Best Cheapest Plan for Metro PCS

Metro PCS is known as the budget mobile carrier. They offer the cheapest plan for metro PCS on the market. Their plans fit everyone’s budget. And their family plans are often the most affordable for large families. So today, I am breaking down the cheapest plans for Metro PCS customers and the many options Metro PCS has available. Are you looking for a mobile plan for you and your significant other? Then check out our newest guide: the cheapest phone plans for two people.

Metro Pcs was the first mobile carrier to debut the no-contract plan, and now every carrier has copied their idea. But most mobile networks in the US cannot beat them on their prices. But what is their cheapest plan? All of their plans, when you view its many features, are much cheaper than other carriers.

What is the Cheapest Plan for Metro PCS

First, there are two types of cheapest plans: specials, which happen on holidays and sales, and the classic $30 plan, which is available year-round. The holiday/sales specials usually come with extras that are at a discounted price for 12 months. After the 12 months are up, the costs of the extra features return to their normal, higher rate. So, the cheapness comes from the discounted services compared to the regular plans with the same services.

Features of the Cheapest Plan for Metro PCS:

  • The $30 plan is the most affordable plan Metro Pcs has.
  • It is a bare-bones minimum plan, with only 2GB of high-speed data.
  • The 2GB is the only extra feature provided by this plan.

There is no google cloud storage, unlimited music streaming, Amazon prime, or additional service discounts. It is a very no-frills plan designed for only talking, texting, and checking email. The 2GB of data cannot be used as a hotspot for your tablet or laptop.

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Unlimited 3g internet
  • Can add on a phone payment plan
  • Same cell service as higher-paying plans
  • Only $30
  • Only 2GB of high-speed data
  • No special features
  • The plan is made for talk and text only

Other Metro PCS Phones And Plans

Is 2GB of high-speed data, not enough? If you only add ten more dollars to your service plans, you will receive 10GB of data. Metro pcs has 16 plans currently available all year round, and different unique plans are advertised at different times of the year.

But the best plan of all the Metro Pcs plans will be the Family plan. Once it went up to 4 lines, now it goes up to 5 lines! The most expensive plan Metro Pcs has is the five lines for $150! This plan includes unlimited data, 15GB of hotspot data per line, Unlimited Music Streaming, and 100GB cloud storage from Google! At only $30 per line, that is a great family plan!

The list of phones supported by Metro is the iPhone, LG, Moto, Samsung, Foxxd, Alcatel, and Coolpad. If you already have a phone and you don’t wish to buy a new one, then you won’t have to. As long as you have a phone created by one of the brands above, you can keep your old phone. So the expensive iPhone that you received for Christmas can come with you!

Metro PCS Plans for Non Phone Devices

If you would like to add non-mobile devices to your service plan for internet access, Metro PCs can assist you with that. They have unique plans for tablets, hotspot devices, smartwatches, and a dedicated GPS tracking plan. The GPS service monitors the health of your car, quickly finds gas stations in your area, and provides Allstate Roadside assistance in case your car breaks down.

There is even a service called the Pontiac Pet Tracker. This device monitors your pet’s whereabouts through GPS, monitors your pet’s health, and will alert you if your pet leaves the safety zone you have established. An absolute must-have plan if your dog or cat escapes your home regularly. If you have money to splurge and would like a more luxurious plan, then check out the other plans available on Metro PCs. Now, service plans rise in price mostly because of the higher amount of high-speed data and

Hidden Fees

When you activate a phone on a service plan, there will be a fee for each phone, new or used. It fee is $15. However, when it comes to late payment fees, Metro PCs does not charge late fees. They understand that many of their customers don’t have a lot of money, so they are willing to forget about late payments. That’s unheard of in the mobile carrier industry.

Important Note:

All of the prices I have quoted are service-only plans. They do not include any payment plan for a new phone. All service plans can be supplemented with a mobile payment plan, even the $30 service. Some phones will be cheaper if you purchase them in tandem with your service plan. The best way to find out which phones are less expensive on a new plan is to check out the nearest Metro PCs store or kiosk in your area. At the store, the employees can assist you and inform you of what phones are on a discount.

Another Note:

Metro PCs has a policy where once you purchase a service plan, you cannot sign up for a cheaper service plan later. The service must stay at the original purchasing price, or it can be increased by adding another service. This policy does not include turning off a phone line. It only means a downgrade in services.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the cheapest phone plan with reliable cell service, then Metro PCs has you covered. But their mobile plans are so affordable, that increasing your cellular plan’s budget by only $10 will buy you better features, especially in the area of high-speed data. Metro PCs has plans that are so customizable, every person in your family can be covered, and it won’t break your bank. You can even add the non-phone services to the cheap $30 plan. So walk into a Metro PCs store today and discover high-value service at a low price.

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