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The Best Free Online Call From PC To Mobile – You Can Choice

Phone calls make our lives super easy we can communicate with different people even halfway across the world. In the early ’70s and ’80s, having a phone call requires a landline connection. People go for a phone booth that requires a penny and makes free online call pc to mobile for just 1 minute.

Nowadays, internet connection is just right over in the palm of our hands. Sounds convenient right, by using the internet, we can make free phone calls anywhere, anytime. Heck, you can even use free online call from PC to mobile. This article will be covering all about free online call using PC to Mobile.

What are Online Calls?

Online calls are a type of message media that requires an internet connection to provide video calls and voice mail to the person you want to connect with.

In this modern-day, it is the most important technological innovation that our society relies upon. Having fast communication from a farther distance meant everything from our government to various large companies and even your business.

Meaning it has a big effect on everyone’s lives. Having Online phone calls is much more convenient than sending a mail of unpaid loan from your bank. Nonetheless, it has shaken the very foundation of our society, and without it, it would collapse back to the ice age.

Does it work?

Yes, folks, it does work. Are you may be wondering how? Let me give you some minor details. Using free internet phone programs, you can use them for international calls. Mostly it just allows calls only from different states or across Canada. It requires special software, but it is used freely by thousands of people.

There are two categories for using applications to make phone calls. Using your PC or mobile device, you can use different applications that will be listed down below. The application will receive this information and will directly be received by the person you want to call.

Take note that the person you need to call requires the same app to receive your call. As easy as it is, that’s how we use this technology nowadays. Just use some app and get free everything in return.

Listed below are 8 of the best free online call app that can be used by PC to mobile.

The Best Free Online Call From PC To Mobile – You Can Choice

free online call from pc to mobile

1. Google Voice

This platform is maybe the best way to call from PC to mobile because it can make free calls from phone numbers. Google voice has features like organizing phone numbers in your phonebook, route phone calls from phone number provider by Google to any other phone number.

There are free SMS, make conference calls by multiple people, and voicemail services. Free call services are only available in U.S and Canada but are limited to 3 hours. But, you can resume your conversation by dialing the same phone number again. You can download the app on Playstore or GooglePlay.


  • Run-on PC and Mobile Android or iPhones.
  • Can call to the existing phone number.
  • Voicemail.
  • Effortless connection to your phone number.

  • Limit Phone calls.
  • Existing number must be used to call a landline or other phone numbers.

2. Facebook Messenger

Extension app for Facebook, Messenger is available to download in play store or Google App store. This app can use both mobile and PC devices and have a countless application. This application is used for personal purposes and businesses across the globe. To call someone, you need to add a friend to the person you intended to call.

Although Facebook doesn’t support landline calls, it is available for free in any browser or mobile app. Allows you to send pictures, video, or even video calls. It also promotes group chattings and group calls.


  • Free for calling a million users around the world.
  • Can run with both PC and Mobile phones.
  • Support video call and group calls.

  • Can call only unless a friend.
  • Can’t support landline calls.

3. WhatsApp

This app is owned by Facebook but holds its reputation for millions of users logs in every day. Using the internet, you can able to connect and make phone calls on your computer or phones. Signing in is a breeze since you only need your number to log in.

Automatically, your phone contact will be directly added to WhatsApp. Can make a phone call in an instant. This app supports sending messages, pictures, video clips, even location. There is end-to-end encryption for security purposes.

As with other apps, you can only make a call using the app when the other device has the same app. Moreover, this app is highly recommended and must try.


  • Calls work anywhere as long as they are users.
  • Easily add users from your phone contact.
  • Work on iOS, iPhones, and Andriod Devices.

  • Phone Number Required.
  • Cannot call non-user and landline phones.

4. Google Duo

Owned by Google, this application is built-in in some android and iPhone devices but can download in App stores. It can create free phone calls or even free video calls.

Although there is no text messaging system on the platform, it is very convenient in making phone calls online. The app automatically adds those contacts on your phone book that is also a GoogleDuo user. It cannot call numbers that are not a user of the app. 


  • Unlimited Conversation.
  • 100% free Call with other User.

  • Do not include sending text messages.
  • Work with other users only.

5. Text Now

Textnow is a mobile phone app that can receive free phone calls and text messages from other users. There are redeemable credits, or you can buy some to call none users or landline phones. It tracks important data such as call history and has a recorder to save your discussion if you want to listen to it later.

This app can send pictures, voicemail, video clips and customize different alerts for different contacts. Signing in requires only your email and optional phone numbers. It is also available in a web browser of your computer. 


  • Can call phone numbers.
  • Voicemail box.
  • Support Customization.
  • Can send a text to any phone, even non-users.
  • Accessible through a browser and mobile devices.

  • Calls from non-users need credits.

6. Snapchat

Snap chat is the most famous application used to send messages and pictures from you and your friends. You can send voice mails and even Video Calls using the App. It is the most used messaging application with 238 million daily users in the U.S. or other parts of the globe.

There are someplace like the eastern and western parts of Asia that don’t use this app. Moreover, this app can be download at the google play store.


  • Massive user-based network.
  • Can share photos or videos.
  • Supports video calls.

  • Can call users only, no phone number allowed.

7. Telegram

Telegram is known for encrypted text messages and phone calls. This app is easy to use with messaging features you can use anywhere you go. It can also log in to any browser available on your PC and mobile phones.

Adding a contact in telegram requires only adding their user name by opening the contact’s info page and choosing the phone icon. It can run into different OS and devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, macOS, Windows, Linux, and the browser web.


  • Fully encrypted phone calls.
  • Has text messaging.
  • Can work on any devices available.

  • User-based phone calls.

8. Skype

The platform is widely known as the first platform that offers video calls, but nowadays, different apps offer the same function. But despite this, Skype still on its edge and adds more features to improve throughout the years.

Skype can work for both desktop and android via the app. Making a call to them is easy by using only the email address, phone number, and skype ID. It is compatible with other devices, both old and new Operating systems.


  • Supports chats and calls for any users.
  • Available with audio or video calls.
  • Runs in older Operating systems.
  • Available to call phone numbers.

  • Phone Number calls are needed some payment.
  • Calls from none user are not for free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are these apps compatible with my PC?

A: Yes, most of these applications are compatible with any OS available on your PC. It can even work in windows 7. You can use your browser to access some of these platforms.

Q: Is there any payment involved?

A: Some of the apps require payment but, only if you want to access non-users or long-distance calls outside the U.S. But most of these applications are free and used by hundreds of countries.

Q: Where can I download these apps?

A: These are available in any app store, and you can download them for free.

Q: Is it safe to make phone calls online?

A: Yes, companies in these apps ensure that any data is secured and encrypted to ensure that users’ security will not be violated. They are responsible for data privacy and would hold full responsibility for any threats that the user receives.

Q: Can I use this for an emergency call?

A: Take note that these platforms are not for emergency calls you can either contact your local Police department in a traditional phone call or visit their official social media or websites.

Bottom Line:

Most of these apps require that the people you want to call must have these two factors to connect:

  1. Internet connection;
  2. The same App on a device or used platform;

Since the application is free to downloads in any app store, you would not waste a single penny in using these apps. Some apps required payment given some conditions like international calls or phone numbers outside their platform.

Overall, this would help you save some bucks and a lot of effort connecting to the person you want to call. Nowadays, possibilities are limitless they are dozen of similar application we can use for connection by the internet. Choosing what would be the best is up to you.