10 Best GPS Child Tracking Pendant

GPS tracking pendant for child and teenagers instill confidence in parents and eliminate distractions for kids and teenagers in this case. That said, kids can still enjoy games or activity tracker features on products like smartwatches that keep them entertained.

In consideration to this, trackers that are easy to hold and move with are of essential use to parents as it helps in monitoring their children wherever they go.

One should put some considerations in mind before purchasing GPS tracking pendant for child. One of the things to consider is whether it is user-friendly or not. A tracker that’s easy for you and your child to use is what you should go for. It shouldn’t interfere with their range of motion.

It is also important to check on because child play rough and not all GPS tracking pendant can withstand it. Another important feature to consider is whether the GPS tracker has two-way communication. This feature allows you to speak to your child through their tracker like an intercom so you’ll ask them where they’re or if they have help.

Also important is real-time GPS tracking pendant for child. Once you get to know where your child is, this is often the foremost important feature. You’ll adjust the settings in your tracker app to send an updated location.

The 10 Best GPS Child Tracking Pendant

1. AngelSense Kids GPS Tracker: Best overall

AngelSense Kids GPS Tracker

AngelSense GPS tracker was created with one purpose in mind: to assist protect children with special needs. But it works for any other kid.

AngelSense GPS tracker allows you to see what your child has been up to with diary logs that input file every 30 seconds.

AngelSense great features do come at a price. Plans start around $30 and go up from there, counting on whether you pay upfront or in instalments.

This GPS device is not just for teenagers either. It is recommended that AngelSense be used for people with dementia susceptible to wandering off.


  • Call two-way voice
  • Listen-in function
  • Location updates every 30 seconds


  • High monthly fees

2. Relay Kids Smartphone: Screenless pick

Relay Kids Smartphone

This smartphone has GPS tracking featured with nationwide coverage and one-touch communication. But its lack of a screen means you won’t need to monitor their screen time.

It also includes customizable channels that permit you to find individual or group chats. meaning your child can reach a parent or the entire family with the touch of one button. And there are a couple of fun features, sort of a music player and a voice changer with sound effects.

There are not any long-term contracts with Relay, so you buy service only as long as you would like it. The customized channels make it easy for your child to remain in-tuned with everyone.


  • No contracts
  • Individual and group chats
  • No distracting games or apps


  • Not wearable

If you’ve got more than one child with a Relay, you’ll find out chats with each of them individually or create a gaggle to call all of them a certain time with the touch of one button.

This screenless GPS tracker for teenagers cuts down on the distraction and delivers only the foremost essential elements for communication and peace of mind you would like.

One downside is that the Relay isn’t wearable. Your child will need to carry it with them during a pocket or backpack, which suggests you’ve got to remind them to recollect it wherever they are going.

3. Verizon GizmoWatch 2: Smartwatch pick

Verizon GizmoWatch 2

The GizmoWatch 2 may be a slick smartwatch full of features for teenagers and fogeys to enjoy. They will text and call you from their watch, track their steps, and set reminders for his or her day.

If your child finds themselves in an emergency, they will select one among these numbers and send a pre-written message or involve help through the GPS watch.


  • Step tracker
  • Two-way communication
  • No distracting games or apps
  • GPS boundaries


  • Flimsy watch band material
  • Quickly draining battery
  • Only two colour choices

In addition to regular GPS tracking pendant for child, you’ll set GPS boundaries to keep your kids safe. You’ll get an automatic alert if they cross boundaries.

The most common complaint from parents is that the band was made from cheap material or was too easy for their kids to get rid of.

The battery also tends to empty quickly, so you will need to charge the watch often. But if you’re willing to sacrifice features like step tracking or live location updates, the battery will last for much longer.

Even though it might seem picky but the GPS tracker might use more colours apart from pink blue which are the only colours available with this device. A variety of colour options could get your kids excited to wear their slick new watch.

4. Jiobit Next: Best Tiny Tracker

Jiobit Next

The Jiobit tracker is lighter and smaller than an Oreo and this makes it easy for small ones to wear all day. The problem is that there’s no call option or listen in with the Jiobit, so if two-way communication may be a must-have, this device won’t fit the bill.

The Jiobit tracker can go up to at least one week without charging. Its real-time GPS feature may lead to it draining the battery faster if your child is on the move most of the time. This suggests that you don’t need to worry about charging it daily, which provides you one less thing to stress about before bed nightly.


  • Risk-free trial
  • Long battery life
  • Secure, durable attachments


  • No speech

While the Jiobit offers accurate GPS tracking, there’s no speaker, so your child can’t involve help, and you can’t listen in to make sure they’re okay.

5. GeoZilla GPS Tracker: Best for Travel

GeoZilla GPS Tracker

For kids who tend to wander during outings, the Geozilla GPS tracker has you covered. Its worldwide GPS coverage and SOS feature make it easy for your kids to urge in-tuned if they get separated.

This tiny wearable tracker has a powerful battery that lasts up to 5 days (or 120 hours) and may pinpoint the tracker within 15 feet.

You can adjust the update frequency to form the battery last longer to vary the frequency of updates (basically, the more frequent the updates, the upper drain on the battery).


  • Worldwide coverage
  • Five-day battery
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and Apple Watch


  • Not waterproof

This GPS tracker allows you to choose a seven-day free trial which is followed by a $79.99 yearly contract or pay $49.99 every three months (about $16 monthly).

6. Active Halo from Amber Alert GPS: Best for frequent updates

Active Halo from Amber Alert GPS

Child GPS tracking pendant just like Active Halo from Amber Alert make the darkest scenarios brighter.

This GPS child tracking pendant uses 4G LTE to trace location, send alerts, and detect speed. The Amber Alert GPS locator helps you retain tabs on your child whereabouts in the least times.


  • Up to twenty safety zones
  • Frequent location updates
  • Silent mode


  • Expensive price

You can program up to twenty safe zones and obtain updates on your child’s location every five minutes. To stop distractions during school, you’ll place the device in silent mode.

All of those features come at a price, though—the Amber Alert GPS Locator is one of the foremost expensive devices on our list.

7. My Buddy Tag: Bluetooth pick

My Buddy Tag

My Buddy Tag may be a Bluetooth tracker disguised as a wristband that’s comfortable for teenagers and straightforward to trace for folks It comes with a range of bright kid-friendly colors and is super easy to line up.


  • Tracks multiple Buddy Tags from one phone
  • Senses water to stop drowning
  • No monthly fees


  • It’s Signal strength depends on the proximity to children
  • The battery can drain quickly

The My Buddy Tag child GPS tracking pendant maybe (mostly) fuss-free thanks to keeping an additional eye on little ones. There are not any monthly fees or subscriptions and therefore the device itself costs around $40. 

This GPS tracker has a plus since it can sense water near pools and beaches and this reduces the risk of your child drowning. When the Buddy Tag is submerged during a foot or more of water, its signal weakens and sends an alert to your phone. 

Whether at the park or ball game, if you’ve got kids who stray, the Buddy Tag can show their location as long as they’re within range.

8. Lil Tracker 2G Kids GPS Tracker Watch

Lil Tracker 2G Kids GPS Tracker Watch

The Lil Tracker may be a full-featured GPS watch aimed toward kids, but it’s going to be a touch too full-featured once you get a glance at the app.

You’ve got to supply your own SIM card (more thereon during a bit), but that permits GPS tracking, also as two-way voice calls, texts, and one-way calls during which you’ll just hear what is going on at your child’s location.


  • Two-way calling
  • One-way listening in
  • Low price and bring-your-own-SIM plan adds flexibility


  • The app is cluttered and hard to use
  • Needs to be recharged nightly

Holding down the SOS button on the side of the watch will call up to 3 pre-programmed numbers, in order, until someone answers. (There is a review of the classic version of the Lil Tracker, but there is a waterproof version available for $20 more. As for seniors, there is a $99 version of the watch available in additional mature colours.)

9. PocketFinder


Best GPS tracker for teenagers with an emergency.


  • Good power-management options
  • Web app


  • App The apps dated, with disorganized menus
  • Higher monthly fee than its competitors

The PocketFinder device looks basic, a simple, black key-chain fob with one silver SOS button. The setup isn’t pretty, but it works for the foremost part.

10. Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE

Best GPS tracker for older child

Getting an Apple Watch to function as a GPS tracker for a child could seem like overkill, and that we certainly wouldn’t recommend it for keeping tabs on younger child. However, two developments from last fall have made this a more appealing option for older tweens and teenagers.

First, Apple added a Family Setup feature to line up and manage the await another person, sort of a child or older parent. Second, Apple released the Apple Watch SE, a less costly version of its top-end Apple Watch 6 smartwatch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would child need a GPS tracker?

While helicopter parenting is never necessary, some cases may lead a parent to decide to give a child a GPS tracker. For instance, a GPS device can help parents with kids who sleep in multiple households or have special needs keep tabs on their whereabouts. Toddlers and tiny tykes too can also enjoy a little tracker on their shoelace or clothes in crowded places. 

Are GPS trackers safe for child?

Of course. GPS trackers use an equivalent technology we have in our phones. Bluetooth, GPS locating, and cellular signals are the most methods these devices use.

How often do I want to charge my child GPS trackers?

Most charges last for a few days. If you propose to use a tracker a day, charge it in the dark once they get home a bit like you’d charge your telephone. 


Whether you’re trying to find a child GPS tracking watch or a GPS tracking pendant you’ll need to get to understand the fundamentals before making a sale. The best GPS tracker should be one that is comfortable and fun for child and teenagers to use, durable enough to last all day, and accurate in its readings. With the appropriate GPS tracker for your child, you don’t need to stress whenever your child are away from you because you have an easier way of monitoring them without necessarily being close to them.