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How To Activate New Phone Verizon? – Easy Methods

Wondering how to activate new phone Verizon? Wireless service can be difficult to understand, and many providers don’t make the process any simpler for their customers. It may appear to be impossible to find a wireless provider that genuinely cares about your requirements due to the existence of obstacles such as hidden fees, complicated device setup, and lengthy wait times. This is where Cellular Sales comes in, as they are Verizon’s premier retail partner as well as the 2022 Verizon Agent of the Year.

Do you have a new or upgraded Verizon phone and need to know the process for activating it? Read on, and we’ll fill you in on everything I know about the procedure and what you’ll need to know to get started in a matter of minutes!


Verizon Communications, Inc. is a corporate company that offers telecommunications, information technology, and entertainment services to individuals, corporations, and government entities. It divides its operations between the Verizon Consumer Group (Consumer) and the Verizon Business Group (Business). The Consumer division sells wireless and wired communications services and devices directly to end users.

The Business section offers local and long-distance call services, data and video services, commercial networking gear, security and fully managed services, while also providing internet connectivity to spread a variety of services and devices. 1983 marked the beginning of it all in New York City, which is also the location of the company’s current headquarters.

Verizon Review

Although Verizon’s mobile phone plans are relatively pricey, they continue to provide customers with the fastest speeds, the most data at hotspots, and the finest coverage available across the country. In point of fact, a Verizon cell phone plan is approximately ten dollars more expensive than plans offered by other carriers or service providers.

If, on the other hand, you are the kind of person who always settles for nothing less than the finest, then Verizon is the internet service provider that will provide you the most bang for your buck.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Verizon Wireless?


  1. Data: In the near future, they will provide infinite data
  2. Contract Length: Verizon does not provide any contracts that are for a period of two years. However, the majority of mobile phone service providers no longer require customers to sign contracts lasting two years.


  1. Rolling over data: The rolling over data cannot be done since it is not possible. On the other hand, if you have the Verizon Unlimited Data plan, you won’t have to worry about this issue.
  2. Price: The fees charged by Verizon for their services are more expensive than those charged by some other cellular service providers. On the other hand, due of the high caliber of the services that they provide, many people believe Verizon to be an excellent value.

How to Activate New Phone Verizon? – Easy Methods

4G LTE Phones

  • Insert the new SIM card and battery as directed in the user manual, and give the phone a full charge.
  • Activate your cell phone.
  • Automatic activation will start immediately. Accept the Customer Agreement by following the on-screen prompts and doing so.

Existing Verizon Wireless Customers

  • Verizon Wireless’s Backup Assistant makes it easy to transfer data from a previous phone. For information on how to get your hands on Backup Assistant, check out “How to Back up Your Contacts.”
  • You can stop using the old phone after it has been backed up.
  • For 4G LTE activation, dial 1-877-807-4646 from any phone and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Take out the battery and cover, then take out the SIM card without touching the gold contacts or taking the SIM out of the slot on your old 4G LTE handset.
  • Take out the new phone’s battery and its case.
  • Align the SIM card’s notched corner with the pull-out tray’s or SIM card slot’s notched corner, and then insert the card until it snaps into place.
  • Put the battery in and cover it back up.
  • Put your brand-new phone through its full charging cycle.
  • To use a new phone, just turn it on. Automatic activation will start immediately. Accept the Customer Agreement by following the on-screen prompts and doing so. After purchasing a new phone, just follow the on-screen instructions to set it up and install or activate Backup Assistant to copy over your contacts. (Your phone should be functional at this point.)

Important: DO NOT call *228 to finish activation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Activating Your New Replacement Phone?

If you have any questions, you can reach Verizon Wireless at 1-800-922-0204.

To Get my New Phone Activated, do I Have to Contact Verizon?

Wondering how to activate new iphone on verizon? Your newly purchased Verizon phone will be activated and ready to use, so there will be no need to contact Verizon to initiate service.

When you turn on the device and follow the aforementioned activation instructions, you’ll be guided through this easy process by means of on-screen prompts.

Where Can I Find Verizon’s SIM Card Activation Instructions?

My Verizon’s Activate or Switch Device page is where you should go if you need to activate a replacement SIM card or switch the device you’re using.

In What Time-frame Does Verizon Activate a Phone?

Activating your new Verizon 4G phone via Over-The-Air should take roughly four minutes. Some cases, however, may require up to 24 hours for this procedure to complete.

Is there a Fee Associated with Activating a Phone through Verizon?

There are no additional costs involved. However, it’s possible that some customers who already have suitable handsets from another carrier will need to unlock their phones before they can use the new service. Hence, all you need to do is give the number of your previous carrier a call, and they will handle everything for you.


How to activate a new phone is as easy as swapping the battery, charging it, and then turning off your old phone if you are already a Verizon user. To complete the activation process, plug the SIM card into your new phone and turn it on. In most cases, activation can be completed in less than five minutes.