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How To Get Free Metro PCs Service Hack | Unlimited 4G Data For Free

If you are on this page then you simply want to learn a few tips and hacks to get free metro pcs service. You are probably sick and tired of paying a relatively high amount of bucks each month on data services and want to get some tips that will save you some bucks, get you free & unlimited data while doing so. If that is true then keep calm and read this piece on how to get free metro pcs service hack in 2019 and beyond.

If you do a quick search of data hacks on the internet, you will find out that the majority do not work; the few that do, are “hidden”. Some have even stopped working and no longer function. Well, I’m sorry to break to you that hacking a data network is not particularly easy. Thing is, most times, you either enjoy extremely cheap data services (which most people do not know about) or configure a Unique VPN setting that gets you bonus services (that most people don’t get)

How To Get Free Metro PCs Service Hack

Hacking a network service is very illegal! Think of this

You hack into a network’s server just to get monthly internet access on your phone, laptop or any device. To trace you, all the company needs is the connected device and they would get you on their “radar”. What do you think they would do?

If the company traces you, I bet they would not beg to employ you or offer to give you a job at their company because “they think you are smart”. That’s most likely not going to happen.

You would go to jail for it. You would be in a cell for hacking into a company’s server illegally. That’s pretty bad!

This is why hacking into a company’s (not just network or data providers) is not a thing to consider. Do not get me wrong here;

I am not saying you can not and will not get free services or will never get free unlimited 4g data for free, what I am saying is most “so-called hacks” are just free bonuses, money-saving tips, strategies to save data or elongate your data life span. Get that?

Now prior to this article, I did a pretty much deep research to get the best possible 4g data hacks for metro pcs services on the internet and I’ll be putting together a long list of the best tips, tricks, and strategies on how to get free metro pcs service hack and how to get free unlimited 4g data for free in 2019 and beyond.

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What Does MetroPCS Offer?

MetroPCS services were created by T-Mobile to basically provide the better services that other network brands like AT&T or Verizon do not provide. The brand focused on providing data services that are cheap, fast and reliable. And that is what people always wanted.

Recently, getting a good data service that is fast, reliable and also considerably cheap is almost impossible. If you look at data usage in America, it is high on the rise. In 2016, over 290 million people accessed the internet making it one of the biggest online markets in the world today.

With over 76% of users in the U.S. accessing the internet, there is no doubt data usage is an important topic to discuss. With this high demand for the internet and data, people would always crave for better, faster and cheaper internet services. Metro PCS basically saw this need and went for it.

MetroPCS Plans?

During my research, I’ve encountered dozens of questions from internet users wanting to find out the data service plans provided by MetroPCS. Here are the basic unlimited 4G data service plans offered by MetroPCS;

  • The $40 10GB High-Speed Plan,
  • The $50 Unlimited High-Speed Plan and;
  • The $60 Unlimited High-Speed Plan.

The $40 10GB High-Speed Plan: with this plan, you get the 10GB worth of data for one (1) month to browse the internet. You also get free “Music Unlimited” which allows you to surf music applications for free without using up your data. What this means is you can listen to music online (40+ music plans) all for free; no data will be removed or used.

To include or add more network lines on this plan, you can save $10 every single time. Basically, you pay $70 for 2 lines, $100 for 3 lines and $160 to use the plan on 5 different lines. Great, right?

The $50 Unlimited High-Speed Plan: the $50 Unlimited high-speed data plan comes with hotspot and Google One 100GB included. With the hotspot feature included, you can share your unlimited data plan with other devices. Here is the thing; the hotspot feature is limited to just 5GB which means you can only use 5GB of data on all hotspot connections each month on every subscription you do.

Like the first $40 10GB plan, you get to save some bucks when you decide to add more devices. You pay $80 to use on two (2) lines, $110 for 3 lines and $170 for 5 lines.

The $60 Unlimited High-Speed Plan: This plan is the highest MetroPCS data plan the company offers. With the $60 Unlimited High-Speed Plan, you get the hotspot plan, Google one 100GB and Amazon prime included. The hotspot plan is 15GB data; a 10GB rise in data from the previous $50 Unlimited high-speed plan.

How much to include more lines?

Primarily, you save $30 on every line you decide to include. You pay 90 bucks for two (2) lines, $120 for three (3) lines and just $150 to use on 5 different lines (instead of $180). Sounds awesome, right?

Cheaper Plan?

MetroPCS has a $10 cheaper plan for those who can not afford the more expensive ones. The $30 comes with a 2GB high-speed data service for one (1) line. Well, if I am asked, if you subscribe to this plan, you are literally at the losing end. Think of paying $30 to get just 2GB while you can simply add $10 and get 10GB!

What is the best MetroPCS Plan to Get?

Simply put, there is no one data fits all type of plan when it comes to online data usage. Everyone has his or her different needs for data hence will need data services that suits those needs. For example, if you are a Youtuber you will most likely need more data to upload your videos, and to run your channel(s) effectively.

Price is also another determinant to which MetroPCS 4G plan you can get. A lot of people do not have the money to afford the more expensive data services hence go for the less expensive or cheaper ones. $60, $50 or even $40 can be a big deal to some people. Some even have the money but feel paying for data services is not worth it.

This is why you see 1000s of people going online and searching for guides on how to get free metro pcs service or how to get unlimited 4G data for free. Everybody wants to make use of the internet but literally, no one wants to pay for it.

In essence, the two (2) main determinants to know the best plan for you are;

  • Money and
  • Personal use.

Look at the most cost-effective plan and go for it. What you use your data for also determines whether you need to pay more or pay less. If you get data plans for your family, you could go for 4 or even 5 lines. This way, you will get your family the data service plans needed all while saving big chunks on it

.For example, you get to pay just $150 for the $60 unlimited high-speed plan on 5 different lines. If you calculate this at the normal rate, you would be paying nothing less than 300 bucks (yes, $300) just to use on 5 devices. This plan helps you save $150 monthly and 4G Unlimited data services with MetroPCS.

How to Get Free Metro PCS Phones?

Another thing I noticed (while doing my MetroPCS internet research) is that most people are interested in getting the MetroPCS phones for free. Who does not love free phones by the way?

Yes, MetroPCS phones can be gotten for free on their official website. You could choose from 4 different phones; Samsung galaxy j7 star, Samsung galaxy j2, LG Aristo 3 and LG stylo 4. How does this work?

You simply get free phones when you switch from other carrier networks (except T-Mobile) to metro pcs and subscribe to any plan of your choice. Cool, isn’t it? Well, all you have to pay for is the taxes on the phones and the data service plan you’re opting for. Then maybe a miscellaneous activation fee.

On the MetroPCS official website, you could get 4 free phones when you switch your carrier to MetroPCS and get 4 lines for $100, period! In fact, you can go with just 3 or 2 phones with a different plan.

To get four (4) phones, you pay $100 ($25 each), for three (3) phones, you pay $90 ($30 for each) and 2 lines for $80 ($40 each).

How To Get Free Metro Pcs Service Hack?

Like I have mentioned, there is no such thing as hacking a carrier network company only a few bonus plans that people do not know. Of course, there has been a few news, articles, blogs and videos about people claiming to have a hack to get free 4G data services or to know of a way to bypass Metro PCS systems and get their services completely for free but the thing is most of them do not work anymore.

Most times, hackers find loopholes to get away with some things but these carrier services are quick in detecting attacks and fix them immediately. In essence, most hacks are either not working or get closed in literally no time. Asides that, it is completely illegal to hack services like these and you could get yourself into serious trouble by doing so.

What then should you do?

Find special deals and bonus plans to jump on and avoid tricky hacks that could even get your line blocked. You could do this by staying on top of the MetroPCS data deals trend every day. To make this easier, on the official MetroPCS website, there is a “deals” page where all new and ongoing deals are shown.

Are you looking for cheap plans, bonus unlimited plans, discounts or free 4G on MetroPCS? Then you should always look up this page to find out. To know even more, subscribe to their email newsletter and you will always be contacted first when there are new deals to help you get more by doing or paying less.

For example, on the deals page of the company, there is a current cheap deal going on. It is $30 per line for four (4) lines plan. What does this plan entail?

It comes with the free Amazon Prime and Google one plan included in your plan. If you recall, you can only get the Amazon prime and Google one 100GB of cloud storage plans if you subscribe for the $50 and $60 per line unlimited data plans. With this special bonus deal, you get to save $1,200 yearly.

Petty cool, right?

That’s not all, you also get the hotspot feature plan which enables you to share data on a hotspot to your devices. Unlike the regular plans, you can not get this feature on the $30 2GB plan nor the $40 10GB High-Speed Plan.

Other MetroPCS Hot Deals You Can Jump On Right Now?

There are other hot metro pcs deals you may be interested in. Some of which are; the $49 iPhone 6s and the LG Q7+ for $49.99 when you switch. Basically, you get these devices at the cheapest rates ever when you switch any of your carrier lines to MetroPCS. With this plan, you don’t need to switch up to 4 lines before you can get the offer. When you switch 1 line, you can get this special one time offer that comes with unlimited 4G data for free.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of this special one time offer when it lasts.


Getting unlimited 4G data plans for free is possible but as I said, I would not advise anyone to go into hacking carrier systems to get free unlimited data services that could easily land you in jail if caught. There are several deals and bonus events that you can find on the internet easily.

These deals will help you save money, get cheaper deals, coupons and even free phones without having to hack into anyone’s systems. Like I mentioned, you can spend hours searching for the best videos, blogs, or articles on how to get free metro pcs service or how to get unlimited 4G data for free and still get nothing. Most tips and tricks online just promise but do not do what they say they do.

To be on the safer side, find cheap, reasonable Metro Pcs deals and get on them. You can get these by checking the company’s official website’s deals page or by subscribing to their email newsletter. This way, you can get notified first whenever there are new hot deals to get cheap data plans or to save more on existing data plans.

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