How to Find my iPhone with Android

When you desperately need to search find my iPhone with Android that’s lost, then you can opt to use an Android device to help you. Yes, it’s very much possible, and the first thing that pops in your head will be to directly get to the browser to access iCloud so that you can begin your tracking. However, it might be unfruitful at first because of the message that mostly gets displayed, which states that it currently doesn’t offer support to such a browser. However, it’s still possible to track a person’s lost iPhone through several other Android features.

You can get to also use any third-party applications that will lead you to find the current location of your iPhone. Technology has made it easier for iPhone tracking for many users around the world who might happen to misplace their gadgets. Google PlayStore on Android has several applications that can help determine the iPhone location through some creative measures because Android doesn’t support the iOS platform.

Real-time tracking on the location gets easily performed to help find my iPhone with Android. Voluntary tracking can also be implemented where the static location gets shared through the assistance of an available app. iPhone misplacement can be very costly to the owner because it’s very expensive to purchase, and it’s features are always unique, so you would imagine losing such a gadget. The moment you mislay your iPhone, you need to start its location process immediately.

The article discusses some of how you can successfully achieve tracking your lost iPhone through an easy way of using an Android device before you access a Mac or any other iOS device. Read on the information below to know which steps that you can easily take.

Is it Possible to Track my iPhone with Android

Tracking your lost iPhone is possible when you log into your iCloud account via the Android browser. You need to have all the information about your iCloud account to access the Find My iPhone feature and activate it to start locating your lost iPhone.

What do you need to Know Before you Find my iPhone with Android

  • When you mislay your iPhone, you need to be aware that you need to have enabled Find My iPhone beforehand to use an Android to locate it with this option easily. iPhone users should prioritize this feature always in all their iOS-based platforms.
  • If the above option is not possible, you need to remember the passwords you use for the personal Apple ID. It’s important because you’ll be able to keep all your data on your lost iPhone safe when it’s lost.
  • Android phones can track your lost iPhone as an immediate option, but you need to be informed that you need additional features to get the accuracy of your device and even wipe all your data if it’s hard to find it.
  • Always secure your iPhone data on iCloud or iTunes so that whenever you find yourself Ina scenario of losing your phone, you can easily obtain the data from another iOS platform.

How to Find my iPhone with Android – Easy Ways

Several ways are at your disposal when you want to acquire my iPhone with Android to locate and track the device.

1. FindMyiPhone

Apple developed the feature Find My iPhone to offer the convenience of helping its users locate their phone or track other people’s locations. It’s available for versions above iOS 13. When a user gets their product from Apple, they are made to activate the tracking feature, so that in case the device gets lost, it can easily get located.

As much as it was designed for Mac and other iOS devices, Android can still use this feature through some detailed steps to track an iPhone that’s misplaced as discussed here;

  1. Get an Android phone and launch its browser then type in the website iCloud.
  2. Log into your account on iCloud. You will have to authenticate yourself through the two-step verification method where a code will be sent to your email that you used to register for an Apple ID.
  3. When you achieve a successful login process, you need to Find My iPhone icon at the top right corner of the screen then select the map available to view where the iPhone might be located. You need to select the right device if you previously or are now owning multiple iOS devices.

2. GoogleMaps

Google is among the world’s largest companies that use advanced technology to provide different services across its platform on Android. You will also get a scope to find my iPhone with Android through its Google Maps Timeline. The following Google feature allows an iPhone user to track their history of location on the android phone using their Google account that they used on the iPhone.

You can stick to these steps to try locating your lost iPhone:

  1. Open the Google Maps app and go to the settings when you have your iPhone with you and ensure that the Location button is always on so that it gets misplaced, you can easily find it.
  2. When you’re tracking your iPhone with Android, you can go to the app and log in using your Google ID then head to the Timeline Menu. It will show you the current history of the device location.

3. GPSTracking

A GPS Tracking App is another available good way that you can track your lost iPhone with Android. Head to the Google PlayStore first or a third party site where you can get the app and install it on the Android phone. It’s advisable to use a GPS Tracking App which can support both Android and iOS platforms.

You can log in to the app first through an incognito browser so that you can be able to track your iPhone. Remember that you need to have previously installed the app on your lost iPhone so that this method can be effective.

4. TrustedContacts

The Trusted Contacts program form Google is a feature that got developed to remove any barriers when it comes to tracking phones. The feature acts like a friend-locator, offering replacement options for popular features like the Find My Friends app on iOS. iPhone users can get to use it as well. Other applications are third- parties that offer the same use, but the Trusted Contact Program from Google works for those who have existing accounts on Google.

Other users can also do a linkup on the platform using an existing Gmail account or any other accounts that are based on Google. The use of other third-party applications will also mean that the user will have to set up a new account before joining this track pool.

How to Secretly Track an iPhone with Android

Creative measures can be used to track the location of an iPhone from any platform in real-time. When you are tracking a static location device, it is very easy, but when it comes to a dynamic location, you will need the assistance of their party app to offer help. The earlier mentioned ways that can get used to tracking my iPhone with Android are very effective, but you also need to get permission from the iPhone user to be effective.

However, there are several situations in which you can pursue your iPhone without permission from a user. Certain tools can be used to help with the tracking of your misplaced iPhone. Professional instruments such as certain software are designed specifically to offer tracking services to devices such as iOS in a stealth mode.

The available programs have an art algorithm that can effectively track Android and iOS smartphones easily. Stealth tracking involves finding the device without touching or installing any app for the devices which run on versions above iOS 13. It provides real-time details such as timestamps, addresses, latitudes, and longitudes.

Tips to Help a User Avoid Losing their iPhone

You need to learn about certain tips after getting aware of several solutions that can help you locate your iPhone with Android. Here are some useful tips that you can use so that you don’t mislay your iPhone in the future:

  • Normalise backing up your iOS and Android data all the time so that you can keep every person’s data safe and prevent it from getting lost whenever you mislay your iPhone. Using a professional backup tool that can also restore your data will be useful, such as iCloud.
  • Find My iPhone has been effective in finding your lost device through both iOS and Android. The app is available for iOS users and can be accessed through a browser on Android devices. Make sure that you have this feature on the phone at all times.
  • Ensure that you keep your iPhone safe while using the bus or when you’re on or any place that has crowds.
  • When leaving the restaurant, confirm that you have your iPhone with you and check it on the table before leaving it so that you don’t leave it there.


Tracking my iPhone with Android is possible, and it’s also a very effective process that you can take when you misplace your device. The detailed methods mentioned earlier in the article have been of great help to many iPhone users when they mislay their new iPhones and require tracking. Ensure that your current iPhone has the Find My iPhone feature, and it’s logged onto the iCloud platform and Google so that it will be easy to identify where it presumably gets lost.

The process isn’t that complicated when such options are on, and also backing up data is essential for any user who has a smartphone with iOS and Android platforms.

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