How to Hack My Neighbors WiFi On My Phone

In today’s time and age, no one stays disconnected from the internet. But what happens if your router goes down or you run out of data while watching your favorite series? It’s really stressful, isn’t it? Using a public network is definitely not an option. That’s why we’ve got some quick hacks you can use to get yourself a temporary fix. Disclaimer, please don’t use this for the wrong reasons.

Now let’s move on to the question you’ve been asking, how to hack my neighbors WiFi on my phone?

It is Possible to Hack my Neighbors WiFi on my Phone

The answer is Yes. Your neighbor’s WiFi system is a SOHO network. Multiple devices they use are connected across this platform. If you know their public IP address you can easily hack their WiFi. When we use a WiFI system, our devices are all connected directly to the router with an inherent firewall.

To bypass this router you’ll need to have the IP address. The IP is the public address of the network of your neighbor’s internet connection. Having this will give you the key to their network. However, that’s not enough. To enter and use the network you’ll need to get past their firewall. Let’s take a look at the top apps on Android you can use to do this.

How to Hack my Neighbors WiFi on my Phone – Easy Methods

1. Using WIFI WPS WPA Tester

The WiFi WPS WPA Tester is one of the most common apps that are used to hack weak WiFi systems that connect to the WPS router. First, you’ll have to download and install the app on your phone. Next, enable Wi-Fi settings on your phone and then launch the app. Search for the networks around you and select a network. Then just tap to hack! You’ll have to input the key manually. The rest of the process is automatic and you’ll not need to root your device!

2. Using AndroDumper App APK

If WPS WPA didn’t work out for you, you can install AndroDumper. This app works similarly. You’ll have to launch the app and enable your Wi-Fi settings. After this click the refresh button to see a list of accessible networks in your area. Choose the network you want to hack and connect to it by tapping. The app will automatically select the network, break the password after trying multiple combinations of numbers and alphabets. However, if the WiFi is weak, the app directly hacks the password.

3. Using WPA2 WPS Router

Still not satisfied with the answers to how to hack my neighbors WiFi on my phone? Then let’s try the root methods used. This method will require using Bcmon or Reaver. Download the either app and install them on your device. To hack using Bcmon you’ll have to turn on the monitor mode on the app.

Alternatively, Reaver verifies you’re using it for legal activities and tap on the APN option. While using this app go to the settings option and mark the automatic advanced settings option. Finally, you can start your hacking process by clicking on start attack. It often may take from 2-10 hours to complete the process.

4. Using Wi-Fi WPS Connect App

After rooting your device this app is a swift option to hack into your neighbors Wi-Fi. To those asking the question of how to hack my neighbors WiFi on my phone, we recommend this method. Any Wi-Fi using WPS security protocol can be hacked using this application. However, the process is a bit elongated, so keep up with us.

First, download the application on your Android Device and then enable your Wi-Fi option. Launch the WPS Connect app and then press the button for scanning. You’ll find all the nearby networks by doing this. The app displays all the nearest WI-Fi networks (though this may take a few attempts) with the details of the networks.

You’ll get to know about the security types, network types, signal strength, etc. After completing this initial setup, choose a Wi-Fi network and tap on it to hack it. A pop-up screen will appear with a defined list of keys for the PIN. Tapping this key will start your hacking process.

5. Using WPSAPP

The WPSAPP is an app that allows for connecting to nearby Wi-Fi networks. It allows you to use an 8-digit PIN to do the same. You can use it for both rooted and non-rooted phones.

Similar to all the other applications in this list download the app and install it. Then open the app and check for Wi-Fi networks near you. Find a WEP-enabled network to connect to and click the button in the app saying Connect with Pin. Within a few seconds, the password will appear on your screen!

List of the Best 10 Apps to Hack WiFi

If you’ve been wondering which apps to use while thinking about how to hack my neighbors WiFi on my phone, here’s a list of the best applications to use.

1. WPS WPA Tester

This application helps you to check for vulnerabilities in the WPS protocol of your point of access. Since the app allows you to do this with any Wi-Fi system, you can use it to hack your neighbor’s Wi-Fi and use the network.

2. WPS Connect

WPS Connect is the answer to your question of how to hack my neighbors WiFi on my phone? Using this app you can connect to any secure WPS protocol Wi-Fi connection in the networks list available around your device.

3. Bcmon Android App

This app needs your device to be rooted before the installation. You can download the APK online for free. The App is generally used to analyse existing vulnerabilities in any wireless network. We have spoken previously about how you can use this app to hack into a Wi-Fi network.

4. ZAnti

When using this app you need to download and install it. Once the application is launched you will be prompted to install apps from an unknown source. This needs to be accepted. After this, give affirmation for the root access prompt commonly from SuperSU, and then you’re good to go!

5. WiFi Password

A WiFi password is an application that displays all the passwords for any WiFi your device has ever been connected to. For installing and using this application you won’t need root privileges. Even though this app is not particularly hacking, you can use it to get a neighbors WiFi password that you’ve used before. It’s helpful in emergency situations.

6. WiFi Kill

This application works for connections on the same network. You can disable anyone’s Wi-Fi using this application. You’ll need to download it and then turn on your Wi-Fi system. Once the app is running click the play button ad search for devices that are connected t the network.

Once you click grant, it allows Superuser permission that’s promoted to you. Once you’re done scanning for devices enable show network names to see the names of the networks. Click on a device and slide the grab button. If you want to kill the internet access just slide to the kill button.

7. WiFi Inspects

Using this app you can hack and perform multiple tasks. You can change a person’s mac address, IP address, etc. The functions also include a port scan for checking host vulnerability, Pcap analysers, Access point scanners, route tracing, information of networks, ping, and so on.

8. Kali-Linux on Android

Root is preferred on a device you’ll be using this app on. In the first step, log in to the application. Then plugin an injection-capable wireless adapter and disconnect yourself from all wireless networks before opening a terminal. You’ll find several tutorials for this app as it is a bit complex. We recommend you check out some videos to know the codes you need o use.

9. Aircrack-ng for Android

You can use Aircrack Ng for monitoring packet capture and export of data to text files. Additionally, you can replay attacks, and de-authenticate access points which are fake via packet injection.

Types of Wi-Fi Password Security

1. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

The Wired Equivalent Privacy is a Wi-Fi security protocol that you need to know about when asking how to hack my neighbors WiFi on Phone? This configuration protocol is one of the most widely used Wi-Fi security protocols across the globe.

However, due to its widespread usage, the security it offers is quite weak. Thus, hacking such a WiFi protocol does not require much effort. You can use an application on a non-root device to simply hack such systems.

2. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)

WiFi Protected Access is an updated version of the WEP network security protocol. Introduced in 2003, the WEP’s main issue is a short IV that’s sent as plain text in individual packages making it extremely vulnerable. However, the WPA addressed this issue by creating a system of injecting packets that are encrypted using a temporary or a unique key.

This indicated the number of data packets collected is quite irrelevant. However, due to a flaw found in the WPA key system, it can be hacked as well. If you’re wondering if you can hack your neighbors WPA network, the answer is yes you can.

3. Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

The WPS encryption protocol is the only one that is quite difficult to hack. The system was introduced by Cisco in 2006 allowing home users to set up protected access to their Wi-Fi points. This setup allows the owner to block other users from using their SOHO network.

The owner of the Wi-Fi has full control over this and it can be changed only by using the physical WPS button on a home router. The flaw of the system lies in the WPS PIN feature which can be exploited to hack such systems!

How to Get Wifi Password with applications

1. Breaking the WiFi with WiFi Warden

To break a WiFi system using the Warden WPS connect app, you’ll need to download and install it first. Then open the network tab on the application and see the networks around you. Select the desired networks and connect and check for the vulnerabilities and cracks. Then you can select then connect using the WPS option and calculate the PIN. The app will automatically check the pin and then you can select a PIN.

2. Breaking WiFi with WiFi Map

Follow the installation guide and get the app started on your device. Then select a WiFi network being shown on the map on your screen. In case the WiFi is locked, select the unlock password option and click to generate the WiFi password with ease. Once you unlock the password it will be displayed immediately and you can copy the password and access the WiFi.

How to Get WiFi Password without an Applications

1. Use the IP Address Configuration

If you don’t want to use an application you can use Linux to then track the IP and then use either Linux or another similar system to find the vulnerable ports. It will help you bypass the WiFi firewall and gain access to the network!

2. Use CMD (Command Prompt) on Desktop or Laptop

Open the CMD and run it as administrator. Then type in netsh WLAN show profiles. Using this code allows you to see the accessible network profiles. Then enter the same command with the name of the WiFi and key=content and press enter. The password will be displayed in the Key content section on your screen!

3. Access the ‘Network and Internet’ Menu

You access this via the system tray on your PC or go to start, settings, and network and internet settings.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that hacking your neighbors WiFi using an android device is possible. But we still recommend you to use these only for ethical hacking purposes. Using them for illegal reasons may attract unpleasant and unwanted consequences. Now go and try out the methods we’ve mentioned. We’re sure that one of these methods will help you access your neighbor’s WiFi!

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