Best Commercial Truck Tracking Devices in 2020 | Buying Guides

Do you own a large commercial truck tracking devices business and you are skeptical that your employees are getting off route, costing you more money than needed? Or you just want your truck to be safe from theft? Are you looking for a GPS solution for your trucking business? These are some of the reasons why you would like to use a truck tracking/ vehicle GPS device that is not only cheap and easily available but also small enough not to be spotted easily. This means you are in complete charge of your vehicle.

As technology is evolving it is also getting cheaper and cheaper so that it can reach more people. THE truck GPS tracking system is not an exception. As more and more companies are getting into business there is an ever-increasing demand for effective, pocket-friendly, and easy to use GPS. That is not only robust and easy to use but small enough to be discreet and easily fit anywhere in the vehicle be it under the seat or behind the glove box. It must also have a long battery life to keep a record of the movement without being suspected.

Your search for the best fleet tracking system is over as we have gathered information on the 10 best commercial truck trucking devices and apps that will serve the purpose. This article will compare and contrast the pros and cons of all the devices along with their prices and availability. Because for your business you must not settle for just good when you have the best available to you.

Best Commercial Truck Tracking Devices in 2020 | Buying Guides

Commercial Truck Tracking Devices

S.N Photo Title Price Buy
1 Spytec GL300MA GPS Tracker- 4G LTE Mini Real Time GPS Tracking Device for Cars, $39.95
2 Trak-4 GPS Tracker for Tracking Assets, Equipment, and Vehicles $48.80
3 Amcrest 2-Pack 4G LTE GPS Tracker - Mini Hidden Real-Time GPS Tracking Device for Vehicles $109.99
4 GPSit1000BZL LTE Vehicle Tracking Device with 1 Year Service, No Contracts, No Monthly Fees, Real Time GPS Tracker $165.00
5 AES RGT90 GPS Tracker GPRS Mini Portable Vehicle Locating Tracking Device. $179.00
6 TKSTAR GPS Tracker,GPS Tracker for Vehicles Waterproof Real Time Car GPS Tracker $49.99
7 My20 ELD (Electronic Logging Device) + Truck GPS Tracking $129.99
8 Amcrest GPS Tracker - 2G Portable Mini GPS Tracking Device for Vehicles, Cars, Kids,
9 140-Day 4G LTE Magnetic GPS Tracker - Cellular Real-Time Slap and Track GPS Tracking Device $199.95

1. Spytec GL300MA GPS Tracker

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking: Track vehicles, valuables, and loved ones in real time, 24/7. Our GPS system uses 4G satellite technology to give you an accurate location, whether you are tracking in dense urban areas or on remote country roads. Receive the location data of your tracker directly to a phone, tablet, or computer via our iOS and Android apps.
  • Discreet & Versatile: Compact and concealable, the GL300 is a mini tracker that is just one-inch thick, making it discreet and highly versatile. Its battery lasts up to two-and-a-half weeks, so you wonâ€t have to worry about removing it each night to charge. Simply set and activate the tracker and slip it into a backpack or conceal it under a car seat to remotely track movements.
  • Precise Insights, Custom Alerts, & Boundaries: Using cutting-edge GPS technology, the Spytec iOS and Android apps can be customized to send SMS and email alerts anytime the tracker enters or exits a defined zone. You can also receive data that monitors trips in their entirety with their starting and end points. Create summary data reports to capture movement over time and provide historical insights, like speed of travel, total distance, and more.
  • Safe & Secure Tracking & Reporting: Privacy is among our top priorities. The Spytec GPS Platform does not store your information. All account details and data tracking are securely encrypted.
  • Affordable Subscription & Free Customer Service: A data plan to access our iOS and Android apps is required for use, starting at only $24.95 a month with no hidden activation or cancellation fees. The tracking service is month-to-month so you can easily cancel and reactivate at any time. Each tracker also has a lifetime guarantee, so if there is any damage we will happily replace the GL300 for free.

With an Amazon rating of 4/5, it is the best you have got. The tracker works in real-time with a powerful battery that lasts longer than 2.5 weeks as some claimed. The device is small and measures only 3 inches long and 0.38 inches thick. With these dimensions, it can fit anywhere in the truck from under the engine hood, behind the glove box or under the seat. It can also be installed outside the vehicle with a separate magnetic waterproof cover (bought separately).

The monthly subscription will cost you 24.95$ a month but it worth the money you spend plus there is a discount on bulk purchase.

  • Small in size just 3 inches long and 0.38 inches thick.
  • Real-time tracking of vehicle suitable for truck business
  • Text alerts and email alerts
  • Monthly subscription with no cancellation fees
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The subscription fee is higher at 24.95 $
  • Need separate magnetic over for waterproofing

2. Trak-4 GPS Tracker

  • Simple to use - start tracking in minutes | Email & text alerts | Geofencing
  • $6.99 a month (prepaid annual) or $12.99 a month (paid monthly) for hourly pings with options for 10-min and 1-min
  • REST API | Unlimited cellular data | No contract | No activation or cancellation fees | SIM included
  • Computer, Phone, or Tablet | Great for GPS tracking of assets, inventory, and vehicles | Compact Size
  • Up to 18 months on a single charge | Change your ping rate to manage battery life | Rechargeable with a cell charger or USB cable

So far highest rated on Amazon 4.3/5 with some excellent reviews. The device dimensions are   4.1 x 2.25 x 1.1 in and it can be fit in any place in your vehicle. Capable of geo-fencing and activity updates through texts and emails at the frequency that you choose. 3 plans to choose from with flexible control.

The most important feature is its battery which will last about 18 months with a single charge a feature not found in other devices out there. The subscription is annual and monthly with discounts. The Device is waterproof and there is no need to buy an extra cover for it.

  • Roughed and tough built
  • Flexible ping rate of your choice
  • 2-year warranty
  • No cancellation and activation fee
  • Interactive user interface
  • Works only in the USA
  • No indicator lights for power and I/O

3. Amcrest 2-Pack 4G LTE GPS Tracker

  • TRACK WHAT YOU LOVE - The Amcrest GPS Tracker is perfect for tracking personal and fleet vehicles, loved ones or anything you want to track. Stay in touch with what you love using the Amcrest GPS mobile app. Monthly subscription required. Plans begin at $19.99 for 60 Second Updates. Additional plans can be found below.
  • GEO-FENCING - Create custom geo-fencing zones that alert you anytime the GPS device enters or exits the custom zones. Speed limit and proximity alerts allow you to easily track your vehicles and loved ones. Receive text, push and email notifications directly to your personal device with the Amcrest GPS app.
  • BUILT TO LAST - Stay connected to what you love with a long lasting battery life of 10-14 days on a full charge. The Amcrest heavy-duty GPS Tracker is built with an IPX5 Water Resistant housing that allows you to track what you love in almost any weather conditions.
  • INTELLIGENT REPORTING - Access your data with intelligent reporting directly from your smartphone, Mac or PC. The intuitive Web UI allows you to easily monitor activity, manage alerts and generate custom reports with only the information you need. Create links and share them with your friends and family in order to keep track of cars, children, seniors and assets.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY & SUPPORT - Contact us at if your device is not working as expected and we will be happy to troubleshoot the device and resolve the issue. In the event that your device continues to provide undesirable results, we'll gladly refund your subscription charges. GPS Tracker is limited to 4G and will only work in areas where there is 4G coverage. Lifetime warranty included with purchase.

Their motto says it all “Track what you love” and you love your trucks and with this device, your trucks are covered. The device is small but it is very beneficial for your truck fleet tracking. The device is discreet and fits wherever you want and with the battery life of 10 to 14 days, it can track miles and miles. Works under 4G coverage area and send you a minute to minute details of the vehicle including its speed and exact location.

The device comes with flexible plans and subscription options. It is water-resistant and not waterproof as other devices claim. The one extra feature that is found in the SOS system, on pushing a button a text is sent with location to the people you have listed.

  • SOS functionality
  • Water-resistant
  • Interactive lights to indicate power.
  • Android/IOS friendly
  • No working outside 4G areas
  • No working outside the USA

4. GPSit1000BZL LTE Vehicle Tracking Device

  • Newer LTE model; No contract; Very Accurate Trips; 1 year of service included; No hidden fees or monthly service charges
  • Hardwired install (default, mechanical know-how required) or Easy plug-in install using our OAY1000 OBD adapter (separate purchase required)
  • Full ELD Compliance; 1 year hardware warranty; Easy 3 wire Installation
  • Most affordable fleet tracking solution in the market
  • Includes Hardware, Data, Software, Mobile access (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and others)

The device is not for discreet use but robust use. It uses no batteries but is installed directly into the onboard diagnostic system (OBD). However to install the device you need some prior knowledge of the system. The most important feature is its ability to track every movement turn by turn and stop by stop even engine starting and idle running. That is something every truck fleet owner wants to know about his truck. The dimensions are pretty solid with an interactive user interface and flexible plan. But for sure security is not much to ask for.

  • Real-time location service with each move report
  • 4G LTE service coverage
  • Suitable for all OS (IOS, Android, windows)
  • No contract constraints
  • Technical know-how is required for the installation process
  • No coverage outside 4G area
  • Need to purchase separate plug and play system for easy installation.

5. AES RGT90 GPS Tracker GPRS Mini Portable Vehicle Locating Tracking Device

  • Works Anywhere in the USA, CANADA AND MEXICO plus OVER 100 OTHER COUNTIES!!!* We Ship International. 100% Pre-Tested in The US, Comes Pre-Activated with 3 MONTHS of Cellular Service and 3 MONTHS of Online Tracking Subscription. 100% Ready To use!!!**
  • Internal battery Operates GPS tracker up to 90 days on single charge. Recharges by Micro USB for better convenience. Charge using any USB Charger.
  • Comes Pre-Activated with 3 MONTHS free online tracking service (Includes Cellular Service & Online Tracking Subscription). 100% Ready To use!!!** No contract, No activation fee, No tracking subscription fee***
  • Covert, Discrete Waterproof Magnetic Case with 70 lbs Magnets, Easy to use, Just stick onto vehicle and go! Updates every 20 secs when Vehicle is moving. Goes to sleep when vehicle is parked for 5 minutes or more. Displays last location before going into Sleep Mode. Access anytime via text.
  • MOBILE GPS TRACKING ON YOUR IPHONE, ANDROID PHONE, PC AND MAC!! Real-time Tracking with Live reporting and History log. View on Phone or on Website. You can also receive GPS coordinates via SMS Text.

If you want something extra for extra money you have selected the right product. Want your truck GPS to work outside the USA this is your ultimate choice. This device work in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and 100 other countries, isn’t it amazing for some extra cash that you are going to spend? With 3 months of battery and intelligent tracking system that tells the exact location via text every 20 seconds.

It comes with a magnetic cover that helps you install it anywhere you want in your trucks and no one will ever know it is there. The monitoring is unlimited with a two-way system where you control the GPS wherever you are.

  • The GPS is powerful and accurate
  • Unlimited access to the location and movement of the vehicle
  • Two-way communication system
  • Works in 100 plus countries
  • Battery life is problematic
  • The user interface is difficult to comprehend

6. TKSTAR GPS Tracker

  • ✔【 SIM Card Not Included. 】 This device needs a 2G SIM card. Please buy a 2G SIM for it. Please confirm whether your area and network support 2G. Most areas support 2G network
  • ✔【Realtime Positioning and Precise Positon】GPS/LBS multiple mode positioning provides you peace of mind. Real-time tracking through the website or mobile app (using Google Maps data), and you can also get GPS coordinates via SMS. GPS Accuracy up to is 16ft-32ft/5-10m.
  • ✔【Anti Theft Functions】Shake alarm | Geofencing | Overspeed alert | Historical playback. Whether it's commercial fleet management or tracking the safety issues of the people you care about when they drive, this device is a perfect choice.
  • ✔【Strong magnetic 】With the built-in magnet, you can easily attach the device to any iron surface, user-friendly. 5000mAh battery, it's very suitable for hidden inside vehicles,

The device is unique in the sense that it can be used through its user interface that is available on its website and through the application but it can also be used through Google maps. A feature that no other device has offered so far. The device is waterproof with a strong magnetic jacket that can attach to any metal part onto the vehicle.

The sensors are amazing as this will report back any vibration and a slight shift in position. The alerts will be forwarded to you via texts and that’s absolutely within the package with no hidden charges whatsoever.

  • Vibration sensors
  • Google map tracking
  • 3 months of battery life
  • 3 months of vehicle logs
  • 4G coverage area only

7. My20 ELD (Electronic Logging Device) + Truck GPS Tracking

  • #1 RATED ELD in America. 100% FMCSA approved and DOT certified.
  • MOST AFFORDABLE ELD on the market. No additional hardware needed, just your Apple or Android smartphone and the free My20 app.
  • SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE REQUIRED. (subscription pre-paid annually)
  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL - The My20 ELD has a standard 9-pin (J1939) ECM connector. An adapter cable is required for OBD-II or 6-pin ECM ports.
  • EASY-TO-USE - Install the My20 ELD in your diagnostic port, download the app & link your smartphone to the app via bluetooth.

The little the better, if anything that proves this proverb is here. This device is small easy to use and comes with a beautiful, interactive user interface. Just plug the device in On-Board Diagnostic system (OBD) and you are good to go. The device tracks the truck real-time and can even manage multiple fleet trucks at the same time from the same app. It is easy to use and control through IOS and Android.

  • Easy to use interface with Android and IOS app
  • Easy setup and real-time tracking
  • Geofencing
  • 4G coverage
  • No coverage outside LTE area
  • No support for windows and desktops

8. Amcrest GPS Tracker

  • COMPACT 2G GPS TRACKER – Excellent GPS tracking device for vehicles, loved ones (teens, spouses, children, elderly, pets) or anything you want to track.
  • REAL-TIME SMARTPHONE & PC TRACKING – This GPS tracker offers real-time tracking with up to 5-second updates through Windows and MAC desktop web-access (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox) or through the Amcrest GPS smartphone app (iOS/Android). The intuitive user interface allows you to easily monitor activity, manage alerts and generate custom reports. Create links and share them with your friends, family and co-workers to keep track of cars, children, seniors and assets.
  • GEO-FENCING, SMART ALERTS & REPORTS - Create custom geo-fencing zones that alert you anytime the GPS tracker enters or exits a zone. Speed limit, harsh breaking, start/stop and proximity alerts allow you to easily track your vehicles and loved ones. Receive text, push and email notifications directly to your smartphone or PC with the Amcrest GPS app and desktop web-access client. Access your data with intelligent reporting directly from your iPhone, Android, Mac or PC.
  • BUILT TO LAST – GOOGLE MAPS – This Amcrest GPS Tracker is built to last with heavy-duty materials including an IPX5 water resistant housing as well as battery which lasts up to 10-14+ days on a full charge with 60sec updates (7-8 days with 30sec updates, 4-5 days with 15sec updates, and 2-3 days with 5sec updates). Utilizes Google Maps for tracking and mapping.
  • IMPORTANT - This device is configured to work in the US, Canada, and Mexico only. This device Does Not Work in Australia. We stand by our products and offer a lifetime warranty and unlimited support. In the event that your device produces undesirable results, we'll gladly refund 100% of your hardware and subscription charges.

Beautifully designed and built for performance and discreet nature. The GPS device will provide a whole lot of coverage for your truck and ensure safety. With multiple options and frequency of alerts to choose from the device has a battery timing from 14+ days to 2-3 days depending on how often you want it to send you the location alerts.

The manufacturer is confident enough to offer a lifetime warranty for the device. Although it works only in the USA, Canada, and Mexico it has a large coverage. The device can be controlled through all types of OS from Android, IOS to Mac and window. The manufacturer also provides unlimited free of cost customer service.

  • Wide user interface availability over OS and Browsers
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Multiple frequencies of alerts via texts and emails
  • Coverage area only limited to NAFTA countries
  • The low battery life of jusr14 days

9. 140-Day 4G LTE Magnetic GPS Tracker

  • Extra Long Battery Life: The 4G Spark Nano 7’s built-in battery lasts 15 days on standby, but with the included extended battery you’ll get 140 days of extra life for long-term vehicle and asset tracking.
  • Blazing Fast 4G LTE Coverage Across North America: Don’t miss a moment even when personal cars, fleet trucks, or other assets cross borders between the US, Mexico, and Canada with full 4G cellular coverage.
  • Tough & Rugged ‘Slap-and-Track’ Design: Avoid the time and hassle of installation under the dash or hood. The magnetic case is quickly placed under or on top of any vehicle and starts reporting immediately!
  • Waterproof Magnetic Case: Designed to house the 4G Spark Nano 7 and the extended battery inside. Attach it to your vehicle or company asset without drilling holes or any complicated installation.
  • No Long-Term Contract Needed: Unlike other tracking devices, the 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker requires no long-term commitment. Activate online with a subscription starting at $24.99/month and cancel at any time if you stop using the device.

A little extra for more extra work. The device is built for endurance and performance. With extra battery packs, it will last 140 days hence its name. The device is a little heavy around 2lbs but when it comes to performance it is better than most. Covers whole of North America. The 4G coverage makes it blazing fast to track the vehicle speed and twists and turn along the way. It works even in remote areas.

  • 140 days battery life with an extra pack of the battery included in the package
  • Covers whole north America
  • No hidden charges and monthly service fee
  • User interface lag behind the majority competitors
  • Heavier than most of the GPS available

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you track your truck?

All the devices that are bestselling on Amazon are listed here. The GPS devices are made for trucks and cars. You can simply attach the device anywhere in your vehicle/truck and track it with the Android or IOS app. This feature varies with the type of device you choose.

Where would you hide a GPS tracker on a truck?

There are many places in your trucks where you can hide the device. The size of the device is small so it can be hidden under Dashboard, under the engine hood, behind the seat and near the tire, mudguards to name a few.

How can I track a company vehicle?

The vehicles are always visible on the app or website of the company where you can locate the specific truck. There are also IOS, Android, and browser-based applications available that can track the movement of the vehicles.

What is the best car tracking device with no monthly fee?

There are many car Tracking devices and all of these are good enough to ensure protection, however, there are non-available in the market that is free of cost.


After reviewing all the top-rated devices with maximum ratings on Amazon it is clear that there is a tough competition and it is not easy to decide which one is most suitable. However, the devices are selected based on the customer’s specifications. The ultimate goal of the device is to provide real-time geolocation of the trucks and its movement.

Which is vital for the security and protection of assets. The more you will spend the money the more features you will get better it will be for your company. The listed items are compiled to help you choose what suits you best.


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