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How to Find Owner of Cell Phone Number Free

How to find owner of cell phone number free? Print phone directories existed for a very long time before the contemporary period gave rise to the digital world. These databases assisted authorities, private investigators, and others in locating the caller of an anonymous phone call. People now use digital tools to find people associated with a specific phone number as paper phone directories are no longer available.

The objective of this article is to explain reverse phone lookup searches and to list the top 8 websites that perform them.

Who is the Owner of This Phone

At any one time, you must have received a call from a number you weren’t expecting? Are you hesitant to answer or return calls from unknown phone numbers? Recognizing who you are speaking to and having faith that they are who they say they are can provide you a further sense of security in the face of the abundance of spammers and fraudsters attempting to obtain your credentials.

On an Apple or Android smartphone, you may access a variety of websites that assist you in recognizing reliable callers and determining who is phoning you by following their data. To begin a phone number search, all you have to do is go to the lookup number website, type in the number along with the area code, and then click the search button to receive results right away for nothing and without having to input a credit card or register.

Then you can say goodbye to spam calls and fraudsters using unknown numbers and spam. This way is simpler to learn who called you by trying either of the sites listed below.

Best 8 Sites to Identify and Find the Owner of Cell Phone Number Free

1. Google

Enter the number in Google and type the country code to find it. You’ll receive feedback from it straight away. It would be best first to comprehend how mobile phone numbers function in that nation to determine how users’ phone numbers are set up.

For instance, the area code for Stuttgart-711 and the area code for Berlin-030 start with a zero. Nonetheless, the number should show as +49-711-xx xx instead of merely +49-711-xxxxxx if you’re calling from Germany-country code +49. Once you’ve established where the contact number is coming from, pick a service that offers services in that area.

2. WhitePage

WhitePages is one of the most commonly used reverse phone lookup tools on the planet, and it can be accessed using any online browser. They offer a variety of services. On the website, as a premium subscriber, you may also perform further searches for solvency reports, cell phone numbers, past addresses, contact details, and felony convictions and files. Additionally, WhitePages offers an outstanding tenant screening service.

3. WhoCallsMe

Are you concerned that a fraudster, salesperson, or surveyor is calling you without your permission? In this situation, you should attempt this service. Enter the phone number in the search window and click Search. WhoCallsMe allows you to discover the location of a caller’s location and any prior reports that other people have made. By expressing your feedback on the caller after inputting a number, you can help the reverse phone lookup service build its directory.

4. SearchBug

By immediately displaying the locations of phone numbers you’ve looked for, this application may help you save a lot of time. Enter the phone number, hit Search, and then watch for details on this number from SearchBug. Even if they cannot identify a national database for this contact, you will at least know whether it is a support number, landline, or mobile number and the service user’s location. The complete identity of the person who possesses the suspect phone number is one of the additional pieces of information that SearchBug will attempt to charge you for, but you’ll be fortunate to find it on the web for free.

5. NumberVille

This website is comparable to SearchBug but also supports foreign phone numbers. It appears to provide more details for no cost, such as the present and previous residences connected to a phone number; we believe it obtains this information from WhitePages. Additionally, it seemed more current than its rivals, Reverse Phone Lookup, and SpyDialer.

6. NumLookup

NumLookup can be accessed using any online browser, and the reverse phone lookup program is free. You may use it without a credit card. A group of geographically dispersed computers that run NumLookup is constantly scouring, gathering, and analyzing publicly accessible telephone data from all over the globe. Simple rules govern how it operates: Use the form on their website to input the phone number you’re seeking to search up, then click the “NumLookup” icon to get the owner’s complete name in return.

7. SpyDialer

By swiftly presenting the full name connected with several numbers, you’ve conducted a reverse phone lookup. Additionally, based on the three-digit area code of the number, a map depicting their geographical location is displayed. Phone activation has been identified through area codes, although that may seem strange to some.

The most attractive feature of SpyDialer is that there isn’t a paid option; it is entirely free. The firm asserts that it gets its information from user-contributed address books and open data. SpyDialer offers a free database deletion service if you’re concerned about the information it may have on you.

8. EmobileTracker

Emobiletracker is an online service that was created to track mobile phones and addresses on Google Maps, along with details about the username, locality, nationality, and telecommunication provider. Enter your phone number here if you receive a missed call from an unknown number to learn more about the caller. The website allows users to trace cell phone numbers from more than 230 different nations.

How to Find Google Phone Number Lookup Free

Start typing the contact in an inquiry into the search field along with the area or country code, for example, 123 456-7890, and hit enter to utilize Google as a zero-charge reverse contact lookup service. Reverse lookup services, many of which may need your credit card to get answers, could provide the initial results. You are advised to resist the want to do so.

How to Check Phone Number Owner Name Online

Choosing the nation, entering the mobile number, and clicking “Search Now” is all you need to do to identify the person in possession of the phone number online. The website you used to search for the phone number will provide you with the most up-to-date information on Google Map, WhitePages, YellowPages, and GPS Tracking Software that is currently accessible. The owner of the SIM card’s complete identification and cell number becomes available in around 5-8 seconds.

How to Find Someone’s Phone Number for Completely Free

Finding an individual’s phone number with zero charges may be the best wish for everyone. To achieve this, you can use either of the following tools for free;

  • Use people search sites like True People search, a free site. You can locate the phone number owner displayed in a publicly accessible place, such as a company website or discussion board. Although it is rare to succeed, it occasionally does.
  • Try a reverse number search such as SpyDialer, USPhonebook, or ZLookUp, which are free.
  • Try social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp.to check a phone number using social media. You add the unidentified phone number to your contacts after taking it. It doesn’t require a name to be stored. Then you launch a messaging app for social networking, such as WhatsApp. Search the contacts list on WhatsApp for the phone number. The person will have a little profile on WhatsApp if they are a user. The individual will be identified by their complete name and website address. You will, at the very least, see their picture.
  • Attempt googling it, and you might get results through google maps.


A reverse phone lookup tool like SpyDialer is the best way to check for a mobile phone number. It provides accurate information and is quick, secure, and confidential. In only a few minutes, you will discover all the essential detail about the phone number owner.

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