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Top 15 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android Free in 2020 Depth Guide

The fact that one should fear phone spying, but still using hidden spy apps for android free on your device, may also feed you with your known one’s activities and whereabouts. For instance, its late-night, and your child is not back home from a party, free spy apps for android could have spared you from this tensed situation by letting you check on their live location. By tapping your screen, you can access their activities. Also, you may track the activities of your friends, colleagues, and family with the best-hidden free spy apps for android without target phone that are sometimes detectable or undetectable.

Do you want to know how to spy on a cell without having it? Want to spy on your known ones? Deploying an agency for the same would be an expensive and risky affair. Now In case you are wondering how to spy on a cell without getting caught, you must know free spy app for android undetectable and believe me, it is much easier than most of us think. You can spy on a device by dumping the Spying app on your target’s mobile. You can have access to Emails and text messages, documents and gallery, contact list and call history, live location and live calls, social media.

Dumping the Spying app in your target’s mobile can be done, but which app is fitting for you, that is the real question. There are so many apps in the market which you can use for spying the mobile. Some of them are free, and some of them are paid. We have created a list of Top 15 best-hidden spy apps for android so that you can get an insight on how to spy on a phone for free these apps don’t only work, but they are the leading free spy apps for android undetectable. Some of these applications are given as follows

Top 15 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android Free in 2020 Depth Guide

hidden spy apps for android free

1. Cocospy

Coco spy is the best android mobile spy application driving the market with a 96% consumer loyalty rate. In more than 190 nations, a massive number of clients are utilizing Cocospy apps to satisfy their undetected spying needs. The application accompanies a splendid plan and easy to understand interface to give improved spying experience.

The best thing about the Coco spy application is you don’t have to keep the target’s device physically attached. Neither have you had to root the android device for the installation of the Coco spy app. With quick and simple installation, you can get started with monitoring and tracking the Target Device.

  • Get the ongoing update of gadget action on the online Coco spy Control Panel.
  • The root isn’t required.
  • Works in stealth mode for Android phones.
  • Quick and simple installation in less than 5 minutes.
  • The user interface is very eye-pleasing and easy to use.
  • No offline app support is available.
  • High network bandwidth is required

2. MSpy

MSpy is another world’s leading application. It is an actual application with a large pool of satisfied clients. MSpy comes at the second number because it is challenging to install in the target’s device. Additionally, it expects you to root the gadget to keep an eye on the target’s activities.

  • It includes all basic monitoring features.
  • Includes key loggers to capture all entered keystrokes on the target device.
  • Block unwanted applications on the target device.
  • Very User-friendly and simple User interface
  • Rooting is required.
  • Cannot block sites and content in the target’s device
  • The installation process is difficult

3. Spyzie

Spyzie is another world-recognized spy application for cell phones. It has an intuitive and brilliant UI. It gives a few propelled highlights to checking all exercises on the target’s device.

Spyzie comes at number third since it influences the exhibition of the target’s gadget. As a result, the client may speculate somebody keeping an eye on him/her and cause a genuine issue for you. Likewise, Spyzie is moderately costly when contrasted with Coco spy.

  • Smart Capture takes screenshots of different applications while in use.
  • View and access documents on the target phone.
  • Tracking of available Wi-Fi Networks is straightforward
  • Target’s devices get leggy sometimes
  • Overheating is experienced in some of the target devices.

4. FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor is another leading monitoring tool. This free spy app for the undetectable android tool has tons of features. These features are practical and user-friendly. This undetectable Android spy app contains professional features that are very easy to use. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can use this tool. It is a great tool to know what other person is doing on WhatsApp without them knowing.

  • WhatsApp spying enabled.
  • No rooting is required.
  • This application is completely undetectable
  • Target’s devices freeze sometimes

5. Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is a free spy application for Imperceptible Android app. This app offers some exceptional features that make it progressively steady and viable. You can utilize such an application to watch out for your children and workers. It is a compelling asset that is intended for the Android Operating System. The app also comes with an eye-pleasing User interface that is very easy to use.

  • It Offers LIVE Screen access with LIVE Panel Option control.
  • WhatsApp and Facebook Spying enabled
  • Easy access to Call history is provided
  • Real-time location capturing is also offered by the app
  • Consumes more battery
  • Physical access to the target’s device is required.

6. iKeyMonitor

IKeyMonitor is a portable application intended for anybody ready to keep an eye on their children or workers. It offers usual checking highlights for a severe and sensible cost. Be that as it may, if you need parental control and mixed media checking, you might be happy to pay somewhat extra and purchase another application.

It gives you access to all the data entered on a given telephone, including passwords. IKeyMonitor permits keeping an eye on approaching/active calls got and sent messages (counting ones posted using email, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, and FB visits), address book, and URL history. The application can take screen captures in stealth mode and send them to you.

  • IKeyMonitor works in careful mode and is difficult to distinguish.
  • You can take screen captures on a focus on the telephone, which can assist you with picking up data.
  • You can get passwords and see everything about by a telephone proprietor.

  • There is no blocking capacity.
  • You need extra licenses to screen numerous gadgets.
  • The site is ineffectively deciphered (on the off chance that you access pages converted into different dialects)

7. Highster Mobile spy

Highster Mobile spy is an application that enables clients to screen target gadget exercises and recognize what the proprietor of the gadget is doing. Could Highster Portable be distinguished? The most important choice is that this product can work in a private mode, so the odds of being caught in the act are sliced to a base. Highster mobile spy application is accessible for Android and iPhone. Highster Portable no escape arrangement isn’t available, so escape is required. This application is gone for guardians to keep their children safe and for managers to keep up crafted by their representatives gainful. To begin utilizing it and gain admittance to the Highster Control board, you have to pick the membership and complete the installment.

  • Stealth Camera highlights give you a chance to take screen capture and pictures remotely.
  • The least expensive spyware is accessible with no month to month charges or yearly charges.
  • It can track messages that are erased from the gadget.

  • It provides basic monitoring features only.
  • Client service choices are constrained.

8. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram spying app. It requires enrolling your record to introduce and begin utilizing the versatile application. Clients are required to add their email addresses to be fittingly recognized. Acquiring a Hoverwatch membership client needs to embed an email address. Once in awhile, clients include wrong messages in the field.

Hoverwatch has anticipated circumstances like that. Any client, who has obtained the arrangement for an inappropriate mail, can change the request details. To do that, one should sign in the Hoverwatch account. At that point, it is required to signify request ID. You can likewise adhere to the short guidelines on their site.


  • It gives essential checking highlights.
  • It tracks the ‘To-do’ list of the target phone.
  • SIM card tracker records when a SIM card is ejected and planted.

  • Alert feature for any activity is not available.
  • Overheating of the device sometimes.

9. MMGuardian

MMGuardian enables guardians to have to such an extent or as meager command over their youngster’s telephone as they need while guaranteeing their kid’s wellbeing.

MMGuardian gives various other simulated intelligence controlled highlights, for example, Need Cautions, which will alarm you about concerning points found in your kid’s writings. For instance, tormenting, suicide, or medications and Improper Picture Discovery, permitting you true serenity, realizing you will be cautioned if unseemly pictures are on your kid’s gadget. This audit will go through the majority of the highlights to help you comprehend MMGuardian’s capacities entirely.

  • It gives basic features for the monitoring of kids.
  • It comes with a Family Plan to watch up to 5 devices at a time.
  • No advanced feature is available.
  • It does not establish a remote installation.

10. Flexispy

Flexispy is a propelled checking programming application that permits simple cell phone following. It is fantastic for its broad scope of essential highlights, just as the choices of live call block attempt and recording. Flexispy has got critical highlights in the portable software, yet it certainly does not have a few highlights different applications have. The app is anything but difficult to download, work, and it has a friendly interface.

  • Send false SMS to any contact on the target device.
  • Block and record active calls.
  • Send remote facilities.
  • Physical access to device is required.
  • It is a costly choice if you are looking for the necessary monitoring of a device for a month.

11. Thetruthspy

Thetruthspy is a parental control tool with charming highlights that are powerful and easy to utilize. The fundamental purpose behind the prominence of this application is it underpins discernibility. It means it works out of sight of the checked gadget with no stable or commotion. It is an extraordinary instrument if you need to recognize what your children are doing.

  • It is a great tool to view text messages and media files of the Whatsapp application. Simply click on the Whatsapp to access.
  • Live location tracking is straightforward with Thetruthspy.
  • The tools are tough to understand, especially for the amateur.
  • UI glitches are very common.

12. Spy phone app

The spy phone is a next-generation free spy app for Android undetectable that keeps an eye on your target. Engaging with this tool, you can view every incoming, outgoing, and missed the call of the target device and also access the text messages received or sent. You have to enter information about the target device to starts spying experience. This powerful application also allows you to wipe the placed in the target device remotely. Social media spying is another crucial feature of this application.

  • The data wiping feature isn’t a common feature in other spying applications.
  • It tracks GPS locations, the browser activity, and messages from apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, and Line.
  • The dashboard isn’t as user-friendly as others.

13. Phone Spector

This software is, by a wide margin, the best one I have attempted. Thus, I am utilizing it right now for my checking needs. It enables you to accumulate data from the objective telephone simply like each other government operative application. Yet, what makes it extremely exceptional is that it can likewise concentrate erased records and messages effectively.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you are having questions about somebody’s dedication or respectability, Phone Spector is the best apparatus to discover beyond a shadow of a doubt. This operative application is additionally viewed as the best phone spy application of 2019!

  • It has a Fast, remote installation process.
  • User-friendly.
  • Fit with most devices and carriers.
  • Extraction facilities are great, mainly with removed files.
  • It also has a Great and informative customer service team.
  • It has all the basic features of a spy app plus more!
  • The only thing it can’t retrieve? Viber information. But it won’t value at all if you don’t use Viber.
  • The app hangs sometimes.


XNSPY is the cell phone spy app that has been taking care of all your personal and professional digital safety needs. It’s an app that’s trusted by thousands of businesses and families all around the world. XNSPY is an all-in-one parental and employee monitoring software that will keep you updated on their activities in real-time, all the time!

The information collected through this Android spy software is easy to access from any internet-ready device. Everything is uploaded to your personal Xnspy web account for you to review in your own time. All of this is done undetectably without your target ever knowing about it. Remember, you need one-time access to the device you wish to monitor in order to install the spy app. Once the app is installed, you are all set to lay your eyes on the target’s activities.

  • Lock a cell phone remotely
  • Voice calls recording feature
  • The offline-mode location data can be accessed once the target device connects to the internet.
  • Offers target device usage reports
  • 24 hours free customer support
  • Allows you to retrieve deleted messages and other information
  • Lacks support for the personal computer.
  • The app hangs when you run remote camera capture functionality.
  • Users cannot claim a refund because it doesn’t have any quibble refund policy.

15. iSpyoo

This cell phone spy app can be an efficient monitoring means, but you need to set it up correctly because it isn’t automatically hidden on the objective phone. Once you have done this, it will be hard to find. Thus, constant hidden monitoring can be obtained.

iSpyoo application can help you as a rule. For instance, in case you’re an entrepreneur who has remote representatives. You need to know whether they do corporate calls or utilize cell phones for different purposes during the available time. With a quick iSpyoo download, it’s conceivable to see whether telecommuters truly carry out their responsibility. This product will furnish you with compelling answers to these issues.

  • Retrieves the data you need from any app on the target phone.
  • Easy to understand the control panel.
  • Real-time updates.
  • It provides a two-day trial.
  • It needs to be installed manually.
  • The software lags and doesn’t respond at times.

Frequently asked questions

Q. what is the best app for spying?

Ans. Cocospy is considered one of the best-hidden spy apps for android. Cocospy is completely undetectable as you can easily hide the app icon after installation, and the target user will never suspect it. The app never pops up on the screen for any notification. You can rely on track every single activity on the target’s phone from private messages on social media to call logs and browsing activity. Coco spy only requires you to sign up and install for an account. From your admin panel, you can access various controls and commands for tracking multiple things on the target’s phone.

Q. What is the best free spy app for Android?

Ans. The spy phone is a next-generation free spy app for Android undetectable that keeps an eye on your target. Engaging with this tool, you can view every incoming, outgoing, and missed the call of the target device and also access the text messages received or sent. All of the above data recorded from the smartphone is available 24/7 to you when you log into your personal control panel at using the email address and password you provided when you installed the app on a smartphone. You have to enter information about the target device to starts spying experience. This powerful application also allows you to wipe the placed in the target device remotely.

It has a unique feature, which is Data wiping, and it isn’t common like other spying applications. Social media spying is another crucial feature of this application. It tracks GPS locations, the browser activity, and messages from apps like Whatsapp, Facebook.

Q. Can you spy on a phone without access to it for free?

Ans. If you are wondering how to spy on a phone without having access to it, here is the answer. Yes, it is absolutely possible to spy on a target’s phone without being caught by using the Spy app. Spy app is a completely secure tool: It has been used by millions of users globally. One of the most significant features which make Spyic is that it works remotely without any explicit access. There is no need for jailbreaking the target’s device. What you do require to perform remote spying is the iCloud credentials of Target’s device.

Let us now focus on android devices: For an android phone, the answer is no. One can’t spy someone’s android phone without accessing the target’s device. It is not feasible. No Technology has been invented yet, using which we can spy on the android phone remotely; hence, if any app claims so, it isn’t a trustworthy app and should ring alarm bells.


When it comes to choosing the best-hidden spy app for android, you need to be précised on what you are looking for. This means you have to spend some quality time to conduct proper research, and then your search would automatically take you to the Cocospy app. Also, it is good to know as much as there are such exceptionally remarkable spying apps out there; there also exist some illegitimate applications. Do a proper background check upon the provider and assure yourself that your money will not go waste.

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