounts get given to the AARP members
  • Low rates for those who don’t need to use such data

  • Other carriers offer cheaper plans in the market
  • Weak customer service criticism from clients

11. Cricket Wireless

With its parent company as AT&T, Cricket Wireless provides speeds with data caps, which make it to be among the least bottom mystery in the pack. The following means that the network downloads speed range only at 8 Mbps but under a pervasive net. Its tired plans are cheap, unlimited, and it also offers pokey 3Mbps rates on its data.


  • $60 monthly Unlimited
  • Mobile Hotspot that’s unlimited
  • $40 monthly 5GB plan

  • Unlimited plans that have no caps on their speed
  • Uses the fast AT&T network

  • Only one option doesn’t offer speed caps
  • It’s expensive to get the 5G network

12. Straight Talk

The network provided by Straight Talk offers services that get improved through its SIM cards via the Verizon carrier. The speeds are very faster but not as much as that from Verizon phones. The service provides plans that are very affordable to those who don’t want to spend much on a monthly price.


  • $55 monthly Ultimate Unlimited options
  • $60 monthly 25GB
  • Verizon is the parent network

  • International callers can enjoy the use of this carrier
  • Includes lots of data plans

  • Minimal discounts of autopay
  • Few perks

13. Page Plus

Page Plus operates on the Verizon MVNO network, which offers monthly plans that are very basic, and the minutes are on pay-as-you-go. People who have feature phones consider the option as the best. Their credit for Pay-as-you-go can last within 120 days, and the clients also enjoy a rollover when they get to renew it with the window period of four months.


  • $12monthly 250 minutes
  • 250 texts
  • 10 M.B.M.B. monthly data
  • $40 monthly 3G & Gigs that are unlimited

  • Carry-over of unused data to the following month
  • Cheapest plans for cell phones
  • Suitable for feature phones

  • Minimal discounts on AutoPay

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What Are the Major Cell Phone Companies in the U.S.?

A: Four major cell phone operators exist in the US. The US, which gets to offer wireless networks nationwide. T-Mobile and AT&T offer GSM standard services while Sprint and Verizon offer CDMA. All these networks provide 4G LTE services.

Q: Between Verizon and AT&T, Which is Better?

A: Both networks get considered to be robust in the US. The US their coverage has the fastest speeds of data as compared to others. There are other differences between the two great companies, but Verizon tends to be somehow expensive, but the perks that come with it are amazing.

Q: Can Consumer Cellular Be Compared to Verizon?

A: If a person is looking for a coverage carrier that offers less on their monthly plans, then they can use the Consumer Cellular rather than using Verizon Wireless. It offers a no-contract plan with affordable fees. Both of these two carries get rated at the top charts according to services that they get to offer. And the wide coverage on their network.

Q: Which Company Contains a 5G Network that’s the Fastest?

A: According to 5G networks, Verizon offers the fastest 5G wireless network in more than four countries, according to the mobile analytics company by Open Signal. The company had to analyze over ten operators of 5G service in the following companies; South Korea, and the US. The US, Australia, and the UK.


When you want to determine which cell phone carrier would suit your needs, you have to figure out among the several coverages that get considered best in the USA. Consider areas that you spend your time a lot as you use services of a phone such as at home, hangout places, or at the process.

The performance on a network depends well on how the company has gotten to test its download speeds regarding different cities in the country. The process helps customers determine the local coverage of a network. You can get a carrier that offers discounts such as those of the MVNO, which offer outstanding services in their work across the US.