How to Find Deleted Messages on iPhone without iCloud

For most people, phones are considered their most valuable possession. In a digital era like today, we almost can’t go by a single day without our phones, mainly because of the convenience it brings to our lives. With smartphones, we can stay in touch with other people whenever we want and look up important information in a few clicks. Most importantly, our phones serve as portable devices by which we store some of our personal or valuable info, which is why it can be a shame to misplace or lose them accidentally.

In this case, there might be a time when you have deleted messages on your iPhone by accident. They don’t necessarily have to be crucial information, but you might as well have thought if there is a possibility to retrieve these messages. Most people tend to steer clear of this problem and safeguard their phone’s security by backing up important storage or info through iCloud.

This way, they still have access to whatever is on their phone any time they prefer and won’t worry about accidental deletions. But what do you do if you accidentally delete text messages or conversations without backup? While this situation can be quite difficult, it’s still possible to unearth your deleted iPhone messages without having an iCloud to back them up with.

This article will discuss how to find deleted messages on iPhone without iCloud and the steps you need to keep in mind along the way.

Is it Possible to Still Recover Deleted iPhone Messages

Before you know how to find deleted messages on your iPhone, it’s best to keep in mind that a deleted message – whether accidentally or intentional – doesn’t mean that it’s entirely eliminated. In actuality, what happens is that the system merely marks the ‘deleted’ message as due for elimination which is why they stay invisible and hidden from us.

This means that while you have clicked on the ‘Delete’ button, your message still stays somewhere on your phone, only invisible, and you can always opt to retrieve them as long as you know how to locate these hidden or marked message files. Because of this, many people have still successfully managed to get back their text messages, given that they know how the steps to go about it.

That said, the question now is: how do you even find these concealed messages in the first place, and how can you recover them? There are three simple methods you can follow to recover your lost messages. Obviously, having an iCloud backup makes the process easier, but this guide will mainly dwell on how you can do this without any form of safeguard at all.

You will need the help of third-party apps such as iPhone SMS recovery software or iPhone data recovery software to get started.

How to Find Deleted Messages on iPhone without iCloud – Easy Ways

1. Using Finder or iTunes

The simplest and easiest method you can start with to recover deleted conversations is by using iTunes or Finder as an alternative to iCloud. This method will work if you have a backup, especially since you can easily restore data if you have Finder, Windows, or even a Mac.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • First, connect your phone to your PC and open Finder or iTunes.
  • For Windows users, open iTunes, then click on the phone icon located at the top of your screen. Choose Summary, which you can find on the left side. If you prefer to use Finder, simply click on the name of your phone under ‘Locations.’
  • Select Restore Backup, and this will eventually retrieve all the deleted messages from your iPhone. If they still aren’t recovered, your messages probably aren’t there.
  • Take note that if you see a grayed-out Restore Backup button, click on either the Backup or This computer checkbox. This will allow your data to be backed up on your iPhone.

2. Using Third-Party Apps/Software

If you can’t find any of your deleted conversations or messages on iCloud or your backup, the conclusive assumption is that they aren’t located there in the first place. A great way you can find these messages is by installing third-party software, Tenorshare Ultdate, which is excellent in recovering deleted iPhone text messages without the unnecessary hassle.

  • Run the Tenorshare Update on your PC and grant it access to detect your iPhone.
  • After it has detected your phone, you will be redirected to an interface. In this case, click on the “Messages and Attachments” option. You are free to choose any kind of file to retrieve your messages. Once finished, click Scan to begin the process of recovery.
  • When scanning is done, you will now see all the scanned files. You can either choose to display only the deleted files or show them all by clicking on either option. From here, you can now locate the data that you plan on retrieving, then choose Recover.

3. Contact Your Carrier

If any of the aforementioned methods still don’t work, then you’re left with this last resort. You’ll have to contact your Carrier to retrieve these deleted messages for you. Fortunately, some carriers tend to keep records of the messages and calls on your phone. To do this, you may log in to your carrier account or reach out to your provider’s customer service line.


Losing messages can be frustrating for most, especially when they contain valuable information. This is one of the reasons why many people back up their phones so as to avoid losing valuable stuff or even personal information that they want to keep with them. But even though you aren’t able to back up using an iCloud, don’t fault yourself too much since there are still ways for you to recover deleted messages.

Hopefully, the methods mentioned above will help you retrieve your messages quickly and easily.

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