How to Find a Lost iPhone without Find My iPhone

It takes seconds to lose your iPhone without getting to encounter any slight bump on your cash register as you get off the train while in a subway and realise that your device is lost. It doesn’t matter how to find lost your iPhone without find my iPhone, but you need to immediately take the required steps so that you can gain it back. The situation is very stressful, but you need your iPhone to access information about the rest of the world, and it’s always expensive to replace a phone.

Find My iPhone is one of the ways which you can implement to search for your iPhone, but what happens if you don’t have it? It would be best if you didn’t panic at all because there are other tools that are inbuilt to help in finding your devices with ease. It’s vital to consider the options available so that you can get your iPhone successfully. How to find a lost iPhone without find my iPhone is very easy, and you will have to incorporate several tools and activities so that you can achieve the goal.

Everyone who has lost their iPhone knows that’s it’s a nightmare, and when they haven’t had their data backed up, it will mean that they start getting the information again. The use of a third-party tracking option to locate your iPhone is still a good option that you need to consider so that you can find your iPhone on Mac. The article discusses more on this topic, and you need to read on so that you can know what you are required to do.

What Happens When Find My iPhone is offline

Locating your iPhone through Find My iPhone requires you to be signed in to iCloud through a different device that you can complete the action. Sometimes you might panic when you find that this feature is off because you will be able to see on the platform if it’s Online or Offline. The location also might read no location service available. When such a thing happens, it means that the iPhone is not in the range of Wi-Fi or cellular data. It will therefore not be able to check into the feature Find My iPhone.

Another reason is that the battery of the device might have died and so when it doesn’t have power, you won’t be able to track where it is. The application only works when the device is connected to an iCloud, and you already signed using your Apple ID. An activation will need the device to be on and not off. Doing so will help in the creation of a connection that can be built to its location.

Essentially, the device can also be in Airplane mode, and that means the signals of data will be cut off, but with the iPhone, it can still get located when it’s still switched on. There is still a possibility on how to find a lost iPhone without the Find My iPhone feature because Apple lacks capabilities in some of the countries and so extra options have been developed to find a device when this feature is unavailable.

It also applies to when the following mentioned situations occur, but you still need to find your device.

How to Find a Lost iPhone without Find my iPhone

1. Google Maps History

Through your Google Account that’s activated, your history of location can get saved on Google Maps. You need to log in to the account using another device that’s connected to the internet. Then start your search of the history of the location. You can narrow it down to get the best results using a time frame of the actual time that you remember to have misplaced your device. Check on the last ping that you used during communication via the cell tower when you narrow down the location of the phone.

It will help you to discover your current phone location as an option of how to find a lost iPhone without the Find My iPhone feature. In case your phone is switched off, or it’s in airplane mode, then the ping won’t get displayed.

2. Locate Via Dropbox Camera Upload

When you want to find a lost iPhone without Find My iPhone because it might have gotten disabled by the person who took it, you might s be able to find the device through the Dropbox application that you had installed. It doesn’t use the GPS, but rather it identifies the phone that’s stolen through pictures of your phone that automatically get uploaded on the App when you have an account on Dropbox.

You can extract the photos of the person when they take a picture and give it to the authorities so that they help you find them.

3. Track Via Third-Party Apps

Some various applications and programs are the third party which might be of help to you when you lose your iPhone. You need to log into them and start to track the device remotely. Some are priced at a reasonable offer, and you can access them through the iPhone App Store of another device. Such applications available include GPS Tracker and I-Hound which don’t need an iCloud ID so that you can track your iPhone.

4. Track An iPhone That’s Nearby

The following option can be used only to track an iPhone which might be nearby after you lost it in either a house or at a specific location. You can still use another option on how to find a lost iPhone using a few methods that are considered to be close to the proper pre-emptive quarter measures.

5. Try Using The Voice Activation Feature Siri

When you have a new iPhone from version 6s upwards, the Hey Siri feature can get used. You should know that you need to set it up manually before the phone gets lost. It allows you to have the advantage of activating the device via an activated voice command of Hey Siri, which is accompanied by a loud activation tone.

You can hear your iPhone tone if it’s near you regardless of its current level of Volume. You should continue talking to Siri after activation so that you build clear communication and if she doesn’t get to hear you correctly, then Siri will prompt a question to you so that you can track her voice to your phone.

6. Use Your Apple Watch

You can also use your Apple Watch as an option on how to find a lost iPhone without Find My iPhone feature. The following device needs to be in proximity with your iPhone, and it can get to connect with it through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Head to the home screen if the Apple Watch where you will swipe up to get access to the Control Center and check on the indicator which connects to your device in a green icon or text.

Tap on the Ping iPhone icon to start tracking the phone, and it will respond through a sound when you have its location.

7. Use the LED Alerts on iPhone

When you want to get aid in visual help of finding your lost iPhone, then you need to turn the LED rare flash alerts to be in correspondence of your device receiving new notifications. The feature can be set via the Accessibility setting on the iPhone, which has an option of activating LED Flash Alerts.

There is an additional set of Flash on Silent which you are required to activate so that when your phone gets lost, you can easily track it down via a ca or text that will prompt an LED flash.

Can Find My Friends Feature on Another iPhone

The Find My Friends feature can help you to locate your phone easily if you have shared your location access with a friend or family member on the App.

The current location of the device can get located through the instruction of Find My Friends;

  • Mark the iPhone as Lost

When you reach a point that you can no longer locate the phone, then opt to activate a Lost Mark on it. The mode locks the phone, and no one can access the information from the phone.

  • Erase the Data on iPhone

Locating an iPhone can be hard, and if it’s in the wrong hands, you have to opt to erase all the data on the device so that they don’t access your personal information. Remember that you can’t retrieve anything when you erase your iPhone.

How to Data Protection of a Lost iPhone Device

When you can’t find your iPhone after trying to locate it for a while, then you will start having fears about the data and private information that you had on the device hence you need to find an option of what the next step will be. You can use Activation Lock when your iPhone seems to be offline. It’s a standard feature that lets you protect your data by locking the device.

You can also erase your data on the phone along with the Apple ID;

  • Lost Mode Option

When your lost iPhone connects to the internet, you can remotely lock the device and customise a message that will pop its screen. You can include your contact details so that a good person may return the device to you—Apple Pay. Plus provides extra security, and no notifications will be displayed on the screen. You can unlock your device once you regain it by using the right passcode.

  • Erase iPhone Option

The flowing option is your last resort when you don’t have a hole in finding your lost iPhone. The measure will help you protect important data that you had in the device, but it can’t be restored unless you had backed it up earlier. All the information gets lost, and it shouldn’t be something that you can take lightly.


The good news about how to find a lost iPhone without Find My iPhone is that several other options can be used and effectively help you get your device back. Most of the options given are very effective, but you still need to activate the Find My iPhone feature on your gadget. However, the devices which have iOS 9 upwards can automatically get a sign in at Find My iPhone feature in the setup of your iPhone and enabled. Ensure that you are also careful so that your iPhone to avoid all the hassle that can come with the process of getting to find it.

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