Best Free Virtual Phone Number App

Free Virtual Phone Number App has drastically changed the very idea of how a phone number is being used nowadays. Phone numbers have evolved and have added a new dimension of how it is being used today. Earlier when a person got a call or a text. one could guess from which part of the world the call was being made, as the country code of the caller got prefixed before the caller number. But with the advancements in cloud-based technologies, there is a rapid change in the use of a phone number.

A virtual phone number is completely different from the usual phone number. because the former uses cloud-based technologies in receiving and making calls, that too, remotely from anywhere across the globe, which gives the user the liberty of not sharing one’s contact number to anyone. Virtual phone number apps are available in stores that can be downloaded on a computer or a mobile.

That enables the user to access features from anywhere across the world. as they outsmart the technology of a conventional phone number, where a SIM card or a router installation is a must. Virtual phone numbers allow a business to extend its reach to a location where it doesn’t have a physical presence. As it uses a cloud-based technology wherein a user can make calls at a very cheaper rate (both local/international).

There are paid as well as free virtual phone number providers. Grasshopper Virtual Phone Number app is gaining, its foothold as a major player in the paid virtual phone number service provider, while there are many free virtual phone number apps available in the stores.

Best Free Virtual Phone Number App Services Provides

A free virtual phone number app has come into play. which has further changed the concept of the use of a virtual phone number. Many players in the market provide free virtual phone number apps. They provide services without any subscription charges. Now the readers might have a question of how these players are running businesses without charging anything from the users. These businesses run various ads while a user is using the app to make calls, messages, chats, etc.

And by this very act, they earn revenue. The various ads they run the user might get tempted to click on them and the app owners earn using this new innovative marketing policy.

1. Freephone Number for Verification

Freephone number verification has to be done for security reasons. and so that any other individuals don’t get any spam calls or robocalls. People can’t skip the step of verification by entering the OTP that gets derived once a user signups a particular virtual number service provider site.

2. Free Virtual Phone Number No Credit Card

Free virtual phone number no credit card is a feature. the virtual phone number providers have come up with. It attracts customers pretty easily as they don’t have to pay any subscription charges but users have to bear the pain of viewing paid ads.

3. Get a Free Virtual Phone Number

There are many virtual phone number providers across the globe, who gives customizable features to its users so that they get attracted to them. The users can surf the internet to get a platform they feel appropriate for their use. They can sign up in that particular platform and whatever add ons they require they can install and they are ready to use it.

4. Advantages of Free Virtual Phone Number App

Businesses have gone a leap with technological advancements and innovations. Earlier businesses used landlines as a mode of communication amongst the employees as well as to the customers. Sometimes the customers, out of fear, don’t give a call to a phone number that is outside their resident country. But as business phone number apps can be used with multiple devices like mobile apps, laptops, desk phones, etc.

Thus it became easier for businesses to communicate amongst their employees as well as with their customers. In short, the business phone number apps help in call routing, call waiting, setting ring tones, responding during a vacation, setting the business hours, etc.

5. Free Virtual Phone Number Call Forwarding

Free virtual phone number call forwarding is another feature. that the free virtual phone number providers have added that attracts not only many businesses to get engaged, with their customers as a particular person might be unavailable to attend a particular call at a particular instant of time. But with the feature of free virtual phone number call forwarding the business doesn’t have to compromise on the prospective customers, as the very call can be transferred to another person who can attend to the customer at that particular point in time.

A business may lose potential customers because of prospective customers’ reluctance to dial a phone number outside their local area or country. The solution to the above-cited problem is call forwarding and virtual phone number removes that hindrance by curtailing the disadvantages of having a foreign country phone number.

The 10 Best Free Virtual Phone Number App

Below is a list of top ten Apps, which are believed to rule the market:

1. Google Voice

It is a smart voice calling app and can be used on all devices. Google Voice is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and also you can access it through the web. You can forward any call to any of your devices and block all spam calls. Enjoy free calls to US numbers, and they have very competitive rates for calls outside the US. If you think the benefit stops there, no it doesn’t, you will get the conference feature where you can make a conference call up to 4 people talking at the same time. And another thing you might like about Google Voice that it can transcript your voicemails into texts.

  • Easy installation
  • Call screening (Authenticating the inbound callers)
  • Good Call Transfer Facility
  • Minimal international call charges
  • Quality transcription
  • Availability of customized outgoing messages
  • SMS service integration issue

2. FreedomPop

It can be used with devices like the iPhone and Samsung and performs better over Wi-Fi. FreedomPop is free for some plans and some plans you will have to pay but of course at a very low cost. What will you get from the free plan? 200 minutes of talk, 500 texts, and 500MB of data, and unlimited call and text between FreedomPop users. If your data usage is over the limit, you will be automatically charged. For those who travel a lot, FreedomPop is a great option to travel with because its network covers several countries from the USA to Austria and even Asian countries.

  • Good user interface
  • It is best for only low usage customers, as they have set limits to users concerning data, text, and call.

3. Line

The line is another application compatible with any devices, Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac which doesn’t require a sim card, it works on it all. Its call, message, and video calls are all free but will be better with a Wi-Fi connection. It works similarly to WhatsApp unless it has more features. They have Line official stickers, themes, and even games. Their group chats feature is also one of the best; You can create a poll, photo album, notes, and mark an event in the calendar. You can place a call to any phone number with the Line Out feature at a very affordable rate with call credit, 30-day plans, or Line coin (within purchase).

  • Group chat feature (Can add a lot of people for a video chat)
  • Easy to create a poll
  • Recommended for Wi-Fi users
  • Call recording issue

4. TextNow

It is available on both Android and iOS platforms. You can use it through your phone, tablet, and desktop. You can choose your own US phone number and enjoy free talk and text. Although this app is running on a Wi-Fi connection, you can choose not to by purchasing their sim activation kit for your existing device. Other features you can enjoy are voicemail, group text, and conference call. If you need data plans, they also provide you with various 4G LTE data monthly plans, not only that you can add more lines too for your other device if you need to.

  • Multiple devices can use the phone number
  • Free access to 2G
  • More beneficial to Wi-Fi users
  • Users who don’t need high speed can opt for it
  • Poor call quality
  • Frequent Call drops

5. TextMe

TextMe comes with free unlimited text and talk to the US and abroad features. You can keep your old number and add more numbers including international numbers, this is a great deal for travelers. This app allows you to make calls from your tablet even an iPod and Kindle you can use to numbers who aren’t TextMe users. The voice call and video call you to make will be in High Definition but note that the video call feature is only available for TextMe users so you can’t place a video call to someone who doesn’t have TextMe installed on their phone. You can purchase their in-app purchases for other features you might need.

  • Easy signup
  • HD voice and video calling
  • Large data can be sent
  • Problem with app crashing

6. Pinger

Pinger is an app you download from the AppStore for your iPhone and iPad, you will be able to choose your phone number, place a call over a Wi-Fi connection, set up your own customize voicemail and texting. This app is great if you want to separate your private communication and business communication within one device or more. For Android users, you can download its sister-app called Text Free developed by Pinger, Inc. It has similar features to Pinger. Both Pinger and Text Free only give you a limited time of free call, if you run out of free call you have to pay for the plans.

  • More beneficial to Wi-Fi users
  • Good Graphical User Interface
  • Easy navigation
  • Is best for only low usage customers

7. TextPlus

Besides the mobile phones, if you have any Wi-Fi-enabled device and still want to text or make a call, TextPlus might be the answer. You can choose your phone number with any area code and will be able to change the number anytime you want. What you will get other than unlimited text is to create group chats with friends who have or don’t have this app. Any voicemail and incoming calls are unlimitedly free. If you want to make an outgoing call it will cost you less than $0.1 per minute. The service is available in the US and Canada.

  • It’s good for personal use to connect with your friends and relatives
  • Good messaging feature
  • Frequent Ad featured

8. Hushed

Personal information is protected in this platform because filtration is auto-enabled, your real number is safe and your invoice won’t show up on your carrier bill. It is also built with a PIN-lock feature to give you more security. You can manage multiple numbers to make private calls and messages for different occasions. Enjoy customizing your voicemail, call forwarding, and auto-reply message. Unlimited subscriptions are also available starting at $3.99/month, prepaid plans starting at $1.99, and pay-as-you-go international plans starting at $4.99. Hushed is compatible with Android and iPhone, free texting feature is available between Hushed users only.

  • Best for business use
  • Good messaging feature
  • Customizable voice mail greeting, call routing, and call forwarding
  • Limited international presence

9. YouMail

YouMail can act as your second phone number with some other features. You can choose your phone number and enjoy features like call routing, an auto-reply message, call blocker, call transfer, caller ID, customize voicemail, and conference call. Your privacy is secured with YouMail because you can stop any message that comes from anonymous callers, avoid robocalls, scammers, and telemarketers. Voicemail on the private phone, work phone, and your other phone can be unified in YouMail and transcribed into texts so you don’t have to check multiple inboxes. All you do is just forwarding all of your missed calls from all your devices to YouMail.

  • Automatic Call filtration (Stops rob calls)
  • Voice to text feature
  • Google Fi is not supported

10. Telos

A great platform for iPhone and Android including iPad, iPod, and any tablet. You can choose phone numbers for the US area and other countries like Canada, the UK, China, Belgium, and more. That is a good feature if you often travel to those countries. Telos provides call recorder, international SMS, video chat, conference call, and voicemail to text. Free calling between Telos users and also free texting. Their texting feature also comes with a typing indicator, read notification, and read recipient you won’t wonder if your text has been read or no. calling any phone numbers who aren’t Telos users only will cost you at a very low rate.

  • Easy to use over mobile phones
  • Clear quality of voice and video call transmissions
  • It is limited to a few countries

How can I Get a Free Virtual Phone Number

  • Search on the website or in your mobile store for a virtual phone number provider.
  • Sign up in that particular account using all the necessary credentials
  • Select a number of the country of your choice.
  • You are all set to use the number from your desktop, laptop, mobile, etc.

What is the Best Free Phone Number App

Google Voice: An app that will rule the market will be Google Voice, a Google Virtual Phone Number App, as the features are user-friendly with high-quality data transcription leading to few call drops.

Listed below are the few advantages of using the free virtual phone number app are listed below,

Which gives it an edge over its competitors:

  • Spam gets filtered automatically.
  • Backing up your data is quite easy.
  • SMSing in a group or an individual account is pretty convenient.
  • High quality of data transcription.
  • The minimal cost involved for a call made.


Free virtual phone number apps have given a new dimension to how we look at phone numbers. Earlier, a phone number was location-centric, but the advent of the virtual phone number has drastically removed the location-centric perspective. A user doesn’t need to hail from a particular geographic location to call or receive voice messages, text messages instead the users can avail of numerous features like call forwarding, customization, email transcription by using cloud-based technologies.

As we know, 3.2 billion people or almost half of the world’s population use the internet and every day new users are joining the internet world, thus cloud-based technology is fast growing and so is the use of Virtual Phone Numbers. We need to keep a close eye on how the various virtual phone number service providers will stand out in the year.

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