How to Find Someone’s Exact Location with IP Address

There are a variety of uses on how to find someone’s exact location with IP address. It’s designed to help marketers create more personalised campaigns for their target audiences. This tool aims to safeguard websites and enterprises from the malicious cyber activity for those who work in cybersecurity.

Mobile IP Address

Cybersecurity specialists may track consumers down using their mobile devices’ IP addresses like telecom companies use phone numbers to monitor customers. However, the location of an IP address is often only approximated in databases that are freely accessible to the public.

IP address location resolution is still tricky. While employing an IP geolocation lookup service may improve accuracy, it is still possible for a slight error of a few miles to occur.

For example, a user on a mobile data network would often have an IP address assigned to them by their cellular service provider. That number belongs to the central server of the service provider. So, how does this thing function, exactly?

When a user connects to or disconnects from a mobile network, the user’s IP address is assigned and released dynamically by the carrier. This method makes it very difficult to pin down a single user.

It may be possible to accurately identify the city where the mobile phone is located, but this will not be the case for the street address. However, this proviso becomes much more critical when users use a virtual private network (VPN) or another routing technology to protect their anonymity.

Using static IP addresses tied to an actual router is a more secure technique to pinpoint a user’s location. A restaurant’s IP records would be the most accessible place to start looking for a specific device if you’re trying to follow a customer across the institution.

How to Finding a House Using an IP Address

You may use a user’s IP address to trace them online and access their data. You may use a computer’s IP address to help locate its physical location. We can reliably pinpoint your country, state, and city, but finding your actual residence would need the assistance of your Internet service provider (ISP).

You may be wondering why it is. Internet service providers (ISPs) log and record the IP addresses of their customers but generally won’t share this information with other parties. The specialists in the field of cybersecurity would need a legal order to make it happen.

While Internet service providers (ISPs) may quickly determine whose customer an IP address belongs, they cannot provide specifics about the person behind any given online occurrence.

How to Find Someone’s Exact Location with IP Address

A person’s physical location may be deduced from their IP address using an IP Geolocation Lookup service. Depending on several circumstances, it’s possible to come quite near to pinpointing the precise location of an IP address’s owner. For further evidence… First, we need to check in on your current situation.

  • See where you fall on a global map using your IP Lookup (an IP location finder or tracker). To improve the geolocation precision, please enable your browser to update your location when prompted.
  • Using a geolocation tool like an IP Lookup, you may determine roughly where an email is coming from. Furthermore, that ought to suffice most of the time. Nobody’s name or address will be revealed since it is not designed to do so. That would be just too intrusive and invasive of their personal space.
  • In reality, geolocation may “zoom in” on you far more closely than expected.


Your IP address is published for your viewing pleasure on the WhatIsMyIPAddress homepage. Moreover, you may observe – perhaps unexpectedly – that additional data was shown, such as your:

  • City
  • Zip code
  • Longitude and latitude
  • Country
  • Region

Think of this as a chance to educate yourself on the potential of the internet and the precautions you may take to keep yourself and others safe while using it.

Although geolocation isn’t always accurate, it can usually pinpoint a user’s position in a city or area, which may be sufficient for the receiver of the email. Maybe you are that person. It’s possible you’d want to track down an email correspondent’s IP address, feed it into a precise geolocation service, and so come closer to pinpointing their physical location. Maybe not exactly, but it’s probably quite near to where their IP address is registered.

Final Thoughts

On a daily basis, you won’t need to know how to find someone’s exact location with IP address, but it’s still helpful to be aware of the resources available to those who do. Without a Virtual Private Network, someone will likely be able to learn details about you, such as your approximate location and ISP. If you’re worried about your privacy on the internet or can’t get ahold of a particular website, tracing your IP address is a valuable tool.

After all, the first step in hiding your IP and controlling where data travels in the future is knowing where your data is truly going.

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