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How To Find My Phone Location By Number – Step By Step Guide

Have you ever had an incident when you wished you knew exactly where a particular phone number was calling from? A number that was new or weirdly unfamiliar and you can’t help but scratch your head for answers which may seem distant to you at that moment. You end up doing random guesses trying to figure out the identity of the person calling you. In most cases, you wouldn’t want to call a person and end up finding out it’s your uncle Jimmy. I know he might be forgiving but rest assured that others would not take it kindly.

This is the perfect time where you wish you know to find someone’s location using their cell phone number. There are numerous occasions that are not so benign as reflected in the example that I have given above. Unfortunate events like your phone being stolen or if ever you received some threat from a stranger over a phone call will trigger your mind to seek out solutions to quickly respond to the urgent needs of that time.

When my lovely android phone was stolen, I felt the world opening up to swallow me. I remember rushing to my laptop and googling. Desperate times call for desperate measures and any solution that was free and promised to help me find my phone location by number was worth trying. To find my phone with the number, I first had to know about the different technologies involved.

How To Find My Phone Location By Number – Step By Step Guide

  • Location By Using a Tracking Application
  • Network Carrier Location Mapping
  • Locations Via the Details of the Phone Number

1. Location By Using a Tracking Application

Global Positioning System commonly known as GPS is the primary technology enabling location mapping. The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) and GPS can work to inform the real-time position of a specific handset anywhere in the world at any particular time. Mobile phones can be tracked whether they are connected to the internet or not.

A number of applications have made it possible to precisely show the location of a mobile phone. They also have some advanced features like tracking a device through the use of an SMS. These applications function by connecting to the phone being tracked to enable monitoring. To do this, the software is installed on the mobile handset that is tracked and it becomes easier to know the location of that cell phone.

2. Network Carrier Location Mapping

With legal implications hovering at the back of your mind, one of the best strategies to adopt when you want to find the location of your iPhone or Android phone is by using the Network Carrier. The Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) provides the infrastructure that powers your communication. They are better positioned to find out the location of your phone through the SIM card number that you used.

In many countries, investigative agencies work closely with these Network Carriers to help them quell down criminal activities. Cell phone towers are used by the Network Operator to triangulate geographically the position of a phone. This can be performed on even the most basic cell phones since it only requires GPS technology. At any one particular point, the location of the mobile phone is known by the Network Operator. It is not possible for the Network Operator to deliver calls without the knowledge of the mobile device. The Core Network (CN) is an integral feature that achieves the function of finding the location of your phone by number.

The CN is actively used by the police to tap into your mobile phone without calling or touching it. This is done remotely. If you want to retrieve your phone by finding its location, call logs from the Network Operator can prove to be very useful. The scope of information provided in some cases might be limited to only a specific city. It will give you the place where the calls were made.

In the US, some major carriers have developed some paid features which enable location mapping for your handset or for those of your loved ones. T-Mobile Family Where and AT&T Secure Family are some of the services introduced by these telecom companies to foster security for the family. This is legal for as long as the connected accounts are for your family members. Proof has to be issued out to ascertain that indeed they are your family members. In view of the escalating criminal activities and just the need to monitor kids, most families find such features as being instrumental.

Another critical information to note is that phone coverage and WiFi can also be used independently of GPS technology to help you find the location of your phone by number. This can best be demonstrated by websites such as Google which show you your location when browsing.

3. Locations Via the Details of the Phone Number

Another straightforward approach to finding out the location of your phone by number is by using your number. This is different from having a tracker embedded in your phone. Here, our interest is keying in your number into a particular database that gives your search results. The search results can be more than just the location that you are looking for.

This entails a reverse phone number lookup method which is hustle-free. You can use this service which is provided by tech companies like Truecaller and Whitepages. If you have used Truecaller, you may have noticed that it gives you information such as the name of the person, the location, and even the e-mail address.

Examples of Applications That you can use to Find your Phone by Number?

In the technologically filled space that we live in, there are so many applications or methods that you can adopt to help you find your phone by number. I will, therefore, discuss some of the notable examples which fall into two of the categories that I have explained above.

  • Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Whitepages
  • Truecaller
  • Facebook

1. Reverse Phone Lookup

Numerous websites exist where you can check the location of your phone by reverse phone lookup. Whitepages, Truecaller, and Facebook are some of the online resources that can prove worthwhile to you. You are only required to enter the specific digits of the phone number and you wait for it to give you the results. Let’s look at the examples I have hereby mentioned.

2. Whitepages

This is a directory of home addresses. The database is vast and offers numerous directory services including fraud screening and public record background checks. You can find out the home address of the person whose number you have submitted in the search query. This concurrently tells you the location of the phone by number.

The advantage of using Whitepages is its ability to give you detailed information which can also be very critical. Information such as the financial records of the user and assessing individuals through their background checks can be pivotal in decision making. The Whitepages interface is user-friendly and anyone can use it without any difficulties.

If you just key in a phone number, Whitepages will furnish you with data on the Network Carrier, Spam/Fraud potential, statistics on searches for the same phone number, and the city, being the location of the handset. Despite such incredible service, it is clear that it only offers limited information under the free service plan. To access more information, one is required to pay for the premium service.

3. Truecaller

With over 150 million daily active users, Truecaller is an application that offers reverse lookup services. You can use the Caller ID to see who is calling you. Truecaller has become a popular application and has proved to be a commendable ally for most of its users. The Truecaller websites have reported cases where their application has helped to prevent criminal activities in different parts of the world. With this application, a user has access to a large database.

This database of phone users is what makes the reverse lookup service by Truecaller to be highly efficient, consequently being very attractive to its global audience. The Swedish-based company reported having garnered 500 million downloads as of September 2019.

If this statistic is anything to go by then Truecaller been attained global acceptance. This we can owe to a number of upsides which includes a freemium that is effective for its users. A very intuitive system that complements its eye-catching user interface. It is quite remarkable at identifying your callers.

It is very easy to tell the details of the caller including location. If you are lucky to get a profile picture, then the exercise becomes quite easy for you. A downside of this application touches on privacy. Truecaller works by intruding on your privacy. When you agree to the terms and conditions, Truecaller obtains information from your phone’s contact list.

4. Facebook

This platform is widely popular and hosts over 2.45 billion active users, you can effortlessly get to know more about the person linked to that number. You can view the profile and a repository of data under the person’s Facebook page. You only insert the phone number on the search bar and it will give you the associated profile. When looking for a phone number, Facebook avails you with a worldwide database that is unmatched in the social media sphere due to its many users.

The searching processes are very simple. One thing to note is the fact that Facebook allows the searching of phone numbers by enabling a setting that is always set to default. With this type of reverse lookup tool, the results can be very detailed. This is very relieving as you are able to acquire very detailed information.

The cons of using Facebook for this specific purpose include the fact that an account holder or a user can disable the feature set by Facebook. Successful search results for such individuals are definitely unfeasible. Some people don’t have Facebook accounts, making it impossible to find any information on them that can inform on their location. Even though Facebook was created to connect, the fact that anyone can search for any phone number and obtain details about its owner is in itself an infringement on privacy.

Pros and Cons of Reverse Phone Lookup:

Some of the reasons prompting anyone to opt for this service area outlined below.


  • Quite an easy process
  • Free or works with minimal cost
  • It’s Legal
  • Fast
  • Can give detailed information

  • Many people like to maintain confidentiality therefore they don’t register their phone numbers in the directories.
  • It’s hard to find a good reverse telephone directory
  • Loss of privacy for listed numbers

The Verdict:

Reverse lookup can be conducted on a needs basis when you want to find out quickly the location of a phone number or details of the same. Facebook is a very competitive platform that can give you the results that you desire at absolutely zero cost. Although free versions don’t give you the data that you may fancy, I believe that they can be great tools. They are also region-specific and based on where you are, you are likely to get the most benefits where a large proportion of the database is from your locality.

The Best Tracking Applications

As discussed, there are a plethora of tracking applications for mobile phones. We can just highlight a few of these applications which are worth mentioning.

  • Famisafe GPS Tracker App
  • Spyzie for Android and iPhones
  • GPS phone tracker for iPhones

1. Famisafe GPS Tracker App

This is a GPS tracker uniquely developed for keeping families safe. With this application, you can be able to tell the location of your kids. As a monitoring tool, it also gives you the location history. It has Geofencing bundled to its tracking features.

This is a plus as it notifies a parent when your kid exits the geofenced area which is usually up to 1000m specified radius. A discouraging factor when using this app is its inability to monitor texts and chats. We are aware that text and chat monitoring capability is paramount to your phone’s location determination. Another downside is that Famisafe’s trial version only lasts for 3 days.

2. Spyzie for Android and iPhones

This is another powerful tracker that boasts of its versatility. It can also locate your missing phone within the shortest time possible. Although this tracker has other features which include web filters and other parental control options, it’s tracking feature is robust. It allows for location tracking and geofencing. You are able to see all the locations correlated to the device. The remote tracking provides in-depth details. It is also able to detect when a SIM card is changed.

This wholesomely gives you accurate information on the location of the phone. The company offers a longer duration free trial for customers to familiarize themselves with the software to determine whether it’s a fit. Some customers have been quick to point out compatibility issues with other devices, not enough parental control features to poor customer support services.

3. GPS phone tracker for iPhones

This app is an example of a tracker that promises to convert your iPhone into a premium-level GPS tracker. With it, you can see the current location of your family and friends. It complements the GPS functionality in iPhones to boost its tracking capability. It is also a permission-based system. This tracker is very efficient with an accuracy of 30 feet which is well within the acceptable range. It also makes it possible for you to check for locations within the past 24 hours. The flipside of this application is that it takes a toll on your phone’s battery.

Pros and Cons of Tracking Applications:


  • Pinpoints the exact location of your device
  • Great ability for parental control to monitor children and others.
  • Handy in an emergency situation.
  • Legal if consent is obtained.

  • Invasion of privacy is a great drawback.
  • Tracking is not possible if the phone is switched off.

The Verdict:

A tracking app like Spyzie seems the most robust of the three afore-listed. A GPS phone tracker is recommended for iPhones. Let’s not, however, forget that one app can have a feature that is unique when compared to the other. Famisafe has basic parental control features while Spyzie has more parental controls.


Are you still asking yourself this question, how can I find the current location of my phone by number? I hope that by now I have illuminated your mind by providing this insightful information. In my concluding remarks, I’d like to urge you to consider such preventive measures which can be beneficial to you. Knowledge of ways of knowing the location of a phone by number can enhance the safety of your family. It is also helpful when you need to know the location of your stolen phone. Technology is becoming better by the day and you and I need to take advantage of them.