14 Best GPS to Track a Vehicle

There are various reasons you should know about the true location of GPS to track a vehicle. It is possible that you want to keep maintenance records and performance history. It is also possible that you may be wondering is there any GPS tracker with no monthly fee available?

In case you are living in an area where vehicle theft is very high, you should keep eye on your vehicles and also manage the records of your fares. The GPS tracker is one of the most popular location tracing methods available nowadays. Tracking a car by GPS tracker is very easy and helpful. These devices are linked with your vehicles such as in the cars or the trucks, somewhere. These devices are not intended to spy on your children. However, you can use it to train your kids to operate a vehicle more effectively and carefully.

These GPS trackers are designed to track and provide a special location for your vehicle. If your vehicle got stolen, then it is nearly impossible to find your stolen vehicle back. Your stolen vehicle would be scrape apart. If you are wondering which GPS track Vehicle will be suitable for you and how to track a car with GPS for free?

What are the Benefits of GPS to Track Vehicle

There are tons of benefits of using the Best GPS Trackers without damaging your vehicle. Some of these benefits of GPS to track a vehicle, are given below:

  • Spy on the suspected spouse or partner for the cheating.
  • Clone the android phone.
  • Make backup or information with the spying apps.
  • For the monitoring of employees.
  • Create parental control over your child’s mobile phones.
  • Create virtual boundaries to find out where your children are going.
  • Record the SMS and topics of targeted smartphones.
  • Get access to social media posts and data.
  • Get geo-tracking.

How can I Use a GPS Tracker for Fleet Management

GPS trackers can deliver various types of advantages to the fleet management process. The main advantage of this is that it can decrease the cost and enhance profitability. Some advantages are given below:

  • GPS tracker can be very helpful for route optimization: If the GPS device to track a car is installed in your fleet vehicle then you will get real-time location tracking of your car in every fleet that allows you to transmit the perfect route for your car to avoid any delay.
  • It reduces the response time for the services such as customer service: After installing the device in your vehicle, you will notice the enhanced response time because you can reach the customer location to responsive services.
  • The decrease in fuel costs: Fuel expenses are one of the largest expenses for fleet management but GPS trackers can reduce the cost and save your hard-earned money. GPS tracker decreases idle time and provides you the most efficient route.
  • Elevate the security for fleet vehicle: Another major advantage of GPS track vehicle systems in fleet vehicle management is to enhance the overall security of your fleet. GPS tracking allows you to find the issues with the driver before it is too late. If the driver knows that their bad driving habits are being tracked, then drivers will not unnecessarily take a risk and show reckless behavior.
  • Decrease losses because of theft: When criminals know that cars are being monitored by GPS devices and there are chances of being caught. So, they tend to leave the vehicle without stealing them. It has many other benefits that decrease the cost and have the efficiency of your vehicle.

Why you Need a GPS Tracker

You can track the exact location of your device and also protect it from being stolen. It also ensures the safety and security of your device from bad driving habits. You can choose many types of models of car tracking devices for parents for either the monthly subscription or annual subscription.

The 14 Best GPS Tracker to Track a Vehicle

1. Automatic Connected AUT-450C 3G Car Adapter

Car Adapter It is a 3rd generation GPS device. It comes with a 5-year subscription and you may find it a little cheaper in comparison to other counterparts. It can integrate with the IFTTT, which means that it can be used for various types of apps. You can use it with amazon echo, nest, etc. Also, you can set the thermostat.

Car Adapter is quite unique in its feature because unlike other GPS devices, you can track your car with the use of a car code scanner for checking the engine problems and lights.

Automatic Connected AUT-450C 3G Car Adapter
  • It includes a 5-year subscription.
  • It is a companion emergency response service.
  • It includes inbuilt code redder.
  • Compatible with amazon echo and IFTTT apps.
  • The latest software is lazy.
  • New trips can be started due to shortstops.
  • You cannot delete the track of the reports.
  • You may miss notifications.

2. SpyTec STI-GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker

The devices are not desired to spy on anybody but GPS to track to your own vehicle for only safety purposes. There is no need to plugged in the OBDII serial port in your vehicle. Therefore, you can hide it from your family and friends. The battery of these mobile lasts up to 2 weeks and It delivers minute to minute tracking.

The accelerator will be only active when the vehicle is moving. You can set the geofencing area and it will track down any entry and leaving of the vehicle. You can store the activity information for up to 1 year.

SpyTec STI-GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker
  • It can last up to 2 weeks.
  • It is battery powered.
  • You can store data or information on cloud storage.
  • Real-time accelerometer, tracking and motion detector.
  • It is a little bit expensive.
  • It doesn’t have a mobile app.
  • The software is glitchy.
  • The accuracy of this device totally depends upon the GPS.

3. Optimus Real-Time GPS Tracker

It is very similar to the GL300 GPS tracker in form factor and functionality. There is also a dedicated app for the managing information tracker created. Unlike other GPS trackers this device. It can send alerts and notification for speeding, geofencing, panic and battery status, etc. It is also available on the iPhone and Android. You can store unlimited data from past activities of your vehicle. It also comes with a magnetic case that is completely waterproof.

Optimus Real-Time GPS Tracker
  • It is a dedicated software.
  • It is battery powered and contains a two-week life.
  • You will get unlimited historical data one subscription.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • It has proper cellular coverage.
  • There is some lagging on track.
  • Not suitable for the regular trafficking.,
  • It is only suitable for the areas.

4. MOTOsafety Monitoring System OBD Teen Driving Coach Vehicle

It is more like a driving coach instead of a spy tracking device. It has a serial port tracker and also offers geofencing. MOTOsafety also includes the score for bad driving habits and bad hand breaking. It offers limited functionality. Although, it is a cheaper option and not intended to provide the extra details about your vehicle activities.

MOTOsafety Monitoring System OBD Teen Driving Coach Vehicle
  • You can track the direction, location of traffic, etc.
  • It was comparatively cheaper.
  • It has dedicated apps.
  • It includes a full driving course with scores for bad habits and hand breaking.
  • Its acceleration notifications are very sensitive.
  • It sends a notification via SMS.
  • It is very hard to set the limit on this device.
  • It is limited functionality.

5. BrickHouse Security Track Port 2.0

The latest variant of track port from the brick house contains the Brickhouse track view that includes the map and satellite view of the location of your car or truck. It uses the Verizon mobile network. It includes OBD port-style tracker wireless, which gives beam data to the maps of an online platform every 30 seconds. The highest rate of subscription is $29.99/month. However, you can choose their plan for $9.99 for the 5-minute interval.

Speed alerts and geo-fencing are available, as are travel reports and a panic button. The first month of the subscription is free with the purchase. It also includes the geofencing feature.

BrickHouse Security Track Port 2.0
  • You will get a notification with more flexibility.
  • Gro fencing and a breadcrumb trail of the motion of the vehicle is available.
  • It includes the latest updated apps.
  • It was very easy to setup.
  • It will not work on the trucks.
  • You can use it only in the United States of America.
  • You may need the tech support of a consulting company for more help.

6. Accutracking VTPlug 3G GPS OBD II Vehicle Tracker (TK373)

If you are tight on budget, then here is a cheerful and cheap alternative. It offers geofencing and also tracks all activities and a complete range of status. You can track speeding, fence duration, battery life remaining, harsh behavior, oil change and engine idle, RPM and temperature, etc. You will receive the full alert or the notification on your mobile via SMS and on your email id.

The cheapest plan is available at $12.99 for every 120-sec detail. On the other hand, the most expensive plan is available at $25.99 for a 15-sec interval detail. It also includes GSM radio which runs on the AT&T 3G networks. You can download the sample CSV file. It is available at a comparatively lower price.

Accutracking VTPlug 3G GPS OBD II Vehicle Tracker (TK373)
  • It is a very affordable device.
  • It delivers reports with diagnostic data.
  • It provides speed, harsh braking, ignition alert.
  • You can get the minimum update every 15 seconds and you have to buy an expensive plan for better services.
  • There is no smartphone app for it.
  • It will not work with the Mitsubishi cars and the other vehicles.

7. Linxup OBD GPS Tracker

It is not a real-time tracker and tracks one time every month. There is no contract but termination fees may apply in case you choose for a year plan. You can get geofencing, hard acceleration tracking, bad riving have-bits tracking, and the bad breaking tracking feature with this vice. All you store data will remain in the cloud storage for up to 3 years. However, its tracking is not real-time and you will get the notification through apps, text, and email.

Linxup OBD GPS Tracker
  • It is available on a flat-rate plan for a per month basis.
  • There is only on the plan to choose.
  • It includes the companion app.
  • It offers geofencing, idling, breaking alert, and acceleration.
  • It is available in a little overpriced subscription at the $22.9/month.

8. Bouncie Smart GPS Tracker Driving Companion

It is a complete vehicle tracker for vehicle health activity. Engine trouble can be tracked through the notification for hard braking, speed, idling, trip distance, etc. You can also set geo-fencing and geo-fencing for various locations. It also sends alerts whenever it is removed from the car or other vehicles.

You can set activity reports to many users through the app. Its monthly subscription is available at $8. You can get unlimited storage of data but it cannot track the activities when the vehicle is turned off.

Bouncie Smart GPS Tracker Driving Companion
  • It comes with a vehicle diagnostic.
  • It includes a dedicated app.
  • It is compatible with the amazon echo and IFTTT apps.
  • It is not very precise.
  • There is no real-time tracking.
  • Alerts can be slow and needed syncing periods.

9. Autobrain OBD Real-Time GPS Personal Vehicle Tracking

This device is dedicated to family safety. It will deliver the exact location activity of your vehicle effectively. Besides that, you can also track the speed, location, curfew, and also there are some extra features that make it quite unique. You will get four service calls on 24/7/month and a subscription at $9.97 /month.

It also includes crash detection and also an emergency advisor. It will provide near real-time tracking and the first month of service is free and you have 1 month to test it.

Autobrain OBD Real-Time GPS Personal Vehicle Tracking
  • It comes with a dedicated app.
  • Roadside assistance is also available.
  • Complete alters with vehicle diagnostics are also available.
  • River grade can suffer adversely when the app doesn’t understand the speed limit in a particular area.
  • There are some buggy updates.
  • You have to sign up every time.

10. AMERICALOC Real-Time GPS Tracker Mini Portable (GL300W)

It is one of the most preferred vehicle GPS trackers by the users. Unlike the OBD style models, it can attach to the outside of the vehicle with the magnetic case. With the newer version, you can get 14 days backup. You will get a notification on low battery and there are any alternatives at $25/month and $72 month.

The tracking refreshing rate is around one minute which is quite impressive. However, you can also reduce it to 10 sec without spending an additional penny. Also, you can access the one-year tracking history.

AMERICALOC Real-Time GPS Tracker Mini Portable (GL300W)
  • It comes with 14-day battery life.
  • You have to pay no additional money for the updates.
  • You can use it all over the world with a sim card.
  • It is not an affordable product.
  • You can get the monthly subscription for the $25 and prepaid is much cheaper for the longer time period.
  • It is not a refines the app.

11. CarLock – 2nd Gen Advanced Real-Time 3G Car Tracker

Although, there are many expected features available with this device anti-theft activity tracker is the USP of this device. It also contains unusual vibration notifications to show that someone is using tools to access your car. It also comes with anti-theft and activity notifications. You have to spend $9.6/month for the monthly subscription.

CarLock - 2nd Gen Advanced Real-Time 3G Car Tracker
  • It has a dedicated app.
  • You can use it worldwide.
  • You will get alert or notification for vibration a towing.
  • It has a glitch in its tracking.
  • There are some reports against effective items.
  • There is no direct customer service number.
  • You have to send mail prior to the call.

12. Mileage Real-Time Pro GPS Vehicle and Mileage Tracker

Mileage ace is designed to use as a device that works by plug into an OBD port for real-time tracking and car health tracking. It is used to deliver high performance for costing and tax purposes. You can connect it via wireless and Wi-Fi. It also offers real-time tracking at an additional cost. Starter cost is $15.49/ month and $.19 extra for cellular network data.

You can get real-time tracking at 5 minutes for $2 for 5 minutes alters and $4/months for the one-minute interval. It is made in the USA product for domestic support.

Mileage Real-Time Pro GPS Vehicle and Mileage Tracker
  • It is extremely accurate.
  • Huge storage capacity on the GPS tracker.
  • Plugin through USB and via OBD port.
  • It is very large in compression to their device.
  • You have to provide the USB power of your vehicle to use this device.
  • It must be installed somewhere inside your vehicle.

13. MasTrack GPS Tracker

You will get free services for the first year. However, you can purchase the device alone without any plan but best buy is premium service at the cost of $269. The premium service comes with the 1-minute interval tacking which is very precise and real-time. It also offers location reporting, roadside reporting. and unlimited alters.

MasTrack GPS Tracker
  • No extra service cost for the first year.
  • It comes with a dedicated app.
  • It offers unlimited history.
  • It has a very high starting cost.
  • It works only when a car or other vehicle is running.
  • For real-time tracking, you have to buy premium packages.

14. Vyncs GPS Tracker

It is also a real-time GPS to track a vehicle that requires no additional monthly subscription. The standard model includes standard tracking and geofencing, fuel economy, fuel level, hard acceleration, and breaking. You will get a three-minute interval at this service. Vyncs Pro contains mind data refresh. It includes engine fault read. You have to pay $74.99 for the second year.

Vyncs GPS Tracker
  • No extra service fee for the initial first year.
  • It has a dedicated app.
  • It can track the location of the vehicle even if it is turned off.
  • For faster data, you have to upgrade.
  • App and site can be slower very.
  • A single time activation fee of $29.99 is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track my car’s GPS?

Yes, of course, you can track your car’s GPS. There are various GPS trackers that offer real-time tracking, geofencing, bed driving habit tracker, and notification. It is very easy to track the location of the car with the use of GPS.

What is the best GPS car tracker?

Although there are various models and designs of the GPs trackers available in the market you can check out 3G Connected Car Adapter Automatic AUT-350C Pro gold and top in our list. You should choose the perfect GPS tracker that can fulfill your needs.

Can you track a car without GPS?

Yes, you can track your car with the use of VIN. However, for nest results and precise and real-time tracking, you should choose GPS tracking. GPs tracker also offers some exciting features.

Bottom Line

In brief, it is very important for you to think about the safety and security of your loved ones and your vehicles. We are living in a world that is filled with antisocial activities, criminals, and thieves. Therefore, it should be your first priority to track the activity of your vehicle. With the help of the GPS tracker device, you can easily get the real-time location and activity history of your vehicle.

It also includes very exciting features such as geofencing, anti-theft features, and geo-location technology. It is very possible that you may be wondering which model will be perfect for you.

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