How to Stop Sharing Location with One Person without Them Knowing

In the current highly technological world, it is easy to track someone when the location on their various devices such as phone are turned. Whether you are rubbing some deals or organising meet ups, there will be instances when we wish to leave the house without people realising. Consequently, more often than not, we wish to go on the stealth mode so that nobody notices where exactly we are. You can be able to stop sharing your location with family and friends and especially those who keep tracking your movements.

However, it is sometimes difficult since some circumstances may not permit one to do so. For examples in cases where it is a requirement before you enter a system or an application to turn on your location. Most apps do not really inform the other person when you turn off your location but some do. Turning off one’s location is always followed by so many questions about what they are hiding or where exactly they are.

In any case we wish to help you avoid all these questions through this article.

Is it Possible to Stop Sharing Location with One Person without them Knowing

With just a few changes in settings it is easy to stop sharing your location with people you do not wish to share with. All the same, there is need to be careful to avoid creating suspicion when such family members are notified that you stopped sharing your location with them.

Why do you Need to Turn off your Location

Sharing of Location is equally important in various cases, for example when you lose your device it becomes easier to track where it is and find it, again in a case where friends and family can’t find you can share your location with them. It is also important when you concerned about a person’s security such as you child. But again, it is a huge violation of privacy and that sense of being always watched will likely have a negative impact on young people. 

Oversharing your location may gradually put you at risk. For example, when you share your location somewhere in a holiday you are simply saying you are not at home and you are giving criminals the chance to target your place. Essentially, none of us wishes to feel totally watched and followed especially in things they don’t feel comfortable with.

So, there is a need to stop sharing the location without creating suspicion. When the location is switched off, it is a bit hard to activate GPS which denies the access of the phone’s location. Agreeably, sometimes it is imperative for your gadget to know your location for example when using google maps and other applications that aid while traveling to unknown destinations.

All the same it is of no need for your phone to access your location to know where you have been, where you are and where you are headed to. During those few moments that are also quite important, for example when you just want to avoid people and just spend time alone to compose yourself, when you really don’t want people to know your whereabouts it is unavoidable to turn off the Location.

Seemingly, as stated earlier there is need to consider not getting people to know that you have muted them from finding out your location ad may bring so many questions that answering them may not easy hence the need to be smart during the whole process.

Is it Possible to Turn off One’s Location without the Other Party Noticing

Agreeably, sharing our location allows people to quickly locate where we are. And in various circumstances very helpful especially when it happens there is an emergency for example it becomes easy to come to aid or even when you lose your device.

Nevertheless, this feature equally compromises your privacy, hence the need to find a way to stop sharing the location without the other person’s knowledge. This would enable one to feel secure and comfortable in what they wish to do without worrying about someone invading his/her privacy.

We all wish to feel comfortable in everything we do and especially the ones that requires us to be outdoors. Nobody wishes his privacy and especially where they are or what they’re doing to be invaded and compromised.

Consequently, we seek to turn to the ghost mode without creating a lot of suspicion especially to those who really wish to keep track on our whereabouts. Thanks to the advancement in technology it is very simple to stop sharing your location with a person without them knowing.

We can do this through various ways:

How can One Stop Sharing Location with One Person without them Knowing

As previously mentioned, it is practically possible to turn off one’s location without the person you restrict from seeing it noticing.

There are a number of ways to do so. Some of these ways include:

  1. One can stop sharing location on Find my App which is available in IOS. It offers one an opportunity to share his/her location with whoever they want. Again, it gives a chance for one to mute whoever they want to exclude from those who can access his/her location without the individual noticing. By just opening the “Find my” app, and selecting the icon named, “Me” and switching off the “Share my location” tab. There also exist an App list of the people who can access your location, therefore, one can select the person you wish to mute and select “Stop Sharing My Location” and without them knowing you’re done sharing your location with them. However, it is worth noting that this only works for the iPhone users only.
  2. One can also change location using GPS spoofer. The technological advancement does good in aiding such cases. Since using many tools in the market it’s so easy to spoof your current location. Probably nobody will get to find you out, since by downloading the application and connecting the device to the computer and after starting the whole process a map appears and by choosing “Teleport” and enter desired location at the field given. The system understands and show a pop up of the location.
  3. If you’re uncomfortable sharing so much about your personal life and especially due to locations and more especially on google. You can easily stop sharing your location without alerting anyone by simply searching the name you wish to remove through the settings, tap to remove and save settings.
  4. It is also worth noting that using another IOS to change location can also do well to stop sharing one’s location without the other person knowing. It is worth noting that this applies to iPhone users only. By opening the settings in your phone and tapping on your profile, toggle the “share my location” to switch it on. Using another phone and opening the “Find My” app on it, it is also possible to know your location of the actual phone by labelling it. By going to the list of people who you share the location with and selecting the person whom you wish to share the location with or not. This will perfectly workout without the other person knowing you muted them.
  5. Through changing location of your device, you can also be able to stop sharing your location with people. This can be done through various ways, for example in iPhone one can change their location through iAnyGo through a computer and connecting the iPhone to the computer. After launching the iAnyGo one can choose to change location and the fake location will be displayed.
  6. One can also share their real-time location with the contacts of their choice. It is also equally possible to stop sharing the location with someone. This can easily be done by opening the Location sharing center and by tapping remove you exclude them from those you share your location with.
  7. In cases where you just want to hide specific details about your location you can do that by turning off Precise Location in the Find My and Messages apps. It is now possible for even apps to serve you personalized content without them knowing exactly where you are. This in return may keep those who track you and keep their eyes pilled on your location at bay.
  8. By enabling airplane mode on your smartphone. This can be done by using home screen and lock screen and from the settings App as well. This will automatically keep your device totally disconnected to the internet and also won’t be able to receive any calls, texts or any other forms of communications. In this case you will be able to stop sharing your location, the last location before the device airplane mode was activated will be the one visible.
  9. It is also possible to stop sharing your location by turning off Share My Location feature in your device. To bar those people who secretly spy on you from getting your location by opening the settings App, through the privacy settings window and choosing the option of Share My Location and toggle off the Share My Location option to prevent your location from being shared with everyone.


We all can agree that location-sharing has made life easier more especially to those who have directional challenges. Since these services help you explore a new location without actually traveling there to find a person to give directions. Again, as earlier said, it becomes easy in cases where you have lost a device to trace it as well.

This also gives a way to monitor movements of someone’s employees, commercial vehicles among many other ways. More often than not, people who keep track on us may take advantage of this and in a way invade our privacy. And since privacy has always been a major concern nowadays and sharing your location may surely compromise it.

Consequently, it is wise to know when to stop sharing it and again how to do it without raising questions from those who track your movements. We should all be careful and know when to turn off our location, this is because sharing your location with someone may be convenient but on the other hand may still cause information security and also personal safety issues.

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