How do you Know if Someone Blocked your Number?

There are a few clear signs that indicate if someone has blocked your number on their iPhone or Android phone:

  1. Your calls go straight to voicemail without ringing
  2. Your text messages remain permanently undelivered or show only “delivered” status
  3. You receive an automated “User Unavailable” message when trying to call
  4. Your previous texts with blue message bubbles turn green (iPhone only)
  5. Trying to call shows your number as “No Caller ID” or “Anonymous” instead of your name

Essentially, any unexplained inability to get through to someone who previously responded or took your calls likely means they have blocked your number on their smartphone. Subtle signs in how your incoming calls or messages are displayed or rejected highlight whether their device has blocked your ability to contact them.

Is it Possible to Know if Someone Blocked your Number?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to know if someone has blocked your number on their phone. There are several clear signs that can confirm if you have been blocked by someone:

  1. Your calls to that person go straight to voicemail every time without ringing. However, do note that their phone being switched off or out of coverage can also result in the same, so it doesn’t always guarantee a block.
  2. Your text messages to them continually remain undelivered or show just a single tick/delivered status but don’t get the second tick for read.
  3. You receive an automated reply saying “User Unavailable” or something similar when trying to call them. This is a definite sign of being blocked.
  4. The color of your text/iMessage bubbles with them have changed from blue to green. This indicates they may have blocked you on their iPhone.
  5. Your incoming caller ID now displays as ‘Anonymous’ or ‘No Caller ID’ instead of showing your number or name to them when you call.

So while there is no outright notice, analyzing the indications around your calls and messages should reveal if that person has actually blocked your number recently or not. Just one of the symptoms may not be conclusive proof but consistent occurrence of multiple signs does imply you got blocked.

How do you Know if Someone Blocked your Number?

Here are some easy ways to know if a person has blocked you by detecting signs on an incoming call or text message:

1. The Call Goes Straight to Voicemail

If your calls are going straight to voicemail without ringing, chances are high the person blocked your number. However, it could also mean their phone is switched off or out of reach.

2. Texts/iMessages Aren’t Delivering

If the texts or iMessages you send to someone remain undelivered or show a single tick/delivered status but never get the second tick, it’s likely that you have been blocked.

3. Automated Replies

If you receive an automated “user not available” message, it’s a sign of getting blocked by an iPhone user.

4. Incoming Caller ID is Hidden

If previously the person could see your name or number when you called but now it displays “No Caller ID” or “Anonymous”, they have probably blocked you.

5. Text Bubble Color Change in iMessage

On iPhones, a green text bubble instead of a blue iMessage bubble indicates your messages are going through as SMS and not using data, hinting at a block.

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on iPhone?

It’s quite frustrating when you realize someone blocked you on iPhone without any heads up. Here are some nifty tricks to find out if someone blocked your number on their iPhone:

Method 1: Send an iMessage

If your messages with blue bubbles have suddenly turned green, chances are that contact blocked you. Green bubbles indicate your texts are going through as SMS messages instead of iMessages.

Method 2: Give Them a Phone Call

A call straight going to voicemail without ringing means you have likely been blocked. However, it could also mean their phone is switched off.

Method 3: How to Know if Someone Blocked You on iPhone by Turn Off Caller ID

Turn off caller ID and call the person to check if they see “No Caller ID” or “Anonymous Caller” instead of your number. If yes, you have been blocked.

Method 4: Check the Color of the Text Bubble

As explained before, a text bubble color change from blue (iMessage) to green (SMS) suggests you’ve been blocked on iPhone.

Method 5: Check Other Messaging Apps

Try sending a message on WhatsApp, Messenger or any other app you use to chat with that contact. If it shows only single tick for your messages or remains undelivered, you got blocked there as well.

Method 6: Bypass the Do Not Disturb Mode

Sometimes your call may go straight to voicemail due to Do Not Disturb mode. Bypass it by adding your number to their favorites list and check once more.

Method 7: Enter *67 Before Dialing the Number

By prefixing *67 to the number you are calling, you can block your caller ID. Now call the person to see if it displays “No Caller ID”.

Method 8: Automated Responses

If you get an automated “User Not Available” message, be assured you have been blocked by an iPhone user.

Method 9: Call On iPhone Goes Straight to Voicemail

If all your calls go directly to voicemail without ringing, chances are extremely high that the person has blocked you.

How do I know if Someone Blocked my Number on an Android?

It can be puzzling to know if someone blocked you on their Android phone. Thankfully, these tips can confirm if your number has been blocked on an Android device:

1. Texts Not Delivering

If your messages show single tick or remain undelivered perpetually, you have likely been blocked by an Android user.

2. Calls Going Straight to Voicemail

If all your incoming calls go straight to their voicemail, it means the person blocked your number on Android.

3. “User Unavailable” Message

Receiving an automated “User Unavailable” message when trying to call signifies the person has blocked you.

4. Check Third Party Apps

Try messaging the contact on apps like WhatsApp, Messenger etc. If your messages remain undelivered or show single tick only, that’s a block!

What Happens When you Call Someone who Blocked you?

So what exactly happens when you call someone who already blocked your number? Here are the common occurrences:

  • The call goes straight to a recorded voicemail message without ringing.
  • You hear an automated message, “The user you are trying to call is unavailable”.
  • If you had your caller ID enabled previously, now it will show “No Caller ID” or “Anonymous Caller”.
  • The call rings but cuts shortly without the person attending it on purpose after seeing its you.

In all cases, they won’t know if you called or hear your voicemail unless they unblock your number.

How to Hide your Phone Number on Android and iPhone?

Both iOS and Android provide simple ways to hide or block your caller ID before making calls to others.

On iPhone

Go to Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID and turn it off. Alternatively, you can press *67 before each number.

On Android Phone

Go to Phone app > Menu Button > Settings > Additional settings > Caller ID and choose Hide number option. You can also dial *67 or #31# before each call.

How to Block a Phone Number?

Blocking bothersome callers is quite straightforward on smartphones. Here is how to block a phone number easily:

On iPhone

Go to Settings > Messages > Blocked Contacts > Add New. Enter the phone number and tap Block.

On Android

Phone app > Options > Settings > Call blocking > Block numbers > Add a number

You can also block directly from Recents or Contacts app.

How to See Blocked Numbers on iPhone?

To see a list of numbers and contacts blocked on iPhone:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Messages

Step 2: Scroll down and tap Blocked Contacts

Step 3: You will see the list of blocked phone numbers and Apple ID’s here

How to Know if Someone Blocked you on iMessage?

Here are surefire signs to identify if someone blocked your iMessage on iPhone:

💬 Blue text bubble changes to Green

💬 Single tick or undelivered status only

💬 “Not Delivered” error on message

💬 Your messages on top with no replies

💬 Calls go straight to voicemail

💬 Shows No Caller ID previously ID’d

💬 “User Not Available” automated reply

Why are my Texts Green?

Here are the common reasons your iMessage texts may have suddenly turned green from blue:

✅ The contact has switched from iPhone to Android device

✅ Poor internet causing texts to send as SMS

✅ The person has blocked you on iPhone

✅ Your iPhone is no longer able to send iMessages

✅ Cellular plan limitations for data messages

Does *67 still work?

Yes, dialing *67 before a phone number still blocks your Caller ID on outgoing calls for both landlines and mobile phones. The receiver will see the incoming call as “Anonymous/No Caller ID”. This essentially hides your identity and lets you call anonymously whenever required.

How to Call Someone Private?

If you wish to call someone while keeping your number private, here are easy ways to make private/anonymous calls:

On iPhone

Go to Phone app » Enter *67 » Enter recipient’s number » Call

Or Turn off Caller ID from Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID

On Android

Go to Phone app » Enter *67 » Enter recipient’s number » Call

Or Disable Caller ID by going to Settings > Additional Settings > Caller ID

How to Call Someone who Blocked you?

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to call someone who blocked your number unless they chose to unblock you. Any calls you make when blocked will go straight to their voicemail.

However, these tricks can be useful to seek their attention:

🔹 Call from other numbers in your household

🔹 Use phone booths, landlines or temporary calling apps

🔹 Send an explanatory message/email requesting to get unblocked

Why are my messages green when they should be blue?

Here are potential reasons for green text bubbles instead of blue iMessage ones:

➡️ Weak Wi-Fi/cellular data causing texts to send as SMS

➡️ Switching between Android and iOS devices

➡️ Software bugs or iPhone connectivity issues

➡️ Carrier limitations to sending iMessages

➡️ The other person has blocked you or deactivated iMessage

No caller id is someone in your contacts, what can you do?

If you get a call from “No Caller ID” but suspect it is someone in your contacts, here is what you can do:

✔ Go to Recents and look for unfamiliar numbers

✔ Use a reverse phone lookup or tracking app to trace number

✔ Ask your common contacts if they called incognito

✔ Block the suspicious unknown numbers

✔ Call service provider for call details if required


Finding out if you have been blocked by someone is no rocket science. With the subtle indications covered in this comprehensive guide, you can easily make out if someone has blocked your number on iPhone or Android. Identifying the signs of a block can provide closure and prevent needless overthinking about relationship issues or bad friendships.

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