How to Find Out Who Someone is Texting

How to find out who someone is texting? Curiosity is a fundamental part of being human, and with communication being only a fingertip away, it’s not uncommon for you to wonder about the next person’s textual conversations. If you desire to read someone’s messages, it’s worth noting that this goal isn’t impossible to achieve, and you often don’t even need the individual’s device around you.

Essentially, modern devices, coupled with recent Spy Software technology, allow you to remotely access another person’s smartphone, thereby granting you access to their conversations. Suppose you’re a parent or spouse who’s suspicious of the person’s private activities, you can track their cell phone and monitor every activity that occurs in their device, including their text messages.

For more information on the topic, this article will present more details about Hacking into another person’s cell phone to uncover who they are texting. Let’s begin.

What are Spy Software

Accessing your desired phone remotely requires Spy software, also known as “Spyware,” which is a program that’s installed into a smartphone without the user’s knowledge. Such an application aims to acquire vital information such as internet usage data, record screen activities, monitor operations in specific apps, etc., and send them to external storage.

By this definition, any software that’s installed without the user’s permission or knowledge is regarded as “Spyware.” However, usage of this program is controversial as it violates an individual’s privacy, and information attained through this process can be highly detrimental.

Essentially, once installed in the target device, you can obtain sensitive information such as bank details, passwords, card numbers, and many more. Therefore if you wish to use such software to find out who someone is texting, ensure to act appropriately and not abuse this knowledge.

How does Spy Software Work

As previously mentioned, Spyware is software that stays in an individual’s computer or smartphone to acquire sensitive information without their knowledge. These applications operate in the background immediately when the gadget is active, thereby stealing some Random Access Memory (RAM) and CPU processing power in the process.

These applications can weaken or reconfigure smartphone firewall settings, allowing it to function unhindered and installing additional applications to help with the monitoring. Additionally, it’s worth noting that this Spyware is relatively intelligent as it can identify when the device wants to uninstall the software and can interrupt the attempt. Ultimately, while.

You can use this software to spy on your target’s text messages; it grants you unhindered access to other parts of the computer.

How to Find Out who Someone is Texting with Spy Software

Now that you understand the concept behind spying on another individual’s device, it’s time to dive into how to perform this desire. Additionally, as previously mentioned, tracking and spying on another person’s phone are straightforward; however, we recommend checking whether this is legal in your country.

In most states, you aren’t allowed to monitor someone’s phone without their consent, except if they are a child under the age of 18. Without further ado, here is the top Spy software to find out who someone is texting:

1. Cocospy

First on the list is Cocospy, also dubbed the most stealthy app designed for tracking and providing crucial information from your target’s phone. This program can retrieve pictures, videos, call logs, recordings, social media activities, chats, and even text messages.

Essentially, if you desire a hassle-free method to read someone’s text message without them knowing, Cocospy is the Spyware for you. Using this application gives you that secret agent, Mission Impossible feeling. Nevertheless, using Cocospy is simple and easy, and all you need to do is follow the steps presented below.

Here’s how to use this software:

  • Step 1: Visit the official Cocospy Website at cocospy and create a Cocospy account. Afterward, get a subscription plan which depends on the type of device you’re targeting, either iOS or Android.
  • Step 2: Once a plan is selected, follow the steps presented by the setup wizard. Fortunately, the steps aren’t difficult to satisfy as you will be done in a few clicks.
  • Step 3: Once you’re done setting up your Cocospy account, click on ‘Start,’ and you will be taken to your dashboard.

The dashboard is Cocospy most significant benefit as it comes with all the features neatly arranged in ways that make them easy to access. You can select what you want to do from the left side of the dashboard since there are dedicated tabs for everything.

  • Message Monitor

The message monitor is the most vital section of the dashboard since you desire to read the individual’s messages. Essentially, this section reveals all outgoing and incoming messages on the target phone, allowing you to see who they are texting. It’s worth noting that even if the user deletes the messages off their phone, you can still access them on your Cocospy dashboard. With this software, text messages are visible, allowing you to read them conveniently.

  • Keylogger

The next important feature of the dashboard is the Keylogger, which reads and stores all keystrokes made by the user. This feature reveals the message types and the passwords and usernames to other accounts on the internet. Remember that using this feature will reveal their bank details, meaning that you can get into legal trouble if you ever capitalise on this factor.

  • Social Media Monitor

The last tab on the dashboard is the Social Media Monitor for social media platforms. Essentially, you get the liberty to monitor their Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and any other social media they may possess, allowing you to read their messages even further.

  • Additional Information about Cocospy

Cocospy is a web-based tool, meaning you don’t need to download any software on your computer or smartphone to access its offerings. All you need is a web browser and access to the internet, and you can spy on anyone’s messages and online activities unhindered.

Additionally, you can operate Cocospy in stealth mode, which means the user will have no idea you’re spying on them; therefore, you’ll be allowed to browse through their stored data with zero hindrance.

As for instalation, you don’t need a target instalation on your target device as Cocospy has a method to allow easy access. On the other hand, Android devices need a one-time app installation. Afterward, the software runs in stealth mode with no icon on the menu list.


NEXSPY is a sophisticated Spyware that grants you access to someone’s mobile device from a remote location, coupled with several features to make the Hacks seamless. Essentially, this software is ideal for reading text messages of your child or partner’s phone, as well as tracking their locations, call logs, instant messaging apps, social media, and many more.

It’s worth noting that NEXSPY works with both iOS and Android operating systems; however, before using you can begin spying on other users, you must first fulfill the three conditions.

These include:

  • Ensure the phone is physically available to install the NEXSPY software manually.
  • It’s best to make sure the target device is rooted (optional)
  • The target smartphone must have consistent access to the internet to be configured and monitored

To begin monitoring your target device with the NEXSPY software, ensure to follow the steps outlined below:

  • Step 1: Visit the NEXSPY official website at: Nexspy and create an account with the platform.
  • Step 2: acquire the target device and download NEXSPY on the gadget
  • Step 3: After installing the application, select “Start Monitoring/Tracking” and enjoy access to the device.

Configuring the NEXSPY App on your Target Device

After visiting the official NEXSPY website and instaling the app on your target device, you need to configure the software to remotely allow your Spy on the gadget. As previously mentioned, a rooted android device isn’t needed to operate this Spy software; however, installing the NEXSPY application on a rooted android grant you access to more advanced features.

Nevertheless, below are the configuration steps needed to set up a device with the NEXSPY software:

  • Open NEXSPY official on your target phone’s web browser.
  • On the Private Software Respiratory screen, check the box beside the “I am a customer, and I have a license code” option. Click the Android icon and insert your license code.
  • Allow the software to install.
  • Activate Device Administrator once the instalation is complete.
  • Allow battery optimisation once the pop up appears.
  • Afterward, tap either “No” or “Yes” once the phone asks for activation code visibility as they make the number visible on invisible.
  • Clear browser history and caches.
  • Also, clear the Android phone’s download history.

Upon installing the application and selecting “Start monitoring/tracking,” NEXSPY will run in the target phone’s background, feeding your monitor with every activity the person performs.

How to spy on iPhone text messages using NEXSPY

Naturally, iPhones are built differently than androids, requiring different methods to access their software and remotely view their content. Nevertheless, below are the steps needed to instals and configure this Spy software on an Apple smartphone:

  • Step 1: Visit the NEXSPY official website and purchase the premium version.
  • Step 2: unlock the target device and manually install the NEXSPY software into the smartphone.
  • Step 3: Before installing, ensure to jailbreak the device.
  • Step 4: click the Cydia icon.
  • Step 5: tap “Sources” on the next screen.
  • Step 6: Tap Edit and Add on the dialogue box.
  • Step 7: Tap “Add source“.
  • Step 8: Select the “Return to Cydia” option and tap on
  • Step 9: On the next screen, select Utilities, then click on System Core afterward.
  • Step 10: press install, then confirm.
  • Step 11: Select on Restart SpringBoard.
  • Step 12: the device will restart with the activation screen demanding for your license key.
  • Step 13: enter the key and select “Confirm“.
  • Step 14: Click “Yes” on the dialogue box and “Configure” on the next screen.
  • Step 15: Turn on viability and go home.

Can you Spy on Text Messages without Installing Software

Suppose the person’s text messages you wish to assess lives far away from you, and you can’t get access to their mobile phone; you probably want an alternative to installing spy software. Unfortunately, this goal is unrealistic as you can either read the messages directly on the phone or install software to transfer the data to your dashboard. Luckily, these applications aren’t difficult to put in the device, saving you time and energy.

Additionally, you don’t need to physically hold the target phone to install the Spyware since you can send a shortened link Via text or email, leading to a silent and automatic download.


Ultimately, these two software are ideal for helping you access your desired smartphone and go through all the messages it contains. However, it’s important to note that this action is unethical and should only be used when necessary, like monitoring your child’s activities on their phone.

Other scenarios where using this software is justified are tracking an older adult, confirming whether your partner is genuinely having an affair, or monitoring employees on corporate cell phones. Ensure to check your local laws regarding the penalties of Hacking into another person’s to avoid legal complications. Nevertheless, the content presented is perfect for helping you achieve your goal.

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