How to Get Free Cell Phone Service without Paying

Mobile phones are one the most important component used in our daily lives. Along with it Internet is also very essential as each and every work is to be done online, whether for a person working in office, studying or a house wife, everyone needs this facility. But the packages seem to be very expensive which are not affordable by every one.

For making life easier for poor citizens federal governments are providing free cell phone service without paying.

What are Free Cell Phone Services

Federal governments allocate these free services for needy people who can’t afford expensive packages. As some packages are there that seem to be unaffordable as they offer high prices even the services are not valuable. So to achieve qualitative service and free packages, All you need to do is to apply for it and qualify their requirements and enjoy a free cell phone with free services.

Which are the Best Free Cell Phone Service Providers

Selecting the best service provider from the pool of servicers is quite difficult task. However, for obtaining a service from one of the best service provider one should consider following points:

  • They should provide satisfactory customer service, means that they are supposed to keep customer preferences at priority.
  • Their data allocation must be reliable, i.e. the packages provided must be accessible.
  • The server should provide a nationwide accessible service, as there are some providers who offer their service in any restricted area but for that it becomes difficult for other people to access the facilities, so for that it should be a nationwide service which would be accessible to everyone.

Many service providers provide best services to their customers such as wireless service providers, EnTouch wireless, Infiniti mobile, and life wireless etc.

Who Qualifies for free Cell Phone Services

Free services are available for the people who find difficult to access expensive packages. But to avail these services there is a tough requirement, Conditions are there to be met to take over these services.

Such As:

  • Income level: People having income level less than the 135% of the federal poverty level are eligible for this service. This level is different for each state so, one should get assistance from their state service provider.
  • Disability: Disabled people can also access this facility but for that they need to meet the criteria bases on their free service provider guidelines.
  • Government helpers: Anyone who participates in federal assistance programs such as helping needy people, joining programs related to food distribution or any type of program that helps government increasing the life standard of people can freely access these free mobile phone services.
  • Discount offers: Some networks provide discounts on their different packages. One can access them and get the required package.

How to Get Free Cell Phone Service without Paying – Step By Step Guide

Here is the guide to get free cell phone services:

1. Choosing a Service Provider

To select a suitable service provider one should scan out the best provider Meeting their requirements and should be easily accessible. If you cannot find out an easily accessible service provider you need to still scan for more options until you get the best suitable provider.

This step is one of the most essential step as it would be important for you to collect the information whether the service is according to their requirement or not, also should know about the terms and condition to be followed to avail the offer.

2. Meeting the Qualification Criteria

Before proceeding you also need to check out whether you are fulfilling their requirements mentioned in their FAQ’s. If not better to search for a better option and then proceed the application.

There are different criteria for these offer providers as some allow their services for poor having really less income, while some let their offers for disabled persons. So it’s important to be familiar with the conditions of the company.

3. Applying for the Service

Some providers process this step online and to access them one should submit an online application while some may seek hand to hand application or may need some documents proving that you are eligible for the service.

So it is important to have a check on their requirements so that all the documents can be provided and get selected for the offer.

4. Approval and Collecting Sim Card

After meeting the requirement criteria and getting the approval you can collect the SIM card from any nearby physical store and enjoy the free services of the phone, after its activation.

5. Activation

After collecting sim one can activate it online easily, but if in case there is a problem arising in activation it would be suitable to access nearby physical store for the activation of the sim and enjoy free services.

How to Use Free Cell Phone Services Provided by the Government

Here are some free service providers offering different services:

  • Access Wireless: This server provides free minutes, unlimited texts and free Mb’s and is also available in different states. They provide almost 750 minutes and messages, and approximately 200 MB’s.
  • Safelink Wireless: This server provides a cell phone with 350 free minutes, unlimited texts and frees 500 Mb’s in 40 different states. If this is accessible to you then it would be a better option as it is a most trustable server present in many states including California.
  • EnTouch Wireless: One gets free phones with 500 minutes and free 100 messages. While for the 500 Mb’s unit, one gets 100 minutes and texts package while 500 Mb’s along with it.
  • American Assistance: American assistance offers 500 minutes and 500 text messages. Along with it, it also offers free caller id, call waiting etc. But for free Internet users this service won’t be appropriate as it doesn’t offer any free Internet.
  • Infinti Mobile: Infiniti mobile program will give you a free cell phone and unlimited calls and text messages with 2GB data only in one dollar. It is a better option for the ones who use Internet excessively, but it is accessible for those in Oklahoma.

Scoring Free Call Phone Services

  • Mint Mobile: This offers in $20 free service for 3 months, that includes unlimited calls, messages and approximately 8GB of internet. But it is an ever changing program and has best offers for their new customers.
  • Freedom Pop: For those who prefer texting over phone calls, this service would be beneficial. As it offers 500Mb’s, 200 call minutes, and roughly 500 messages.
  • Free Up Mobile: In this offer there is capacity of 250 minutes and messages and also access to 4G hotspot. But if the limit exceeds then you need to pay for the package.

Which Areas can one Get Free Cell Phone Service

These services are available for everyone all over the states but the conditions of network vary at different locations. For example the location differs as urban and rural.

  • Urban area: in urban areas people find it easy to obtain these services as they can easily access their service providers.
  • Rural areas: in rural areas it is difficult for many people to attain these services and find it difficult to access their providers.
  • Some areas: Might include California, Mississippi, Nevada, Maryland, Alabama, Florida where these services are easily accessible.

Importance of Free Mobile Phone Services

Free mobile phone services are really helpful for users all over the states. Nowadays each and every work is carried out online which is helpful for individuals but at the same time the packages provided by the companies are not affordable for many people. For these they can sign in a free mobile phone service and obtain a free cell phone with free services such as free minutes, texts, and Mb’s.

In this way it helps customers to be connected to their peers and provide efficiency in different of the best option is that it is cost saving which would help us to save money for our other daily life uses. Along with it it would be helpful for the students to easily conduct their research needed in their studies.

  • A Good Point

In all of this the best point is that you don’t need to deposit any amount, not even an activation fees is required. This seems to be trustable as there is no loss in it.

  • Risks

Good thing and bad things seem to work parallel to each other. Same in any technology where there is an ease there are many risks too. In this case if we take free sources we need to be careful about security of our systems i.e. anyone can easily access our data by accessing our connection. One might be using our connection while we at the same time can be unfamiliar to the situation and the data might be used.

Customer Reviews According to these Services

Almost mostly customers seem to be satisfied with these services and show a positive response, which shows the reliability of the service. We people prefer our colleagues advices when they have undergone the experience same here, it would be saying that we can prefer these services as they provide a good customer care which is an essential element of any business

Bottom Line

These different services are being provided by the federal governments of different states. They offer a free mobile phone with free services which is a good opportunity for those who find difficulty in affording such expensive packages. One can easily access these services and qualify their requirements and get their free phones and enjoy free services all in a go.

This brings a great ease in our lives. This looks out to be a good opportunity as no activation fee is required even any deposit is also not mandatory. There might be a risk in this work but what by keeping a strict eye on each and everything it is one of the best offer to be availed by the customers.

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