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How To Get Free Internet On Android Without Service?

In this modern era, the free internet on android service is one of our basic necessities of life. It is considered to be one of the greatest creations and inventions of humankind. The Internet has provided us with ease to connect to people in the whole wide world. The free internet on android service provides you information about traffic, weather, politics, news, makeup, and whatnot. Every information and solution to your every problem is just one click away.

The Internet is fast and you can access it anywhere in the world. Our life is incomplete without the internet. Some may say that the internet has many disadvantages and it is spoiling the youth as they are always hooked to their cell phones using the internet. Nonetheless, the internet has more advantages than its shortcomings. It is due to the internet that these days students are able to connect to some well-known university professors all over the world.

However, using the internet on our phones, tablets laptops might be heavy in our pocket due to the high rates of their data plans. In such cases, it may lead the user to think about how to use your phone without service or Wi-Fi. In order to get an answer to their quires they still have to use the internet. Because the internet has a solution to every problem.

If you want to get free internet access on all your required android devices, you must own a service plan. These service plans provide you internet access even if you are away from your LAN devices. Different service provider companies have different data plans which provide a package plan according to your needs.

These internet plans are expensive than usual packages. Some service providers also provide you free calls, messages, and obviously some mobile data plans. Due to the high rates of these data plans, some people try to get free services. But they have no idea how difficult it is to breach the security of these service providers.

If you cannot get free services and you are not in range of your LAN device, does that mean that you cannot have access to the internet? You are unable to reach your relatives? You cannot access information or use social platforms that can only be accessed using the internet? Well! This is not the case. Now you might be wondering how to get free internet on android without service?

That’s not difficult at all. A number of methods are there which can be used to access the internet without services.

How to Get Free Internet on Android without Service? – Easy Ways

You can use free internet by applying a lot of methods. These methods make sure that you don’t have to pay any charges for internet services. They are easy to understand. You can be active on all your social platforms by using these methods and most important of all they don’t bring any virus to your device.

However, before using any of these methods make sure you are fulfilling all the requirements that are applicable to use any of these ways:

  • You should have zero balance on your phone.
  • No data plan should be subscribed to the device.
  • Provide better results with OS 4 or higher versions.

After making sure that your device fulfills the requirements, you are ready to try methods to get free services. Some of these methods are described as follows;

1) VPN

Nowadays the internet is available everywhere, in coffee houses, railway stations, restaurants, bus stations, and airports. Free internet is available in the form of free Wi-Fi. This Wi-Fi device may provide you the internet but are not secure.

So, in order to make sure that no one is trying to breach your security one must use VPN. VPN makes sure that that your connection is secure now and no hacker can get your information that is processed while using VPN on free Wi-Fi. VPN works as a security layer for our device and protects us from viruses, malware, and hackers.

  • Secure Method
  • Information is hidden.
  • No one access your location
  • Your data is hidden from service providers.
  • Decrease the speed of the internet

2) DataBack App

The DataBack Application is available on google stores and you can easily get it from there. DataBack is a free application and every android user can get it. After launching the application you have to start it. This application stores the excess data that is being used by all your application during the execution of your commands. This application saves data from your Data plan that you have been using.

So, when you are not connected to any of your service providers you can use the internet saved by this application. Moreover, you can also get bonus data if any of your friend or relative gets this application on your recommendation.

  • Data is saved
  • Bonus data is received
  • Not secure
  • The interface is not user-friendly

3) Gigato App

This application is available on the play store for all versions of android phones. Gigato application is very popular among youngsters to get free internet. You can earn free internet by using this application and can use it later for your use. In order to use the free internet, make sure that you have no balance on your cell phone. Gigato application also provides you other application that works similarly so that you can use more internet.

  • Applicable to all android versions
  • Easy to use
  • User reliable
  • Time-consuming
  • Not secure

4) WiFi Password

You can use a free WiFi password application to get free internet from other WiFi devices. This application is available on the play store for android users. This application generates random numbers that can be used as keys. These keys that are generated from a combination of different algorithms are used as the password for WiFi routers.

These keys are so strong that they break the password of the available router and make it an open WiFi for you. You can use this WiFi as free internet on all your devices.

  • Available for all versions of android phones.
  • The availability of fast internet is ensured.
  • Information is secure
  • Difficult to understand
  • Your location is required
  • Ethically wrong

5) Opera Mini Achusoft App

This method can be used to get free internet by using the Opera Mini internet browser. You can get free internet on a specific browser by using a proxy server. You can only access your online data by using Opera mini browser. This proxy is not applicable to other browsers. If you want to use this method you have to uninstall your other opera browsers. After uninstalling another browser, you have to restart your device.

Now download the latest Opera mini browser go to its settings option and select the network setting. After going to the network setting register yourself and add the new VPN to the access point and add the following proxy information.

Name: AchusoftConfig

Port: 80
APN: airtelgprs.com

  • Unlimited availability of internet
  • High Speed
  • Compatible to all versions of android phone
  • Only available on Airtel sim
  • The Internet can only be used using Opera mini browser

6) Kickbit App

You can use free internet on your android phone by downloading the Kickbit application. This application is more likely for that user who is fond of shopping. This application provides you free internet on shopping from free websites. Moreover, this application also provides you free internet forms filling out various surveys. On filling each survey, you get a specific amount of free internet.

So, if you have got plenty of time to kill, this method for gaining free internet is best recommended for you.

  • Responsive
  • User-friendly
  • Compatible with ass versions of android phones
  • Time-consuming
  • Targets a specific type of audience

7) FreedomPop App

FreedomPop application provides you free internet for all types of cell phones and operating systems. It is compatible with android as well as iOS. You can sign up for a free data plan by using this method. It provides you with data plans that can help you browse on the internet and you can use different social platforms.

These data packages provided by this application are not as attractive as by the service provider company but you can subscribe to free internet as long as you can.

  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with both iOS and android
  • Limited features

8) Mcent App

Recent works are more like of Gigato application. This application provides you a list of other application, from this list of application you have to choose one app and download it. On downloading that app you will receive a reward of $5 and free internet bucket.

  • Helps you to make money
  • Easy to use
  • User reliable
  • Requires more space
  • Time-consuming
  • Security of data is not confirmed

How can I Get Free Internet on my iPhone without Service?

Yes, you can connect your iPhone to the internet. To connect to the internet, you have to connect your iPhone to your laptop. Your laptop must be connected to some LAN devices in order to provide internet access to your iPhone. This method is compatible with all generations of Apple, even with iPads and iPods.

How do I Get the Internet without Service?

In order to get free internet services, there are some musts that must be done to get the internet. You can connect your device to some other network than can be some local IP, some LAN service, or some other laptop. You can also get the internet by connecting it so some free Wi-Fi server or from some hotspot device.

How can I Get Free Internet on my Android Phone?

You can connect your phone to Wi-Fi by connecting to a nearby hotspot device or by free Wi-Fi devices available in your region. Moreover, you can also hack the router by utilizing the hacking software. This hacking software gives you a key that can be used as a password for the required Wi-Fi router. Remember that hacking always comes with a price. So, when you think of breaking into some device always remember the consequences that come with it.

Can you Get Free Internet with VPN?

If you want to know whether VPN works as a service, the answer to that is yes, it does. If you want to know that can you get the internet with a VPN, you cannot do so. Because VPN itself works with the internet. It becomes operational when connected to the internet. However, it can be used as a free proxy site to get free internet. Remember that VPN does not provide you internet, it provides you proxy sites to provide you the internet. You have to remember that it does not provide you with the same speed.

It provides you the slow speed of the internet. Moreover, the VPN server is not safe. They are always a threat to your data, which is processed over the internet as it is easy for a hacker to break those proxy sites.


Free internet is a blessing in disguise. People these days always look for a way that provides them free internet rather than paying for it. This free internet can be from hotspot devices, free WiFi routers, or even from the free proxy server. In order to get free internet, one must not forget that one’s data privacy is more important than getting free internet.

One might use a VPN to access the internet so that no one gets an insight into what you are using over the internet, not even your service providers. One must get free internet using apps or websites, but don’t forget that your security is more important. So, while getting free internet you must use methods that are reliable, secure, and easy to use.