Find Current Location of Mobile Number in Google Map Online

In a world where there is a risk of unforeseen dangers, you must monitor your mobile location so that you are able to access it in case it is stolen or any other emergency. Nowadays, thanks to technological advancements, one can trace an unknown phone number while getting repeated calls from an unknown number and quickly determine.

The present location of a mobile number with the help of several internet phone location tracking apps and tools.

Does Phone Locator Really Work

Yes! Most of the time, phone locators work accurately. They assist the users in locating the precise location of mobile phones. Cell phone tracking software works by activating a GPS tracking system that finds the exact location. GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a satellite navigation system that links numerous satellite networks. These satellites offer the precise location data of a wide range of devices globally.

These GPS satellites communicate with the Earth by transmitting signals down to it. GPS receiver connects this signal and analyses the IP addresses of transmitter and receiver. Resultantly, the distance between the satellite and receiver increases (device). This data will then drive the GPS receiver’s algorithm to accurately and efficiently compute the actual position of the targeted device.

Why You Need Track A Phone

People depend on mobile phones, and it seems that whenever a new mobile phone is introduced in the market, people usually get crazy. These new phones have more functions as compared to the previous models. This implies that mobile phones are now more incorporated into people’s lives than they were before. Generally, the lives of people revolve around their mobile phones. Today, even youngsters are seen scrolling on mobile phones as a free time activity.

That’s why here are a couple of reasons one must monitor the smartphone.

1. Real-Time Map Tracking

Google Maps seems to have a life-saving function called real-time location, enabling you to share your current location with your family, friends, and colleagues. Furthermore, you have complete control over the privacy of your profile while doing so. Users can access this Google Maps function on both iOS and Android smartphones.

2. Business Monitoring

In case you are handling your business, tracking devices assist you in keeping a proper check and balance on the company’s assets, such as automobiles, which are being used correctly. For instance, if one of your employee’s tasks is to deliver a product, you can quickly check whether he is doing so by monitoring his number.

3. Parental Control

If your kids are not answering your calls or they are late, no need to worry. You can easily track their mobile location with a tracker to make sure they are safe and sound and are not involved in any illegal or unauthorized activity. This is a confidential method, so you won’t have to debate with your children about self-care or maturity since they won’t know you monitored their gadgets.

4. Live Map View

If you are sharing the live location with someone, you both must have a Google account, and also you should be on each other’s contact list before sharing your whereabouts. If you’ve ever given each other an email or a Hangouts message, this will automatically happen. Because your mobile device may be traced, you can only do this from your phone. You can see the places that you both shared once. The technique is primarily the same whether you’re using iOS or Android.

How Does Mobile Tracker Work

GPS has a fantastic function that only a few people are aware of: it works even when the phone is not linked to any network. Nowadays, all handsets and mobile phones have a GPS capability that allows the user to locate the phone. Technically, the phone location tracker websites and applications employ GPS to monitor the whereabouts of phone numbers. They get the GPS coordinates and provide the phone number’s location.

As a result, you may trace any number regardless of whether the device is online or offline. WhatsApp and SMS messages may also be used to monitor GPS. While accessing them, you may share your whereabouts with anybody. It is really beneficial in terms of security. You may monitor your child’s mobile phone location if you want to know where he or she is going or whether he or she is safe. These GPS trackers also provide a slew of additional features.

How to Find Current Location of Mobile Number in Google Map Online

Methods 1: Track Phone Number Location Online for Free

Many people search for free mobile phone tracking internet apps for various reasons and want to know the actual location of a mobile phone number. There are just too many websites and applications available to assist with free mobile phone tracking services. Some of the best ones are:


It’s a wonderful site for tracking a mobile phone for free online. If you want to monitor your smartphone’s location, simply enter the phone number you intend to monitor.


  • McAfee Security has declared the website to be secure.
  • Both landline and mobile phone numbers can be easily tracked on the website.
  • The app’s functionality is easy to manage.


It offers a free mobile tracking service. You will identify the location of the target phone number by following a few easy steps.


  • The website is simple to navigate.
  • This service does not need the installation of any third-party software. To monitor a mobile phone for free internet, just go to the website.
  • It can monitor any phone that runs on iOS, Windows, Android, or Blackberry.
  • You may use this website to monitor your mobile phone for free at any time.


You can trace the location of a phone number online for free with Online GPS Phone Tracker. It will provide you with several benefits.


  • The service enables users to trace both mobile and landline phone numbers.
  • Its tracking function is available all around the planet.

Methods 2: Track Phone Number Locations Using Third-party Apps

Except for the online tools available, there is also some app that offers you to access your smartphone’s location without nay risk of data piracy or hanging. The top best software trending in the market due to their promising features and exceptional performing actions are:


MSpy is a phone tracker program that allows you to watch your child’s behavior remotely. You can access the messages without any trouble. This software enables you to see the device’s GPS position.


  • It operates in the background.
  • This program encrypts and safeguards your data.
  • Every 5 minutes, the targeted phone’s activity is updated.
  • It provides multilingual assistance.
  • You can read both incoming and outgoing text messages.


Clevguard is a phone monitoring program that allows you to follow mobile activities remotely. This program enables you to access phone files from any location instantly. It allows you to set up a geo-fence and get notifications when your kid enters or departs the range.


  • Allows you to monitor your GPS and Wi-Fi position.
  • Remote screenshot capturing is possible.
  • Provides real-time data sync through 3G/4G network or Wi-Fi.
  • Phone calls may be recorded.
  • Multiple languages are supported.
  • Email and chat support are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


UMobix is a mobile device monitoring software that is compatible with iOS and Android. It monitors basically all of the target phone’s actions, including phone conversations, browsing history, SMS messaging, social media, GPS location, messengers, and so on. It provides real-time control of the devices and allows users to capture screenshots on the mobile phone.


  • Control panel in real-time
  • Tracking phone calls
  • Monitoring text messages
  • A sophisticated GPS tracker 
  • Smartly tracks history
  • Quickly access the gallery photos


FlexiSPY is the most powerful monitoring software available for pcs, mobile phones, and tablets. You may use the program to spy on a computer or a smartphone. There is also a mobile viewer app for Android and iPhone.


  • Parental Control Software 
  • Parental Control Software 
  • Service for Remote Installation
  • Keep track of users’ log-on/off activities.
  • Uninstall or disable the program remotely.
  • Run in Invisible Mode
  • Prevent software from being removed
  • A particular key combination is required for access.
  • Display dashboard notifications
  • Web-based Remote Commands Automatic Remote Updates


Spyera is a mobile phone, tablet, and desktop monitoring application. It enables you to remotely monitor your Android phone, tablet, iPhone, or iPad.


  • Allows you to keep an eye on your children and learn about their lives.
  • Track your staff to defend your company.
  • Simple installation and an easy-to-use online management panel

How to Track Cell Phone Locations and Get Real-Time Alert

Users can access the mobile monitoring apps for free, like GPS Phone and Locate Any Phone. Whether your gadget has an internet connection or not, they function precisely. You can easily trace anybody’s number through SMS or WhatsApp chats. This software is convenient for parents who want to know where their children are at all times to guarantee their safety.

You can simply trace a gadget location’s using parental control software. It contains a GPS tracking system that enables you to track any device conveniently. Social applications and games divert your children’s attention away from academics and sleep. The software available in the market may assist you in simply blocking all such services on their iPads and iPhones, allowing children to focus better.

It is the most potent geo-fence app for iPhone or iPad, allowing you to install geo-fences for specific locations and get quick warnings when your children leave the geofenced areas at any time. With the Screen Time function, you can also establish a screen time restriction for your children’s devices during their sleep. It offers a three-day free trial on the app.

Final Word

In the previous text, a brief description of numerous distinct approaches for determining the real-time location of a mobile number is described. Every method is unique, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Some software is only effective if the target phone is linked to the internet platform. Specific solutions only provide accurate results when the target phone’s location services are enabled. As a result, each strategy has its limitations, and you must choose the best way that matches your needs.

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