How to Tell if Someone Blocked you on Instagram in 2024

Trying to view someone’s Instagram profile, only to find it missing? There’s a chance they may have blocked you. Blocking is a common feature on most social platforms, including Instagram, that enables users to restrict another user from viewing their profile, posts, or stories.

If you suspect someone has blocked you on Instagram, there are several ways to check and confirm if this is the case in 2024. This article will outline the key signs that indicate if someone has blocked you on Instagram and provide clear steps to help discern if you are in fact blocked.

Is it Possible to Know if Someone Blocked you on Instagram?

Yes, it is possible to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram. Here are some of the main ways to check:

  1. Search for their profile – If you search for their username and get a message saying “No users found” even though you know the account exists, this likely means you’re blocked.
  2. Check your comments – Go to their posts where you have previously left comments. If all your comments are gone, this indicates they have blocked you.
  3. Use a third party app – Apps like “Blocked” and “Who Blocked Me” can analyze your followers list and interactions to detect accounts that have blocked you.
  4. Ask a mutual friend – Have a friend who follows that user check if your profile/comments are still visible on that end. If yes for your friend but not for you, you have most likely been blocked by that user.
  5. Check your messages – If all previous message threads and notifications from them are now gone or say “Facebook User”, this is evidence they’ve blocked you.

So while Instagram doesn’t directly alert you that someone has blocked you, using these methods can confirm whether or not another user has chosen to block you, removing your ability to interact with them.

Checking if You Can View the User’s Profile

The most straightforward way to recognize if someone has blocked you on Instagram is to attempt visiting their profile. If a user has blocked you, their account will appear completely absent.

Here is how to check if you can view a user’s Instagram profile:

On the Instagram App

  1. Open your Instagram app and tap the search icon (magnifying glass) at the bottom
  2. Type the username of the account you believe may have blocked you into the search bar
  3. If the account doesn’t appear at all in the search results, this likely means you have been blocked

You can also try accessing their profile directly by typing their username into the address bar. If their account has been blocked, an error message will appear stating “User not found”.

On a Web Browser

  1. Go to and log into your Instagram account
  2. Type the username of the suspected account into the search bar and hit enter
  3. If their username turns up no search results, they have likely blocked you on Instagram

Testing this way on both the mobile app and on a web browser allows you to confirm if you’re blocked across Instagram platforms.

How to See who Blocked you on Instagram

Here are the main ways to see who has blocked you on Instagram:

  1. Check your followers list: Go to your profile and check the list of people who follow you. If someone who previously followed you has disappeared from the list, they likely blocked you.
  2. Check posts where you’ve commented: Go to posts where you know you’ve commented in the past. If your comments are missing, the person likely blocked you, causing your comments to disappear from their end.
  3. Use a third party blocking app: Apps like Blocked, Who Blocked Me, BlockChecker, and UnFollowers can help you identify users who have blocked you by analyzing your followers list and activity. These apps compare changes over time to show you exactly who has blocked you.
  4. Try to visit the user’s profile: If you search for a user and it says “No users found” even though you know the account exists, this likely means the user blocked you. Their account will be completely hidden from you if blocked.
  5. Ask a friend: Have a mutual friend check if they can still view or interact with the account that you think may have blocked you. If the mutual friend can access and see the account but you can’t, it confirms the block.

Checking these signals through your own account, using third-party apps, and asking around can help expose blocks from others and identify who specifically took the action.

4 Ways to Tell if Someone has Blocked you on Instagram

Here are the steps for 4 ways to determine if someone has blocked you on Instagram:

Method 1. Search the account that may have blocked you

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone or navigate to the Instagram website
  2. Tap the search magnifying glass icon to search
  3. Type in the exact username of the account you think blocked you
  4. If it says “No users found” even though you know the account exists, you have likely been blocked

Method 2. Look at your own posts to see if they’ve commented

  1. Go to your Instagram profile and click a post you remember them commenting on
  2. Scroll down through the comments and check if their comments are still there or now missing
  3. If their past comments have disappeared, this indicates they likely blocked you

Method 3. Check your direct messages with the person

  1. Go to your direct messages section in Instagram
  2. Look for any past message threads you had with the suspected blocker
  3. If you can no longer find messages with them or it says “Facebook User”, you were probably blocked

Method 4. Ask a friend to see if they can find the account

  1. Choose a friend who mutually follows the account in question
  2. Ask your friend to search for the username or visit their profile
  3. Have them confirm if they can still view, interact with, and find the account
  4. If yes for them but not for you, this verifies you were blocked!

Looking for Cues on Posts and Tagged Photos

In addition to disappearing profiles, there are other vital signs indicating you may have been blocked on Instagram, related to posts and tagging abilities.

1. You Disappear from Their Followers List

If someone blocks you, you will be removed from their followers list automatically. A quick check can confirm if this removal has happened:

  • Go to the profile of the person who you think blocked you
  • Scroll down and check their followers list
  • If you no longer appear on their list, they have most likely blocked you

However, this follower list check isn’t always foolproof. The user may have changed their account setting to private, making their followers hidden. So while disappearance from their followers affirms a block, remaining on the list doesn’t preclude the possibility.

2. Your Comments Disappear from Their Posts

When you are blocked by an Instagram user, all traces of you vanish from their account – including your comments on their posts.

To gather evidence that you may be blocked based on missing comments:

  • Locate a recent photo or video that you know you commented on
  • Check the comments section of the post – Your remark will no longer be there if blocked
  • You can also switch to another user account and look for your comment to confirm its disappearance

If your comment persists, they haven’t likely blocked you. But if it’s missing, blocking is almost certainly the reason.

3. You Can No Longer Tag Them in Photos

While tags aren’t always an expected Instagram practice among regular users, they are quite common among friends, family groups, or couples.

If someone you formerly interacted with and tagged in photos now disappears as a tagging option, a block is possible why:

  • Upload a new photo and attempt to add tags by searching usernames
  • If their username no longer pops up for you to select, this indicates a block
  • You could switch to a secondary account or ask a mutual friend to check if they can still tag the user

Having another user test the tag also allows you to rule out issues on your end causing the missing tag ability. When confirmed by both parties, an apparent block is highly likely.

Leveraging Third-Party Block Detectors

While the above checks using Instagram direct features can determine blocks in many cases, there are limitations. When the clues remain uncertain, third-party checking tools offer another detection option by examining activity directly tied to your account.

1. Reviewing Follower Tracker Apps

Specialized follower tracker apps can identify precisely when someone stopped following you, which could correlate to a block date. Two popular options include:

  • Social Blade – An online platform for social stats and analytics
  • Followers Tracker apps – Such as Tracker for Instagram, FollowCop, or Social Sensei

Both Social Blade’s site and follower tracker apps will visually display dates of followers gained and lost. If the date a user disappeared from your followers aligns closely to when you noticed issues viewing their profile or posts, it’s safe to assume that’s when they blocked you.

2. Checking Recent Search History

When someone blocks you on Instagram, your username will simultaneously disappear from their recent searches. Third-party apps providing search history data present an opportunity to spot this removal.

Some apps to check recent search reports include:

  • SearchSpy – Shows anonymous recent searches for a specified username
  • IG Examiner – Provides search history reports tied to usernames

If you closely monitor search reports over time with these apps, a sudden absence of your username indicates you’ve likely been blocked by that user.

Why You Might Be Blocked on Instagram

Beyond just detecting blocks, it can be helpful to understand possible reasons behind them happening for future avoidance. Here are some top reasons you may be blocked by an Instagram user:

1. You Have Been Harassing the User

Repeated, unsolicited messages, especially those with abusive language will prompt most users to resort to blocking. Any form of harassment targeted towards an Instagram account holder violates platform guidelines and will not be tolerated.

2. You and the User Had a Falling Out

With friends, romantic partners, or even family members, disagreements happen. In their aftermath, some parties choose to withdraw by cutting ties digitally. Being blocked after a fight or falling out removes reminders of the conflict.

3. They Find Your Content Offensive

What you post to your Instagram feed could be deemed vulgar, distasteful, or offensive by certain viewers. As everyone has different comfort levels, seeing content outside their preferences may lead them to hit block.

4. You Don’t Actually Know Each Other

Trying to follow or engage with random accounts that have no connection to you at all can annoy users. Those bombarded by messages or tags from strangers they don’t know may opt to simply block without warning.

5. They Want More Privacy

In some cases, being blocked isn’t personal at all. Some Instagram users do mass relationship purges or habitually block accounts to maintain privacy. Getting caught up in a sweeping block spree doesn’t necessarily mean that specific user has a grudge against you.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Instagram

Conversely, if you choose to block another user, several limitations are imposed on their account regarding yours:

  • They won’t be able to view your Instagram profile, stories, posts, or tagged photos
  • Any comments made by them on your content will be erased
  • You will no longer appear suggested to them across Instagram
  • Messages sent by them to you moving forward will not deliver

Essentially, instituting an Instagram block minimizes interactions in both directions between users. It also removes visibility making your account appear non-existent to the blocked person unless reversed. Understanding what users experience when blocked can be useful if opting to enact this on accounts harassing you.

Next Steps If You’ve Been Blocked

Discovering you are blocked on Instagram can be disappointing if you hope to reestablish contact with that user. But several options exist that may help resume communication:

  • Send a Message Elsewhere – Messaging the person blocking you through another social app such as Facebook or Twitter avoids the Instagram ban.
  • Apologize Sincerely – If your behavior prompted the block, a genuine apology may convince them to repeal it.
  • Wait and Request to Follow Again – After significant time has passed, reconsider sending them a new follower request.
  • Accept It and Move On – Without mutual connections or willingness to reconcile, accepting the block and redirecting your online engagement often becomes the wisest path forward.

How to Tell if Someone Blocked you on Instagram or Deleted Their Account

Telling the difference between someone blocking you versus deleting their Instagram account can be tricky, but there are a few ways to confirm which scenario is happening:

  1. Search for their username: If you search for the username and it says “No posts yet” with a blank account set-up profile, that means they have deleted their account. If it says “No users found”, they have likely blocked you.
  2. Check with mutual friends: Ask if anyone you both follow can still view or search for the user’s profile. If yes, you have been blocked. If the profile is gone for them too, the account was likely deleted.
  3. Use a fake account: Attempt to search for the user from a secondary “fake” account that doesn’t follow them. If you can view their profile but just not with your main account, that indicates a block, not deactivation.
  4. Try tagging them in a post: Upload a new post and try tagging the user in question. If it says “Couldn’t find user”, they have either been deactivated or deleted their account permanently. But if their username appears to add as a tag, you have been blocked.

As Instagram doesn’t directly tell you that you’ve been blocked, these suggestions can provide confirmation if you can no longer view someone’s account. Checking from other accounts helps rule out a deactivated profile vs just you being unable to access it due to blocking.

How to Tell if Someone Blocked you from Seeing their Story on Instagram

Here are a few ways to determine if someone has blocked you from viewing their Instagram Stories:

  1. Check the Story Viewer List: If you are blocked from someone’s story, your username will no longer appear on their list of story viewers. Ask a friend who still has access to check the recent viewer list for your username.
  2. Use a Secondary Account: View the story from an alternate Instagram account that the user hasn’t blocked. If your secondary account can see the story but your main account cannot, this means you’ve been blocked specifically.
  3. Look for Profile Differences: If you can still access a user’s Instagram profile but certain images or highlights reels are missing, this indicates they may have blocked you from only specific parts of their account like stories.
  4. Try Interacting: Attempt to reply to the story or react with an emoji from your account. If the option isn’t visible or your response fails to send, you most likely can’t fully interact due to being blocked.
  5. Check Relevance Tab: If profiles you previously interacted with no longer show up as “Top Accounts” under your Instagram feed relevance tab, despite still posting, there’s a good chance you’ve been blocked from their stories.

Checking these signals through multiple access points will help determine if someone has selectively blocked you from the story part of their account, while still allowing profile access.

Who Blocked me on Instagram? How to Find Every Account that Blocks you

Figuring out exactly who has blocked you on Instagram takes a bit of detective work, but it is possible. Here are the most effective methods to reveal every account that has blocked you on Instagram:

Use a Blocked Account Finder App

  • Apps like Blocked, Who Blocked Me, and UnFollowers can analyze your followers list and activity over time to detect each account that has blocked you. They compare changes and look for missing users.

Check Posts Where You Have Commented

  • Scroll back through photos and videos you know you commented on. Make a list of any users where your comments have now disappeared to expose those who blocked you.

Cross Reference Your Following/Followers Lists

  • On a browser, pull up your list of Instagram followers. Make a list. Then check who you are following. Any past follows missing from your followers indicate blocks.

Ask Around Among Mutual Connections

  • Reach out to friends that also follow/interact with users you are suspicious of blocking you. Have them check if your profile is still visible on that end or test interactions to confirm blocks.

Search Your Own Username

  • Conduct an Instagram search of your username from the app and browser. Accounts that have blocked you will not appear in the results, allowing you to identify them.

While Instagram doesn’t directly reveal who blocked you, combining these methods allows you to closely track blocks over time. Be methodical, and you can create a list of every user that has chosen to block your account.

How do you Find Out if Someone has Blocked you on Instagram?

Here are the top ways to determine if someone has blocked you on Instagram:

  1. Search for their profile – If you try searching for their username and get a “User not found” error message, even though you know the account exists, this typically means you’ve been blocked.
  2. Check posts where you’ve commented – Scroll back through posts and photos you know you previously commented on. If your comments have disappeared, that person likely blocked you.
  3. Try to tag them in a post – Upload a new Instagram post and attempt to tag the person who you think may have blocked you. If their username doesn’t appear as an option to tag, this suggests a block.
  4. Use a third-party blocking app – Apps like Blocked, UnFollowers and BlockChecker analyze your followers list and activity to reveal who specifically has blocked you recently.
  5. Ask a mutual friend – Have a friend who follows the suspected account check if your profile/comments still appear visible to them. If yes for the friend but disappears for you, you’ve very likely been blocked.

Checking these signals through multiple access points helps confirm if you lost the ability to interact with an account due to them blocking you on Instagram.

Can you Still See a Blocked Person on Instagram?

No, you cannot see a person’s Instagram account or any of their activity if they have blocked you. Here are the details:

  • If someone blocks you on Instagram, their entire profile will disappear from your view. You will not be able to access their profile, posts, stories or any other account information.
  • You will essentially have no way to see their Instagram presence when blocked. Searching for their username will return no results.
  • If you attempt to visit a blocked Instagram account via a web browser while logged into your profile, you will see an error message that the page is unavailable or the “User not found” screen.
  • The user has the ability to completely remove you from seeing and interacting with their Instagram profile when they block you. You also won’t be able to tell that you’re blocked directly, but must determine blockage through trouble accessing their profile.
  • Even if you sign out or use a secondary Instagram account, the blocked account will remain invisible to you unless and until the user unblocks you.

No, a blocked Instagram user makes their entire account inaccessible. As long as you stay blocked, there is no way to view their profile or posts. The blockage can only be reversed by the user choosing to unblock you again.

Key Takeaways

Determining conclusively if someone has blocked you on Instagram does require a few validating checks, since no official indicators exist. While third-party apps can provide assistance, examining your search ability, accessible content, tags, comments, and followers list also aids confirmation.

Remember that blocking is commonly used by Instagram account holders looking to control privacy and personal comfort levels. Don’t take a block personally without wider context and evidence on the motivation behind it.

Hopefully by better understanding the major signals, apps to leverage, and typical reasons for Instagram blocks, you can both detect them when needed and avoid behaviors prompting others to block you in the future.

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