Transfer My Straight Talk Service From One Phone To Another

How do i transfer my straight talk service from one phone to another? Straight talk is a virtual network operator that lacks its own cell phone towers. This means it must be partnered by other networks for the offer of coverage. It is popular because of partnering with big networks. When you choose to be their customer you are only eligible to access network. This depends on the type of device and the location you are accessing it from. Cell phone providers give offers to different phone models, they accommodate all their customers even the ones on a budget.

One is given an option of paying a device within 24 months to their customers. This give a client who is not financial table an efficient time and they do not have financial strain. Straight talk have its merits some people are impressed because of slow data speed that this provider delivers. When using the internet the cell phone provider might be disappointing. Sometimes the data speed is very slow and also their customer service.

Two Options to be Used

By moving the sim card from your current phone to another one. The other method is activating the new phone or phone using Straight talk does not work on its own cellular towers they lease their services from AT&T, Verizon, T- Mobile or Sprint. They use the towers from one of the following networks.

1. Activating the New Phone

For the transfer first you need go to the the straight talk website and activate. Select the the radio button activate and reactivate your phone directly with the number that is supposed to be transferred to. Click continue to proceed then sign into the account to fully complete the process. The transfer might take close to twenty four hours.

If you buy your phone from Straight talks most likely they inform you the type of network it uses. For example the iPhone and galaxy phones from them uses Verizon towers. If probably you got your phone from another place then you can go to straight talk to tell you which tower they can use. The easiest way is to visit and use their chat feature they will give you a first response.

This is the procedure to follow:

  • Go to straighttalk Website.
  • In the menu, Click Activation.
  • Where your device is named, click activate.
  • I have a sim card click select.
  • There is enter sim card number type your number and press continue.
  • Under keep my number, click select.
  • Please enter the phone number you would like to keep, Type your SIM card number and click continue.
  • Log into your account to continue.
  • At the information of the new device make sure your number is correct.
  • Enter a name to your new device.
  • Then submit.

2. Moving your Sim Card to Another New Phone

This is where you move you sim card from your current device to a new one. The sim card must fit to the new gadget and it must be compatible with the new straight talk SIM card. It works with Straight Talks, AT&T and T-Mobile SIM cards the Verizon SIM cards but it can have some problems. This is a good idea especially if you want to permanently changing your phone.

If you unable to directly move from one device to the other the process is taken online. Visit the create an account or either log in in your account. Once you are in your account you will see your current phone listed as the active device. In few minutes you will be able to transfer the straight talks service to the other device.

3. Your Phone Number and Service Balance

Transferring your SIM card to the other phone with your balance is eligible for the current plan. In the case where you are using the $ 30 plan it wont be able to transfer your balance. The phone number will be transferred but one have to purchase another plan. Simply the sim card will have no balance at all.

How to Transfer my Telephone Number from Another Company

This is basically how transfer your line or number to Straight talk online. First the number should be active with your current service provider. The next thing is to request Straight talk to port your current number from the different network.

It easily process the request on your behalf. Visit their online website and select the radio button option. Choose the option of activating your phone with a number transferred from another company.

The transferring may take two business days. In other cases it might take few hours, for the landline phones it takes longer. The new transferred line is supposed to start working immediately the old one stop working.

The following are the terms and conditions to port number to straight talk;

  • The number should be active on your current network
  • One should wait for two business days
  • The landline phones takes longer compared to other phones
  • If your straight talk line is in active for 30 days you automatically loose the number.
  • Incase you need to call the 911 for emergency when the process is incomplete, you give them your location they will get back to you when the process is done.
  • When you switch your home telephone number to straight talk it get disconnected.

How to Transfer my Mobile Number

1. Call your Service Provider to Request for a Mobile PAC Code

They should be able to give you the code over the phone call. You can also be told to wait for the time stipulated by the telecommunications regulator. Failure to that you have to raise the complain once again. The network takes time to verify your identity through questions that should be answered relevantly.

The code is made of nine digits and is valid for the next 30 days. If it expires before you use it then you will have to request for another code. Calling to your network provider have standard charges.

If you don’t want to go through the whole process then the government have an easier way. You only need to text PAC to 65075 and you get your code straight away

2. Contact the New Network and Give them the PAC Code

Immediately you give the new network your PAC code the cancellation process begin. This is to help with changing to your desired network. When the new network get the code they call the previous network to notify them about the number transfer then they schedule the switch.

This will be done the next working day therefor you have to keep your line and still use it in the old network. If you start the process on Friday that means it will take long because they normally don’t work on weekends.

For example if you start the process on Friday you will expect the process to be completely done by Tuesday. The new network that is acquiring the number is called a carrier.

3. Check whether the SIM Card is Working and have been Ported to the New Network

Place the SIM in your headset and make a call, send messages to make sure it is fully operation. On the other hand if you are not convince about keeping your phone number and want to switch to a new one then you have to text 75075. This give you the Service Termination Authorization Code. This disconnect you from their network and enables you to switch to your new network.

The following shows how to get different PAC code. This will depend on whether you are using a landline, a mobile phone or others.

  • Ecotalk: Call 033 3800 5500 from any UK mobile or any landline.
  • Lebara: Call 5588 from the lebara mobile. Their charges are 19p per call. You can also call 020 7031 0791 from the other networks or from the landline.
  • SMARTY: They still do not have any customer services.For one to get the code you have to strictly log into their website.
  • VOXI: It mainly aims on the people under the age of 30. They are only reached through Twitter, we Chat and Facebook Messenger to get your PAC code.
  1. How to Getting your PAC Code from Giffgaff?
    • They do not have customer care services helplines. They can be reached through mailing them at their giffgaff contact.
  2. How to get your PAC code from Sky mobile?
    • Call them at 033 0041 2639 , this is the number that is registered under their customer service helpline.
  3. How to get your PAC code from Tesco Mobile?
    • The Tesco mobile phone number is 4455. You can also get them through 034 5301 4455 from either the phone or landline.
  4. How to get your PAC code from ID mobile?
    • They have provided 7777. Also you can call033 3003 7777 from any phone and also the landline
  5. How to get the PAC code from plusnet mobile?
    • Their mobile help line is 500. For the landline and also any other phone call 08 0013 2632.
  6. How to get your PAC code from BT mobile?
    • The BT mobile helpline is 150. For the landline we have 0800 800 150. It can also be used by any other phone.
  7. How to get your PAC code from vodafone?
    • Their available helpline for the phone only is 191. When using the landline you have to call 033 3304 0191 it can also be used by any other phone.
  8. How to Getting a PAC code from Virgin mobile?
    • The helpline is 789. For the landline 034 4809 0222, it can also be accessed by any other phone.
  9. How to Getting a PAC code from 02?
    • The 02 helpline for the phone is 202. The landline number but it can also be used by other phones is 034 4809 0222.
  10. How to get the PAC code from three?
    • To get your PAC code call 333. The provided number for landline is 033 3338 1001, it can be used by other phones.
  11. How to get PAC code from EE?
    • Their helpline for the phones only is 150. The landline should contact 079 5396 6250 and also any other phone.

How to Porting your Mobile Number When Getting it Online

There is also an option of porting your number if you are getting it online.

Follow the following steps:

  • Request your PAC depending on your network. It is important to write it somewhere.
  • Select a mobile handset and network tariff that is of your desired choice and order it.
  • When you make payment you will be sent your phone
  • Follow the instructions in your handset and get connected
  • Once you get connected you are provided with a temporary number
  • Contact your new mobile network and provide them with your temporary number , give them the number you wish to be ported. They also require the PAC of your previous network
  • The number will be ported within few working days.

When you switch your service provider under LNP will be same as switching carriers and it will have different features. The difference is that you are keeping your number. The only features that are transferred are for the landline for the mobile phones do not transfer.

When the porting process is in progress you are expected to pay all the fees and charges to the old network. This is because you will still be using the old network to do your calls and texting . This is possible by recharging to the network that you want to vacate from. When the process is done you can start using your new network.

Transferring the straight talk for an individual, company or a group is very important. This assures the person that they wont loose their important data, their credits and files. This is used to ensure that people don’t have to loose anything when they get new gadgets.


There is also introduction of Straight Talk Cloud which is to help in access, managing, creating and sharing of valuable content. It is shared across smartphones, tablets, computers and the other connected devices. The straight talk cloud provides a way of backing up all your content. Having your data backed up make it easy to upgrade your gadget. It also keeps your information if your device is ever lost or stolen. You will only have to sign in your account and get your data.