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How To Secretly Track a Cell Phone Location For Free

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew who was where at what time just by their phone number? Wouldn’t it be even better if you tracked their location without them even knowing? Then read on to learn how to secretly track a cell phone location for free. Cell phone tracking There are various ways you can do a free cell phone tracker by number. All these ways are secure and undetectable.

How To Secretly Track a Cell Phone Location For Free

The common way to track a location was by use of GPS. It had to remain on for you to keep track of the other person’s location. But not anymore. Technology has made some advances and developed some of the best apps and websites to ensure you are one step ahead. Here are just but a few of these apps.

1) Famisafe

This application has penetrated the industry for being a parent’s spymaster. They have several supporting features besides their main location finder. This smart and reliable site allows you to securely and secretly track the location of a phone in real-time through the phone number.

All you need to do is to input the phone number you wish to find its location and let the app do its magic. But that is not all the app offers you. It has several great parental features. Read on to know more!

  • They have geo-fencing. You probably wonder what’s that. It’s a monitoring tool. It’s like an alert system that notifies you when there are check-ins and checks outs. Great right?
  • It has an app blocker/ web filter.
  • Parental control settings.
  • Past location records. This means you don’t have to check on the location of the number now and then.

2) Nexspy

This is just but one app with a soy ending. If you search the internet, you are bound to find even 5 results on how to pay on someone’s location. Nexspy allows you to also secretly track a cell phone location free through the number. The location will be in real-time. Also, the results arrive in an implied view.

You can choose a satellite view or a general map location of the phone. It works similar to Google maps. Besides looking at the current location of the number. The app allows you to view historical records of the location. Another amazing feature is the records section that will automatically record a timestamp when the cell phone was spotted at a particular location. Call it proof.

It will record time against coordinates which you can come back to the application and view it as many times as you want. Another mischievous feature in this app is that you can install the app on a person’s phone to act as a GPS tracker and hide it. This means the target will have no idea the app even exists on your phone. It could be on your phone right now and you don’t know. You should check it out!

One final feature that is sure you would be meant to know is that this app is completely compatible with all devices. They could be rooted or unrooted or even jailbroken.

3) TheTruthspy

This is yet another innovative software application that can easily get the job done. This application has a very simple to use interface where you download the app to your phone and input the cell phone number of the secretly you want to track location free.

It’s a free cell phone tracker by a number unless you would like a premium version of the app which may be costly. This powerful tool allows you to track the location of a number regardless of the state, city, or country. This is because it exists in its database operating independently.

You can spy in any number at any time and when the results come up they get automatically recorded. A real timestamp of the location coordinates and time when the target was in a particular area. Another great thing about this spy tool is that all the activities you undertake on the app are completely incognito.

It all happens secretly without the person being tracked knows about it. The application is very compatible allowing you to use it regardless of android phone or apple. It also accepts windows and Mac devices as well. Truth spy is safe and secure from any viruses that may attack the phone during the tracking process.

4) Mobile Number Locator

Another secret cell phone locator by number is this. It applies to Android devices. All you need to do is download the application to your phone and search the phone number for a cell phone locator.

The application is free and user-friendly. The app will also notify you of any past locations and time stamps recorded for those locations on the cell number you placed. The coordinates from the app are well supported by Google maps for easy location finding. Mobile phone locator works for the USA, Canada, India among other countries.

5) Mobile Number Tracker Pro

iPhone owners, you have not been left out. This pro tracker finds the location of any cell phone by number all for free. It has no country biases it can track locations in over 200 countries providing detailed information and location coordinates. The application is also user-friendly with the option to customize your user interface.

There is a disclaimer though, some reviews state that the real-time tracking of the location is not that good, but you wouldn’t know until you try it your self. The application is free to download to your phone and uses invisibility techniques to ensure you are not spotted spying.

6) Mobile Number Tracker

Another website to use is the mobile number tracker. It is free to download and does seem to have quite high ratings and reviews. All you are required to do is to open up your browser and search for this website. Once you have clicked on it, there is a search engine location where you can place the number of whomever you want to track and let the website do its magic. It’s compatible with both the iOS phones and Android devices, with no biases here.

The website even goes an extra inch to allow you to track the location of a vehicle or a landline number. Most landlines will not accept tracking as it has not been personalized but this website has its ways. It’s free to use plus the website is very easy to navigate through. It does not the description of a secret cell phone tracker by its number quite well.

7) Online GPS Phone Tracker

This is another free and easy to use website available for your spying activities. It is available on the web and allows you to jump right into location finding without any forms of registration. The secret phone locator searches for any phone with its number using 3 details which you will be required to provide.

They include the carrier, the country, and the cell phone number. After that, all you need to do is wait and the result shall be provided as quickly and accurately as possible.

8) Caller ID and Number Locator

Let’s skip the basics now and deal with something more next level. This advanced and powerful all work on Android devices. It allows you to quickly and easily search the location of a phone by phone number. The greatest thing about this app that makes it the next level is not the freedom to use, nor is it the secretive nature it uses to search the location.

It is the scope of location finding. As of now, it can search for accurate and exact locations in over 12 thousand cities in the world. It offers nothing but the best.

9) Trap Call

This application is one of a kind. It is used to not only track the phone location of someone by the number. It can also show you details about the number. This is especially pleasant in cases where the number as spam. First and foremost it is simple to track the locations of the call. You just add up the data concerning the phone number and that’s all. Second, you can look up the details of the number including the person who is spam, business-related call, or more of a personal nature.

It can also track calls for you through text messages and WhatsApp messages as well. It is more advanced than other tools out there. Another great thing about it is that you can call the number and as you converse with the number known or unknown, it is tracing the location of the call by IMEI and GPS tracking system. One final advantage is that it is free and very easy to use. Straightforward even for a novice user of technology.

10) Non-Software Technologies

One disadvantage of using apps and websites is that it may be detected sometimes. Plus the apps need you to install the app on the cell phone user. This is to allow the connection between the GPS and the phone number is enhanced.

So what if you don’t have access to the cell phone who’s the cell you want to spy? Or you have lost your phone and have no way of installing any apps? There are ways for that too. Here’s how!

11) Find My device

This applies to Android phones, the iPhone will come much later. You could want the location like for example when you lost your phone or you’re just curious to know. One major advantage of these tools is that it is automatically available on the cell phone.

Before anything else, you need to know that this tool will need to be on to be able to effectively find the location of the cell phone number. You could sign in to the numbers phone by a wireless connection or mobile data through a universal app. This could be something as simple as Google play. Once you’re signed in, you should be visible on the app with the location turned on and then easily use the end of my device’s tool. Maybe that felt like jargon to you. No need to worry. Here is a guide to aid you.

  • While on another device, search for finding my device
  • From here, check to see if the option is turned on. If not, turn it on remotely.
  • This is done by going to Google security settings, tap on fond my device, and turn it on.
  • Next is to check if the location is on as well.
  • Go to security options again, under location, and turn it on.
  • Finally check on visibility under Google play app by logging in, under settings click on the visibility tab again. Make sure it is on.
  • Now find your android device.

12) Find My iPhone

For the owners of the iPhone and iPad, this section is for you. The methods are quite similar to the android but for the iPhone, you will be logging into your iCloud rather than Google Play.

  • Open any browser on your computer, open the iCloud and log in. At this part, if you have the target log in information, feel free to add them there.
  • On the main dashboard, there is a section on finding your iPhone where you will be prompted to input your Apple ID and pass. Choose the device to track and follow the prompts.

One good thing about this is that after you find the location, you can place the phone on lost more and erase all data from the phone. That is especially essential if you are looking for a listed phone rather than spying on someone.

Other Ideas Secretly Track a Cell Phone Location

You may have tried both ways and been unsuccessful or they don’t fit your criteria. Here are other tools and methods to use to secretly track a cell phone location for free.

1) Social Media Site

Applications like snap chat and Instagram have been updated to work with location or GPS finders. That is why when you are posting something via these apps, they tend to automatically input the location without you having to manually type it on. If the target is common via social media sites, you could try using these apps to find their location.

2) Location Sharing Applications

Using your inner circle numbers, you could keep track of the people who matter in your life all in one place. A good example of such an app is Glympse. You can easily find the location of someone by their phone number.

One disadvantage about this is that the target might know or they may need to give consent. This app also works for hand in hand meaning the app has to be installed on the target’s phone to know their location.

3) Install a Bug

You could be the next level spy by installing a bug on someone’s phone. Chances of them knowing are very slim. Placing bugs will allow you to know the location in real-time without any hustle. This technique does need a lot more effort than other ways.


Knowing a cell phone’s location is not entirely spying. Sometimes it’s just a protective measure we take to know what’s going on around us and around the people we love. It’s a safety net and that is why the comprehensive article dug deep in research to get you the best way to secretly know a cell phone location for free. It may be a small thing that saves you from bigger things.