10 Best GPS Tracking Device For A Vehicle in 2020 Buying Guide

In the past, once a vehicle gets off from the starting point, it is almost impossible to know where the vehicle is until it reaches the destination. Many means of transport and logistics businesses have lost their profit because the driver drove the trucks out of tracks. Family members reached the accident place too slow because they were wasting time finding the place of the vehicle.

However, in a world full of innovation of technology nowadays, there is an invention called a GPS tracking device for a vehicle that makes people’s life easier in order to track vehicles. It shows where the vehicle is in the real-time. There are many models of GPS tracking device for a vehicle.

Of course, the main purpose of GPS tracking devices is to know where the vehicle is in real-time, but GPS tracking devices for a vehicle can do more than that. They can tell the temperature at the place the vehicle located, shows the petrol level, or electric pressure in the vehicle.

Furthermore, all information shown by GPS tracking devices can be recorded and save to the server in order to analyze data for other purposes use in the future.

Each GPS tracking device may have different functions depending on the l, price, and brand of it.

Why Choose GPS?

To avoid wasting time on the Pecked situations that may occur to vehicle, GPS tracking devices for a vehicle is the best solution to solve all the problems. The device is easy to install to the vehicle and low battery required. It helps to track the -time location of a vehicle, plan the journey, and reach the nation accurately.

Moreover, the tracking device can connect to the internet in order to save past journey data. These data can be brought out to analyze which may help you to save costs, for example, petrol cost or vehicle maintenance cost. GPS tracking devices price is reachable. The price can be from USD 15 to USD 1,000 depends on its function.

However, this price is low if comparing to the cost or actually ‘damage cost’ that may occur, if there is no GPS tracking device for a vehicle. Hence, the GPS tracking device for a vehicle is a device that you must have if you own a vehicle.

Characteristics of A GPS Tracking Device for A Vehicle.

  • It is in a small shape of square or rectangle so, it is easy to install to vehicles and it does not look disorder.
  • It mostly makes from aluminum so; it is not easy to be destroyed.
  • Also, It has lightweight.

10 Best GPS Tracking Device For A Vehicle in 2020 Buying Guide

gps tracking device for a vehicle

1. GPS Tracker – Optimus 2.0 Bundle with Twin Magnet Case

The product costs $59.95 come with a twin magnet case. There is an additional price of $19.95/month. It reports every 30 seconds when moving and upgrades every 10 seconds. There is an application provided for IOS and android for fast-tracking. Email and text messages will be alert and contribute to the report.


  • Update very frequently.
  • The application is available for tracking via smartphone.
  • Alert showed via email and text message.
  • Sim card and data plan are included in this price.

  • Expensive price.
  • Big size.

2. Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker for Vehicle

The product costs $49.95 with $24.95 per month with no cancellation fees. The notification and message required can be customized. Alert is provided in email and text. Data is contributed to a report. 24/7 customer service is available.


  • Work with multiple devices.
  • Long-life battery.
  • Location alert.
  • Application available for tracking via smartphone

  • Expensive price for both devices and monthly plans.
  • Big size.

3. GPS Tracker for Vehicles – MOTOsafety 4G

The price of the product is $13.85 with $19.99 per month. The application is available in order to track. It provides a comprehensive teen driving education course with driving report cards.


  • Cheap price.
  • The route can be reviewed
  • Teenage driving education
  • Alerts available via email and text message.

  • Suitable for only a target market group.
  • Low rating.

4. GPS Tracker for Vehicles Vyncs

The product costs $78.99 with $29.99 monthly fees. It supports the USA and other international countries’ SIM cards. It collects data every second, analyzes, and updates to the server every 3 minutes. 15-60 second upgrades are available.


  • Support in many countries.
  • 30 days free of monthly fees promotion.
  • Update every second while moving and send to the server.
  • Small size

  • Expensive for both devices and monthly fees.
  • Low rating.

5. Driving Connected – Bouncie

The price of the product is $67 with $8 monthly service fees. 15-second auto-refresh. It uses Google maps in Bouncie to view location. It can be zoom-in or zoom out. Notification is alert when the vehicle arrives or leaves.


  • Cheap monthly service fees.
  • Small size.
  • High rating.
  • Save the historical route.

  • Not real-time tracking but refresh every 15 minutes.
  • Fewer functions.

6. GPSit1000BZL LTE Vehicle Tracking Device

The price of the product is $150 with a 1-year service included. The product must be installed by using an adapter that is separately purchased. It can be accessed on a smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows phones, and others.


  • No monthly fees for the first year.
  • Window phone can access.
  • Real-time update.
  • Easily install.

  • Expensive price for the device.
  • Adapter to install the product must be purchased separately.

7. MasTrack Hardwired Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracker

The product price is $269 with 12 months of real-time GPS tracking. It is nationwide Coverage. It is easily hidden in a vehicle. It can be accessed from computers, smartphones, And tablets. The unlimited report is provided.


  • No monthly fees.
  • Unlimited reporting.
  • It can be accessed from any device.
  • High rating.

  • Very high price.
  • Big size and installation are required.

8. Primetracking Personal GPS Tracker

The product price is $49.97 with $25 monthly fees. It is available in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. It can be accessed by computer, tablet, and phone. There is no installation required. It is small, light, and portable.


  • Light and portable
  • No installation required.
  • Works on multiple devices and networks
  • High rating.

  • High price.
  • It cannot use internationally.

9. PetFon Pet GPS Tracker

This product price is $179.99. the device combines GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, and wireless to track for real-time location. It is a rainproof device. Its purpose is to track pets. It uses Google data to track the position of the pet.


  • Light and small.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Rainproof.
  • Voice command and multicolor alert.

  • High price.
  • Inaccurate due to the use of Google data.

10. Garmin TT 15 Dog Device

The price of the product is $299.95. Its purpose is to use for pet tracking. The device has a LED beacon lights and Rescue mode. It is a training device and collars pet tracking. It is waterproof at the level of 10 meters.


  • Light and small.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Rescue mode

  • High price.
  • Big and heavy.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How to block vehicle GPS tracking?

First, you have to find a GPS antenna and the receiver. Second, wrap aluminum foil to the antenna and the receiver. After that, you use tape to wrap the aluminum foil once again in order to keep it in place. If the antenna and receiver are blown by the wind, tape it together so that that aluminum foil will be in place.

How to disable vehicle GPS tracking?

First of all, you look for a small black box under your seat, glove compartment, or dashboard. If you have found, turn the GPS device off and throw it away; recheck again if there are other devices and do the same process if you found it. In case you cannot find the device by eyes, you may use a GPS detector to find it or you may use a GPS tracker defense to jam the signal.

How to track a vehicle with GPS for free?

Nowadays, we can say that the smartphone is one of the human organs so, use it to gain benefits. You may install an application that allows showing the location in order to use it to track for a vehicle. You just have to make sure that your smartphone is in the car and cellular is turned on.

Where is a GPS tracking device installed on a car?

There are many kinds of GPS tracking devices, some devices may not need to be installed as it is small, built-in battery, and portable. However, some devices are still necessary to be installed. The popular place to install a GPS tracking device is in the dashboard, under the seat or hidden place in the vehicle.


There are various types of GPS tracking devices. It can be used for tracking vehicles, pets, or subjects that you want to know the location of it. GPS tracking allows you to know the location of the thing that you are tracking in real-time.

Sometimes, GPS tracking devices may harm one’s privacy if it is the wrong use.  The functions of the GPS tracking device depends on the price. Hence, choose to purchase GPS tracking by a function that you required to use.

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