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How to Find Out an Unknown Caller Number

Sometimes, we have to face calls from unknown numbers. It has become a common thing nowadays. Facing an unknown call 1 or 2 times is normal, but if you are facing this regularly and several times, it becomes a great issue. Most of the time, we have to take this find caller named ‘Unknown number’ by thinking that this call might be important or emergency for us.

Before taking the call, no one cannot be sure is it a spam call or not. But when we find it as a spam call many times we feel disturbed and this type of phone call annoys us. If you receive such kind of annoying phone calls from an unknown number, you have to identify the calls. Though it is not easy to identity, you have to follow some ways.

This article will let you know how to find out an unknown caller number. Everyone is dealing with some works or regular activities. At this time spam calls will hamper this moment. Like if you are in a work place or dealing with your clients, unknown calls can make this situation worse. Someone maybe in an important official meeting or at a conference, this time unknown calls can annoy you too much.

You cannot block this caller because their number don’t appear. But, it’s a matter of fortune that there are some ways to find unknown caller ID that who is calling you. And you can also see the unknown caller number. There are some tricks and techniques. Have a look on this article and it may work like your guideline.

How to Find Out an Unknown Caller Number


Some of you might have heard of the use of *69. It is one of the options to know the number who called you. *69 will help you to trace the last person who called you. It is an effective way for hidden calls. In this way, you can get the phone number or the exact time of calling. If you find the number, you can easily block their number, so that they cannot call you again. Another thing, if you want to call back this number and you can. But you don’t get any other information from them.


Another number *57, you can also trace an unknown call by using *57. You have to dial this number and you will find the last caller’s number. Some carriers like Verizon and AT&T offer this service. If you dial this number, the unknown calls will be identified. Sometimes, this code works only in some particular area. If your code doesn’t work, you have to call your service provider and ask them the code which works in your current location. If you tell the authority, they will locate them in a special way and give them to police.

In that case, some phone companies will charge for dialing *69 and *57. You have to prepared for this situation. Some will provide this service for free. You can be sure from your service provider.

Contact Your Phone Provider

If you face anonymous phone calls, you can contact your network provider to know whether they provide the anonymous caller ID service. At first, you can ask them to call tracing codes. If they cannot help you in that case, you can directly ask them for caller ID services. It will help you ID spammers and you can block them.

There is another option like you can inform your service company that you are disturbed by unknown calls. They will have asked the time and date of calling so that they can trace the unknown caller easily. Later they will ask for your phone number and name if needed. The company will contact the callers and warn them not to call you again or they will contact the service provider.

How to Find Out Who Called without No Caller ID

1. TrapCall

If the service provider does not allow to give you the caller Id, in that case you have another option to trace unknown caller. It will unmask any phone number and blocked number also. If you turned on the No Caller ID, the information about the caller will be visible and you can block this number, so that the caller cannot call you again. If they call you, they will hear e message or recording that your contact number has been disconnected like that.

Through this service, you can use automatic spam call blocking and automatic incoming call recording system. It is a paid service and you have to pay a fixed amount per month.

2. Trap Call Sign In

If you want to use this service, you have to subscribe by signing up on their official website. Then they will give you some instructions about how to active it on your phone. After completing their instructions, your service is ready. Now, there is no need to decline a No Caller ID, the call will be automatic directed to TrapCall and unmask the caller number and the information about the caller.

This service is not available outside of United States of America, but it will work on both Android and iPhone. You can test it by trialing once.

How to Blocking Unwanted Calls

1. For iPhone

No one doesn’t expect unknown calls and doesn’t want to talk. So, those who have iPhone, they can block all kinds of unknown calls automatically that aren’t in their contact list. There is features in iPhone named ‘Silence Unknown Callers’, the iPhone users can use it if they get many unknown calls.

To active this features, you have to follow some steps are given below:

  1. At first, you have to go to your phone ‘setting’, and you have to scroll down and you will find the option named ‘Call Silencing and Blocked Contacts’.
  2. Now, there will be ‘Silence Unknown Callers’, and you have to switch on of this option.

If you can do these steps perfectly, the caller will receive a message like that you are disconnected from call.

2. For Android

Android phones also have this feature. Follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, Android users have to open ‘The Dialer’, and there are visible three vertical dots on the right side of the top screen.
  2. You have to tap on it, and you will find ‘Settings ‘.
  3. If you tap on it, there will be visible ‘Block Numbers ‘ or ‘Call blocking’.
  4. Now, turn on the ‘Block anonymous calls’.
  5. If you want to block particular numbers, you should tap ‘Block Numbers ‘ and write the number or add.

List of the Websites that offer Services to Find Out Unknown Callers number

There are some websites that help to find out unknown caller numbers. Have a look:

1. TrueCaller

It is a free service for tracking calls. TrueCaller gives accurate information about unknown callers and helps to find out unknown caller numbers. It is available all over the world and you can use it on all kinds of devices like Windows, Mac iOS, Android, Blackberry and Nokia Asha, etc.

2. Whitepages

White Pages helps to get information like name, addresses, and the map of all numbers. They also provide the age of the cell owners from which phone you get calls. If you want more information about callers, in that case you have to pay extra for this service.

3. Addresses

This website also provides the information like name, address, and the tracking place of the cell number who called you. For extra information, they will ask you for payments.

4. Anywho

Through this website you can get some basic information about callers. But you cannot get information about unlisted number.

5. Spydialer

Spydialer helps you without making any calls. There is a space for entering the number, if you enter the number on their given space, they will make a call to the concerned person. Thus they will be able to trace the users. You can join their website by sharing your address book or give a specific amount of money.

Using above websites, you can easily know anonymous number and details information about who called you.

How to Be an Unknown Caller

You can be an unknown caller by hiding your number. *67 is the code number, it will help you to hide or mask your caller ID information that you are using. If you want to hide your caller ID on every call, you have to dial *67 at first and then the number of the person you want to call.

You can also hide your caller ID permanently. you have to call your mobile or phone carrier and tell them to permanently block your mobile number from caller IDs. If once you do it, it cannot be changed and it’s permanent. If it is successfully activated, when you will call someone, your contact number will be displayed to them, it will be shown as “Private Number”.


All-time, an unknown call is not disturbing or annoying. Sometimes, it may be from your closed ones or important calls of you. If you find that it is totally unrecognised to you and repeatedly disturbs you and it goes harmful to you, you should take action from then. Following any of the options from above, you can easily punch in the anonymous number and also find the contact details of the person who called you.

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