How to Find Hidden Photos on iPhone in 2024

Photos on your iPhone can sometimes end up hidden from your main Photos app for a variety of reasons. Maybe you didn’t realize an app was saving photos to your phone, or perhaps a glitch caused some photos to become hidden. Whatever the reason, it can be annoying not to have access to all your photos.

The good news is there are a few different techniques you can use to locate and unhide any photos that may be lurking out of sight on your iPhone. With a bit of digging, you can often uncover those hidden pictures and videos so they reappear back in your Photos app.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through all the best methods for tracking down and revealing any hidden photos on your iPhone in 2024. Let’s get started!

Method 1: Check Folder Organization in Photos App

The first place to check for missing photos is right within your Photos app itself. Over the years, Apple has changed and updated the way the Photos app organizes pictures and videos. So one possibility is that your photos are still there in the Photos app, just filed away in a folder you haven’t realized exists.

Here are some things to check in the Photos app:

Recently Deleted Folder

If you tend to take lots of photos and videos, your iPhone will automatically make room for new ones by deleting old ones that haven’t been opened in a while. But they aren’t deleted forever! Your iPhone keeps them in a Recently Deleted folder for 30 days, just in case you change your mind.

To find it, open the Photos app and scroll all the way down. Tap the Albums heading to expand that section, then choose Recently Deleted to view your trashed photos. If you find the pictures you were looking for here, tap Select, choose the photos, and hit Recover to move them back into your main photo library.

Hidden Album

The Hidden album is designed to let you tuck away private, sensitive photos so they don’t show up in your main photo feed. Check by opening Albums and scrolling all the way down to Hidden to see if any of your missing shots ended up there.

Screenshots Album

Over the years Apple has changed where it files your screenshots. These days, most screenshots you take on an iPhone with iOS 15 or later will be routed to their own Screenshots album.

Open Albums and see if your missing photos are mixed in with your screenshots. If so, tap Select, choose them, hit the Share icon, and then tap Save to Photos to move them into your main library again.

Utilities Folder

If you utilize your iPhone’s scanning capabilities, such as scanning documents or QR codes, the photos created from the scans will be filed away in the Utilities folder.

Open Albums, tap Utilities, and scan through to see if any scanned photos are taking up space here. You can select them and save them to your main photo library if needed.

Imported Photos Album

If you import photos directly from a camera SD card using the Files app and an adapter, those imported shots will be stashed away in a dedicated Imported Photos album.

Check Albums for the Imported Photos folder, then browse through to find any images you brought in via external SD card.

Method 2: Check Storage Locations Outside Photos App

In addition to the hidden folders within the Photos app itself, there are a few other locations on your iPhone’s storage that could be harboring your missing photos and videos:

Recently Deleted Folder via File App

You can access the Recently Deleted folder directly through the File app as well. Open the Files app, select Browse, choose Albums, and open Recently Deleted to uncover any photos or videos removed from your Photos app within the last 30 days.

Telegram Media Folder

If you utilize the Telegram app to share photos and videos, the Telegram app will also stash copies of that media in its own folder.

To access it, open Files, tap Browse, select Telegram, choose Media, and then tap the Photos folder to check for any wayward media.

WhatsApp Media Folder

Similar to Telegram, the WhatsApp messaging app also squirrels away copies of photos and videos you share through the app. You can uncover these by using the File app.

Open Files, choose Browse, tap WhatsApp, select Media, and then open the WhatsApp Images or WhatsApp Video folder to uncover any visuals sent via WhatsApp chats.

iCloud Photo Library

Another possible reason photos are missing from your iPhone’s Photos app is because they are only stored in your iCloud Photo Library online, and have not been downloaded to your device.

To check for this, open the Photos app and select the Albums tab. Scroll down and tap the iCloud Photos heading to view all the images and videos saved in your iCloud library that have not been downloaded to your iPhone. See if the missing photos are here waiting to be downloaded.

If you have a lot of photos in iCloud, another option is to open in a browser, sign in with your Apple ID, and see if the photos are visible there.

Recently Deleted Folder on iCloud

Just like on your iPhone, deleted iCloud photos get stashed in a Recently Deleted folder for 30 days before being permanently erased.

So if missing photos are nowhere to be found on your device, see if they are lingering in the Recently Deleted folder on iCloud. Open in your browser, click Albums, choose Recently Deleted under Utilities, and scan for lost pictures.

Method 3: Check App Folders

Sometimes photos can get saved into the storage folders of various apps on your iPhone without you realizing it. When this happens, the photos remain hidden from your Photos app.

It’s a good idea to dig through the folders of apps that have capability to take or save photos and videos. Here are some of the top apps to check:

Social Media Apps

Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok allow you to take and share photos. Be sure to check the app’s folders using the File app for any wayward media.

For example, open Files, select Browse, tap Facebook, choose Media, and then check the Photos folder for any images saved by Facebook to your phone.

Messaging Apps

In addition to Telegram and WhatsApp as mentioned above, also check media folders for other messaging apps like Messenger, LINE, WeChat or any others you use to communicate and share photos. Media shared in messaging chats may be stored in hidden folders.

Camera and Scanner Apps

Specialized camera, scanner, and document apps like CamScanner, Adobe Scan, Office Lens, and others could stash away photos without you realizing it. Be diligent and scan through their media folders for missing shots.

Cloud Storage Apps

If you utilize cloud storage systems like Dropbox or Google Drive on your iPhone, peek into their app folders too for any photos and videos uploaded from your device but not viewable in your Photos app.

Third-Party Photo Apps

Any photo editing, filtering, or management apps could also be inadvertently keeping copies of your pictures. Browse the folders of photo-related apps like Pixelmator, VSCO, and others to ensure important images haven’t been trapped there.

Method 4: Use iPhone Search Function

Fortunately, you can also leverage your iPhone’s system-wide Search capabilities to help surface hidden photos. Here are some effective search tips:

Try Searching by Date or Location

If you remember the rough time period or location where a missing photo or video was taken, do a Search using that date or location term. This can help surface media saved in hidden folders.

For example, search “November 2022” or the name of a city to dig up any media from that timeframe or location.

Search by Person’s Name

If you are missing photos of specific people, do a Search for their name. This will scour all your iPhone’s folders and may uncover hidden pictures and videos with that person in them.

General Keywords

Brainstorm keywords potentially associated with the missing photo – things like event names, nicknames, restaurants, vacations spots, etc. Use varied search terms to uncover as many leads as possible.

Reverse Image Search

If you still have a copy of the photo somewhere else, you can do a reverse image search. Take a screenshot of the photo from the other source and do a regular visual search in your iPhone Photos app. This can help turn up duplicates that may be buried within hidden albums or folders.

Method 5: Enable Hidden Photo Recovery Apps

Third-party apps now exist that can scour all of the hidden corners detailed above to help uncover photos and videos that standard Photos searches may miss. Here are some top hidden photo recovery apps to try:

Disk Drill

Disk Drill provides a deep scan capability that digs through all of your iPhone’s internal folders, including typically inaccessible system folders, in search of lost media. It offers a free preview so you can see if it finds your missing content before paying to recover the files.


Developed by iPhone recovery experts, Fonelab recovery app claims capability to restore not just hidden photos but even deleted photos from iOS devices. It scans call history, WhatsApp chats, photo albums and more to extract maximum missing media.

iMyFone D-Back

Touted as an all-in-one iPhone recovery solution, iMyFone D-Back provides customized scans that target missing photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes and more. Advanced deep scanning promises access to retrieve files even iOS built-in recovery cannot.

EaseUS MobiSaver

With robust photo recovery algorithms, EaseUS MobiSaver can detect vanished pictures and videos across various paths and storage services. It enables previewing of found files before choosing to recover only desired media.

Method 6: Reset Phone to Unhide Photos

As a last resort, performing a reset of your iPhone system settings can serve to unhide photos in cases where they have become inaccessible due to a system glitch or software bug. Here are a couple reset options to try:

Reset All Settings

Resetting all system settings will restore various settings on your device while retaining your data. This can reshuffle things and restore normal photo visibility.

Find Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone and tap Reset > Reset All Settings to do a system reset.

Erase All Content and Settings

The nuclear option is to fully erase your iPhone and reset back to factory default settings. This will wipe your device clean but can fix even longstanding system issues causing photos to be hidden.

Just know you may lose any media not properly backed up beforehand! To initiate a full factory reset, go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone and select Erase All Content and Settings.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone

Having private photos on your iPhone is common, but you don’t necessarily want everyone who uses your phone to see them. Luckily, Apple provides a simple way to hide photos so they don’t show up in your main Photo Library or Moments view. Here are a few ways to hide photos on an iPhone.

Use the Hide Function

The Hide function is the easiest way to conceal photos on your iPhone.

To use it:

  1. Open the Photos app and locate the photo you want to hide.
  2. Tap the photo to view it.
  3. Tap the Share icon at the bottom left.
  4. Scroll down and tap “Hide”.

The photo will now be hidden from Moments, Collections and Years views in the Photos app. To view your hidden photos:

  1. In the Photos app, tap “Albums” at the bottom.
  2. Scroll down to find the “Hidden” album.
  3. Tap to view all your hidden photos aggregated here.

Move Photos to a Locked Note

You can also hide photos by moving them into a locked note in the Apple Notes app:

  1. Create a new locked note by opening the Notes app, tapping the New Note icon, and enabling the lock switch.
  2. In Photos, tap Select to choose the photos to hide.
  3. Tap the Share icon and choose “Copy iPhoto(s)”.
  4. Open the locked note and paste the photos.
  5. Delete the photos from your camera roll.

This hides them in the locked note where only you can access them via Face ID/Touch ID or your passcode.

Use a Private Photo App

For even more security, use a third-party private photo app that stores pictures encrypted and locked behind authentication. Some top options:

  • Private Photo Vault – Lets you store photos behind a PIN code, pattern, or Touch ID.
  • Photo Locker – Secures photos with a password and decoy mode.
  • PIX Safe – Uses encryption and Touch ID to keep private photos hidden.

Turn Off iCloud Photo Library Syncing

You can prevent photos from syncing to iCloud and showing on other devices by turning off iCloud Photo Library:

  1. Go to Settings > Your Name > iCloud.
  2. Tap Photos.
  3. Turn off iCloud Photo Library.

New photos will remain hidden on your device only.

Use a Separate Hidden Album

For easier access, you can manually move private photos into a new album titled something inconspicuous like “Finances”:

  1. Create the album in Photos > Albums.
  2. Select the private photos and choose “Add to Album”
  3. Delete the photos from your camera roll.

This separates them from your main photo feed for quick access later. Just remember they will still sync to iCloud.

The Hide function, locked notes, third-party apps, and manual albums provide secure ways to conceal private photos on your iPhone. With these options, you can keep certain pictures hidden from prying eyes but still accessible to you when needed.

How to Recovery Deleted Photos in iPhone or Android

Accidentally deleting photos from your iPhone or Android device can be frustrating. Luckily there are several ways to try and recover deleted photos.

Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone

For iPhones, your best bet is to use iCloud backups. Here’s how:

  • If you have iCloud Photos enabled, sign into and see if the deleted photos still exist in the cloud. You can download them to your phone again.
  • If you have iCloud backups enabled, you may be able to restore from a recent backup to retrieve the deleted photos. Go to Settings > Your Name > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups to check for available backups.
  • Alternatively, connect your iPhone to a computer and use iTunes or Finder to restore from a previous backup.
  • If you don’t have backups, use iPhone data recovery software like Dr.Fone, iMyFone D-Back or EaseUS MobiSaver to scan your iPhone and recover deleted photos if they weren’t fully overwritten.

Recover Deleted Photos on Android

For Android devices, options include:

  • If you backed up photos to Google Photos, check your Google Photos online to see if the deleted photos are still available there. You can download them again.
  • Some Android manufacturers include free photo recovery tools, like Samsung’s Recover My Photos app. Check if your device brand offers something.
  • Use file recovery apps for Android like DiskDigger Photo Recovery or iReparo for Android. They scan your phone’s storage and can retrieve photos.
  • Connect your Android phone to a computer and use data recovery programs like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard or Stellar Data Recovery to recover deleted files.
  • If your device is rooted, apps like Dumpster and Recuva may be able to recover deleted photos. But rooting poses risks.

The sooner you act after deletion, the better chance you have of recovery. Avoid taking new photos or installing apps until you retrieve the deleted photos, as this overwrites space they occupied.

With the right tools and techniques, you can often recover accidentally deleted photos, both on iPhone and Android.

Is It Possible to Find Hidden Photos on iPhone?

Yes, it is possible to find hidden photos on an iPhone. Here are some ways to locate hidden photos:

  • Check the “Hidden” album in the Photos app. The Photos app has a built-in “Hidden” album that contains photos you have hidden using the “Hide” function. Open the Photos app, go to the Albums tab, and scroll down to find the Hidden album.
  • Check the “Recently Deleted” album. Deleted photos get stored in the Recently Deleted album for 30 days before being permanently deleted. Look in this album to see if your missing photos are in there.
  • Browse folders using the Files app. Apps like WhatsApp and Telegram store their media in hidden folders. You can access these folders using the Files app to uncover hidden photos.
  • Use Spotlight Search. Do a search for general keywords or locations associated with the missing photos. The search index may pick up photos stored in hidden folders.
  • Check cloud storage. Photos only stored in iCloud and not downloaded to your device will be hidden from the Photos app. Sign into to view your complete iCloud Photos library.
  • Use a third-party recovery app. Apps like iMyFone D-Back and EaseUS MobiSaver can scan your iPhone thoroughly and recover hidden or deleted photos.
  • Reset your iPhone. As a last resort, resetting your iPhone can uncover photos hidden by a system glitch. Just make sure anything important is backed up first.

There are many places photos can be hidden on an iPhone, like protected albums, app folders, cloud storage, and more. Using the right tools makes it possible to uncover photos that have gone missing from your camera roll. With some persistence, you can usually track down any hidden iPhone photos.


Finding missing photos on your iPhone may seem daunting, but with the right techniques, it’s possible to uncover and restore lost media. Using the Photos app folders, system-wide search tools, third-party recovery apps, and reset options outlined above, you can leave no stone unturned in your quest to get back hidden iPhone photos and videos.

Just be sure to regularly back up your photos so that even if some go missing, you’ll have copies safe in iCloud or other archives. With vigilance, organization and the right recovery tools, you can keep all your precious iPhone photography right at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are some ways photos can become hidden on my iPhone?

There are a few reasons photos can become hidden from the main Photos app on an iPhone, including:

  • Using the ‘Hide Photo’ feature which moves it to a Hidden album
  • Deleting a photo so it goes into the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder
  • Saving photos directly into a folder rather than the Camera Roll
  • Syncing or saving photos only to iCloud Photo Library, but not on your device
  • Third-party apps like WhatsApp automatically saving your shared images to their own folders
  • A system glitch or bug causing photos to not show up properly

Where should I check first for hidden photos?

Your first stop should be the Hidden album and Recently Deleted album within the Photos app itself. Tap into Albums and scroll down to find these folders where hidden and deleted shots may be residing.

Can I browse all the folders on my iPhone to uncover hidden photos?

Yes, using the Files app you can browse folders for apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. to find photos saved directly into app folders instead of your Camera Roll. The Files app gives you access to folders that are hidden from the Photos app.

How can iPhone search help reveal hidden photos?

You can use Search tools like searching for dates, locations, people’s names or other keywords associated with hidden photos. This searches all content on your device and may surface photos buried in folders not showing in your Photos app.

What third-party apps can recover hidden photos?

Apps like iMyFone D-Back, EaseUS MobiSaver and Disk Drill have specialized tools to scan for and restore hidden, deleted or lost photos on an iPhone. They can access folders and storage the standard Photos app can’t.

What if I have photos only in iCloud, not on my iPhone?

Check or the iCloud Photos folder in the Photos app to view photos stored in the cloud but not downloaded to your device yet. Download anything you want stored locally.

Can resetting my iPhone help restore missing photos?

As a last resort, resetting all settings or content can sometimes resolve app glitches hiding photos. Just be sure to backup everything first!

What’s the best way to avoid losing photos?

Always maintain regular backups of your photos to iCloud or an external hard drive. Also, avoid deleting or overwriting anything until recovered. With backups and the right tools, you can almost always recover hidden iPhone photos.

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