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How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages? – Easy Methods

How to retrieve deleted text messages? Most text messages are known to contain random and negligible pieces of information. However, some text messages hold so much valuable information that losing them might be distressing and the mere thought of retrieving them can cause panic. If you are reading this article, then you have probably Retrieve deleted a very important text messages by accident and are looking for a way to retrieve it. Retrieve a deleted text messages can be tricky and may need several attempts before you achieve your goal.

Luckily, this article is here to guide you through different methods and tips that will ensure the retrieval of that important text message from your iPhone or Android device.

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone? – Easy Methods

There are multiple ways by which your deleted text messages can be successfully recovered on your iPhone. These ways include restoring your messages through your iCloud backup, iTunes or Finder backup using your computer (Mac or PC), contacting your cell phone service provider, or through a third party app.

Methods 1) Retrieve Your Deleted Message Through iCloud Backup

If you backup your iPhone to iCloud regularly, then this is probably the simplest and most successful way of restoring your deleted text messages. You can easily recover the deleted text message if you have an iCloud backup history from before the period you deleted the text message by simply restoring your iPhone to that iCloud backup.

To restore your text message using this method:

  • Open ‘Settings’ and click on the Apple ID card on top.
  • Access your ‘Cloud backup’ in the ‘iCloud’ menu
  • You’ll see your last successful backup at the bottom. If the backup was before the text message was deleted, then you can proceed to the next step.
  • You will now have to restore your iPhone back to the last successful backup. To do that, you need to reset your iPhone to factory settings.
  • To reset your phone, click on ‘General’ in the ‘Settings’ app.
  • Scroll down and click on ‘Reset’. Select ‘Erase all content and settings’.
  • To confirm, select ,’Erase Now’ instead of ‘Backup Then Erase’ to avoid losing the previous backup.
  • Once done, your iPhone will restart and then you can proceed to setting up your phone.
  • On the Apps and Data page during set-up, choose ‘Restore from iCloud backup’.
  • Login to your iCloud and choose the backup that may contain the lost message and restore your iPhone to that backup.
  • Fast and easy
  • No secondary device needed
  • Private and secure
  • Possible loss of unbacked data
  • Needs internet connection

Upon the completion of this process, you can then check to see if you have successfully retrieved the deleted message. If successful, congratulations! If not, you can move on to the next trick.

Methods 2) Retrieve Your Deleted Text Message Using Your Computer

If the above method did not work or you are a person that does not backup to iCloud, then this method might be the one for you. You can retrieve your message if you’ve backed up your phone to your Mac using Finder or to your PC using iTunes. Similar to the previous method, this requires a backup from before the message was deleted and restoring your phone to that backup. To restore a Finder or iTunes backup, you need to disable the ‘Find my iPhone‘ feature on your iPhone because it would not work otherwise.

If you are using Mac:

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer and you can find it in Finder under ‘Locations’.
  • Select ‘Manage Backups’ and check if there’s any available backups. If you have backups that may contain the deleted message, proceed to the next step. If not, you will not be able to retrieve your message using this method.
  • Select the backup that may contain the deleted message and click ‘Ok’.
  • Click on ‘Restore iPhone’ and your phone will restore to the backup you selected.

If you are using a PC or an outdated MacOS:

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer and you will find it on iTunes if your phone has successfully connected.
  • Go to the ‘Summary’ page and click on ‘Restore Backup’ to restore the backed up data from your iPhone, including the message that was deleted.
  • If the ‘Restore Backup’ option is not available, your backup preferences may need to be changed from ‘iCloud’ to ‘This Computer’.
  • Private and secure
  • Faster than iCloud backup
  • Detailed backup analysis
  • Secondary device needed
  • Needs internet connection

If this method is successful, you will be able to access your deleted text message. If not, the next method might be your lifesaver.

Methods 3) Retrieve Your Deleted Text Message By Contacting Your Phone Service Provider

Cell phone service providers sometimes keep records and backups of the text messages that were sent or received by you. These records can be accessed if they have not yet been updated or overwritten by new data. You may be able to retrieve your deleted text messages by contacting your cell phone service provider. Getting text records from your carrier depends on how long ago the text message was received because service providers don’t usually keep text records for too long.

To get a record of text messages from your carrier, certain protocols might need to be followed after contacting to verify your identity. You might get a series of prompts requesting information that will verify your identity before your request to obtain the records will be considered. Despite its trickiness, this method is worth the shot because it might help you retrieve that very important text message.

  • Secure retrieval
  • Free
  • Lots of formalities
  • Acute and short term data backup
  • Low guarantee

Methods 4) Retrieve Your Deleted Text Message By Using Third Party Apps

Your deleted text message can be retrieved by making use of third party apps that are available for download on your iPhone. There are some available software tools that might be able to help you but they are high risk because some of them are pretty sketchy and almost never free. There’s also no guarantee that it will work, so resorting to this method is only advisable if other methods did not work and you really need that message back.

Examples of these third party apps with good ratings include Tenorshare UltData, PhoneRescue, and Wondershare Dr.Fone. Most of these apps work by retrieving data on your iPhone that is still in the flash storage, waiting to be overwritten by fresh data. Data recovery apps can be very dangerous because your phone might be exposed to external malfunction that might arise from using these apps. Care should be taken while following the instructions provided by the software.

  • Easy and convenient
  • Cheap
  • Complex technique
  • High risk of data loss
  • No guarantee for success

Fortunately, you may have been able to retrieve the important deleted text message on your iPhone using any of the available methods described above.

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android? – Easy Methods

Deleting an important text message on your Android device can be overwhelming because unlike your computer or emails, you do not have the option of sending data to the recycle bin where it can be retrieved later. When a message is deleted, there’s a high chance that it might be gone for good.

In this article, some methods will be explained that might help you recover that important text message you deleted. You can either retrieve the deleted text message with a Google Drive Backup, by contacting your cell phone service providers or through a trusted third party/recovery software.

Methods 1) Retrieve Your Deleted Text Message Using Google Drive Backup

You may be able to retrieve your text message if you are a person that backs up your data to Google Drive regularly. Having a recent backup history that contains your deleted text message will mean that you can easily retrieve it. All you have to do is reset your phone to factory settings and restore your phone to the backup that contains the text message. You can do that through the following procedure:

  • Open ‘Settings’ and click on ‘System’.
  • Tap on ‘Reset options’ and click on ‘Erase all data (Factory Reset)’
  • Follow the instructions prompts and complete the reset process.
  • When it’s done, set-up your phone according to the instructions your phone presents you with.
  • Sign in to the Google account that you backed up your phone with.
  • Restore your data using the Google Drive Backup option and enable ‘SMS Messages’
  • Accessible on all devices
  • Quick and easy
  • Affordable
  • Security risk
  • Requires internet connection
  • Third party interruptions

Upon the completion of this process, you should be able to access your backed up data which will include the deleted text message if successful. If not, do not lose hope. You can try the next method.

Methods 2) Retrieve Your Deleted Text Message By Contacting Your Phone Service Provider

If you are in luck, your cell phone service provider might still have records or backup of your text messages before they were deleted. Some service providers keep record of text messages you have received or sent for a certain period of time before being overwritten by fresh data. This means that retrieving a deleted text message can only be done through your service provider if the message was received not too long ago.

The tricky part to this method is convincing your service provider to release the record history of your text messages. Some service providers will require you to verify your identity by requesting information like your last sent/received phone call or text message, your SIM card serial number, or your phone model. You may also be asked to send an email to the customer care of the service provider, stating all the necessary information and the reason why you need the text messages record.

All this can seem tedious but it might be worth it if it ends up with you getting your deleted text message back.

  • Secure and encrypted
  • Free
  • Lots of formalities
  • Short term data backup
  • Little to no guarantee of success

Methods 3) Retrieve Your Deleted Message Through Third Party/Recovery Software

Using data recovery software is risky and may seem like a difficult task but it is quite easy when you get the hang of it and could be your only option to retrieve your very important deleted message. Third party recovery apps do not guarantee that you can recover your data and using them might expose your mobile phone to external malware threats. They should only be considered an option if, and only if the other recovery methods are unsuccessful and you really need the deleted text message back.

There are a lot of data recovery tools for Android phones and a simple Google search will guide you towards the various tools you can use. Most of the legit apps are not free, but a lot of them offer a free trial period and since this might just be a one-time thing, you might never have to pay for the service ever. Some of these highly rated data recovery apps include Dr.Fone, Tenorshare UltData, Android Data Recovery, and FonePaw.

To use the data recovery software apps, you should install the program on your PC and connect your Android device. These programs usually come with full instructions. If successful, the data recovery software app will scan your device and provide you with the data you will be able to recover, including your deleted text message.

  • Easy and convenient
  • Affordable
  • High risk of malware threats
  • High risk of permanent data loss
  • Complex procedure

Any of the various methods discussed above on recovering deleted text messages on your Android device should be able to help you get back the text message you lost successfully.

How you can Prevent Accidental Loss of Data?

From this article, it is safe to assume that you now understand how tedious it can be to recover deleted text messages from your iPhone or Android device. You can prevent the accidental loss of data like text messages, media, system information by making sure to keep your phone backed up. You can back up data on your devices using iCloud for your iPhone and Google Drive for your Android device. On your Android you can also back up your data using your phone’s sync software or third party applications like AutoSync, ResilioSync, etc.

To back up your iPhone to iCloud:

  • In ‘Settings’, click on your Apple ID card and search for iCloud.
  • Select ‘iCloud Backup’ and turn on the iCloud Backup option.
  • Click on ‘Backup Now’ and keep your network connected while the process is ongoing.
  • Upon completion, the backup will appear in ‘iCloud Storage’┬átogether with details of the time and size of the backup.

To back up your Android phone to Google:

  • In your phone’s ‘Settings’, click on ‘Accounts’ and search for ‘Google’.
  • Click on ‘Backup’ and activate ‘Backup to Google One’.
  • Tap ‘Backup Now’.

Steps might differ depending on the type of Android device you use.

  • Affordable
  • Easily accessible
  • Secure storage
  • Easy recovery
  • Requires internet connection
  • Risk of data loss

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on my iPhone?

You can recover deleted text messages on your iPhone through either iCloud backup, iTunes or Finder backup on your computer, through your cell service provider, or by using third party recovery apps.

Can I Recover Text Messages Using Dr.Fone?

Yes. Dr.Fone is one of several legit data recovery software that you can use to recover your lost text messages.

Can I Retrieve Permanently Deleted Text Messages on my Phone?

Yes. Text messages that have been permanently deleted may be recovered successfully if the text message lingers in the flash storage before being overwritten by new data.

How Long Do Service Providers Keep Text Records for?

This depends on how the service provider manages records of text messages. However, most service providers don’t keep text records for more than a few weeks at most.

Can I Restore Previous Backup Data on my Phone without Resetting to Factory Settings?

No. To restore backup on your phone, you must reset to factory settings and then set up your phone to restore to that backup.


The unintentional loss of data like valuable text messages can be a painful experience. These text messages may contain valuable information or may have sentimental value. This is why finding a legit way to retrieve these messages is very important. In this article, we discussed various techniques and tricks that should be able to help you recover the text message that you accidentally deleted. Hopefully, you’ve utilized these methods and one of them was able to successfully retrieve the text message for you.