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How To Factory Unlock An iPhone – Easy Methods

Cell phones now become a crucial part of our lives and we completely rely upon them. Earlier, they were only used for messaging and calling but now people are using them for every task. There are different applications available where people can shop, apply for jobs, take online classes, and many more. About twenty years ago, there is no mobile phone and people have to face many difficulties in communication.

But now the era has revolutionized and smartphones are playing the roles of humans. Using a smartphone is like a laptop in your pocket from which you can do anything with it and everywhere with the support of the Internet. This the world where Apple is ruling all over. Everyone wishes to buy an iPhone to stand out in society with pride. This has basically become a sign of personality.

As everybody cannot afford the price of the iPhone, some people may buy refurbished phones that are repaired due to some fault that can be put on re-sale. These phones have a much lower defect rate and they can give a good performance as the manufacturer repaired it again to meet the specs. Although, buying a second-hand phone is not a bad idea as you can buy it at a discounted price.

When you go to the market to buy a new phone or a used one, there are two types one is locked and the other is unlocked. Locked phones come at a low price but with the added one. They have a guarantee but unlocked phones come without guarantee. You can know more about factory unlock an iPhones for 2021 and their prices for your interest. Unlocking an iPhone means that you can use your phone with a different mobile carrier. So it is important to factory unlock your iPhone to feel free to use any carrier.

Some people want a new handset when it came to the market. The only way to get it is by buying the unlocked phone. You have to pay cash at once and you will be able to enjoy all the carrier deals. Also, some people are tied to using a single network carrier and they want to switch their carriers so by factory unlocking the phone gives you the option to play in with different carriers.

Back in the old-time, phones can easily be unlocked by just entering the right unlock code. Unfortunately, iPhones are not that easy to unlock. We need to take some special steps to make an iPhone be factory unlocked. The advancement in mobile technology has also advanced the security and it has now made it difficult to pass the security levels until you have the correct information and you choose the best way to deal with it.

Apple is not interested in checking whether which network you are engaging with but to provide security and privacy are their core goals. And this makes it difficult for iPhone users to unlock their phones. But this article helps you in checking the best ways to factory unlock an iPhone in 2020.

What is the Difference Between Locked and Unlocked iPhones?

A long time ago, iPhones were sold locked in the United States, but after some time Apple started selling factory unlocked iPhones. The customer used to pay full price for the locked iPhones and the phones are locked by the security code as master subsidy lock.

This stops the user to access the programming of the phone and using any network carrier. Factory unlocked iPhones are from the start available in Europe but it became available in the United States in 2011. Unlock iPhones are the ones that use GSM technology that means they contain SIM cards.

When a phone is unlocked, this means that you can insert a SIM in it and it is now connected to any network carrier. Now you are able to communicate with the people around the globe through messages, calls, and accessing the Internet facility. Third parties or contractors used to sell factory unlock iPhones as they provide access to use any SIM card with any mobile carrier.

Why iPhones Are Normally Sold Locked?

When the iPhone launched in the United States, Apple and AT&T decided to sell unlocked iPhones at discounted prices by signing a contract by the customer. Although it is possible to unlock an iPhone before selling, it requires hacking, a process called jailbreaking. If the customer breaks the contract it will result in a high penalty in case of a substantial cancellation fee. The company manages its price by keeping the customer engaged in a long contract.

What is Jailbreaking?

If you want to unlock your phone but can’t afford to have a factory unlocked phone then you can hack the phone. This process is known as jailbreaking. This process will unlock your iPhone and it can be accessed by any network carrier. This process is legal but it canceled the warranty of the manufacturer.

Advantages of a Factory Unlocked iPhone

Unlocked iPhones have a number of advantages like you don’t need to change your network carrier whenever you go abroad. You can use the same phone and can switch the network without jailbreaking the network. As jailbreaking is a tough process and it spoils the warranty on the iPhone.

These phones are compatibles with using SIM cards. If the customer dislikes the services of the network, he can replace his card easily. These services are not valid for locked iPhones. These are some reasons that people prefer buying factory unlocked iPhones most of the time.

Disadvantages of a Factory Unlocked iPhone

The main disadvantage of buying a factory unlocked iPhone is its cost. The price of a locked iPhone is less as compared to the unlocked one. The network carrier sponsored the locked phones so their prices are managed. Locked phones look cheaper to purchase upfront.

If you plan to use the same carrier for a long time, and there are no plans to go abroad, then there is no incentive in buying an unlocked iPhone. Also, you have to buy an unlocked iPhone with a one-time payment. The other disadvantage is that you still have to face the limitations of locked phones.

How to Factory Unlock An iPhone – Following 10 Ways

  • One of the most used factories unlocking methods is sending a request to the network provider to unlock your iPhone. It is also known as factory unlocking or IMEI unlocking. This method is recommended by Apple.
  • Hardware unlocking can unlock your iPhone. This is when you go to some mobile shop and they made some changes to unlock your iPhone.
  • Software unlocking is also a process of unlocking the iPhone but it is risky as it can cause damage to your internal memory. This process has stopped working now.
  • R-SIM is a technique to unlock the iPhone. R-SIM is a small chip under the SIM card that lies inside the SIM of the iPhone’s tray.
  • One method is to request a reputable supplier. You have to wait for 3-5 days until it is being processed. And then check for your status.
  • One of the ways is to use Doctor Unlock as they are very fast in providing services. They require an IMEI number to unlock your iPhone.
  • Direct Unlocks is another medium to unlock your iPhone. You have to provide your IMEI number in the box and your network and you get your iPhone unlocked instantly.
  • Another best supplier is the Official iPhone Unlock that takes 2-3 days to factory unlock your iPhone. In this, you are not supposed to pay twice. The first payment is deducted as a whole. On this site, you are required to enter the IMEI number and the network carrier to unlock your iPhone.
  • If you want to unlock iPhone on the Vodafone network, you have to make an account and provide the details required. The process requires no cost.
  • If you have an EE account and you are engaging with it for at least 6 months and there are no bills to be paid, so you can unlock your iPhone by paying some rupees.

These are the 10 ways to factory unlock an iPhone in order to connect to any network carrier. Now there are some bad and good things about factory unlocking an iPhone. Let get to know about that:


  • Use your iPhone with another mobile carrier
  • Able to change the software
  • Factory unlocked GSM phone can be activated by SIM card
  • Useful for foreign carriers
  • Allows to switch carrier without buying a new phone

  • Factory unlocked phone is costly
  • The software you change might be including virus
  • Mostly, you have to pay to unlock your iPhone
  • It has limitations
  • Jailbreaking can damage your iPhone while maximizing benefits

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to factory unlock iPhone?

In order to factory unlock an iPhone, you have to check whether your carrier offers you the facility to unlock your phone because a phone carrier can only unlock the phone. Send a request to your carrier to unlock the iPhone. It may demand some requirements to be fulfilled. First, you complete those requirements, and then you will request your carrier to unlock the iPhone. When your carrier sent you confirmation that they unlocked your iPhone, you have to follow some simple steps:

If you have a different carrier:

  • Remove your SIM and place a new one.
  • Start your iPhone again.

If you have the same carrier:

  • Take a backup of your iPhone.
  • Format your iPhone.
  • Reset your iPhone.

NOTE: Please insert SIM that is compatible with your iPhone otherwise your iPhone will not be unlocked.

How to factory unlock iPhone 7?

If you want to unlock iPhone 7, you must provide an IMEI number for the request. In order to that security code, you can dial *#06#. Secondly, you must have to use the correct network carrier to unlock an iPhone 7. You have to remove the blockade from the network that you are using. Then follow the above-mentioned steps to first send a request to your carrier and follow their guidelines to factory unlock iPhone 7.

How to check if the phone is factory unlocked?

To check whether your phone is locked or factory unlocked, the important thing is the IMEI number that is a 15 digit security code that issues every phone in the world. You can get this number simply by dialing *#06# and you will receive a message with your 14 digit code. This code is used for your mobile information as it tells you about your phone status, warranty, etc.

After getting the IMEI number, click on the link https://www.imei.info/. Enter the IMEI number in the text box and tap the Check button. The new window will appear showing the phone details including model, brand, and other specs. There is a button named Free SIM lock status, hit that button and you will be able to check your phone’s status.


In short, unlocked phones are not limited to a particular network carrier but they can be connected to any carrier and can be used when you go abroad for traveling, etc. just by swapping the SIM card inside lets you connect with the world and you can enjoy the benefits and promotions of unlocked iPhone. The SIM is basically the central medium by which you can switch your carrier. While changing carriers you have to change the SIM too.

To get rid of the locked and unlocked problem of phones, some people prefer to buy some devices named “factory unlock” from different retailers. Most sellers sell unlock models like Apple does it for iPhones, google for its Pixel handsets, etc. The most important thing is when you buy an unlocked iPhone you should check whether it works properly with the carrier you intend to use. This step is no need to take when buying a wireless phone because they offer phones that can perform tasks on their network.

So there is nothing to get in why to unlocked iPhone or why to purchase a locked phone. This is just to allow you to change your network carrier freely. You can use local SIM cards without paying any roaming fees. Ultimately, an unlocked iPhone increases its value when it comes to its market value.