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How to Find Someone Free of Charge – Easy Ways

The topic How to find someone free of charge has grown to be diverse on the internet among millions of people worldwide because they might be doing an investigation or they want to reconnect with a person. You might be wondering if the right way to achieve this is by paying for the service or if there are several ways that you can meet your need. Plenty of sites don’t offer the services for free, and you will have to pay a small fee so that you can find a person.

However, the internet has become an exceptional place to find people for free currently. Only a few people have gotten to keep their information private from the web, but for most of them, you can use a variety of ways that are free to get to them. Contact information, such as an address or phone number, can reveal the location of a person. It’s much easier to search on sites rather than pay a fee to find information from public records from the courthouse.

The following article has information on how to find someone free of charge through several available channels. It’s not that hard to find someone’s location online through the correct channels that are imperative. Relevant information about the searched individuals can get narrowed down when a search gets conducted.

Read on to know more on how you can achieve a search of a person online and what you need so that you can start the process.

What Information can you Find About Someone People Online

I think everyone should have decent online stalking skills. Not because I condone stalking, but because knowledge is power – if you don’t know how to find people online, how do you know what people can find about you online?

Googling yourself is like checking your credit report for inaccuracies: it’s only effective as a preventative measure if you do it thoroughly and routinely. Whether you’re looking for yourself or a friend (no judgment), here are six tips for finding out anything, about anyone, online.

1. Phone Number Lookup

The following search requires you to have the phone number at the hand of the person you are looking for so that you can be able to use it. It will help you find the details and names according to the search that you have placed. Some people get confused about the phone search that gets reversed with the phone number that you are searching for online.

You can input the first and second name of a person who is in question when trying to track them. The details are essential because they help you to find all the details which will help you to learn about how you can find the phone numbers. You can check out via the telephone number website so that you get the information right away. Relatively, you can check on other different ideas which will help you to find the cell numbers such as the use of the phone carrier or Google.

2. Physical Address

Physical addresses contribute highly to how to find some free of charge. It would be best if you considered learning more information about the physical address of a person using the address finder. It will give you guidance on how you can find a person who went AWOL or you might have just met someone for the first time, and you need to know more information about them.

You can check on their work or physical address through the white pages of residence or through some of the available local sites which usually provide these services.

3. Email Address

One of the best modern methods that relate to contact is the use of an email address which has overtime proven to be quite an effective way. There are several websites and techniques which you can use to search for a person’s email address successfully.

4. Birth Records

Birth details are essential when you are planning to gift someone something useful for their birthday, or you have an interest in knowing their age number and details of when they were born. It’s possible to achieve this process which you will learn about it later on in the article so that you can make your desired goal.

5. License Plate

Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you went through a road encounter with another motorist who hit your vehicle. However, you didn’t get to identify their car, the person, but you still have a chance of getting to find out about their license plate for free online. Suppose you have other reasons why you need the information about the plate number that gets licensed including performing a search in reverse mode or any other way.

In that case, you can achieve this process on how to find a person free of charge on the public web without paying any fee.

6. Maiden Name

Maiden names offer the most prominent advantage when you want to achieve on how to find someone free of charge. It might be a friend whom you parted ways with for a very long time, and maybe they are now married.

The following information can also the best way in which you can start tracking your genealogy to find out who you are through your maiden name. It’s always important to find out about your lineage via that of any other person who is essential to you.

How to Find Someone Free of Charge – Easy Ways

Several other ways are available for you to use apart from the known Google or Social media platform. The best part is that you can be able to search for anyone that you are interested in finding their information entirely for free. Let’s look at some of the best ways which you can use on how to find someone free of charge.

Here is a list that contains the best methods for free online searches;

  • People Search Sites
  • Reverse People Search
  • Google People
  • Public Records
  • Background Check
  • Genealogy Records
  • International People Search
  • Social Media Search
  • Digital Footprints

They are guaranteed to give a person enough knowledge if they read through it so that they can develop to becoming pros in searching for people. There are also free guides that will contribute to your search of people who are family or friends from anywhere at no charge. Let’s head on to know what you can do.

1. People Search Sites

The following is a start point that’s the most recommended out of all options available. It involves investigating the use of a search engine so that you can find a person free of charge. Several dozens of sites are available on the webs which have gotten sifted to provide open platforms that can be directly used at the go by a person. Such web platforms include the free white pages, Yahoo, Zabasearch, Yellow pages, 411, USA people search, etc.

There are several others available which you can lookup for them. Still, you can also do that by narrowing down to the exact state such as the white pages mn, white pages Michigan, white pages Virginia, white pages Indiana, white pages N.J.

2. Reverse People Search

If you are wondering what we mean by reverse people, search then here is a breakdown of what to expect with this option. Once you get to find the right finder to search for a person, then you need to try out with reverse people search on it. You have used one detail of the person, such as their name or work lace so that you can get other pieces of information that are related to them.

You can use their birthday or name to find their number, use an email address, maiden name, street address, social security number or phone number which they are using it might have used. Several other options exist also, and all you need to do is to key in the information and start your search. At the end of the search, there is a report that will get generated from the search tool, and it will get produced with available extra information and the person whom you needed to find.

3. Google People

Google probably is the largest savior site for many because if it’s enormous information that it holds as a search engine in the whole world. It the best option for billions of people because they enjoy getting access to anything they want, including tips for being the best finders.

They have the best tracking tools which can help you to locate and get hold of the profile details of a person that you wanted to know about their whereabouts and other information without paying any cash. Get a few tricks that you can use to enclose the name of a person in quotes so that you can search for their information through the search tool.

You can also opt to use the search of images so that you can find a person via the picture. The only weakness that you can experience is that it can’t right into deep search options on finders that get dedicated to checking the visibility of the information that you need. Hence it means that you can only gain access to the public and free information from websites.

4. Public Records

Public records are open to everyone free of charge. You will get all the information that you require of all the questions which you have by simply searching through these records that are public to the people. It can get accessed via the internet and even offline. Such places where you can opt to conduct your public records search include the Department of State Offices.

It’s where you can find information like arrest records of people, military records. It records about a death that occurred and many other details which you have the interest to see. Sounds interesting, right? If interested, then you can get to it immediately.

5. Background Check

Become a professional P.I so that you can try your options of luck to find the complete information about the background of a person whom you want to see through different available web sources without using any of your credit cards. People have various reasons which prompt them to have a background check on someone, especially if you come across someone new that wants to part of your life. There are several recommendations on how you can achieve the process free of charge.

The greatest thing about background checks is that it will provide you with accurate details about people like new employees, nannies, a roommate, lover, or a person who wants to be associated with you. Still, you are in doubt and don’t know much about them as a person. You can find out if they have any criminal record track or what their intentions might be considering their previous behaviours.

It’s also the right way where you can try finding information about a person that you lost their contact for a long time, and you wish to see them so that you can be in their life again.

6. Genealogy Records

Several websites offer free genealogy searches, and they will provide you with all the information that you require. You can find information about your family tree line and be able to discover details about your relatives which you might not have an idea about before. It also provides you with the family history in the search without you getting to use your credit card to pay for the service because every service is free.

7. International People Search

Anyone outside of the U.S. or maybe they might be overseas will prompt you to use the finders option so that you can be able to locate them wherever they might be. Locating someone worldwide can be achieved through the International People Search. Details of someone can get found on this website which extends its services to Greece, Canada, UK, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Jamaica, etc.

8. Social Media Search

Billions of people are now on social media because technology has advanced and more people have access to the internet while going more social platforms that are being developed around the world for people to connect more. It’s where you can easily find the details of a person you are searching for free.

You can go to the internet and start your search for some of the social platforms. They have a database of the information of all people through their search options.

9. Digital Footprints

Digital footprints have grown to be one of the current online weapons which allow one to take and use it to search for information free of charge. The idea behind this method is for one to leave their footprints all through the internet. The person getting sought for can come across them when they are online.

They will get in touch with you once they see this within no time. It might take longer, but it’s worth the try by allowing you to apply this method across each query available. It would be best if you had the right solutions for this process so that you can quickly achieve what you want. You will have to learn how you can get an alternative contact option so that you make contact with the person who you want to find for whatever reason that you have. The goal is to search for them, and the result should be seeing them.

Should I Pay to Find Someone Online

There is no need for you to pay a fee do that you can find someone, but there are some sights which will ask you to pay so that you can be able to look up for the name of the person, their email address or phone number through their online platform.

However, we have free finders for people and other several methods which can be used but require more time to achieve a search unlike the paid services which do it quicker and they also provide information which is detailed and much more in-depth. Most of the available searchers offer free services, but they do not expect you to pay for the final results after the process.

The available websites which you can use aren’t entirely free for you to use and get all the details of every person you might be interested in searching for around the world. Remember it acts like a private investigator or professional detective of some sort. Whenever you decide that you want to pay for search services, there’s no need for you to assume how you will get access to the data or information that’s way super-advanced like the ones seen in movies when people are using spy software to track down people.

In reality, you have to gain access in a simple manner that involves getting few details about a person, and you may use it in any way avoiding your interest but don’t expect it to work like in the movies.


How to find someone free on charge via the web is not that difficult, but you need to spend more time so that you can get more information about your search. You need to be smart in every move that you make, and you will find yourself achieving this process amazingly while updating your search skills constantly. Everything on the internet changes fasts and new tools plus methods is evolving as well; hence the need to be well informed all the time.

Social media has taken over in our lives; therefore, it’s the first place in which you can do your research for free on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

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