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How To Call Someone Without Showing Your Number? – Best Ways

Modern mobile phones have revolutionized the way people communicate. As we speak, you can either choose to email your friends, video call or voice calls them. With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to keep in touch has increased. This is because most people now work from home following the social-distancing guidelines.

For business people, they are now relying on phone calls from their customers in order to deliver goods and services. Since the use of mobile phones has increased in the recent past, the rate of receiving calls from scammers has also increased. Consequently, most people have lost money due to fake deals and so on.

As a result, most mobile phone users have opted to keep their phone numbers private. This means that one can make phone calls and remain anonymous. In this article, we shall take a closer look at how one can make call without showing his number. To know more about this, read to the end.

How to Call Someone without Showing Your Number? – Best Ways

Although you might want your recipient to know your phone number, hiding your number might end up being used for the wrong purposes. As a result, it is essential to conceal your identity when making calls. The good news is that you can readily do this within a few minutes. This is through enabling a particular feature on your phone and dialing a specific code.

However, there are numerous ways of hiding your identity when making calls. Some of the best ways to do this include:

1) Block Your Number on Individual Calls

As we speak, you can now block your number when making an individual call by just dialing *67, followed by the number you intend to call. Whether you normally use a cell phone or a landline to make calls, you can be sure that this strategy will work perfectly well for you.

If you want to remain anonymous when using a landline, you should not dial *67, followed by the recipient’s phone number straight. Instead, you should be patient after dialing *67. Once you dial this code, you will hear another dial tone. After that, you can now dial the phone number of the recipient.

The good news is that this process will hide your number and make it appear on the other end as either blocked or private. Generally, your caller ID will be hidden. Remember that this method is only applicable for individual calls. If you forget to dial *67 before dialing the recipient’s number, your identity will not be masked again.

Therefore, you should always remember to dial *67 then followed by the recipient’s number, and your identity will be concealed.

2) Block Your Number on All Outgoing Calls

Apart from blocking your number when making individual calls, you can now block your number on all outgoing calls and still hide your identity. Whether you normally use an Android device or an iOS device, it is possible to block your number by just doing a few changes to your phone’s settings. Thereafter, your recipient will not know who is calling as your caller ID will appear private.

If you are using an iPhone device to make calls, you should first go to the ‘Settings’ section and then tap ‘Phone’. Thereafter, tap on ‘Show My Caller ID’ and then turn it off. For Android users, you should go to the ‘Phone App’ and then open the ‘Menu’ section. Here, you will see the ‘Settings’ section.

Click it and then go to the ‘Call settings’. Here, you will see ‘Additional settings’ among other options. Click it and then select Caller ID. Thereafter, select ‘Hide number’. This way, your number will be hidden on all outgoing calls. Depending on the nature of your Android device, the wording might be different. However, the process is basically the same.

3) Block your Number Through the help of your Carrier

Different users normally use different mobile devices for communication. Sometimes, the process of hiding your caller ID might not be as straightforward as mentioned above. Other times, it is too much hassle to keep on blocking your number for every call you make.

In fact, this process might be time-consuming for the elderly. If you find yourself in this situation, the best thing is to contact your wireless carrier. Once you contact the customer care team, you should tell them that you want to remain anonymous whenever you want to make calls. The representative will make this possible for all the calls you make forthwith. Generally, this service is free of charge, and within a few minutes, you will remain anonymous for all your outgoing calls.

4) Use the Burner App

By using the burner app, you will save yourself the agony of having to dial certain codes in order to remain anonymous when making calls. However, when using this app, you need to have a good internet connection.

The good news is that there is a burner app for both Android and iOS devices. Here, you will have the luxury to route your calls to your other number directly. This means that you do not need to hide your phone number whatsoever. Note that you are allowed to try this app within 7 days for free. After that, you will be paying $5 for every line you use with this app. Although it comes with a cost, it is worth it.

5) Use Google Voice

If you live within the US, you can use Google Voice to make calls and still remain anonymous. For you to use Google Voice, you need a smartphone or a laptop with a good internet connection. You also need an active Google account and Google Voice app which is free for both Android and iOS devices. For all the outgoing calls made with this app, you can be sure that your Google Voice number will pop up instead of your actual phone number.

How to Unblock Your Number on Individual Calls?

Sometimes, you might have issues whenever you want to call someone with your caller ID hidden. If this happens, chances are the recipient on the other end has prevented anonymous callers from reaching him or her. In this case, the only response you might get on your phone is that the other party you are trying to reach does not accept private calls. Therefore, the only way to reach your desired recipient is to unblock your phone number on all outgoing calls.

To do this, you just need to dial *82 before your recipient’s phone number and then make a call. This way, your number will reflect on the recipient’s phone. For landline users, you need to wait few moments after dialing *82. Once you hear a dial tone, you can now proceed and dial your recipient’s phone number. This way, you will be able to reach your desired recipient hassle-free.

How to Know if Someone is Blocking your Number?

Has your phone number been blocked in the recent past? Chances are that you are not alone. Well, such things are prevalent in modern-day life. Perhaps, this could be because you are not on good terms with your recipients. Other times, he or she might be avoiding you due to one reason or another. The good news is that you can now determine if someone has blocked your phone number or not. Some of these ways include:

1) Text Messages are Not Delivered at all

We all send text messages to people to inform them about one or two things. Sometimes, the message does not get delivered immediately. However, over time, the message gets delivered. If your message was not delivered immediately, chances are that the recipient has not powered up his device. However, if the message remains undelivered for a couple of days, chances are that your phone number has been blocked.

In fact, you will not see the notification ‘delivered’. Instead, you will just see a blank space below the text message you sent.

2) Your Phone Calls are Directed to Voicemail

You might have tried to reach out to your desired recipient, and the phone call went right to voicemail. Other times, the phone might right once, and then it goes to voicemail. If such happens, then your phone number might have been blocked. You can try to mask your identity and see if your phone number has been blocked or not. Here, you can dial *67 and then the recipient’s phone number.

If your calls go through this time around, then your number might have been blocked by the recipient. However, if the call does not go through or goes to voicemail, chances are that the recipient has switched off his or her phone and might power it up later. You can keep trying severally and see if you will be able to reach your recipient.

3) Try to Call from Another Phone

If you are not able to reach the desired recipient’ using your mobile phone, you can consider asking your friend to give you his or her phone. Thereafter, you can try and see if calls made using a different phone will go through. If the call goes through and is even answered, then your recipient might have blocked your phone number. This method is actually one of the easiest ways to determine if you have been blocked or not.

If by any chance you can reach the recipient using your friend’s phone and he hangs up, upon hearing your voice, then your phone number was blocked. Ideally, he should offer an explanation as to why you cannot reach him using your device. If no explanation is given, then your phone number must have been blocked.

Final Thoughts

Most people value their privacy. This is the reason why they choose to be anonymous, especially when making certain calls. The last thing one would wish to get is calls from unknown numbers requesting money and other favors. It’s also a nightmare to expose your number to fraudsters and looters. Luckily, you can remain anonymous by considering the ideas mentioned above. Consider these ideas today, and you will maximize your privacy as far as phone calls are concerned.