How to See Someones Text Messages

The smartphone is the device that made our living easier and comfortable by bringing the entire world to the doorstep using the internet. Having a smartphone connected to the internet makes you send and receive messages, voice calls, sharing files from anyone to anywhere but not everyone uses it in right or legally correct manner.

As per the analysis done by one of the parenting apps, out of 10 kids who are 8 years old, more than 1 kid is being exposed to sexting and this number is exponentialy increasing more than 42% by the age of 14. Considering all these facts parents need to keep a check on the actions and create a secured cyber environment for the children.

In 2023 Over 467,361+ complaints were received by the FBI’s online Crime Complaint Centre with an average of nearly 1,300 per day. The employer to make sure that the company’s secrets are not leaked, the employee’s actions should be under observation.

How to See Someones Text Messages

Parents to safeguard and avoid their kids from being online abuse victims adopt few methods to keep an eye on the activities of their kids for their protection and one of the know ways is to analyse actions by reading the texts from the kid’s smartphone. The study conducted for 9 months processed 54 million texts and 1.5 million hours of screen time to analyse how the American kids are sharing the X-rated content with each other.

In this article, we discuss few methods to read texts, chats from the social media platforms, get the location, access media files, turn on/off the recordings and camera of the target’s device without their privacy violation. Using applications to monitor the target’s device :

1. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY’s Android Monitoring Application is the best undetectable app to monitor your family. This application needs to be instaled on the phone to view the activity of the target (kids, spouse, employee, etc). After the instalation, this app runs in stealth mode and captures all the which comes and goes from the target’s phone. You can keep an eye on the target anytime and from anywhere using this application.

This process can be done by performing few steps:

  • Purchase the license
  • Activate the target phone
  • All the data gets captured
  • View the data on your web account.
  • This flow goes on.

Some functionalities of this application, are:

  • Listening to the surroundings
  • Able to hear the phone cals
  • Tracking the location
  • Monitoring the chat applications
  • Access to the contacts
  • Internet activity tracking
  • Application activity tracking
  • Capturing using the camera remotely
  • Access to the media files
  • Getting alerts when suspicious activity is found

2. AutoForward

This application is used to monitor the target’s device without having it in its hands. Using this app, you can clone the target’s device which creates a copy of the target’s device in your devices. The app has a new feature called over-the-air which is called the OTA link to download the app to your device. You can monitor the target using the app which creates a remote connection to the target’s device via the internet.

Steps to folow:

  • Download the application
  • Get the license key to activate it
  • Enter the number of the target’s mobile
  • There you go, you will have the entire information like cals, texts, GPS, and all other details of the target within no time.

This application works as expected on both Android and iOS devices. Using this application, you can also access the messages which have been deleted.

The application has many useful features like:

  • OTA (over-the-air) link
  • Works in stealth mode
  • Monitors the text messages
  • Grants you access to the social media platforms
  • Access to cals
  • Access to camera, recordings
  • View media files
  • Monitor all the emails
  • Get the location
  • Access the browsing history

After downloading the OTA link (sometimes the OTA link can only be downloaded using wi-fi) and the connection is established the app uploads the activity of the target which can be accessed from your secured account.

3. HighsterMobile

HighsterMobile application works on almost all devices.

The features of this app are:

  • Provides you the access to all the social media platforms of the target
  • Monitor the text messages
  • Keystrokes capturing of the target’s device
  • OTA (over-the-air) link

This app not only provides you access to the new message but also allows you to retrieve the deleted messages. The best feature of this application you can use this app without jailbreaking.

The usage of application:

  • Instal the application using the OTA (over-the-air) method, the app can be downloaded over a Wi-Fi connection only.
  • Enter your license key
  • Enter the number of the target’s phone which you want to be tracked and monitored.
  • Within no time all the information of the targets will be visible to you on your device.
  • You can see all the sent and received texts including the text details like their date and time.

Any device using which the internet is accessible can be tracked and monitored either remotely or physically. The Wispy application can be instaled on any device without rooting it, accesses all the sensitive information, and even controls the device.

There are applications like FamiSafe which allows you to monitor multiple devices with only one license which means there is no need to purchases separate licenses in case of monitoring more than one device.

How to Someone’s Texts on iOS by Instaling an Application

We can spy on the target by installing the spy software on the mobile which can be sent as a link via email or SMS. When the user clicks on the link present in the email, the spyware gets instaled automaticaly and the sender can now monitor the target’s action and get the details anytime from anywhere.

This method works well on iOS devices. Without having the device in your hands, it can be tracked now. This gets successful with the password and Apple ID. Now tracking app will work with iCloud. Below mentioned the way to spy on a phone without having it in your hands.

Access the website of the spy software which was selected by you:

  • A private account should be opened and the control panel should be customised
  • The device should be activated by linking it to your account using the device password and Apple ID
  • Then start the process of tracking the device.

How to Someone’s Texts on Android by Instaling an Application

Any Android device can be accessed by installing an application. Installing the Minspy app on Android when the device is acquired. Once it is installed, you need not get the mobile again in your hands to access the device.

Please folow the steps below:

  • Signup for free on the Minspy website by going to the account creation page entering the credentials.
  • The setup process starts.
  • In the Setup wisard, enter the details of the target to be monitored
  • Choose the operating system as “Android”
  • Opt for any one of the available subscription plans
  • Instal the app on the target’s device
  • Enter the credentials to sign in
  • Close the interface by clicking the hide app option
  • After the above process, open the web browser and you are ready to go. open the web browser and you are ready to go. You can now monitor and track the target without their knowledge

This app is not limited to access only SMS. You can access social media like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and send, receive messages.

For instance, if you want to know the actions of the user, you can simply get the mobile when they are busy with their chores but if there is no possibility of getting the mobile, in that case, there are few methods using which the target’s mobile access is acquired without having the devices in hands.

How to Someone’s Texts on iOS

It is not always needed to instal an application to keep track of someone’s activities, we can also do it without installing any apps. This gets successful with the password, Apple ID, and working with iCloud which contains the backup files.

To reads text messages on any iOS devices without them knowing, folow these steps:

  • Sign in to the iCloud account of the target (kids, spouse, employee, etc)
  • Opt for recovery from iCloud backup
  • Select the file in the iCloud which contains the chats and download it.
  • Start scanning the messages
  • After completing the scanning, the user can preview the data and read the required chats.
  • Select Recover to the local machine to save the data

How to Someone’s Texts on Android without Having the Device in Hands

Even if the android device works with many cloud storages it is a bit difficult to instal the tracking applications in it. But using the technology, there is always a possibility to perform the actions. Without getting the devices into our hands, we can instal the apps on android devices to read the texts and track the target’s actions. Just send the installation link of the tracking application as an SMS by making it display as a marketing link or offer.

When the target clicks on the link, the app gets installed in the background or we can also instal the application directly in the target’s device by pretending to see the device’s features. Once the app is installed you get access to the target’s devices. The texts can be read, the contacts and the data can be accessed including the Media. You will be prompted when whenever the target receives the call. When the app is installed, the target can never get to know that he or she is being tracked.

Some applications switch on the phone’s recorder and access both the front, rear cameras remotely. Few applications run in the background in stealth mode and work even when the devices are switched off. When compared to all the applications, Minspy is would be a great choice which brings enough security assurance to read target’s chat without acquiring their device physically.

Especially when the target is your kid or your relative, he/she will never be happy if they come to know that they are being tracked and all there are monitored even if it is for their own security. Hence always prefer the application or software that gets hidden in the target’s device after installation and rungs in the background in stealth mode.


As per the recent survey, more than 40% of kids are part of sexting by the age of 14. Only during the lockdown period, the reports of child abuse images online spiked by almost 50%. The predators using fake social media accounts get into friendships with the teens get private content from them. The game ends by abusing the victims and demanding the ransom. As per the FBI, the individual and business victims lost more than $3.5 billion in 2023.

By considering all these facts, parents always need to safeguard their kids by keeping an over their actions so that they won’t be in any problems, and also the employer needs to monitor all his employees to safeguard their privacy.

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